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Everyone uses different defense mechanisms to help them get through frustrating experiences. There are three major types of defensive mechanisms that I use most frequently: rationalization, verbal aggression, and displacement. I often rationalize a situation before getting mad, that is, I often try to consider all courses of actions and choose one that will lead to my desired end result. Is it really worth it, or what is there to gain? Consequently, I often avoid a confrontation or bad a situation by taking to time to think before I speak. This avoidance of conflict helps me keep my stress level to a minimum at the same time it prevents be from speaking out sometimes. I began doing this as a child looking for ways to avoid arguing with my stepfather. He, like others I know, always enjoys a good argument. He is very talented in finding the shortcomings of others. As a boy I can remember arguments starting over a spot I missed while vacuuming the living room. But, only after repeated arguments, did I learn that it was not worth the aggravation to defend myself at all times. Because there are so many individuals like my stepfather that take pleasure in aggravating others for their personal enjoyment, is why I seek the rational answer to the problem. Instead of being drawn into the argument, I rationalize the situation and either try to ignore the problem or just walk away. I also have the tendency to be verbally aggressive when I feel angry or frustrated. Although I try to think before I speak during an argument, I often find myself so frustrated, I cannot verbally express myself and make sense at the same time. So, I usually end up exploding with verbal gibberish, bringing up non-related issues into the conversation. I...
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1.0 Introduction 2 2.0 Data Collection 2 2.1 Personal Budget 2 2.2 Car deal 2 2.3 Payment method of Car 3 2.4 Selecting a Credit Card 5 2.5 Employing left over cash 6 2.6 Future Income 6 2.7 Future value of trip 7 2.8 North Beenleigh house 7 2.9 Financing Shailer Park home 9 3.0 Conclusion 9 4.0 Recommendations 10 5.0 References: 11 6.0 Appendixes: …………………………………....………After 11 1.0 Introduction The information below has been specially gathered and designed for Mr. Bernard Fanning who may use the following data to make future decisions. This report contains matters concerning Personal Financing which is the ability of an individual to provide funds in order to achieve personal goals and investing which is defined as the putting out of money into a project which in return you may receive a higher amount. 2.0 Data Collection The information and figures produced on this report was collected and presented by, Salman Clay. The resources and information used to produce this report is recorded on the reference and appendix pages, see table of contents for details. 2.1 Personal Budget Income: Total: Monthly Income 3750 3750 Expense: Food 400 Electricity 100 Phone 140 Clothing 200 Entertainment 600 Car expenses 150 Insurance/Registration 150 Miscellaneous 200 Mortgage 1200 3140 Income – Expense: 610 Saving a Year: 7320 2.2 Car deal It has been stated that Mr. Fanning would like to trade in the Toyota corolla, ascent, lift back, four speed, 2000 model for a better much more luxurious Mazda 6, semi-automatic, five speed, 2008 model. Using the information shown on the appendix A, there is a good chance that you may receive an average price of $7200, if the Toyota corolla is traded in. Because the car is said to be in very good condition the price obtained from appendix A is the highest price for trade in. This price does not include fees which are to be paid when buying or selling a vehicle. Examples of the fees are transfer and registration fees. The car that...
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"If you and I are in the woods being chased by a bear, I know I don't have to outrun the bear. I just have to outrun you." Competition, the life blood of innovation, this is my life's compass. Nothing makes a day brighter than being better than the next man. Shallow as my view may be to some, winning determines much of how I conduct myself. Confronted with a career stifled by being too good to young, I left to start my own company. While I was implementing a software product for a client that left much to be desired, I founded a software development project with a partner to make a better one. It is with this mindset that I determine and pursue all of my goals. The most important goals in my life thus far have been growth in my industry and technical skills. As an IT company owner facing negative growth in customer spending for almost two years straight, this sector provides a lot of challenges. Having to be perceived as the best available for the least amount of money is a given these days. I pride myself on developing relationships that allow me to meet customer technology needs of today, while simultaneously creating a roadmap for their future needs. Giving them direction work to keep myself employed in the future. Returning to school is not a decision I that gave much thought. Working for myself gives me the unique position of being involved in every facet of business. While functioning as a piece of the larger puzzle in the corporate world, one most often feels a disconnection between their work and the overall goals of an organization. My distaste for that situation, along with my general experience being an employee have led me to believe working for another...
