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Batman Imagine you're 5, and you come home from school. You throw your stuff down, grab the TV remote, sit down, and turn the TV on. You watch the screen go from black to color as you wait anxiously for your cartoon. Then you see a bat. Not any bat, but Batman, cruising around in his bat mobile, and you think "Wow, how cool!" And finally, when your parents take you to Toys' R' Us, you look around for Batman, past the Barbie's, past Spider-Man, past x-m…there it is, the Bat Mobile, the BAT MOBILE with the action figure and the bad guy. You buy it and come home, now you're the new king of the court, new toy, and the slickest one too. That's how I felt when I got my Bat mobile, the best toy ever. Now why is it the best? Because it's the awesome, most coolest car ever, faster than any Hot Wheel. And I was the only one in my court to have all three new Batman vehicles. Now you can say hot wheels is better because of the selection or say it's faster. But hot wheels aren't super heroes, and to me, Batman was my idol. Also, Batman's car wasn't just a normal car; it had secret weapons, a computer built on, and all kinds of good stuff. And I didn't really get into Hot Wheels when I was a little kid, Batman was always better. Why do I like Batman? Because it's the best cartoon ever, a superhero with a sidekick with action and things exploding, it's awesome! I liked it so much, Batman was everywhere in my room, toys, movies, bed sheets, posters, and comics. I loved Batman! You could easily say X-Men were better because they're all super heroes and have special powers. But...
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added: 09/17/2011
I believe dance is a sport it is also an art. An expression. A passion. An Entertainment. It should be in olympics. I do not understand why I must write an essay for this website. It is ridiculous. I desperatley need this though because I am doing a report for school, but I am terrible at essays, and I just need a source for a persuasive essay I am typing up. I need five sources. I have three so far. I keep looking on web sites but none give me the information i need. This one would be perfect. So if I could just fit in enough words for and essay, maybe I can get through to it. Please help me out here. My teacher is horrible, and this is due tomorrow. How embarassing. I wonder if anyone actually reads these? I wish I knew how to write a real essay; I cannot. I will go nowhere once I start writing college essays. How terrible is that? No way I am getting an english degree. I want to be a dance major, yet I am not that great a dancer. If that fails, I will just go to FIT in New York and study my second passion, Fashion. I just finished watching Center Stage, the movie. It is so beautiful. My life dream was to become a prima ballerina. Same with my mother. But I have never actually studied ballet. I have only danced for three years on my school dance team. I am pretty darn good for not having studied dance though, not to brag. I cannot think of more to type about so hopefully this will do me good. Thank You for your time. God Bless....
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Wouldn't you like to drive a reliable vehicle? Something that will last and continue to please the buyer for life? Toyotas have a very good reputation for being a great long lasting vehicle. People are always looking for reliability, especially when car parts and repair costs are so high. Drive a Toyota. There are so many various reasons as to why the buyer should choose a Toyota. The mechanical components in every Toyota are ran through Toyota's famous testing facility. This ensures that its owner gets the quality product that the Toyota is know for delivering. Toyota is so sure that each vehicle will live up to its expectations that all major components are marked with a 100,000 mile money back guarentee. Toyota is dominating the market with their quality vehicles, if you need a part, pick it up from a Toyota dealer near you. There are also so many different vehicles for the owner to choose from. People love the many various cars that Toyota sells. If a person wants luxury, check out the new Solara, or perhaps the Avalon. Say its time to do some four wheeling, well, Toyota has plenty of new and used Tacoma, Saquoia, and Rav 4 four wheel drives redily available. Anything that the user wants, Toyota can outfit them with. They also carry many assesories for the vehicles they distribute. When someone desires a new look, or a new enhancement for their vehicle, Toyota is there. The TRD, or Toyota racing development, has plenty of parts and assesories to allow for customization of a new or used vehicle. TRD also has a new catalog out every month, with a free subscription with any new Toyota vehicle. If more boost is needed, they have blowers and turbos. Maybe a new exahust system, or new headers, Toyota has...
