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Problem Statement This study will explore the short term and long-term health effects of railroad personnel working on locomotive not equipped with air conditioners during the summer months. An attempt will be made to tie the temperature on these locomotives to various heat related illnesses that people become exposed to after working in unusually hot conditions. This researcher intends on gathering factual data to support the position that this is a very serious problem. This study will focus more on the scientific element of the situation as well as the human element of the problem. Research Purpose The primary purpose of this study is to show the major railroad carriers in the United States the importance and potential health risk associated with allowing employees to operate freight and passenger trains without air conditioners on the engine. The study will also attempt to get the public involved by making them aware of the potential dangers they face by having employees operate these trains under these adverse conditions. People drive on railroad tracks quite often as well as those that live in neighborhoods with tracks near by. BACKGROUND There are locomotives at the present time that are equipped with air conditioners. The problem is that there are no guidelines in place that call for the allocation of these locomotives to be used as the lead unit during the summer months. For example one train may have six engines and five out of the six engines have a working air conditioner on them. The crew only sits on the first engine or the lead unit, the rest of the engines are there to pull the load. The one engine that is positioned in the lead may be the one that does not have a working air conditioner. Also, while one engine consist may have these type of example there...
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I intend to investigate the problem with female managers not having equal amount of positions, respect and earnings that male managers receive at the same rank. I believe that this is an important phenomenon to study because females have moved forward in the workplace and have even earned a high position in companies. This number of women managers is also growing, "In 1970, only 33.9% of American managers were women; by 1980, this figure had grown t0 40.6% (Cetron, Lucken, McFadden, & Weir, 1987)",(Brett, Reilly, & Stroh, 1992, p. 251). However, the few women that achieve a managerial position, receive less money the their male CO-workers, "Given that equally productive females receive a lower wage than do males, the result of choosing to practice discrimination against females is that costs are higher than need be and profits are lower than need be (Jones, & Walsh, 1991, p. 847)." My research will focus on the problem that females are not seen as equals in the work place, and that they are discriminated against in pay(economics), "Gender differences in salaries reflect women's lower status: For every dollar earned by a male manger, a female manager earns only 66 cents (Powell, 1993)",(Riger, Stokes, & Sullivan, 1995, p. 534), numbers that are employed and respect from fellow workers and the public "People have described men as more like good managers than women, and good managers as higher in stereotypical masculine traits than stereotypical feminine traits (Powell, 1988, p. 148)", (Fremgen, Martinez, & Zeff, 1994, p. 761)". The few women that achieve a managerial position, receive less money and respect than their male CO- workers in the same rank. I think that this research question is an important phenomenon to be studied because, women have come such a far way from the traditional role of the homemaker, secretaries and operators to being in managerial positions and that they are just as capable as a men in...
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added: 11/19/2011
A Report To Show Differing Attitudes To Euthanasia "Everyone's right to life shall be protected by law. No one shall be deprived of his life intentionally save in the execution of a sentence of a court following his conviction of a crime for which the penalty is provided by law" quoted by the Secretary-General, Council of Europe, Strasbourg (p16 The unfinished debate on Euthanasia.) Background and Justification Literature Review An increasing number of research papers have shown, that there is a changing attitude in favour of euthanasia. (e.g. In 1987, the British Section of the World Federation of Doctors Who Respect Human Life, who do not agree with voluntary euthanasia because of their religious beliefs, carried out a MORI poll. Overall, 72% of those surveyed said that voluntary euthanasia should be made legal.) Euthanasia is defined in the oxford English dictionary as "The act or practice of ending the life of an individual suffering from a terminal illness or an incurable condition, as by lethal injection or the suspension of extraordinary medical treatment." The modern debate on euthanasia started in 1873 when a discussion in the magazine the Fortnightly review, contained an article entitled 'The New Cure for Incurables, inn which it showed support for Euthanasia. The Spectator criticised these proposals, which would restrict euthanasia to those able to ask for it, but would deny it to the worst sufferers, those who were too ill to make their request known. Media polls regularly record huge majorities of people who support legalising voluntary euthanasia for the incurably ill. In October 1997, out of nearly 3,000 people who took part in a Sun newspaper telephone opinion poll, an amazing 97% said terminally ill people should have the right to die with dignity. (Donnison.D ,Bryson.C, University of Glasgow, Euthanasia in British Social Attitudes. the 13th Report, edited by Roger Jowell...