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added: 11/05/2011
Personal Goals I Want to Achieve as a University of Phoenix Student Kayra Christianson Gen 300 Betty King 10/6/2003 Personal Goals I Want to Achieve as a University of Phoenix Student You can hear the crowds roaring in the background. My heart is racing and my palms are sweating as they tremble. This is the day that I have looked forward to for the last seven years. Whether you are Black, White, Purple, Green, Short, Tall, Skinny, Large Boned, Female or Male it does not matter in today's world. It seems that the most important thing you can obtain is your education or degree. As I continue to rise in the corporate world I am finding that an education or degree is what sets you apart from everyone else. My personal corporate growth from my very first job to my current job has been very rewarding and challenging. I am respected by both my peers and my supervisors alike, but there is a part that has not yet been completed which is my education. My goal while completing my Degree in Business Management at the University of Phoenix is to obtain both professional and personal growth. I plan on applying the current philosophies and information that I am going to learn to my professional and personal life. An education should be a continuing lifetime goal and achievement. One item that I will strive to learn and relearn again is the different management skills and how to apply them into the corporate world. Some of those skills include time management, management of people, and team building. Time management is a very important skill to know how to effetely use. In life, it is hard to juggle the endless waves of tasks that are thrown upon us on a daily basis. Through my studies I wish to learn more...
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I recently received an email stating something to the effect of "setting personal goals is the first step to becoming a self-disciplined person". This was not news to me. Having heard various motivational speakers over the years, I'm familiar with the suggestion that people need goals to achieve what they want out of life. After thinking about this for some time, I've concluded that I have three main personal goals. By improving my time management, writing, and communication skills, I can boost my performance at work and school. In addition, I expect these skills will improve my relationships with family and friends. The most critical goal will be improving my time management skills. Now that I've added school to an already busy schedule, I'm feeling somewhat overwhelmed. Hence I've taken some steps to free up time in my schedule. I've begun by eliminating unproductive activities such as watching the news. I get very consumed watching the news channels, especially with the war going on. Yet I don't feel any more informed after watching three hours of "breaking news" than I do spending five minutes glancing over a newspaper. Other "time-wasters", however, aren't as obvious as that. For instance, procrastination has been a subtle liability of mine for some time now, and it's been a tough habit to break. Some of the course readings have helped me pinpoint why I procrastinate, Sometimes I put things off because I think I have plenty of time and I'll eventually get around to doing them. At other times I delay working on something because I'm overwhelmed and simply avoid it until I'm up against the deadline. Knowing why I procrastinate is helping me learn ways not to do so. Also, I'm discovering I have a tendency to work on things during times of day when I'm least...
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added: 10/26/2011
Avoiding conflicts in the workplace can be very difficult; you will find those who will go to great extremes to avoid these situations. The higher one advances in the workplace the more you find people spending excessive amount of time trying to avoid debates that are vital to any great team. It is important to differentiate between productive conflict and destructive fighting; and limit it to ideas and thoughts. However, you can have many of the same external characters of conflict, passion, emotion, and frustration-so much so that an outside observer might simply mistake it for an unproductive dispute. Teams that engage in productive conflict do so only to convey the best possible solution in the shortest period of time. They discuss and resolve issues more quickly and completely than others; as well as emerge from intense debates with no permanent damage to the group; but with an excitement and eagerness to take on the next important issue. Teams that avoid conflict at all possibility do so to avoid hurting others feelings; this only encourages dangerous tension. When team members do not openly discuss important issues, they often end up striking back with personal attacks, which are far more damaging than any heated argument. So many people avoid conflict because they believe they are saving time; when actually healthy conflict is more of a time saver. Teams waste more time and energy arguing, than those that avoid conflict. By avoiding conflict you end up revisiting issues over and over again without resolution. For a team to develop the ability and willingness to engage in healthy conflict they must first acknowledge that conflict is productive. As long as one or two team members believe that conflict is unproductive, there is little chance that your team will be able to resolve this matter. Beyond sheer recognition, there are...
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added: 09/19/2011
Our learning team has been together for over seven classes and has been able to adapt each of our strengths to the completion of all learning team assignments. Since we have been together for so long, the roles and responsibilities have been informally assumed rather than formally assigned. For example, Mr. Velez and Ms. Riley have an outstanding working knowledge of PowerPoint and our team has harnessed that strength to prepare all of our presentations. Even though Mr. Velez and Ms. Riley receive the input from each of the team members, they take it upon themselves to create the layout and insert each of our parts into the presentation. Mrs. Wist and Ms. Fehr provide most of the team research for papers and presentations because of their aptitude with Internet and database searches. Mr. Pappas provides the group with direction for most of the presentations because of his oral presentation skills. Our decision-making strategy varies depending on the task that needs to be accomplished. For example, when determining a place to meet for Learning Team we use the consensus method, "which is a group decision that has the expressed support of most members." (Websters Dictionary). The reason is we are able to quickly arrive at a decision with minimal effort and disagreement. However, when we have a difficult or complex decision to make, such as how to proceed with a particular paper topic we usually employ a combination of brainstorming and value-based thinking. The reason we combine these two types is because we spend the first part of the process, brainstorming "which is generating ideas through freewheeling and without criticism" (Organizational Behavior Book), gathering the ideas from all team members. After all ideas have been collected we use value-based thinking to weigh each of the generated ideas and create a framework to...
