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IKON Office Solutions is one of the world's leading providers of products and services that help businesses communicate. IKON provides customers with total business solutions for every office, production and outsourcing need, including copiers and printers, color solutions, distributed printing, facilities management, imaging and legal document solutions, as well as network design and consulting and e-business development. I am a Major Account Executive for IKON Office Solutions. With these credentials acquired in 22 years of existence, their management organization is obviously doing something correct. A manager's role is to lead his/her organization to a clearly stated objective. In doing so he/she must muster all his resources in a concise and organized attempt at achieving those goals. To do this a manager must lead, plan, organize, and control the organization's employees. 20th Century French mine owner Henri Fayol first coined the term "Four Functions of Management" to define a functional organization design, focused on essential skill sets (Fayol, Five Functions of Management). Since then, they have been overlaid by concepts like processes, projects, programs, teams, and systems, and by emerging specialties like Marketing and Human Resources. In addition, the amount of competitors and threats has also increased, and therefore these four functions have assumed even greater importance in the ongoing survival and success of any organization, including IKON Office Solutions. However, they are still at the core of much management thinking. Management is creative problem solving. This creative problem solving is accomplished through these four functions of management: planning, organizing, leading and controlling. The intended result is the use of an organization's resources in a way that accomplishes its mission and objectives Planning is "deciding in advance what to do, how to do this particular task, when to do it, and who is to do it."(Dixon 1993,) At IKON Office Solutions, planning is...
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Contents DOCUMENT OVERVIEW 3 INTRODUCTION 3 PART A SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS AND ANALYSIS 3 SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS 3 PERSONNEL 4 EQUIPMENT 4 SPACE LAYOUT 4 PROCEDURES 4 ANALYSIS OF THE CURRENT SYSTEM AND PROCEDURES 5 EASY TO OPERATE 5 COST EFFECTIVE 5 MANUAL, COMPUTERISED OR BOTH 5 QUALITY CONTROL 5 FINANCE 5 PART B - PLAN OFFICE ADMINISTRATION SYSTEM 6 THE OFFICE ADMINISTRATION SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS 6 SYSTEM PURCHASE PRICE & SUPPLIER 9 SYSTEM RUNNING COSTS 10 AMOUNT OF PERSONNEL NEEDED TO RUN AND USE SYSTEM. 10 MINIMISATION OF DOWN TIME (AFTER PURCHASE SERVICE) 10 STAFF TRAINING NEEDS ERROR! BOOKMARK NOT DEFINED. PART C – IMPLEMENTING THE OFFICE ADMINISTRATION SYSTEM 10 WORK FLOW 10 FORMS 11 EQUIPMENT USE 11 PERSONNEL USE 11 SYSTEM COST 11 PART D – MONITOR THE OFFICE ADMINISTRATION SYSTEM. 11 MONITOR THE SYSTEM FOR CORRECT USAGE 11 DEAL WITH CONTINGENCIES TO ENSURE THE MINIMAL EFFECT ON USERS OF THE SYSTEM 12 MODIFY THE SYSTEM TO MEET CHANGING NEEDS IN A TIMELY WAY 12 CLEARLY DEFINED MODIFICATIONS AND TO NOTIFY THE USERS OF THE SYSTEM ABOUT THE MODIFICATIONS 12 FLOOR PLAN OF THE SOUTHERN DISTRICTS BASKETBALL ASSOCIATION OFFICE 13 BIBLIOGRAPHY 14 DOCUMENT OVERVIEW This document will report on the Administration Office System of the Southern Districts Basketball Association. The purpose is to outline the planning and establishment of the office system by studying it, analysing it, and developing a plan to improve it. Recommendations will be made on monitoring and modifying the new system, along with ways of training staff in the operation of the system within the organisation. INTRODUCTION The purpose of this report is to examine the Southern Districts Basketball Association (SDBA) current Administration Office System and its procedures. The SDBA is located in Carina. It is a 4-court basketball stadium, and is located at the Clem Jones Centre. It currently has 1700 members. An analysis will be conducted, and a need or gap in the system is to be identified in looking for a way to improve the current system. A plan will be developed...
