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PRINCIPAL AREAS OF WORK Wragge & Co is organised into six groups each comprising several teams many of which are leading UK practices. Technology:The technology group is a national heavyweight with 18 partners and 60 lawyers bringing together the firm's top technology players in corporate, IP, dispute resolution, IT outsourcing, e-commerce and telecoms. In the last three years Wragge & Co's technology related work has increased by over 250% and clients include AT&T, British Airways, BT, Cap Gemini Ernst & Young and Ordnance Survey. Dispute Resolution:The dispute resolution group includes Wragge & Co's leading construction practice and a 32 partner commercial litigation team equal to City firms in size, depth of dedicated commercial litigation resource and quality of work. Property Development:The property development group and the retail and property services group represent the UK's third largest property group providing a full range of services - including planning, litigation, environmental, tax and management - to landlords and tenants, property developers, contractors, funding institutions, investors and public authorities. This includes a team dedicated to residential development. Corporate:The corporate group, the largest of its kind outside London and number one in the Midlands, competes on a national platform. Acknowledged to be 'a competitor to all but the largest City firms', the group works in client-facing teams for PLC, private equity and major corporates. Human Resources:The human resources group covers employment, employee benefits, pensions, personal tax, trusts and charities. This group enjoys a reputation for workable solutions to business problems. Finance & Projects:The finance and projects group offers a range of top specialists in the core areas of energy and utilities - working on an international scale - banking, EU and competition, financial services, insolvency, outsourcing, PFI, regulation and transport. Other:Wragge & Co also operates a number of industry focused teams in aerospace and aviation, automotive, bio-pharmaceutical, food, media and entertainment and...
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Table of Contents 1. Executive Summary 1 2. Situation Analysis 1 2.1 Market Summary 1 2.1.1¡@Market Demographics 1 2.1.2¡@Market Supply 3 2.1.3¡@Market Demand 4 2.2 Product Analysis 5 2.2.1¡@Situation and Locality 5 2.2.2¡@Description 7 2.2.3¡@The Site 7 2.2.4¡@The Development Scheme 7 2.2.5¡@Accommodation 7 2.3 Product Offering 9 2.4 Competitive Analysis 9 2.5 Environmental Analysis 10 2.5.1¡@Economic Analysis 10 2.5.2¡@Legal Analysis 10 2.5.3¡@Political Analysis 11 2.5.4¡@Social Analysis 12 2.5.5¡@Technology Analysis 12 2.6 SWOT Analysis 13 2.6.1¡@Strengths 13 2.6.2¡@Weaknesses 14 2.6.3¡@Opportunities 14 2.6.4¡@Threats 14 3. Marketing Strategy 15 3.1 Marketing Objectives 15 3.2 Financial Objectives 15 3.3 Target Markets 15 3.3.1¡@Demographic 15 3.3.2¡@Behavior 15 3.3.3¡@Psychographics 16 3.4 Positioning 16 3.5 Strategies 16 3.6 Marketing Mix 18 3.6.1 Product 18 3.6.2 Pricing 19 3.6.3 Placing 19 3.6.4 Promotion 19 4. Financials 20 4.1 Break-even Analysis 20 4.2 Revenue Forecast 20 4.3 Cost Forecast 23 4.4 Project Overview 24 5. Controls 24 5.1 Implementation 24 5.2 Marketing Organization 26 6. Appendix 27 6.1 External View of the Building 27 6.2 Elevation Plan of the Building 28 6.3 Weekly Sales and Receivable Summary 29 7. References 35 1. Executive Summary Due to the completion of two highly successful property projects in Beijing, namely Investment Plaza in Finance Street and Palace Apartment in Chaoyang District, Chun Sing Group Company Limited commences its development of International E-Trade Tower ¡]¥_¨Ê¸U¨¹¬ì¶T¤j·H¡^in Yabao Road of Chaoyang District. The market research indicates a specific and growing need in the area of commercial and office units in the area. In view of the unique market situation in this region, the office units of have been well received by the market, even though the building is scheduled to be completed by end of 2002. As at the end of 15th November 2001, about 60% of the office units have been pre-sold to the local traders and state-owned import/export companies with official pre-sale contract signed and prepayment paid. The marketing objective is to increase awareness and image, actively support steady sales and profitability through effective implementation of the strategy. 2. Situation Analysis 2.1 Market Summary We possess good information about our market and know a great deal about the common attributes of out...
