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By: Rudigan Scuggins The history of Windows NT The features of Windows NT The history of Windows NT: The history of Windows NT goes back to the early 80's, when Microsoft was working on the original Windows system to run on top of DOS. They joined forces with IBM in order to create a more powerful DOS replacement that would run on the Intel x86 platform. The resulting operating system was to be known as OS/2. At the same time OS/2 was being developed, Microsoft was busy working on a new OS, more powerful than the Windows system they already had. This "New Technology" operating system would run on different processor platforms. They planned to accomplish this by writing most of the operating system in the C programming language, which is a language that is portable across platforms. In late October of 1988, Microsoft hired a man named David Cutler who was a respected operating systems guru from Digital Equipment Corporation, to help them design their new operating system. The original planned name was OS/2 NT because at the time, Microsoft was helping to develop OS/2 and was integrating parts of it into its new operating system (NT). After almost two years of work, the first bits of OS/2 NT ran on an Intel i860 processor. Around the same time, David Cutler projected to Bill Gates that NT would ship around March 1991, which turned out be more than two years off the mark. In early 1990, as teams dedicated to NT were formed within Microsoft, Bill Gates criticized NT for being "too big, and too slow" during a review. The decision was eventually made in early 1991 to base NT's "personality" on Microsoft's current Windows system, version 3.0, and not OS/2. In other words, the personality (the API and user interface in addition to other things) of the new operating system was to be "modeled" after Windows 3.0. The OS/2 NT name was dropped;...
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Network Report (Ethernet and LANs) Due date: 12th September Ethernet is a physical and data link layer technology for LAN networking. When it first began to be widely deployed in the 1980s, Ethernet supported a maximum theoretical data rate of 10 megabits per second (Mbps). More recently, Fast Ethernet standards have extended traditional Ethernet technology to 100 Mbps peak, and Gigabit Ethernet technology extends performance up to 1000 Mbps. Gigabit Ethernet, a transmission technology based on the Ethernet frame format and protocol used in local area networks (LANs), provides a data rate of 1 billion bits per second (one gigabit). Gigabit Ethernet is defined in the IEEE 802.3 standard and is currently being used as the backbone in many enterprise networks. Higher-level network protocols like Internet Protocol use Ethernet as their transmission medium. Data travels over Ethernet in the form of frames. The run length of Ethernet cables is limited (to roughly 100 meters), but various special-purpose devices exist that make Ethernet a cost-effective option for networking an entire large school or office building. In the mid-1990s, Fast Ethernet technology matured and met its design goals of a) increasing the performance of traditional Ethernet while b) avoiding the need to completely re-cable existing Ethernet networks. Fast Ethernet comes in two major varieties: 100Base-T (using unshielded twisted pair cable) 100Base-FX (using fiber optic cable) By far the most popular of these is 100Base-T, a standard that includes 100Base-TX (Category 5 UTP), 100Base-T2 (Category 3 or better UTP), and 100Base-T4 (100Base-T2 cabling modified to include two additional wire pairs). Whereas Fast Ethernet improved traditional Ethernet from 10 Megabit to 100 Megabit speed, Gigabit Ethernet boasts the same order-of-magnitude improvement over Fast Ethernet by offering speeds of 1000 Megabits (1 Gigabit). Gigabit Ethernet was first made to travel over optical and copper cabling, but the 1000Base-T standard successfully supports it as...
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Main developments in operating systems An operating system (sometimes abbreviated as "OS") is the program that, after being initially loaded into the computer by a boot program, manages all the other programs in a computer. The other programs are called applications or application programs. The application programs make use of the operating system by making requests for services through a defined application program interface (API). In addition, users can interact directly with the operating system through a user interface such as a command language or a graphical user interface (GUI). A GUI (usually pronounced GOO-ee) is a graphical (rather than purely textual) user interface to a computer. As you read this, you are looking at the GUI or graphical user interface of your particular Web browser. The term came into existence because the first interactive user interfaces to computers were not graphical; they were text-and-keyboard oriented and usually consisted of commands you had to remember and computer responses that were infamously brief. The command interface of the DOS operating system (which you can still get to from your Windows operating system) is an example of the typical user-computer interface before GUIs arrived. An intermediate step in user interfaces between the command line interface and the GUI was the non-graphical menu-based interface, which let you interact by using a mouse rather than by having to type in keyboard commands. MS-DOS MS-DOS (Microsoft Disk Operating System) was the Microsoft-marketed version of the first widely installed operating system in personal computers. Most users of either DOS system simply referred to their system as Disk Operating System. Like PC-DOS, MS-DOS was (and still is) a non-graphical line-oriented command-driven operating system, with a relatively simple interface but not overly "friendly" user interface. Its prompt to enter a command looks like this: C:> The first Microsoft Windows operating system was really an...
