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Chris Watkins March 12, 2003 English 1302 Tuesday/Thursday 9:30-11:00 Bilingual Education There is a great deal of controversy in regard to bilingual education. Some individuals are for bilingual education and some are against bilingual education. Richard Rodriguez is against bilingual education. Many individuals like to argue that bilingual education is best for a non-English speaking student. Bilingual education could possibly be the worst thing for a non-English speaking person. Bilingual education may create a slow learning environment for the student. A student who is attending a bilingual education class may not experience the type of learning needed to perform in college in the future. Students that are being pampered through middle and high school may create a lower self-esteem due to the awkwardness of being disassociated with the majority of the school population. These feelings may cause the student to perform poorly in the bilingual education classes being taken to avoid becoming apart of the majority of the school. Richard Rodriguez is an excellent example of how not attending bilingual education courses can actually help a student learning English. Rodriguez states that he would was finally able to raise his hand in class and speak out, after learning English on a more elaborate basis. Rodriguez's teachers influenced his parents to begin speaking English at home to help speed up the learning process for him. Rodriguez also would stay after school everyday for an hour for English tutoring. These activities are what a student that does not speak English fluently needs to increase the learning process of the language. Ramon Saldivar feels that becoming apart of the English speaking society may make a Hispanic lose some of their individuality. Saldivar states that although it is important to speak English, it may also make an individual loose their sense of private individuality. Saldivar acknowledges Rodriguez's feelings regarding his lose of...
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added: 01/16/2012
There is currently a movement taking place to split the United States into a bilingual society. Many Hispanic political leaders are pressing for bilingual education which could possibly mean that English and Spanish will become the official U.S. languages (Hayakawa 72). The bilingual education program seeks to permit non-English speaking children to use their native language instead of English in school systems (Rodriguez 98). This program will put foreign languages in competition with our native language. Good communication cannot exist if our nation has to communicate through interpreters. If bilingual education is accepted, its participants will suffer the horrifying social disadvantage of being isolated and the economic disadvantage of not being able to find a stable job. The nation will suffer economically as well as from poor communication. If this bilingual education system is enforced, there will be no encouragement of Spanish speaking immigrants to learn the dominant language of our nation. The nation would become divided into separate groups: Spanish speakers and English speakers. How could such a divided nation be governed? Communication is essential for unity and peace. Former California Senator Hayakawa comically clarifies this idea stating that America unified, a result of "the melting pot," but bilingual education encourages that "the national ideas should be a salad bowl," rather than a melting pot, "in which different elements do not melt but mingle" (Hayakawa 71). Countries that do not require monolingual education tend to have severe problems with communication. For example, in India, three languages are required for internal communication: the language of birth, the regional language, and the official national language (Roberts 106). Poor communication has often interfered with the governing of India. The former Soviet Union is another good example of poor governing as a result of lack of communication. The inability of the Serbs, Poles, and other...
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added: 11/04/2011
Should, English be the only language? That is a question that is argued over frequently, especially in the United States. Hayakawa supports that English being declared our official language can do no harm, stating this, "While it is certainly true that our love of freedom and our devotion to democratic principles help to unite and give us a mutual purpose, it is English, our common language, that enables us to discuss our views and allows us to maintain a well informed electorate…" (Hayakawa 389). If any person is knowledgeable enough to talk on bilingualism it would be Hayakawa, his track record and life events speak for themselves. Hayakawa is a well educated teacher of linguistics, an author on language theory books and a leader in the effort to make English the Perez 2 official language of the United States. Mr. Hayakawa knows a little about the subject having spent most of his time dealing with it, he is an established bonafide individual. Hayakawa believes strongly that English should be made as the official language in the United States and if that came to be our nation will be more unified. Robert D. King opposes Hayakawa's views and believes that the English controversy is not a problem stating this, "We like to believe that to pass a law is to change behavior; but passing laws about language, in a free society, almost never changes attitudes or behavior"(King 386). King does not see immigrants as a threat, there will always be immigrants and sooner or later they will learn and become accustomed to the language. The first generation immigrant might struggle with English, but more than likely their American born children will learn English just fine. Mr. King is another gentleman with enough knowledge to speak on the maters of bilingualism. Mr. King a scholar...
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added: 01/17/2012
Was the lack of effective bilingual education a reason for Luis to become a gang member on the streets? Bilingual education is the means for children to express their knowledge. At least today, some kids are retained in the same grade level for not knowing how to read or write in English. If students were to be taught in a bilingual manner, things would be different. For example, kids do not know how to pronounce or read syllables. Spanish is helpful when it is taught the appropriate way. Teaching Spanish will help kids learn syllables and pronounce them. Since this country is basically made up of immigrants, the primary language of many children is Spanish, English being the secondary language. It is harder for small, elementary children to learn anything in a language that they have not ever heard before, meaning that one day they speak and hear Spanish and the other they hear English. This is how children are expected to learn, from one day to another. Bilingual education helps children develop skills and be familiar with what is being taught to them, rather than have them give up at the moment when they experience something difficult. Bilingual education is Spanish and English teachings at school. There are different cultures that immigrate here to the United States, but the most two spoken languages are Spanish and English. Under The Elementary School Journal many different approaches to implement bilingual education are stated. The most frequent method that is used is the transitional method. "Valadez and Wong-Fillmore offered a concise rationale for the transitional bilingual education model as the best way to ensure high levels of literacy for language-minority students." This article states how this method works throughout the child's elementary education. Transitional language is a program where students are taught in...
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added: 09/16/2012