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My main topic is Hockey. But I did a branch off my topic. I focused on the positions of hockey as you can read on the front. Hockey is a very fast moving game and it basically has all the sports combined. It has the hand eye coordination of baseball, the depth perception of golf, the contact of football, the foot work in soccer, and the speed of basketball. It literally is the coolest game on earth, the only one played on ice. It is unique to certain standards, some would think it is boring and others would think it was the coolest game to watch. It consists of 12 people being on the ice at the same time going for the same thing…The net, for the goal. Hockey isn't a put on the skates and go sport, it takes many years for progression to arise. I've been playing for about 13 years and I'm not best of the bunch. It takes so long to master all the skills required to play the game. Its incredibly physically demanding and mentally demanding and it also takes patience. Hockey is unique like I said, 12 people on the ice, 2 goalies, 6 forwards, and 4 defensemen. They all go through pain and anguish just to get a round piece of rubber in a 4 by 6 goal. Hockey truly is one of the best sports around and it will be constantly played through all of time and will never be a forgotten sport. It will continue flourishing till everyone gets drawn into playing it. Like today with football....
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added: 01/20/2012
Censorship by definition is the prohibiting of words, images or ideas that are "offensive" to others. I feel that the laws governing film censorship should be more versatile. The teenagers of today are becoming more mature and adult-like at an earlier age. They are taught about the dangers of sex as well as drugs in Enrichment or in Personal and Social Education (P.S.E) and know more about certain subjects than adults today would have known when they were younger. I feel therefore it is ridiculous not to allow them to see films containing sex, drugs and violence on TV or at the cinema, until they are 18. In my opinion teenagers today are clearly mature enough to see these films at the age of 16, which is when they are able to finish their secondary education. At this stage they will have been taught everything they need to know. My main argument is that I feel that the laws on the classification of films are outdated. I believe that the 18 certificate and the 15 certificate should be abolished and replaced by a 16 certificate. This means that they will be able to see the films that they are (in my opinion) mature enough to see. My main argument is that I feel the laws surrounding film classification are outdated. Censorship by definition is the prohibiting of words, images or ideas that are "offensive" to others. I feel that the laws governing film censorship should be more versatile. The teenagers of today are becoming more mature and adult-like at an earlier age. They are taught about the dangers of sex as well as drugs in Enrichment or in Personal and Social Education (P.S.E) and know more about certain subjects than adults today would have known when they were younger. I feel therefore it...
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added: 03/16/2011
Whenever I recall my vacation up to my grandpa's house boat, I remember all the happy childhood memories that we shared together. During the summer, after my last year of elementary school, my family and I decided to go on a vacation to visit my grandparents, who live on a houseboat in Stockton, CA. This was my first trip further than 100 miles from home. I was very excited and I was sure I was going to come home with new experiences and stories to share. We woke up almost every morning before dawn to get our gear and tackle box ready to go for a long day of fishing. I remember my grandpa telling me that if you go out to the lake early the fish will bite because they haven't had anything to fill their bellies with. We would head to the bait store, right down the street, and buy some fresh bait. We would get some earthworms and some pieces of cut up fish. I remember looking at the worms and seeing them wriggle around, felling bad that they were going to be hooked and eaten by a huge monster and they could do nothing about it, but that did not stop me from stabbing those suckers with the hook once the time came. The cut up fish that we purchased were mackerel, which was used for luring in the big fish. As we would head out to the lake I remember always working the fish finder. I didn't really know how to use it but the screen would have pictures of fish on it, and when it did it was supposed to mean that there were fish underneath the boat. I would always shout out loud and get excited when the fish appeared on the screen. There...
