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The treatment of minority athletes, particularly African Americans has been an issue in sports for decades. When a colored person played a so called white sport 50 tears ago they had to overcome many challenges from the public. Many people believe that discrimination is not a problem anymore, but many disagree and say it is. In 1947 Jackie Robinson walked out on a baseball field to play with the Brooklyn dodgers as the first ever African American to play in a major league baseball game. He was considered the person that broke the collar barrier in professional sports (50 years later the same team had the fewest minority players in the MLB. (Sports and Jackie wasn't the only black person that had to overcome these racist problems in the 1900s but he was the first to actually do it. Athletes from Hank Arone to resent day Ricky Waters have to deal with the same stuff, just not as harsh. Racist conflicts still exist. 1997 was the 50th anniversary of Jackie Robinson breaking the collar barrier in major league baseball back in 1947. So what is being to done to try and stop discrimination in sports? Well president Bill Clinton inaugurated a national discussion of race in America in 1996, and as time goes on there will be more and more laws and other actions to try to stop the racial war from getting worse in are future. Many people say that the only way to get ride of racism is for the people of America to stop being racist. Surveys show that more then 65% of Americans have said something racist about a black athlete in there life. The percentages of minority's in professional sports vary from sport to sport. In Major league Baseball the percentage of blacks is...
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Beyond the less than veiled critique of the American medical insurance industry, this film wrestles with the question: How far will a desperate person go for love? Starring as "John Q" Denzel Washington offers the viewer one answer to this question. Directed by Nick Cassavetta, John Q relates a beautiful story of a desperate father, unable to pay for expensive medical treatment for his gravely ill son, who feels driven to take extreme actions. The movie starts with us meeting John as he gets one of his two cars towed. Although John is employed he does not earn enough money to sufficiently support the expenses incurred by his house and two-car lifestyle. The next instalment of the plot's development depicts the collapse of John's son Mike during a strenuous baseball game. This collapse comes without warning as John and his wife Denise have had not reason to believe that Mike has been anything but the picture of health. At the hospital they learn that Mike requires a heart transplant immediately or else he will die. John is devastated to find out that his insurance coverage will not be nearly enough to cover the expensive treatment and surgical procedure. As an audience member you become drawn into the emotional turmoil that John and Denise attempt to raise the money needed for the surgery. After selling virtually everything they own, including their wedding rings, and having applied for aid at a number of financial institutions, they still come up short of the total amount. A few days after making a partial payment to the hospital John and Denise are told that Mike will be discharged. Enraged and distraught and feeling immense pressure from his wife, John makes an agonizing decision to take matters into his own hands. He takes over the ER, taking patients, staff and the...
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In the past Tower Automotive's time tracking system was designed to be used for a small technical group of experts. Now as the market has changed our customers have grown, we need a system that can handle the increase in usage from our other business units. The cooperation of each administrator, project leader, worker is recommended for the success and implementation of our new tracking system, the following goals ate what we will be looking to strive for. Goal number, to provide a system accessible to both general employees and engineers, to track the time spent on each project so we can accurately bill each business unit. Secondly, we want to improve resource planning and revenue recovering activities. Thirdly we will increase profit for each business unit as well as the overall operating profit through timely reports of profit status. We also want to accurately allocate engineering costs to customers and provide an interface common among all business units and accessible to end users of various ability levels. How are we going to attain these goals? First we will start out with a small group consisting of our administrators and project leaders and have them go through various training sessions and have them critique them for future purposes. Each required a guide outlining the system will accompany training session and it's requirements. The Manuel will also have exercises, and mock testing run through, so that employees can get hands on experience to see just how the system works. By making the administrator and project leaders for through these training sessions and making them comfortable with the system and it's capabilities hopefully this will give a trickle down effort so that other workers can see that changes are being made for the better. Next we want to implement training down to the workers....
