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1. Chapter 1 Introduction 1.1 Research Motivation A. The pleasure of reading Oscar Wilde’s The Importance of Being Earnest is mainly due to the genius organization of the language, such as the magic use of pun, paradox, and original word patterns. B. Stylistic analysis is an effective way to dig out the aesthetic value of a literary work, especially that Wilde’s The Importance of Being Earnest is the full embodiment of his idea of aestheticism. With the support of quantative data, the research becomes more objective. C. The rapid development of computer science and its application to language research makes it convenient to do text analysis. The output of the computer analysis can show directly the significant information related to the text studied. 1.2 Research Questions A. The relationship between high frequency words/ key words and the theme, plot, characterization, conflict of the comedy The Importance of Being Earnest B. The conversational pattern between characters, namely the comparison of conversational patterns of each couple Jack and Gwendolen, Algernon and Cecily, Prism and Chausible . C. The relationship between author’s diction and rhetoric choices and its aesthetic implication. 1.3 The arrangement of chapters 2. Literature Review 2.1 Theoretic Foundation A. The critical model of stylistics: Description à Explanation à Evaluation Part of data are gained from computer, other will from subjective judgment. B. Levels of analysis: Semantics à Text C. Application of corpus linguistics to literary criticism D. Statistical stylistics application to attributions conformation E. Corpus-based approach in language research 2.2 Previous studies on The Importance of Being Earnest and other corresponding studies A. Reviews of literary criticism of The Importance of Being Earnest with various critical approaches B. Concordancing analysis to other texts C. Cases of literature computing related 3. Research Design 3.1 Procedure Step1 Keywords retrieval by Wordsmith Tools software. Corpus using: the text of The Importance of Being Earnest and BNC/ Oscar Wilde’s Complete Works as reference corpora. Step 2 Systematic description of the linguistic...
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added: 11/12/2011
How Time Periods Affect Society In the book, The Picture of Dorian Gray, by Oscar Wilde, society was all supposed to be the same. Individuality was not a lifestyle, or a way of life. The unique characters were looked down upon. In this time, people married and had relationships for social status and not for love. The relationships were strictly business, and if someone married below their social status they were looked down upon. This time was called the Victorian Period and existed between 1837 and 1901. (Lombardi) This period of time all revolved around the political career of Queen Victoria. Writers like Oscar Wilde spent time in custody for being unique. He was openly homosexual and strongly believed in individuality. Oscar Wilde and his writings affected few people in his time period, but readers can look back today and see how important individuality actually is. After reading a biography on Oscar Wilde's life, one would realize that his life began and continued to compare to those of the upper classes. He had an easy life growing up and going through school, but once he started to differ from society, his life became arduous. After Oscar received a great education from oxford, he set out to be a writer. After a slow start, he gradually was noticed. After his great success, his son turned his back on his father, Oscar, and that started his downfall. The downfall was due to England's strict penal code. Oscar's son, Lord Alfred Douglas, referred to Wilde as a homosexual in public. This sentenced Wilde to be in jail for two years. He wrote as he was in jail, but lost interest, love, and respect from most readers, family, and friends. (Ellmann 1). This biography showed that unique people such as homosexuals were strongly looked down upon and often punished. During...
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added: 02/05/2012
A LOOK INTO OSCAR WILDE'S WRITING AND HIS USE OF HOMOSEXUAL UNDERTONES Oscar Wilde (1854-1900), was an author, playwright, and pretty witty guy. He stressed the importance of style in both life and art, and attacked high society's narrow minded views. Wilde was born in Dublin, Ireland, on Oct. 16, 1854. His full name was Oscar Fingal O'Flahertie Wills Wilde. At the age of 20, Wilde left Ireland to go to school at Oxford University where he absolutely shined and established himself as a writer. He was soon a recognized public figure, but he didn't begin achieve true literary status until he published The Happy Prince and Other Tales in 1888. In these fairy tales and fables, Wilde developed a style and form that complimented his talents. Wilde's only novel, the ingenious Picture of Dorian Gray (1890), is an enlarged moral fable. It describes a man whose portrait gets old and ugly as a indication of his moral dishonesty, while he actually remained the same on the outside. The book seems to show the negative side and eventual destruction of the human spirit through devotion to pleasure and beauty, which is similar to Wilde's own fancies. Wilde's plays are considered his most important works. Lady Windermere's Fan (1892), A Woman of No Importance (1893), and An Ideal Husband (1895) combine the social drama with witty comedy. In each play, Wilde brings together an narrow-minded young idealist and a person who has committed a social sin in the past. They centered in a society where appearances are everything. The effect of Wilde's writing is always to educate the idealists of their own weaknesses and show the social need for tolerance and forgiveness. In The Importance of Being Earnest (1895), his masterpiece, Wilde diverted from his standard style combinations by combining high comedy with farce. The...