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added: 11/13/2011
At Ferris State University, only about 8-10% of the students belong to a social fraternity or sorority. I have been to many different schools and have found by looking at composites that most schools have less people in fraternities and sororities than 15 years ago, but many schools have way higher numbers than us. Eastern Illinois University is an example, there are about 10,500 students and approximately 35% of them are involved in a social fraternity or sorority. I feel this school is a good example because it is very similar to Ferris. EIU has a lot of majors and has a very diverse student body, and so does Ferris. EIU is located in the small town of Charleston, Il. Which is about the same size as Big Rapids, and if it weren't for these schools there is a good chance that neither of these towns would be very big at all (all of this information is posted on Eastern Illinois' web site at The question is, what could we do different to increase our numbers to be more like EIU? In this research proposal I will touch on several different aspects of the Ferris State Greek system, and I will eventually get into a method in which we can increase the number involved in social fraternities and sororities. I surveyed 30 students on the Ferris Greek system, and the majority just didn't prefer to be a part of it. Many of them have not even had the opportunity to develop an opinion of the Greek system here because they have not really had any association with it. Most of the people say that they just have no need for the Greek system because they have other things to worry about. A lot of these same people on other occasions...
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added: 11/08/2011
Research Statement: The conflicts between Mid-east and America are always debatable during the past decades. Among these conflicts, the conflicts between U.S and Iraq have already become the urgent ones due to the recent events- like oil issue, terrorists' attacks and nuclear weapons. The war to Iraq is walking to the common American people. The Bush Administration is planning to have another war to Iraq regardless strong waves of antiwar/ peace movement in whole nation. As American citizens, we can't put ourselves outside the story. Our group topic is Iraq. We will choose some aspects about Iraq we think important to discuss. They are including its religions, history, Iraq people and their President- Saddam Hussein and the weapon issues. We all think it is very important and necessary to know the background of Iraq country before we come to the war issue. It will give us the second thoughts and better knowledge if we want to have fair and rational standards. I choose the Iraq People and their president as my subtopic. Research Question: I choose the Iraq People and their president as my subtopic, because a lot of people like me are eager to know what is the true relationship between the Saddam Hussein administration and their people. Do the real Iraq people support the war? Do they love their President? Saddam Hussein is the real dictator, as we know in American Media? If he is a cruel dictator, what his people think about him? I will do the research about background about Hussein too. Is his background the reason generating the supporting from the people? What the Iraq people think? Do they like the war or do they like another president govern this country? What did Saddam Hussein do in order to control his people in the past decades? By what...
pages: 2 (words: 465)
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added: 10/27/2011
Introduction The research proposal begins with an overview of Krispy Kreme's functioning industries as well as current trends within them. The document progresses by describing the corporate structure of Krispy Kreme, specifically outlining company values and philosophies. To help develop the research, various store formats are discussed, followed by an in-depth analysis of Krispy Kreme's financial situation. The following pages also place Krispy Kreme in the context of today's market and illustrate the brand image and different products. The document attempts to combine research, analysis and recommendations to determine if a so called cold doughnut will allow Krispy Kreme to expand globally. Industry Information Krispy Creme Doughnuts, Inc. competes with several industries, to include: Ø Baked Goods Industry Ø Food Industry Ø Restaurant (Eating Places) Industry Ø Cakes and Pastries According to the National Restaurant Association, Americans will spend about $354 billion at the nation's more than 815,000 eating and drinking establishments. "Statistics indicate that restaurants have become an increasingly important part of American lifestyle over the past few decades" (Bread, Cake, and Related Products, 2003, ¶4). When evaluating the restaurant industry, fast-food type restaurants like Krispy Kreme have led way, and the growth of franchising since the 1970s has also propelled the growth (franchises have almost tripled their share of the market). However, starting in the late 1990s, competition decreased in mature markets because they were becoming saturated with fast-food restaurants. During this time, the restaurant industry began to see an influx of themed-eating places trying to redefine their images. For example, T.G.I. Friday's began mostly as a single's bar, but evolved to a family-oriented dining place. Another trend in the restaurant industry started in the mid-1990s when restaurants and supermarkets began to prepare foods for carry-out (commonly referred to as "home meal replacements"). Today, restaurants report that over 50 percent of their revenues come from carryout sales (Restaurants,...
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added: 12/09/2011
[b]Business Studies Marketing Report[/b] URBAN HYPE URABN HYPE INC. Phone 123 456 789012345 Main Street Fax 123 098 7654Southridge, WA 12345 Proposal on Marketing research URBAN HYPE ideal proposal on market research. Chapter 1 PROPOSAL ON MARKET RESEARCH Proposal Marketing, the all-embracing function that links the company with customer tastes to get the right product to the right place at the right time. Marketing decisions are made through the marketing model , based on findings of market research, and carried out through the marketing mix. At all stages in the marketing process, the firm needs to work closely with the production department and research and development, to ensure that what is promised is delivered. Market research is the main process of gathering primary and secondary data on the buying habits, lifestyle, usage and attitudes of actual and potential customers. The intension is to gather evidence that can enable marketing and production decisions to be made in a more scientific way than would otherwise be possible. Most large consumer goods firms agree on one phrase used by Sherlock Holmes "It's a capital mistake to theorise before one has data". Market research can be subdivided as follows: Desk research Quantitative Qualitative Retail audits Expert opinion Field research Quantitative Qualitative Usage and attitude studies Group discussions Market orientation, the extent to which firm's strategic thinking stems from looking outwards to consumer tastes and competitive pressures. The main alternative is production orientation, where the firm looks inward to its own production needs and limitations. For many years, British firms were criticised for their lack of market orientation, but that changed in the 1980s. However, there is a danger that market orientation results in lost power and status for engineers and production managers, which might affect long-term technological competitiveness. Primary research is the gathering of first-hand data that is tailor-made to a firm's own product, customers or markets. This can be carried out...