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Overview You work for a property development company, which plans to invest in the service apartment industry. You have conducted a survey to determine the patterns of demand for service apartments and the needs of users of such accommodation. You are required to submit a report. Use items A, B, C, D & E to assist you to write the report. Read the information carefully and select only relevant information to write certain sections of your report. All three questions are interrelated. Questions 1. Write the Introduction section consisting of the Background, Objectives and Scope. Word limit: 300 words 2. Write the Results section of your report based on the information given. Word limit: 300 words 3. Write the Abstract of your report. Word limit: 150 words Item A: Excerpts of a dialogue between yourself and your supervisor …… …… Supervisor: As I mentioned over the phone yesterday, our company is looking into investing in the service apartment industry. Our division has been asked to submit a report. You: What would the report be about? Supervisor: The Board of Directors wants to have a clearer picture of the patterns of demand so that we can plan and allocate our resources. We also need to look into the type of facilities that tenants, both businessmen and holiday makers, prefer. This, of course, will determine what we provide at our apartments. You: (Taking down notes.) Anything else? Supervisor: That's about it. You: How much time do I have to complete this report? Supervisor: The next Board of Directors' meeting will be in late August so the report has to be submitted latest by mid-August. Let's say 15 August. You: That doesn't leave me with much time … today is already 10 June. Supervisor: I think two months should be sufficient. You: I'm not sure where to begin. How do I get data for the report? Supervisor: To start with, you can design a questionnaire and distribute...
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Sediment is material that transported to and from coasts by winds and water. Sediment flows in and out of coastal systems. The amount that enters a system is referred to as the sediment input and the amount that leaves is known as the sediment output. By deducting the sediment output from the sediment input we are able to determine the sediment budget. Coastal sediment budgets are largely determined by the rates of erosion and deposition on the coast by various processes such as waves, tides, currents and winds. High energy waves pound coastlines and place headlands and cliff faces under intense hydraulic pressure having the effect of weakening rock and sediment particles causing them to become dislodged and mobilised. The waves breakout from the shore and because of their high energy the waves' backwash remains strong enough to remove sediment particles as it retreats back into the sea. As high energy waves serve to carry away sediment particles the result is an increase in the sediment output of a coastal system. It is for this reason that high energy waves play an extremely important role in the coastal sediment budget. Compared to the rest of New South Wales the Northern beaches of Sydney experience the greatest number of storms, which also tend to occur in groups. The debate about storm damage is an extremely important one as millions of dollars of local property in prime foreshore locations are susceptible to the effects. By building on active beach zones residents have subjected their properties to then constant change of coastlines and wave action can undermine these buildings and in some case destroy them. Development has also had a major impact on the dune systems surrounding the area's beaches. The dunes have been levelled to make way for property development. The result has been that...
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"All nations should help support the development of a global university designed to engage students in the process of solving the world's most persistent social problems. "In a modern society, there are many complex questions, this passage's suggestion is a good advice, but it is not practical. First, depending the student to solve the world's most persistence social problems is impractical. The student's purpose in a university is to learn some basic knowledge and have some preparation for their future work, and the university's duty is to teach them such knowledge and the basic living ability. we can not say the student do not want to have such research, but they are just lack of such ability. Nevertheless maybe there are some very excellent students or the graduate students can do such research, but it is incommensurate with the spend for building a large global university. Second, the idea that just one large global university can solve all persistent social problem is ridiculous. It is not a easy work to build a university, they need a large square of field, build many teaching buildings and the student's dormitories. And they also need recruit many famous teachers and attract students to study in their school. All these will cost a lot of money, any beneficial research will happen in several years later. It is better to spend this money to establish many social problem research centers in many existed different universities, We can invite many famous scholars from different countries as long as give the best research condition. The result will be better than establish another university, we can save a lot of money too. Third, the government's role is important in solving any persistence social problem. In many countries, we need the government's corporation to treat the social problem. such...
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Inthe present age the various societies of world despite the manifold advancement in science and technology are being persistently plagued by the serious social problems. The idea of setting up a global university can be a very helpful in solving the serious social problems like Illiteracy ,Poverty and aparthied,sexual abuse,drug addiction.Cooperation amongst various countries is defenitely required to solve these problems.Recent mutual agreement amongst the countries of the world against the terrorism has defenitely improved the condition and reduced the incidence of terrorist attacks.Such mutual cooperation can also be brought about in solving the issues like child labour. But the major drawback in such a setup can be the it can be a good stage for solving the problem common to the countries but certain problems are there which other societies are not even aware of like dowry system in southwestern asia to which most of the western countries are ignorant .Then why would they like to bear the expenditure for solving these problems which are exclusive to particular nations.So estabilishing such a university calls for rasing above the personal greeds of nations and looking at the problems as challenges against humanity. The nature of problems for each nation depends on the cultural history of the society and thus needs to be dealt in the similar context.This university can be an ideal place for cross cultural communication and thus creating awareness and respect for other cultures and hence looking at the positive aspects of other cultures and utilizing their methodology for tackling the problems.With the fast modernisation of the societies and the western culture rapidly replacing the traditional cultural values of developing countries like India.The socialists can be aware of the reprecurssions of the exceesive modernisation in advance and can get ready to deal with the future situation and avaoiding to be taken...