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added: 10/15/2011
There are three short stories of Oscar Wilde's that clearly have a common theme. In "The Nightingale and the Rose," a student has a crush on a girl. The girl refuses to dance with him unless he gives her a rose, and there are simply no roses anywhere nearby. There is a nightingale who lives outside the window of the boy, and she believes in love above all things. She makes a deal with the rose-tree, and she must press her breast into a thorn, and sing a song. The nightingale will then create a rose, but she will die. The student finds the rose, and the girl doesn't even want it because someone else gave her jewels. The student then throws the rose onto the street exclaiming "What a silly thing Love is! It is not half as useful as logic." In "The Devoted Friend," the character Hans is being manipulated by the Miller. The Miller gets flowers, favors, and labor from Hans, all while telling Hans how lucky he is to have such a friend as the Miller. Ultimately, Hans dies of doing the Miller a favor, and even at Hans' funeral, the Miller doesn't even care that Hans is gone. The only thing he cares about now is that he has no one to give away his broken wheelbarrow to. "The Happy Prince" is a story about a swallor and a statue made of jewels. The statue used to be the prince of the city, but when he passed away, they made him a statue to loom over the city. Now the statue can see the misery and sadness that passes throughout the city everyday. He tries to help everyone, by sending the swallow to give poor people the statue's jewels, gold and gems. Once he has...
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added: 01/03/2012
English 201.1WW Dr. J. Manderson 25 June 2003 The Power of Prose; Oscar Wilde Oscar Wilde is one of the world's greatest writers. Born in Ireland in the mid 1800's, Wilde is most famously known for his wit (LiteratureClassics). Jane Elgee, Wilde's mother was also known as a great writer of verse and prose and probably one who had a great influence on her son. Wilde was also known for being homosexual and along with legal battles was imprisoned for two years because of his sexual preference (LiteratureClassics). He liked to poke fun at other undergraduates at University by ridiculing manly sports, wearing his hair unusually long, and decorating his room with flowers and feathers. Oscar was a driving force in the aesthetic movement and preached the subject of "art for art's sake", (LiteratureClassics). With such a vibrant personality and outspokenness Oscar Wilde's Phases and Philosophies for the Use of the Young is the specific topic of this analysis. The title of the passage identifies the particular kind of reader the author aimed the work at. While at University, Wilde often made fun of other undergraduates for living up to what society expected of them and for this reason he's aimed the passage at the "young" as a means to combine his wit with writing. It's a reflection of his thoughts at that time in his life. The response expected from the passage may be two fold. Some may see it as humor and lighthearted, while others may see it as a more serious side of Wilde. He very well may be poking fun at society, but there is a real truth to the passage underneath the obvious humor. You get the sense as if he's telling you and not asking you to believe what he's saying. Being a homosexual in the 1800's is a backdrop...
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added: 01/07/2012
WILDE Director: BBC production Media: Film Wilde is a film set in England during the 1800's (Victorian Era) about Oscar Wilde, a controversial member of society at the time. His controversial and shocking plays went against the conventions of society, and his promiscuous secret homosexual lifestyle shocked people of the time also. At the time it was seen as acceptable for men to be more affectionate than men of previous times, however it was a fine line between acceptable affection and promiscuity. Sinful acts such as pre-marital sex and same sex relationships were still looked down upon. His homosexual lifestyle was kept a secret for a lot of his life however his controversial plays weren't. They were referred to as "the masks we wear as faces and the faces we wear as masks" Bosies', (Oscars boyfriend) reaction to the plays further reveal the way that Oscars plays were shocking to audiences of the time and Bosies' approval shows his passion and determination for going against the conventions of society. "We need shocking people are so banal and you use your wit like a foil, you cut through all those starched shirt fronts, you draw blood." The film also reflects the restricting society of the time. The class system, fake appearances which people upheld in order to maintain their reputation and the ways in which the sanctity of marriage was disregarded and marriage was viewed as a way for people to uphold and improve their social positions. The movie begins with the marriage of Oscar to Constance, and it is through this marriage we see societies views of the time reflected in Oscars' feelings towards the marriage. When talking about Constance he says, "well I must marry someone, and my mother has our future planned out in every detail." Their marriage is only a way for Oscar to...