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· "Seemed taking flight for heaven, without a death" * Christianity believes in life after death. One goes to either heaven or hell once they die and it is impossible for one to do so when they are still alive. *This line suggests something that takes place before its time (too early). *Madeline's loss of virginity · "Past the sweet Virgin's picture…" *Suggests that she is past her "virginity" period. *Foreshadows that she's going to lose her virginity. · "His prayer he saith, this patient, holy man;/ Then takes his lamp, and riseth from his knees," *Suggests that the duty's done. · "Imprisoned in black, purgatorial rails" *Purgatorial = A state in which the souls of those who have died in grace must expiate their sins *Back to innocence *Foreshadows that a loss in innocence is going to take place. · "Knights, ladies, praying in dumb orat'ries" *Dumb = Lacking the power of speech. Used of animals and inanimate objects. *orat'ries = oratories = A place for prayer, such as a small private chapel. *Symbolizes · "…harsh penance on St. Agnes's Eve:" *Penance = An act of self-mortification or devotion performed voluntarily to show sorrow for a sin or other wrongdoing. *Back to innocence *Foreshadows that a loss in innocence is going to happen. · "The carved angels, ever eager-eyed" *Symbolizes how people shape religion instead of shaped by the religion. *Symbolizes how people do not care about anything else but their own self. · "The music, yearning like a god in pain" *Suggests that God and humans do not get along (When humans are having fun, god is "yearning in pain" · "Save to St. Agnes and her lambs unshorn" *Lambs = symbol of innocence *Madeline, like the unshorn lambs is innocent; it is ironic that the next morning the lambs will be shorn just as Madeline will be shorn or "deflowered". · "Porphyro" *Porphyro means purple. *Priests only wear purple cape on mourning/ sorrowful events. *The existence of Porphyro in...
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Jamal Jenkins Mrs. Garner 1301-2 10-3-03 RACIAL PROFILING Racial profiling is a method used by local and federal law enforcement agencies to determine whether a person may be suspect of a criminal act. Racial profiling is wrong and is a form of racism, and it also goes against the basic parameters of the Bill of Rights. Racial profiling has been used for decades by law enforcement agencies, dating back to the early sixties during the civil rights movement. One of the most famous accounts of racial profiling was the arrest and incarceration of Rubin "Hurricane" Carter, who was arrested for murder. The way Rubin Carter was detained by APV that two African American males in a white car were suspects of murder; out of all the African Americans in white cars in the city how could the cops possibly determine which car to pull over, in that caser every white car with two African American males should have been pulled over. Many people have been victim of racial profiling or the infamous title "Driving while black". Though the car may not be stolen an African American driving a Mercades Benz in Beverly Hills dressed in casual clothing, not business attire is suspect of grand theft auto. Since the area is predominantly white being black just looks out of place and you had to have only been there for one reason. How can someone determine just by look if you are guilty of stealing a car, there is no way possible to do this. An African American woman in Chicago was stripped down to her tampon at O'Hare International Airport to prove that she was on her period and not smuggling drugs through states. This does not only occur in ghettos or rich neighborhoods but in every city, on every street, in every state in the United...
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In today's society, racial profiling is not unheard of; actually it is quite common. It is still at debate whether the act of racial profiling in moral or not. In Saenz's essay, Exile. El Paso, Texas, he describes his personal experience of discrimination due to his ethnic background. Saenz is a Mexican-American and because he lives in El Paso, which is a border town, he is often mistaken for an illegal immigrant. Saenz is stopped on the streets of his neighborhood and questioned by border patrol. On one such occasion, Saenz becomes annoyed and says to himself, "…pretty soon I'll have to carry a passport in my own neighborhood." Saenz describes his anger and despair brought by the discrimination he experiences in El Paso. Saenz attempts to show the reader what it is like to be the subject of racial profiling and show the impact of racial profiling on the individual. Saenz effectively does this through his color symbolism, and tonal shifts in dialogue. Saenz comes up with an interesting and clever way to present the effects of racial profiling. He uses color to effectively portray his feelings. Towards the beginning of the essay, Saenz sees the colors that represent El Paso as good. Saenz says, "…I looked out my window and stared at the Juarez Mountains. Mexican purples – burning." Here we see that Saenz is enjoying his desk view. He goes further in describing how he feels, "All this color, all this color, all this color beneath the shadow of the Juarez Mountains. Sunset Heights: a perfect place with a perfect name, and a perfect view of the river." These colors, especially the purple, represent the beauty of El Paso for him. At this point in the essay, it is easy for Saenz to find the beauty of El...