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added: 12/29/2012
I do not have any fascinating memories of my childhood. There were no unique family projects or adventures that would tell a great story or teach some sort of moral lesson. Nothing out of the ordinary. We always had family meals together, during which a lot of interesting topics were brought up and discussed in details. That is why our regular family meals would usually take two hours to finish. Yet, most of the time, my parents and I lived in two different worlds. I was expected to go to school, do my homework, and play while my parents worked. Fortunately, I was lucky. When I wanted to experience a little of both worlds, I could always turn to one person - my grandfather. I still remember every summer spent in his house. Together we went fishing and sometimes even camping if the weather allowed. I remember once we caught a bunch of small fish and decided to feed our dog with it. Sometimes, if some good soccer teams played at our city's stadium, he would take me there to see it. I was not just a kid to him; I was "A gift from God" as he used to say. To my grandpa I was a very special person, just as he was to me. There was one thing that was rather funny to me. Grandpa had a favorite saying that he would reply with when asked where he was going. He would say "Na kudikinu goru," which roughly translates "going to some mountain," which really meant "none of your business." The reason it was funny is because I have never heard anyone use that same phrase. Nicholas was a big, energetic man with a twinkle in his eyes and a few gray locks of hair. He stood six feet three inches...
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added: 01/26/2012
Many elderly people suffer from a disease called Alzheimer's. The disease effects the brain in many ways. It slowly destroys brain cells and consequently people forget things and think and behave in different ways (Alzheimer's). There is usually no pattern for the way that that Alzheimer's attacks brain cells. "That's why a construction worker may still know how to drive a dump truck, but may not remember his wife's name" (Medina 22). The effect that Alzheimer's has on the brain causes people to behave and think in very unusual or unexpected ways and it changes their moods and personalities. My grandpa, who suffered from Alzheimer's, has displayed many of these unusual behaviors throughout the course of his disease. One behavioral problem is getting lost and confused. A person with the disease may suddenly not know where he is (Medina 28). My grandpa got up one night to go to the bathroom, and must have forgot where he was, or where he was going, because he urinated in a kitchen drawer instead of the toilet. People with Alzheimer's might have the desire to wander, which can be both dangerous for the person suffering from the disease, and frightening for family and friends. A person may wander out of his or her own house because they are unhappy with where they are living; or they may wander from room to room, with no particular purpose (Medina 28). While my family was getting together for an Easter celebration, we suddenly realized that my grandpa was not there. We searched frantically around the neighborhood, and finally found him down the road, confused. Alzheimer's may cause people to have trouble expressing their feelings (Medina 28). Many times my grandpa would try to tell us something. He often mumbled and used his hands to try to express what he...
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added: 11/13/2011
Everyone uses different defense mechanisms to help them get through frustrating experiences. There are three major types of defensive mechanisms that I use most frequently: rationalization, verbal aggression, and displacement. I often rationalize a situation before getting mad, that is, I often try to consider all courses of actions and choose one that will lead to my desired end result. Is it really worth it, or what is there to gain? Consequently, I often avoid a confrontation or bad a situation by taking to time to think before I speak. This avoidance of conflict helps me keep my stress level to a minimum at the same time it prevents be from speaking out sometimes. I began doing this as a child looking for ways to avoid arguing with my stepfather. He, like others I know, always enjoys a good argument. He is very talented in finding the shortcomings of others. As a boy I can remember arguments starting over a spot I missed while vacuuming the living room. But, only after repeated arguments, did I learn that it was not worth the aggravation to defend myself at all times. Because there are so many individuals like my stepfather that take pleasure in aggravating others for their personal enjoyment, is why I seek the rational answer to the problem. Instead of being drawn into the argument, I rationalize the situation and either try to ignore the problem or just walk away. I also have the tendency to be verbally aggressive when I feel angry or frustrated. Although I try to think before I speak during an argument, I often find myself so frustrated, I cannot verbally express myself and make sense at the same time. So, I usually end up exploding with verbal gibberish, bringing up non-related issues into the conversation. I...
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added: 03/16/2011
There are many different types of music out there; jazz, rap, classical, rock, r&b, and many more. My favorite type of music is rap, not because it is presently very popular in the media, but because of the art and devotion that is put in to it. When I speak of rap, I am not talking about "my bitches and my hoes". I am speaking of other types of rap. Such as Tupac or Nas. They put many different meanings about life and the world. Nas even has a song dedicated to the children of America called "I can". This song brings a positive message with rap. Another reason I also like rap very much is because of the flow of the music. The flow of this type of music comes very naturally and with wonderful beats. Unlike classical music which one must study for very long. If i could change one thing about rap, it would be the bad reputation it has. When people think rap they think gangs and violence, but that is not true in many many cases. I know many many people that listen to rap and they are extremely smart. This is why my favorite type of music is rap, because I believe in the rappers that are devoted to the art have exceptional minds. As Tupac said "I'm not saying that I'm going to change the world, but I guarantee you that I will spark the mind of the person who will."...