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I. Introduction (1 page) The paper is aiming at proving the importance of work motivation in the success of the organization. Work motivation is strongly related to human relations, organizational culture, and organizational behavior. The paper will involve the following issues: a. Main elements of Organizational Behavior b. Main models of Organizational Behavior c. Main Focus of this paper: Workers' Motivation and the role of motivation in improving Organizational Behavior d. Case Study from Albanian Public Sector II. Main Elements of Organizational Behavior (5 pages) Ø Historical Background of Organizational Behavior The industrial Revolution that started with the development of steam power and the creation of large factories in the late Eighteenth century lead to great changes in production of textiles and other products. The factories that evolved created big challenges to organization and management that had not been confronted before. In order to manage these factories and later entities like railroads and in the same time to manage a large flow of material and people it was necessary to establish some methods for dealing with the new issues. o Scientific Management (Taylorism) o Bureaucratic Structure (Weber's model) The German sociologist max Weber identified the core elements of the new kind of organization that he called bureaucracy. Some of the basic elements of the bureaucratic structure as defined by Weber are: - formal rules and behavior bounded by rules - uniformity of operations continuity despite changes in personnel - o o Human Relations (McGregor, Maslow, Barnard,) McGregor's ideas (1960) about managerial behavior had a profound effect on management thinking and practice o Schools of Historical Though by Decade Ø Social Systems, Culture and Organizational Learning o Organizations as Social Systems o Definition of Organization Culture Ø Organization Development o Schwandt's Theory of Organizational Learning Ø Quality of Work Life o Job design, Job satisfaction, Individual growth III. Main Models of Organizational Behavior There are four major models that organizations operate out of: · Autocratic – The basis of this...
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Abstract: This paper discusses the challenges to language learning and its methodological principles posed by the new technologies. It will be argued that the integration of new media into language learning is a necessary step ensuring the acquisition of the kind of language skills and competencies needed for living and working in the knowledge society. Innovative use of such technologies will lead to more flexibility in the content and organisation of learning; new media must be looked at not simply in terms of traditional self-study materials but rather in terms of tools for learning. New information and communication technologies and their role in language learning processes are the topic of this paper, but constructivism as the appropriate paradigm for language learning in the coming millennium will also be discussed. In addition, the paper proposes a typology and an evaluation of technology-enhanced materials for language learning, and presents a few examples. Introduction New technologies have become the predominant influence on the way we live and work at the beginning of the new millennium. Some view the changes effected by global networks and information technologies with some apprehension. Others consider the innovative potential of world wide co-operation via e-mail and internet as well as unprohibited access to information and digital resources by means of telecommunications and other forms of electronic publication to be of benefit for both the professional and the educational world. Our society, which has now become what is best described by the term knowledge society, is undergoing tremendous changes. Such changes are linked with challenges which need to be met not just by business and industry but even more so by educational institutions at all levels. New technologies as tools of almost any trade also need to be exploited in order to initiate changes in the way we teach and learn....
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The cultural background, historical heritage and the domestic products of FoShan has made becomes one of the most famous cities in China. However, three other issues have drawn the attention of the government of China on FoShan recently ¡ª the unemployment rate, educational levels and economical conditions. All of these three negative social aspects had given a great impact on FoShan. In order to catch up with the modern world, FoShan should solve theses problems by creating new employment, building a good educational environment and setting helpful economic policies. In order to create new employment, FoShan should develop its tourism to attract more foreign travelers. FoShan is a city that has two thousand years of history; therefore, there are a lot of well-known places and valuable cultural products that interest foreigners. On the other hand, tourism development needs a lot of workers; for example, drivers for buses, waiters for restaurants and salespersons for retail shops. Therefore, tourism development is an effective way to solve the high unemployment rate in FoShan. In fact, China already having some cities with successful tourism development as an example for FoShan to follow. The city of Hai Ko, for instance, has already gotten very good benefits from the success on tourism. Although Hai Ko does not have natural resource many for manufacturing development, its beautiful coastal scenery helps greatly at the development of tourism. Therefore, the city of Hai Ko can avoid the high unemployment rate problem. Tourism not only brings a lot of new employment to Hai Ko, but also brings prosperity. Thus, FoShan can try to follow the path of Hai Ko to solve its unemployment problem. Moreover, FoShan should try to build a better educational environment to reduce the low educational level in the society because the construction of a modern city needs a...
