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11 March 2003 Dear Ms Boe RE: HR Administrator I would like to confirm my interest in applying for the HR Administrator position currently advertised on the seek website 11-03-03. I have been an employee of the City of Moonee Valley for the past 6 months where I was required to undertake and manage different projects for the Environment Department. I have completed my Bachelor of Business degree in Human Resources at Victorian University, where I undertook many exciting and challenging studies. This coupled with my training, and experience gained through work experience across a range of industries make me a worthy contender for this exciting role. I am a motivated and responsible individual seeking for a challenging career in Human Resources. My honesty and trustworthiness has been displayed through my ability to successfully manage both staff and company monies. I see myself as a hard worker who is always interested in further developing my skills. I believe my skills, academic abilities and experience would make me a valuable asset to your organisation. I look forward to meeting with you to discuss this opportunity further. Yours Sincerely GENERAL SELECTION CRITERIA INFORMATION Human Resources Management As Second Assistant Manager at McDonalds, I was required to provide advice on many issues to some 90 staff. I have implemented a complete change of policy and procedure including staff morale in the transition from a Franchise store to a McDonalds owned store. I have undertaken Store Management responsibilities being sole shift manager on a day to day basis. Recruitment I have attended McDonalds Management courses specific in how to conduct selection interviews in line with good HR practice and legislative requirements. Training I have been involved in the process of creating a yearly staff training plan with ongoing training needs analysis depending on individual development requirements. These individual experiences included areas such as religion, cultural background, ages from 15...
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added: 12/25/2011
The mission of the State in the Department of Mental Health is to improve the quality of life for adults with serious and persistent mental illness and children with severe emotional disturbance. This is accomplished by a network of effective efficient and culturally competent mental health services that promotes the rights responsibilities, rehabilitation and recovery of the patients served. We aim to provide a system of care that is responsive and appropriate offering services that are of high quality, accessible and cost effective. The components of the system act as a safety net for the most vulnerable citizens of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts Role of Human Resource Department The Central and Area Human Resource Office is one of your first contacts with State Employment. This office strives to be instrumental in developing and implementing service, payroll labor relations, staff, development, procedures and policies. The daily operation of this department includes hiring, promotions, classifications, compensation changes and the administration of the benefit plans and programs. Permanent personnel records of each employee are kept by the Human Resource Department. The only changes in this department are the ones bargained by union – State contract. Comparison Human recourses has shed its old personnel image and gained recognition as a virtual player in organizational performance. This includes higher employee productivity and financial performance. In today's tight labor market the ability to attract and retain quality employees is a strategic weapon in private employment. The Human Resource 2003 3 Department consist of Resource Managers, employees are viewed as assets and the goal is to integrate the company's goals with its employees needs. Training Techniques The State recognizes the importance of training programs, the development of career ladders and opportunity structures. Training schedules are formulated by employee – union agreement focusing on the development and improvement. These programs are designed to facilitate individual career...
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The objective of the paper is to present ACS State and Local Solutions as an organization that can benefit from a change readiness assessment. The twenty first century points to a constant change, rapid growth, and to try to get as much business as possible, however constant search for more capital weakens and strengthens different areas of the organization. Weisbord proposes his Six-Box model as a diagnostic framework for organizations. He expresses that a blip in any one box cannot be managed independently of its relationship to other boxes. However, six potential starting places give you alternatives when choosing an improvement strategy (Weisbord 1978). Let us analyze the purpose of the organization. What business is ACS State and Local Solutions in? The organization is in the business of helping people to achieve self-sufficiency, and to process childcare checks on a timely manner to ensure a better quality life for children. Both contracts are with Miami Dade County, the first is twelve million dollars with one hundred forty five employees and the latter is a sixty five million dollars and a staff of forty-five. That is the "what they have to do"; however when ACS State and Local Solutions what is "what they want to do": the staff shares the desire to become the best provider offering social services for Miami Dade County. Goals are not a point of concern for ACS State and Local Solutions; the staff has clarity and understanding of the goals. They are set by the funding agency and neither external nor internal mechanisms can modify the goal. The company has a functional structure: One Project Manager and under him, the Operations Division and the Finance and Administration Division. The Human Resources Department and the Contract Department report to Finance, not to the Project manager. There is decentralization from the corporate office,...