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added: 02/26/2012
The sound of shots fired can be heard all over the world, not the sound of war, but the sound coming from most televisions around the world. Most shows on T.V. use horrific act of violence. Advertisements using "sexy" models are on in between each one of the shows that we watch. By examining violence and advertising one can see that media today has a bad influence on children. Violence is a threat of physical force intended to cause physical harm to a person or group of persons. Some television shows today show the heroes as male and the victims as female, showing who does the violence and to whom it is being done to. An example of this would be "Spiderman" and "Superman", all of the heroes are male, saving the women in distress. This type of media offers a way for children to feel powerful. Children watching violent television shows or movies may think that violence, or bullying is "cool". In the movie "Gone in 60 Seconds", bullying is visible and the person is powerful and has a lot of "connections". When children watch this type of behavior, they may strive to be like that and get caught up in acts of violence. Violence in media is hard to avoid and has a harmful impact on children. Advertisements include paid advertisements or commercials that appear on T.V. programs specifically made for children. Children are effective influencers of family purchases. Children "pester" their parents into buying products that they neither need nor understand. They are getting spoiled and think that they always get what they want. Advertisements often use sex to sell their products. The expression "sex sells" is always heard, children pick up on it and want to look like the "sexy" models they see on T.V. Children are growing...
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added: 12/09/2011
Oscar Schindler Oscar Schindler was a character in the movie "Schindler's List". This is a movie about the holocaust and how Oscar Schindler used is own riches to save one thousand and one hundred Jews. In this movie Oscar Schindler is described as a dynamic character. A dynamic character is a person in a movie that changes dramatically. This is true for Schindler for many reasons. In the movie Schindler is a Nazi party member who looking to make money, or become rich, from the situation that his country is in. He tries to take advantage and earn money by cheating the government and using Jews to work for him. The Jews were given illegal papers to work. That was cheating the government. While Schindler was making lots and lots of money, the Jews were being persecuted and killed. This was very disturbing to Schindler at times, But he tried to ignore it and make his money and become someone known as he came with nothing and left with fortunes. But, over the course of the movie, Schindlers conscience started to change his ways. The more and more he saw how crazy and sick the Nazi was, he started to care for the Jews. So, then he became very sorry for the Jews. He started buying Jews to save them from death. He used every single penny and dime he had to save about 1,100 Jews. This is what you call a dynamic character. The movie Schindler's List had a perfect example of a dynamic character. Oscar was a person who was against the Jews and changed very dramatically to come and save the Jews. Truly, Oscar Schindler was a man who came with nothing and left with fortunes....
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added: 02/05/2012
Oscar Wilde, author of The Picture of Dorian Gray, makes Basil's life changed drastically by having him paint a portrait of Dorian Gray and express too much of himself in it, which, in Wilde's mind, is a troublesome obstacle to circumvent. Wilde believes that the artist should not portray any of himself in his work, so when Basil does this, it is he who creates his own downfall, not Dorian. Wilde introduces Basil to Dorian when Basil begins to notice Dorian staring at him at a party. Basil "suddenly became conscious that someone was looking at [him]. [He] turned halfway around and saw Dorian Gray for the first time"(Wilde 24). Basil immediately notices him, however Basil is afraid to talk to him. His reason for this is that he does "not want any external influence in [his] life" (Wilde24). This is almost a paradox in that it is eventually his own internal influence that destroys him. Wilde does this many times throughout the book. He loved using paradoxes and that is why Lord Henry, the character most similar to Wilde, is quoted as being called "Price Paradox." Although Dorian and Basil end up hating each other, they do enjoy meeting each other for the first time. Basil finds something different about Dorian. He sees him in a different way than he sees other men. Dorian is not only beautiful to Basil, but he is also gentle and kind. This is when Basil falls in love with him and begins to paint the picture. Basil begins painting the picture, but does not tell anyone about it, including Dorian, because he knows that there is too much of himself in it. Lord Henry discovers the painting and asks Basil why he will not display it. Lord Henry thinks that it is so...
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added: 10/09/2011
O Pioneers! O Pioneers! After reading the novel, O Pioneers!, it was hard to judge whether it was a tragedy or a triumph. I think the answer you are looking for would be a triumph. The only way I see it as a tragedy is that Emil and Maria died. I knew, since page six of the book, that they were destined to be together. It kind of broke my heart to see later on that she had married someone else. But when her and Emil got shot, I thought it may finish as a tragedy. But overall, I would see it as a triumph in the way that the Bergson's finally got what they wanted out of their land. It made them rich. Also, Alexandra and Carl finally married. And being that the whole novel was basically based on "the land", they were triumphant in getting what they risked, what they longed for. In my opinion, I think the land broke the characters rather than the characters breaking the land. Of course the characters had to plant and sew the fields, but they did that every year. It took the forever, it seemed like, for the land to break them. That's what the Bergson's had worked for their whole life. The land pulls the family together and makes them work hard to get what they want,, happiness. It makes them happy. So yes, the land does break them more than they break the land. In considering Cather's characters, I don't think they become fully Americanized within a generation. At the beginning of the novel, it seems like they are more in tuned with the rest of America. They are economically stable. But when Carl comes back on his first visit, Lou and Oscar scorn him about burning Wall Street. Obviously,...
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added: 01/29/2012
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