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Our writers are experts... Whether you need an simple demonstrative essay, or a complex argumentative essay, you can rest assured our writers are capable. Every single writer holds at least a Master's degree in their area; many have PhD's. In addition, many of our writers write professionally, as journalists, novelists, playwrights, etc. Our prices are lower... Excellent quality writing at an excellent value is very important to us. In fact, we are committed to providing you with a better service, offering you a better product, and doing so at a better price. We do this by cutting back on the little things, and putting our efforts and our resources into our writers. We're fast and reliable... Whether you need an essay tomorrow morning, or today, our writers are standing by. In fact, we guarantee to get your custom essay to you by the time you specify or it's free. No hassle, no worry. We also guarantee that you'll get what you asked for, or the work is on us. Period. Custom writing is our specialty... Actually, custom writing is all we do. We don't keep databases, and we don't redistribute the work that we do for you. You can always be certain that your research paper is unique and up to date. See for yourself... But don't take our word for it. Check out our site, check out our competition. You see, we believe you'll be back. What is an essay? An essay is a communicative tool. From the french word "essai" meaning to try or attempt, and essay is therefore an attempt to communicate. Whether it be knowledge, opinion, or facts, an essay is a communicative tool. Demonstrative essay Sometimes called the descriptive essay, the demonstrative essay seeks to "demonstrate" or describe an event, happening, feeling, object, etc. Argumentative or Persuasive essay An argumentative essay is an attempt to win the reader over to...
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Persuasive, No? In the essay ¡°The Debate Has Been Miscast From The Start¡±, Henry Louis Gates Jr., explains that the idea and what is thought to be by people over the debate of multiculturalism has been wrong form the start. He attempts to explain his thoughts and views as to what multiculturalism is and where, exactly, the problem is on why there is a distorted view of multiculturalism. Gates first points out what we have been told about multiculturalism and gives examples of the, in accordance to him, the wrong meaning of it. He backs his statement by saying that schoolteachers and scholars have even realized the problem and have responded. Gates also makes a very good point to back why there is a problem by stating, ¡°After all, if multiculturalism is just a pretty name for ethnic chauvinism, who needs it?¡± (Gates 385). Then he leads into his definition of and reasoning for multiculturalism. As an opening to an essay, Gates has already persuaded me to read on and asked valid questions that provoked me to learn more about. By starting with the problem, giving solid facts and giving solutions on what can be done to correct it show that his thoughts are well organized. These points and thoughts make this essay not only persuasive but eye opening too. Gates is trying to get across the point as to why multiculturalism is important and what we think it means. He asks very good questions in his essay that makes you think and persuades you to believe in what he is saying. One question that stood out most to me was the one which is referred to as ¡°the time-tested question in universities¡± (Gates 385). The question that Gates is referring to is ¡°What does it mean to be an American?¡±(Gates 385)....
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Pg.70 "Some two or three days later I [Rukmani] noticed a change in Kuti: his eyes lost their dullness and the whimpering that had been so harrowing to listen to lessened and stopped… She [Ira] looked at me somberly: "feed him; he is hungry. Take the rupee you will find in my sari." I [Rukmani] knew then that she was responsible for the improvement in Kuti, not I, not my prayers… Nathan was groping for words, stumbling a little over them, "I will not have it said—I will not have you parading at night—." "Tonight and tomorrow and every night, so long as there is need. I [Ira] will not hunger anymore." "Like a harlot," he [Nathan] said, "A common strumpet." The epigraph comes from a part of the novel, Nectar in a Sieve, where Rukmani realizes that she was not the one who had helped Kuti to get better. It was actually Ira, who had become a prostitute, that worked to receive the money she needed so that food could be bought to feed Kuti. Ira knew that her brother would die if food was not provided, and took it upon herself to get the money needed to buy food. After reading this novel and seeing the sacrifices that were made for the well-being of a family, I believe that there is a very pressing moral issue that is repeatedly revisited throughout the novel. Therefore, the moral message seems to be that although you can denounce the act, can you denounce the person? When reading the novel, Nectar in a Sieve, there is a feeling of pity for Ira because of the deed she must do to keep her brother alive. It seems that Ira, though she knows what she's doing is wrong, is willing to do it because it will help to ensure the safety...
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Julius Caesar Persuasive Essay Assassination, what a frightening and dreadful word that no one wants to hear. Yet, throughout the course of history, assassination is a regular occurrence. According to, assassination is defined as: "To murder (a prominent person) by surprise attack, as for political reasons." In William Shakespeare's 1599 play, Julius Caesar, Caesar is assassinated by a disgruntled group of conspirators. The question that comes to mind is, Could assassination happen to our president in today's world? The answer is yes. An assassination to the president could occur today for a number of reasons, current world problems, former assassinations, and political views, just to name a few. At a time when the economy is poor, a war with Iraq is on the rise, the tragedy of the Columbia, and the long lasting effects of September 1lth, America and the president are very vulnerable. This is the ideal time for an assassination to take place. Look at the facts, the government is incredibly occupied at the moment. The security of the president can simply take a backseat to other issues. In addition, an assassination can occur at the most unexpected time. For example, in Julius Caesar, Caesar just defeated Pompey, yet there was men planning his death. After hearing of the cheering of the crowd after the victory, Murellus is disgusted, and calls the citizens, "you blocks, you stones." He then tells them that Caesar has not defeated an enemy, but rather that Ceasar has killed the sons of Pompey the Great. Pompey previously ruled Rome along with Caesar until their alliance fell apart, at which point they went to battle over the right to rule. There have been too many assassinations in the last century to say that an assassination to the president couldn't happen in today's world. Famous assassinations have been...