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A Study of Educator Empowerment and Student Achievement Levels TABLE OF CONTENTS CHAPTER ONE Introduction ................................... 1 Statement of the Problem ....................... 2 Hypothesis ..................................... 4 Significance of the Study ...................... 4 Definition of Terms ............................ 7 Limitations of the Study ....................... 9 Basic Assumptions ..............................10 Procedures for Collecting Data .................12 Procedures for Treating Data ...................14 CHAPTER TWO Review of the Literature .......................16 CHAPTER THREE Summary ........................................25 Conclusion .....................................27 Recommendation .................................28 References .....................................30 CHAPTER ONE Introduction Empowerment, considered an essential component of Total Quality Management, is becoming the dominant theme in all types of organizations including business, industry, and service organizations. Empowerment distributes decision-making responsibilities throughout all levels of an organization. Although the objectives of Total Quality Management are far reaching, the ultimate goal of the organization adopting this management model is to achieve growth by successfully producing quality products that satisfy the changing needs of it's customers. Under TQM, accountability is focused, through empowerment, on the lowest levels of the organization (Ruffin, 1985). Interest in this management model is rapidly spreading. Traditionally, school level personnel are excluded from critical decisions including personnel allocations and hiring, curriculum, budget allocations, and scheduling of teaching time. Today, more school organizations, administrators, teachers, and communities are examining the possible benefits. Jenkins (1988) states that "To empower other is to give a stakeholder share in the movement and direction of the enterprise" (p. 149). Researchers as well as educational, political, and other public groups studying implications of restructuring our public educational system and the empowerment of school staff members. Many believe that staff members who are able to initiate and carry out new ideas by involvement in decision making should, in turn, create enhanced learning opportunities for students. It's time for school administrators, like other American business leaders, to revisit traditional administrative practices. As the expectations of today's social and working environments demand greater responsibility and high professional standards from our classroom educators, classroom educators should have more...
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RESEARCH PAPER Computers in Education CATE 5303 By Rose Moran June 28, 2002 COMPUTERS IN EDUCATION Abstract In the last fifteen to twenty years computers have driven, with blazing speed, everywhere. They have literally reversed traditional practices. In today's world, without computers, the space program would cease and modern telephone networks would collapse; scientific advances are dependent upon them; businesses of every size have discovered their power and versatility would now find it very difficult to operate as they did before these machines arrived; financial markets grind to a crawl whenever their computers shut down. The list of the modern technology is almost endless. Introduction It has been almost 25 years since Apple Computer dropped it IIEs model in every elementary school in the nation. Since then, we have seen the computer used as a teacher's aide, a teaching tool, an always up to date encyclopedia, and a disseminator of tests and drill sheets. Without any doubt, these are some fine examples of the use of computer technology in education. We have seen computer evolve from those simple Apple boxes to full-blown multimedia devices equipped with CD-ROM drives, DVD drives, speakers, scanners, printers, and Internet access capabilities. We have seen the sheer number of classroom computers explode in recent years. Congress, parents, and educators demand that schools have more technology tools in an effort to improve educational quality. However all the hardware in the world will not alone provide for what is truly needed in today's classroom. What is most needed now is not more technology in education but more technology education. So how do we provide this? This paper will explore technology education. Results Computer skills are required for most high paying jobs. Ten years ago, employers were willing to train their new hires in technology. Today, they expect staff to be computer literate—and everyone is now looking to the schools to...
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Georgia O'Keefe is a renowned artist with her intelligent use of color and her interesting subject matter. Though she painted many things, her main focus seemed to be flowers in detail. I had the exciting experience of getting to view a special exhibition of her works at the California Palace of the Legion of Honor. One of my favorite things about Georgia's works is her use of color in all of them. In Oriental Poppies (1928) she uses brilliant reds and oranges that make the poppies pop out to the viewer. In another painting called Fish hook from Hawaii No. 1(1937), she uses pastel colors. These make the viewer feel the serene tropical setting in which the fish hook has been placed. Georgia's goal was to show people what they do not have a chance to observe at first glance. She painted the details that people had to look very closely to see by enlarging the item to a viewer. As a part of her exhibit they had photographs by her famous husband Stieglitz. He took numerous pictures of Georgia and of her hands. They also had other pphotographers that seemed to have taken pictures of the same things that Georgia painted. I especially like the grandiose of Ansel Adam's Granite Slabs, High sierra(1935) and the detail in weston's Cabbage Leaf(1931). Seeing this exhibit was very educational and interesting. Seeing the work in person struck me much stronger than otherwise and I know many other people thought so too - it was very crowded. : )...
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Georgia O'Keeffe was born on November 15, 1887. She was the second of seven children. Georgia didn't grow up with just her mom and dad; her aunt mostly raised her. Georgia did not care much for her aunt though; she once referred to her as, "the headache of my life." She did although have some respect for her aunt and her strict and self disciplines way of life. Georgia grew up spoiled; she did very little around the house and always wanted things her way. At a young age Georgia began taking private art lessons out of her home. This is when she learned exactly what she wanted to do for the rest of her life. When Georgia was in the eighth grade she told people, "I am going to be an artist." Just after that she entered the Sacred Heart Academy, which was an art school in Madison, Wisconsin. After her family moved and Georgia had attended many different schools a teacher named Elizabeth Willis encouraged her to work from home, where she could express herself more. In 1905 Georgia received her diploma and moved to Chicago to live her aunt and attend the Art Institute of Chicago, for only one year though. In 1907 she enrolled at the Art Student League in New York City. In 1912, when she attended a class at the University of Virginia Summer School, where she was introduced to the cutting edge ideas of Arthur Wesley Dow by Alon Bement. Dow's teachings encouraged artists to express themselves through harmonious designs of line, color, and shape, and they strongly influenced O'Keeffe's thinking about the process of making art. In 1924, O'Keeffe and Stieglitz married. After Stieglitz's death in 1946, O'Keeffe spent the next three years mostly in New York settling his estate, and in...
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