pages: 4 (words: 967)
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added: 11/10/2011
Objective There are many ways River City Brass Band can acquire funds in order to become more self-sufficient. They can implement numerous marketing strategies, such as, an internship program, changing their name, creating partnerships, etc. Through grants, fundraising, donations, and corporate sponsorships that can increase their revenue by leaps and bounds. There are over 1,000 grant programs offered by all Federal grant making agencies. The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services is managing partner for, an initiative that is having a huge impact on the grant community. allows organizations to electronically find and apply for more than $400 billion in Federal grants. While fundraising often involves the donation of money as an out-right gift, money may also be generated by selling a product of some kind, also known as product fundraising. When goods are donated to an organization rather than cash, this is called an in-kind gift. Girl Scouts are well-known for selling cookies in order to generate funds. It is also common to see on-line impulse sales links to be accompanied by statements that a proportion of proceeds will be directed to a particular charitable foundation. A number of charities and non-profit organizations are increasing using the internet as a means to raise funds; this practice is referred to as online fundraising. Some of the most substantial fundraising efforts in the United States are conducted by colleges and universities. Commonly the fundraising, or 'development,' program makes a distinction between annual fund appeals and major campaigns. Gifts of appreciated property are important components of such efforts because of the tax advantage they confer on the donor encourages larger gifts. Some organized charities have been criticized for the proportion of financial donations which are used for administrative or operational purposes. Donating directly to a charity (rather than through solicitation), or donating to smaller charities, often...
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added: 10/25/2011
For my term paper, I researched on Cyber Terrorism. I believe that Cyber Terrorism is a big problem in our society and may even be a worldwide problem for all humanity today. I want to do my term paper on Cyber Terrorism because I had some personal experience with this sort of terrorism. About a two years ago, I encountered a Hacker on America Online. I opened an unknown message in my mailbox that was titled “Free Nude Teens”. Then about a couple weeks later, we received all sorts of bills that had to be paid. My father received bills for many different things such as electronics, clothes, and other items that had been purchased under our account on the Internet. My father was so pissed off because he thought that my brothers or I had purchased all those items. So we called the Company and found that our computer had been hacked into. And the so called hacker purchased items on our account number. And we found that the hacker gained entry by a message that I had opened . So we ended up paying only a thousand dollars out of almost six-thousand dollars worth of goods purchased on America Online. I want to do my research paper on Cyber Terrorism because I want to stress to people that this is a big problem and will become worse in the future since everything is being done in Cyber Space these days. In this research paper, I will prove that hackers gain power and publicity with crimes they commit through cyber space. And it is easy for even amateur hackers to gain information and money from powerful organization without any detection or suspicion. Hacking is also a costly and destructive force for people in Cyber Space. Cyber Terrorism is such a...
pages: 8 (words: 2140)
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added: 06/21/2011
The career that I choose to research was Computer Engineer. One of the reasons why I choose to research this occupation is because I am very interested in the field of computer science and because someday I hope to work in the field. I also choose this particular occupation because it receives a relatively high salary compared with other occupations in the field, and salary is an important issue for me. I also love using computers, I use my computer almost every day. When one of my family members computer breaks or when our home network is not working, I'm usually the first person to try and fix the problem. Also, many people have told me that computer engineering is growing fast and there will be many good opportunities to come. "I was told in college that computer programming is the fastest-growing carreers there is; that is true, but its not hiring a lot of new people" (Mitchle) In today's competitive economy having a technical advantage over others can be the difference between success and failure. This is where computer engineering come in. Computer engineers design, troubleshoot, and develop programs and computer systems for many different applications. Many engineers are being hired today by companies to build and maintain their networks and computers. Enginners are also in high demand, especially to develop solutions for faster and better computers to aid in business, accounting, telecommunications, and almost any job where you would use a computer. In order to be a good computer engineer you must show that you are fairly competent in certain social skills, complex problem solving skills, and technical skills. The social skills you must have for this occupation are coordination, and you must work well with other people. The technical skills needed are technology design, testing, troubleshooting, and judgment and...
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added: 12/03/2011
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