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added: 02/18/2012
Executive Summary Hot Chicks on the Beach is a business located in Bondi, Sydney that aims to sell high quality, gourmet chicken dishes in a clean, customer friendly environment. The company will hold high moral and ethical values toward the environment and its consumers. The sole trader, Cassie Jones, hopes to provide products that will benefit the businesses consumers, while remaining as an ecologically sustainable enterprise. Business Name The name of the business will be Hot Chicks on the Beach. This name was chosen as it is appropriate and memorable. The pun used is effective as it includes the location and the produce of the business, while being humorous as it is a slang term used frequently in the area. The name also successfully gives an indication to the casual, relaxed environment of the cafe. Location Hot Chicks on the Beach will be located on a major road in Bondi, Sydney. The location of the business is very crucial in achieving the financial goals of the business, as the business would not be as successful if not in a 'beachy', casual area. Bondi was chosen as it is a popular destination for tourists, while maintaining a high population all year round. There are many surrounding hotels, and as Hot Chicks on the Beach is in close proximity to them this makes the café convenient for the abundance of tourists. Although there are a high density of other chicken shops in the area, Hot Chicks on the Beach is a fresh new face serving unique chicken dishes that differ from other chicken stores. The casual atmosphere of Bondi is ideal for a relaxed take-away café with a small dine-in area, and as a popular Sydney beach, there is a guaranteed large number of potential customers. There are also sufficient parking facilities in the area, and a high number of varying...
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added: 09/23/2011
If we can accept the rational definition of knowledge as true, justified, belief (meaning that I know something because it is true, I believe it's true, and my means to establishing its truth are justified) and ignorance as lack-there-of, I think it is entirely possible to go through life completely ignorant. Concrete knowledge of anything is perhaps the most sought-after thing around by some of the most intelligent people in history, and the most feared and avoided thing by a great many other people. I propose not only that ignorance is possible and highly common, but that it also can be bliss. Religion is a prime example of this; millions of people are quite content to believe in things they have no knowledge of because it brings them comfort and safety. If we take away the negative connotations associated with the word "ignorance" and see it as lack of knowledge (true, justified belief), ignorance exists and can be quite blissful. Good morning ms Crawford and class. The company I am going to talk about today is called Capitol Square Hotel, situated on the corner of George & Campbell Sts, City. Capitol Square Hotel is a private company that provides accommodation services to tourists visiting Sydney. It is a standard 3 ½ star national heritage listed boutique hotel with 94 guest rooms, including a Jade Terrace restaurant which offers breakfast and dinner. The hotel is in the quinary industry and it does not have any other branches outside of Sydney. The prime function of Capitol Square is to provide accommodation services and meals for tourists visiting Sydney and it's mission statement is to offer and provide the best accommo dation services to guests and while ensuring that they have the best experience while staying at Capitol Square. The business goals of the hotel include finan cial, social and personal goals. Financial goals, the hotel aims to achieve a net profit...
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Today's firefighters are tomorrow's fire chiefs. It is important to have a solid career development program in place to ensure that the fire department will continue to progress and be able to embrace change as technology advances and the needs of the community change. A Career development programs purpose "is to assist employees to align their own personal goals with those goals and objectives of the organization." (Stone 1) A career development program needs to address education, training, experience, promotional process and opportunity, and employee satisfaction. Technology and ways of doing things are always changing and improving. The only way a fire department can keep up is to provide continuous education and training for all of the members. "Continuous quality training is often what differentiates professional fire departments from the less capable ones." (Managing 152) "Education is the process of delivering essentially academic knowledge. Adult education is generally delivered in traditional and nontraditional settings by institutions of higher learning and is part of a program of study that leads to a degree or certification granted by an accredited degree-granting institution." (Managing 267) Many fire departments take a proactive approach to education by offering incentives to continue education such as tuition reimbursement. Other way administrations can motivate employees to continue education is to require degrees or certificates in order to take promotional exams. Continuing education provides members the tools to become effective leaders at all levels of the department. Training can be defined as the "process of delivering essentially vocational skills and knowledge." (Managing 267) Training is conducted in a variety of different ways and usually results in achieving a specific goal. Training is not only important to member development, but also prepares members to handle hazardous situations in a safe and effective manor. Training is often more hands on than traditional adult education....
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