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Cervical Cancer, just like all cancers, is a complex cancer of the cervix. The National Cancer Institute describes the cervix as the lower, narrow part of the uterus (womb). The uterus, a hollow, pear-shaped organ, is located in a woman's lower abdomen, between the bladder and the rectum. The cervix forms a canal that opens into the vagina, which leads to the outside of the body (What You Need to Know about Cancer of the Cervix). The Family Guide to Women's Health and Prescription Drugs explains that the cervix is lined with mucous membrane similar to that found inside the mouth, and is made up of connective tissue (Cervical Cancer: The One That's Preventable). Cervical cancer, just like all cancers, is caused by cells in the cervix becoming abnormal. Once this happens the cells begin dividing as part of their daily routine and eventually, if not found, will invade the deep layers of the cervix. The cancerous cells will divide and form a mass of tissue-the tissue either being benign (not harmful) or malignant (cancerous). A woman may never know without regular medical attention and checkups that she even has anything wrong with her body. Regular symptoms of irregular bleeding and discomfort during urination may occur but not in all cases in all women. So the first step to even solving the problem is diagnosing it. Many tests are available to let women know if something is wrong with their bodies. The most common and most effective in general cases are the Pap Smear Test (What You Need to Know about Cancer of the Cervix). In this test the doctor checks the uterus, vagina, ovaries, fallopian tubes, bladder, and the rectum for any abnormalities (What You Need to Know about Cancer of the Cervix). Other tests for cervical cancer are also available, such...
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Public Office, Private Lives Where's the Line? John F. Kennedy's attitude towards marital fidelity was well known to the media but was never disclosed to the public. Even after ample public disclosure in the years following his assassination, the image of John F. Kennedy remains relatively untarnished. Thirty-five years later however, Bill Clinton's pale imitation of John Kennedy's personal lifestyle brought him impeachment by congress and almost cost him the presidency. It appears that the difference in the media's treatment of the two situations can be explained, in part, by the eagerness of the media to treat nothing as being sacred or private, whether or not it really constitutes serious news. Can one argue that one response was more appropriate than the other? Further, should politicians be answerable for the events in their private lives? As a general rule, politicians should be answerable for those activities in their private lives that have a material bearing on their ability to discharge their responsibilities in office. Some examples may help to explain and further support this argument. In the cases of Kennedy and Clinton, did their marital infidelity really affect their abilities to carry out the responsibilities of the presidency? And does it appear that public support and confidence in these public figures diminished with the availability of this information? It appears not. Indeed, in Kennedy's case, the public was unaware of his indiscretions and he enjoyed great public support and still, to this day, with the awareness he is viewed as a public hero. Therefore, there is no purpose served other than damaging and invading a person's privacy. A very current example of worthy media attention was the drunk driving incident involving the premier of British Columbia. All the extenuating circumstances related to the offense raised serious questions about his fitness for the premiership. Arguably,...