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All nations should help support the development of a global university designed to engage students in the process of solving the world's most persistent social problems The term 'global' signifies something substantial for the entire world. The need of a global body is uttermost important to solve social problems. The social problems need not be global for their general world significance, but for the threat they pose. The point of view of the speaker can be agreed with since the persistent social problems have to be solved. We have many social problems such as poverty, population growth, racial discrimination, child labour, prostitution, AIDS, illiteracy etc. These problems have to be controlled. One way of solving these problems as the speaker says is by the development of a global university which can mould the student's mind to help for a general cause. For the global university to prosper, not only the developed nations but also the underdeveloped and developing nations should participate. Proper selection of the students is the most important criteria, since these students symbolize their respective nations. There should be no prejudices among the mind of students. Students should come to this global university with an open heart and desire to learn. Unless the desire is not present, this cannot help the cause. The students from developing nations shouldn't dominate or bully their counterparts from developing nations. There shouldn't be a sense of superiority among the students. There should a proper dialogue among the students so that they come to know the various existing problems. These dialogues may help the students unite towards solving persistent social problems. Population control is one of the most important social problems. Population growth undoubtedly has a definite on social relations and society's historical development. Unfortunately, this issue has been examined insufficiently. When scrutinizing population growth today or...
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Drawing on contemporary geographical examples, critically analyze the extent to which people should care for distant others. David Smith asks the question in his article written in the progress of human geography 'How far should we care?' When this question is first put to anyone they are immediately taken aback. They begin to think who they care for, and how much; where does the caring stop. The first question to ask is what is the meaning of care? '…caring for others as well as caring about them: the focus here is on beneficence as doing good or showing active kindness, rather than on benevolence as merely the desire to do good or charitable feeling' The meaning of 'caring' is defined differently by each individual; it is how we as a person look at things. It is quite clear to me that we would care for our close and loved ones first over others, Marilyn Friedman supports this in her article 'The Practice of partiality' by saying 'Hardly any moral philosopher these days would deny that we are each entitled to favour our loved ones.' This can be down to instinct, whereby like animals we will always look after members of our pack or group above others. Historically caring for others outside your particular gang or tribe would be extremely negative, 'those posing a threat were repulsed.' This action took place very early on in the development of the planet whereby tribes would be competing over land and there was a distinctive lack of communication existing. Communities would work together with everyone helping each other and everyone knowing what the other was doing. This is an excellent example of the early signs of the communitarians, where the focus of the community was not on the individual but as a unit, 'personal identity reinforced...
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Les Demoiselles d'Avingnon 1907 Pablo Picasso's Les Demoiselles d'Avingnon features five angular female figures posed against a jagged blue curtain. This disconcerting sculptural depiction shocks the viewer through its harsh contours and disjointed subject matter of crowded nudes. The juxtaposition of western and 'primitive' art creates apprehension through the tight rectangular composition of Renaissance-influenced curvaceous women in the centre and primitive distorted masked figures in the outer of the artwork. These crudely painted bodies appear to have been pressed flat onto the picture plane with little representation of space. Picasso has destroyed the concept of depth or shape through the lack of changes in colour, intensity or sharpness seen throughout the artwork. Instead, he has merely used dark outlines to model the figures and fragmented the forms into geometric facets, which allows for a distinction between the objects in the painting. The two central figures of the painting are stretched out with their enlarged eyes turned towards the audience. Picasso has dramatised their facial features and simplified their body shape to create sculpture like figures seemingly carved into the background. The stark expression of these two figures is believed to have been influenced by Iberian sculpture. The position of the woman on the left hand side appears awkward and insecure, forcing the audience to expect her to collapse. This lack of naturalism in terms of proportion and perspective is a direct challenge put forward by Picasso, questioning the audience-artwork assumptions and expectations. These two women are in a frontal position however their noses are in profile, diminishing any sense of linear perspective. The far nude on the left is on profile and hold close resemblance to Archaic Greek female sculpture with her expressionless stare and unnaturally rigid stance. It is clear to the audience that there is a definite disjunction between the left...
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"The past is what makes the present coherent," said Afro-American writer James Baldwin, and the past "will remain horrible for exactly as long as we refuse to assess it honestly." The African slave trade played an important role in the stabilization of Europe's economy, its transition to capitalism, the development of the nation state, and the establishment of their imperial empires. The opening of the Atlantic led to the development of Europe's commercial empire and industrial revolution. The demand for African slave labor arose from the development of plantation agriculture, the long-term rise in prices and consumption of sugar, and the demand for miners. Not only did Africans represent skilled laborers, but they were also experts in tropical agriculture. Consequently, they were well-suited for the plantation agriculture that was being used in the new world. Africans then became the final solution to the acute labor problem in the New World. HISTORY From the begining, relations between Europe and Africa were economic in nature. Portuguese merchants traded with Africans from trading posts they set up along the coast. They exchanged items like brass and copper bracelets for such products as pepper, cloth, beads and slaves. At the time this was all part of an existing internal African trade market. Domestic slavery was common in Africa and there was trading of humans well before European slave buyers arrived. It started with the capture of black slaves that were bought by Arabs and exported across the Saharan desert to the Mediterranean and Near East. In 1492, Christopher Columbus discovered the 'New World' or America's. This find proved disastrous not only for the Native Americans but also for Africans. It marked the beginning of a triangular trade between Africa, Europe and the New World. European slave ships, mainly British and French, began taking people from Africa to the...
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