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added: 03/16/2011
TIt is very important to have a person you can always rely on. I want my wife to be this person. She would be tightly connected with my life. I want to wake up by her tender kiss. The first thing I would see would be her smiling face. She would make a breakfast for us. We would call each other from time to time during all day. In the evening I want to have dinner with her, cooked by her, and fall asleep holding my arms around her. In this case I want to find an ideal woman. Is it possible nowadays? I do not think so, but a girl should have at least next qualities to become my wife. First of all, my future wife should be my best friend. I want to share all my troubles, sorrows and dreams with her. She would never let me down and I could always rely on her. Secondly, I want my wife to be my partner. Everything would be common for us: our children, our house, our money, and duties. And we would have to make important decisions together. They should be sensible and reasonable. Also, we should trust each other. Next, I want to have a good mother for my future children. She should be warm-hearted, gentle, understanding, and sometimes strict with them because a mother plays more important role in brining up children than a man does. I wish my children were worthy members of modern society. Then, my wife should be an elegant and a good-looking woman. I want her to have smartness and beauty combined. Nowadays it is quite difficult to find a girl who is smart and beautiful at the same time but I will do my best to find her. Moreover, I want her to be neither a "business...
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added: 03/16/2011
The most interesting class I have taken is art. I enjoy this class purely because of the freedom of choices one can make. The teacher, nor the work, are pressuring. The atmosphere of the classroom is extremely friendly and relaxing. Art class relieves the stress of the more rigorous courses I attend. There is an incredible variety of medias to chose from and one can develop a sense of independence. I enjoy this class particularly because I understand the subject of art. Art class gives a person the opportunity to explore within the realm of one's imagination. There does not seem to be a barrier for the ideas one wishes to create. The class is filled with pleasures because there is no stress nor worries. Art also helps one go through logical stages of development. Firstly, one makes a rough sketch of the final project and imagines different styles in which it could be done. Secondly, the actual thought process and the creating of the project develops. And lastly, the project is complete and ready for interpretation and viewing. I greatly believe that one is able to express through pictures and images when the can not explain in words. The inner thoughts of a person come directly through the canvas. The beauty of art is that it can be interpreted in many different ways by the viewer. I adore this subject because of the freedom of expression and the unlimited interpretation. I have learned a great deal being an art student. I have matured and gained independence while listening to criticism as well. The critcism only helps one expand their thoughts and acknowlegde other's style of thinking. I enjoy this class also because of the relaxed environment, a contrast to the rest of the academic classes. The freedom of choice is wonderfully appealing...
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added: 03/16/2011
Most people when asked what they value the most in life say there family friends,their cars, or religion. The five things I value the most in life are Reading, my cat, my friends, games and my family. I value those five things because they mean so much to me. I value reading the most in my life becuase it takes me away from all the problems in life. When I read a book everything dissappears my problems, my worries all that exists in my world is the story. If i didnt need sleep or go to school i would spend most my time reading. I value my cat second becuase my cat is my best friend. She will always sit and listen when i have somthing to say or i need somone to talk to about my problems. She never tells anyone my secrets and she always cheers me up. I can tell her anything and she never passes judgement on me un like my family or most of my friends. I value my friends third because they are alway there and they are my friends. If i have somthing to say they always listen to me. They also will help me with school and some problems with my family And i also help them when they need it. Sometimes my friends can make me mad or they embarass me in some way. But in the end they always do somthing to make up for it. I value my family fifth because they sometimes help me with certain problems like school work, money, some things i need to get.Also if I have a problem with someone at school they help me work it out they help me work it out. Sometime my parents can disappoint me or embarass me in some way but they...
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added: 11/05/2011
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