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F E A T U R E Authentication Gets Tough May 28, 2001 By Michael Ross and Jeff Rubin Your Web presence has grown over the past five years. Shouldn't your authentication and authorization system be growing with it? Today's high-performance Web-based policy-management solutions are secure, scalable, easy to manage and designed for thousands of users in a distributed environment -- not just dozens accessing a single server. Although custom modules can be built in any language, and can use SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) to secure password transmission and LDAP to manage user accounts, the scripts are difficult to manage and slow to process, and they lack strong security for storing passwords. In contrast, commercial Web-based policy-management packages provide a strong alternative to custom authentication modules for intranet, Internet and extranet applications. We tested five Web-based policy-management packages. Each boasts of having performance, management, scalability, security and reliability. And all take advantage of SSO (single sign-on) so users can authenticate just once and access multiple resources within the same or external domains. In most cases, our tests showed that the products could handle 100,000 connections per hour without a performance hit. The packages do this by using a delegated (decentralized) authority model, which allows an organization to assign various administrative and user levels. Most of the products offer several layers of security, including: « User authentication before a request reaches the Web service. « Communication encryption. « Storage for encrypted passwords in an LDAP or standalone database. « A comprehensive set of logging and auditing features. Users who have multiple roles in an organization can take advantage of SSO, while administrators can track and build reports of activity within their environment. In addition, through APIs authenticated users can be given personalized views of the enterprise, with only the resources to which they have access shown. This eliminates "access denied" errors and reduces...
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1. Introduction: This report describes hot to purchase a computer for each different customer to meet different requirements. It will describe how to purchase a computer step by step from the original plan. This report will discuss three different customers option their owner computers. Computer hardware components based on the software packages, in order to get high function suited to personal requirements while using their budget. Customers 1: Lorissa 3.1 Identify all software packages Because Lorrisa wants a new PC, her requirements are to produce basic text-based documents, run an accounting package, and access the internet, so in my opinion and my recommendation if for the all software packages with in the operating system : Windows XP (Home Edition) Microsoft Money 2003 standard Microsoft Word 2002 3.2 List all software packages are require for system Basic software requirements. It's the requirement for the how to choose the hardware components properly. First software package is Microsoft Windows XP (Home Edition), this require hardware : - PC with 300 megahertz (MHz) or higher processor clock speed recommended; 233-MHz minimum required;* Intel Pentium/Celeron family, AMD K6/Athlon/Duron family, or compatible processor recommended - 128 megabytes (MB) of RAM or higher recommended (64 MB minimum supported; may limit performance and some features) - 1.5 gigabyte (GB) of available hard disk space.* - Super VGA (800 ?A 600) or higher resolution video adapter and monitor - CD-ROM or DVD drive - Keyboard and Microsoft Mouse or compatible pointing device (Microsoft Corporation,2003 http://www.microsoft.com/windowsxp/home/howtobuy/upgrading/sysreqs.asp) Second software package is Microsoft Money 2003, which requires the following hardware: - Computer/Processor Multimedia PC with Pentium 166 or higher processor required; Pentium II 300 recommended - Memory 32 MB of RAM required; 64 MB recommended - Hard Disk 75 MB free hard disk space, plus 50 MB for Internet Explorer 6.0 or later (included on the CD) if not already installed, plus an additional 68 MB if running instructional videos and audio help from hard drive - Drive 2X or faster CD-ROM drive - Display SVGA Color...
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Censorship by definition is the prohibiting of words, images or ideas that are "offensive" to others. I feel that the laws governing film censorship should be more versatile. The teenagers of today are becoming more mature and adult-like at an earlier age. They are taught about the dangers of sex as well as drugs in Enrichment or in Personal and Social Education (P.S.E) and know more about certain subjects than adults today would have known when they were younger. I feel therefore it is ridiculous not to allow them to see films containing sex, drugs and violence on TV or at the cinema, until they are 18. In my opinion teenagers today are clearly mature enough to see these films at the age of 16, which is when they are able to finish their secondary education. At this stage they will have been taught everything they need to know. My main argument is that I feel that the laws on the classification of films are outdated. I believe that the 18 certificate and the 15 certificate should be abolished and replaced by a 16 certificate. This means that they will be able to see the films that they are (in my opinion) mature enough to see. My main argument is that I feel the laws surrounding film classification are outdated. Censorship by definition is the prohibiting of words, images or ideas that are "offensive" to others. I feel that the laws governing film censorship should be more versatile. The teenagers of today are becoming more mature and adult-like at an earlier age. They are taught about the dangers of sex as well as drugs in Enrichment or in Personal and Social Education (P.S.E) and know more about certain subjects than adults today would have known when they were younger. I feel therefore it...