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Introduction. Osmosis is the net movement of water between water molecules from a weaker solution to a stronger solution through a semi-permeable membrane. Structure of a plant cell. What happens when a plat cell is placed in a solution weaker then the solution in a cell? Osmosis takes place. Water diffuses into the cytoplasm and vacuole through the selectively permeable membrane. When this happens the solution in the middle is more concentrated and the vacuole expands while the cytoplasm moves to the side. What happens when a plant cell is placed in a solution that is stronger then that inside the plant cell? Again osmosis takes place. Water diffuses out of the cytoplasm and vacuole through the selectively permeable cell membrane. First the cell shrinks slightly and becomes flaccid; then the cell membrane pulls away from the cell wall. This causes spaces between the cell membrane and the cell wall. The solution is less concentrated. First experiment In this experiment I am going to fill three beakers with water and salt. The first beaker will just be water (week solution), the second with a small amount of salt (medium) and the third with even more salt then the second (strong). In to each of these I will place a potato chip that will be pre-measured in millimetres. I will then apply labels to the beakers to remind me which is what solution. After leaving the piece of potato chip in the beaker for twenty-four hours I will re-measure the chip (in mm) and record the results. Weak Medium Strong Prediction I predict the potato in the weak solution will expand, the potato in the medium solution will shrink a little bit and the potato in the strong solution will shrink more then in the medium. Results. Solution length before the length after change in Strength experiment. Experiment length Weak 44 mm 49 mm +5mm Medium 47mm...
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In today's competitive and fast-paced society both educational institutions and businesses can't afford to waste time or money when it comes targeting the right business solutions. One of the most popular business solutions used today is E-learning. E-learning (electronic learning) is a term that covers a wide set of applications and processes, such as Web-based learning, virtual classrooms, and digital collaboration. It includes the delivery of content via the Internet, intranet/extranet (LAN/WAN), audio and videotape, satellite broadcast, interactive TV, CD-ROM, and more. This essay will cover some of the many terms associated with E-learning and help to provide a better understanding of what e-learning technologies have to offer. At New York University E-learning is used for the various online (50/50) courses offered. These courses require students to receive fifty percent of their learning via traditional studies (in classroom) and fifty percent via the Web. The BBS (bulletin board system) is utilized, providing an online community run on a host computer where users can dial or log into in order to post messages on public discussion boards. Students can also send and receive e-mail, chat with other users, and upload or download files. BBS's are generally text-based and often related to the specific hobbies or interests of their creators. Another term that is closely related to BBS is Distance Education/Learning; where the instructor and students are separated by time, location, or both. This is a process where educational training courses are delivered to remote locations via synchronous (real-time learning event in which all participants are logged on at the same time and communicate directly with each other) or asynchronous (interaction between instructors and students occur intermittently with a time delay) means of instruction, including written correspondence, text, graphics, audio and videotape, CD-ROM, online learning, audio and videoconferencing, interactive TV, and Fax. As with...
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There has been a vision about an idea called the "paperless office" since the 1980s on how it would impact the business world. The main idea of the paperless office is to conduct business transactions without sorting memos, reports, or anything that is printed on paper. Many considered the potential advantages of having personal computers in every house in the future. People are fascinated by the power of computers and by the new opportunities they provide. People started to think of how computers will affect the future. A paperless society was the most obvious vision. First, people were tired of papers overloading their offices, and secondly they became more conscious about the environment aspects. The future looked so bright back then. No more paper clutter plus no more trees being cut just for the paper. Everything, including books, will be stored on disks and other electronic media. There are Web-based business forms that are completed and stored entirely online. More importantly, the data contained in the forms, including signatures, can be processed in databases to create detailed online financial reports. E-mail is without a doubt, the Internet's most popular application. In my opinion, it is among the first services users get hooked to when they log on to the Internet. For the past few years, people have started E-mailing everything from letters to greeting cards to making the world a smaller place. As the use of E-mail started, should not the amount of mail being sent through the postal system decline? The relationship between the two is more complicated than many people realize. For example, America Online (AOL), a provider of Internet access to at least 28 million subscribers around the world, facilitates billions of e-mail exchanges. Yet, the company is also the fastest-growing user of direct mail in the United...
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