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added: 09/14/2011
Persuasive Essay Can a Cultural Revolution take place in the US, one of the most powerful countries in the would? The Revolution had a great effect on China, origin of the eastern civilization. During the Cultural Revolution in China, the economy stopped growing, the development of China nearly stopped and the Chinese teenagers did not get enough education. We don't know what would happen in the future, but a revolution is not easy to take place in the United States because in the US, there is democracy and because the people in the US are more educated and wealthy. Compare the people in China before 1966, people in the US are more free and active, and tend to do things by themselves. The United States is a democracy with a republican form of government. Democracy, however, is absent in China. Through huge propaganda campaigns, the Communists in China made Mao Zedong a popular hero. The Communists controlled the government. (Ahmad 352) But in the US, the people elect their president. This shows that the people do not think the President is a God and always follow what he says. In China, Chairman Mao controlled what people read, what people heard and what things people learned in school. (Jiang 265) On the contrary, the presidents of the United States don't have such an influence. This means that the government is not fully controlled by the President. Because of democracy, anybody can oppose what the President says and what he does. So democracy makes a Cultural Revolution not likely to happen in the US. A second reason why the US will not have a cultural revolution is that people in the US have more education and are not as poor as the Chinese before 1966. China was weakened by centuries of corrupt government and foreign...
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added: 11/24/2011
One of the major issues being discussed is weather or not troops should remain in Iraq. The US has already started to rebuild Iraq, we can not just decide to quit. If we just gave up, that would be throwing away all the time and effort we had recently put into developing the country. The troops should remain in Iraq until the job is finished. We were the ones to make the mess, now we have to proceed in cleaning it up. Successfully turning Iraq into a democracy would assist us in gaining back respect from other countries as well as Iraqis. Our goal is to turn Iraq into a democracy. To do so we must finish what we have started. This was not said to be an easy task, but it is one we are committed to, and must remain committed to, until it is done (globalsecuritycom). If we were to leave Iraq, another dictator similar to Sudan Hussein may come to power, which would put the Iraqi people right back were they started before the US became involved ( By rebuilding Iraq, we could become potential allies, trading partners, or it could serve as a strategic location in the Middle East ( Although there have not been any weapons of mass destruction found yet, that is one more reason we should stay. If Iraq were to acquire WMDs it could threaten regional stability and deter any potential military action against them ( Concerns of the high cost of remaining in Iraq have been brought up as well. It will cost even more money if we leave now and have to come back and finish it in the future. Loss of lives may be another reason to send troops home, but even more will be at stake if we are to...
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added: 10/01/2011
Cloning is a subject that is attracting more and more attention. As scientists develop more sophisticated methods, the debate rages on: should human cloning be allowed? With this question, the battle lines are not as firm as either side would like. There are more than two sides to this issue. Some groups are in favor of some types of cloning and against others, some groups are pro cloning, but only for certain uses, and yet other groups are for/against it entirely. Why the controversy? I think it's mainly because of fear. Cloning could be used for good or evil, but so could almost anything else. I believe that with the proper laws regulating it, the benefits massively outweigh the risks. One of the main arguments against human cloning is of human uniqueness. One thing we as a race treasure is our uniqueness, the fact that there is no one quite like us. Many people think cloning would change that; there could be other people that are exactly like us. This is, of course, not the case. Take identical twins for example. They may look alike, but their personalities are much different. They can be as different as anyone else, even though they have the same DNA. Who we are is not determined exclusively by our DNA, this is not what makes us unique. Our experiences are what also make us different from each other. There is absolutely no way to create two people that would be identical in every way, because they would always have different experiences. These experiences can produce such fundamental changes in humans that two clones, identical as far as DNA goes, could have totally different values, simply based on how they were raised or where they went to school. Another main concern with human cloning is how the...
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added: 01/17/2012
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