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Everyone uses different defense mechanisms to help them get through frustrating experiences. There are three major types of defensive mechanisms that I use most frequently: rationalization, verbal aggression, and displacement. I often rationalize a situation before getting mad, that is, I often try to consider all courses of actions and choose one that will lead to my desired end result. Is it really worth it, or what is there to gain? Consequently, I often avoid a confrontation or bad a situation by taking to time to think before I speak. This avoidance of conflict helps me keep my stress level to a minimum at the same time it prevents be from speaking out sometimes. I began doing this as a child looking for ways to avoid arguing with my stepfather. He, like others I know, always enjoys a good argument. He is very talented in finding the shortcomings of others. As a boy I can remember arguments starting over a spot I missed while vacuuming the living room. But, only after repeated arguments, did I learn that it was not worth the aggravation to defend myself at all times. Because there are so many individuals like my stepfather that take pleasure in aggravating others for their personal enjoyment, is why I seek the rational answer to the problem. Instead of being drawn into the argument, I rationalize the situation and either try to ignore the problem or just walk away. I also have the tendency to be verbally aggressive when I feel angry or frustrated. Although I try to think before I speak during an argument, I often find myself so frustrated, I cannot verbally express myself and make sense at the same time. So, I usually end up exploding with verbal gibberish, bringing up non-related issues into the conversation. I...
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The best example of terrorism in the present day was the attack on the Americans on September 11th when the world trade center was destroyed. It certainly caught the attention of the world and succeeded in its goal. Terrorism is defined as using terror-inspiring methods of governing: is this a productive political strategy? Terrorists usually campaign for their political view to be enforced. By drastic, extreme methods, such as the September 11th attack, terrorists are able to inspire fear and make their views known in effective ways. USA civilians mourned the loss of life on September 11th but they also mourned over their loss of faith in the system that protects them from any attack. This fear was created by terrorism. Action taken by terrorists is made more significant by the inevitable publicity terrorists crave. Gaining the public eye allows terrorists to emphasize the political point they are campaigning about well, which is exactly the desired effect of terrorist attacks. It is evident that terrorism is a successful means of displaying a message because US President George Bush made clear the motive of the suicide bombers on September 11th. He advertised their cause for them. A “war on terrorism” is almost impossible as terrorism is what might be called an abstract concept. Terrorism cannot be demolished through plain hand-to-hand combat, as the USA discovered in the Vietnam War against the communist guerrillas. Terrorism can only be abolished by the causes of terrorism being abolished, making the world a place free of grievances, which is almost impossible to achieve. Certain terrorist movements can be combated by intelligence agencies. However, terrorist operations ensure that their plans will not be known by many people, so it is extremely difficult for the intelligence agencies to find out what they are doing. This method of terrorist organisation is...
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Oedipus the King was written by Sophocles in 425 B.C. This play was one of the greatest tragedies of all time. Oedipus's downfall is due to both fate and freewill. Yes, it was fate that Oedipus was to kill his father and marry and have children with his mother, but it was his freewill that led him to this fate. His arrogant, aggressive and stubborn personality pushed him right down a path that complied directly with his pre-ordained fate. Thebes had been struck by a plague. The people were very sick and when they went to the priest to help, he told them that only the king could save the city. So, they all turned to Oedipus for their salvation. Oedipus then has Creon his brother-in-law go to speak with the oracle of Delphi. When Creon returned he told Oedipus that the reason for the curse that had fallen on Thebes was because the person who killed Liaus was still living in the city.He told him that Oedipus must get that person out of Thebes and take his revenge out on him. Creon goes on to finish what the oracle has told him and starts to get to the point in the story where he is about to say that Oedipus is the murderer, when Oedipus completely loses his temper and starts screaming that Creon is a traitor and is committing treason and he wants him exiled and put to death. His wife comes in and puts a stop to this, considering that Creon is her brother. This is just the first of many instances where Oedipus' arrogant and aggressive personality inhibit him from putting a stop to or trying to do anything to fight the prophecies that he keeps being told from coming true. After this confrontation with Creon he decides...
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