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Racial profiling is present in every facet of American life today. Minority groups, especially African Americans are the primary victims of this deplorable act. The beauty of racial profiling is that in any given incident, its practitioners can always claim that it was just a coincidence that the victim was a minority. Racial profiling is a practice that should be eradicated from the face of earth in all of it's crooked forms. Shopping while black, rather Retail Racism is the discriminatory act of presuming that an individual is a possible criminal based solely on the color of their skin. Lately Retail Racism has been the focus of much legislative and legal action and has been a well-documented topic in the mainstream news media. The increased buying power of the black middle-class has enabled them to shop in predominately white areas, which allows numerous opportunities for Retail Racism to occur. The large national chains: Eddie Bauer, Avis Rent A Car, and Denny's have all been involved in highly publicized law suits in which black customers have been discriminated against and have received millions of dollars in damages or settlements. Store clerks will either ignore black customers by not offering them sales and assistance or they will focus all of their attention on even the most non-suspicious looking blacks. Chris McGoey, one of the nations leading retail security and theft prevention experts has been hired by many major retailers to cut down on shoplifting incidents for store managers. He has experienced the bigotry first hand, he said that he has found himself in backroom conversations with store managers who say, "People have told me, it's the colored people. The colored people come in, and they steal me blind." He has also viewed hundreds of hours of video surveillance tape in which time and time...
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In recent years, racial profiling has become the subject of much controversy in the United States. This law enforcement tactic has come under so much scrutiny because many feel that it specifically targets minorities and violates our civil rights. However, when race is combined with other key identifying characteristics of criminal involvement, profiling is a sensible and useful technique in which police employ the laws of probability to make the best use of their scarce resources in attacking crime. As a result of the huge public outcry against this practice, many laws have been and are in the process of being enacted to make profiling illegal. In turn, this makes law enforcement's job of protecting society from criminals, such as drug dealers, and in light of recent events, terrorists more complicated and near impossible. Profiling is a well-known and long standing tool used by law enforcement to attempt to identify individuals involved in criminal activity. It is based on profiles or a set of coherent facts that reflect known conditions and observable behaviors associated with criminal activity (Racial Profiling Data Collection Resource Center, Online). True profiling requires various factors to be considered in order for the technique to be successful. For example, in the 1970s the DEA issued a compilation of identifying characteristics of drug couriers which include nervousness; conflicting information about origin and destination among companion travelers, no luggage for a long trip, lots of cash, and lack of driver's license or insurance (Mac Donald, Online). Furthermore, race and ethnicity become important identifiers when combined with other 'suspicious' characteristics due to past crime rate information. African-Americans commit a disproportionate percentage of the crimes that draw the attention of the police (Goldberg, Online). While blacks comprise about 12% of the national population, they account for about 58% of all carjackers between...
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The topic of racial profiling is a risky one because of the person doing the profiling may be considered a racist. Over the years racial profiling has had several advantages and several disadvantages. I am not a racist and I plan on taking a neutral stance when talking about this subject. Racial profiling has been around forever and to be saying that it has only happened to the blacks is ludicrous. All nations do it and probably will continue doing it. It has been around this world ever since there has been a dispute. The first problem is the fact that the policeman cannot be controlled on his views of race and that how he may enforce his views. Everyone knows that if there is a racist policeman, there is not much you can do to stop him from pulling over a large number of minorities. Once a cop has pulled over several people of the same race for one reason he becomes accustomed to it and starts to think that most of this specific race does it and then stereotypes the race. The cops say that racial profiling is a way to lower crime by catching these races in the act of a crime. The United States government uses profilers to solve cases all of the time. They profile a serial killer, rapist, and etc… to predict his size, race, height, mental state, and many other things too. The profilers use statistics based on each crime they are trying to profile. When a suicide bomb is detonated in the Middle East it most likely to be a Islamic fundamentalist trying to prove a point. This tactic has been used for years but has never been persecuted as widely as the traffic stops. The random traffic stops are valuable to occasionally stop...
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Racial Profiling can be defined as the identification of racial factors, such as skin color, hair texture, facial structure, physical attire, gender, spoken language, accent, or religion. As noted above, there are many ways in which someone can be racially profile. Racial profiling has been used for many years. It started with segregation in the early 1900 s and recently with cases such as Major Aaron Campbell vs Florida. Yet, racial profiling has been overlooked and not investigated thoroughly until recently. Some believe that racial profiling is a good offensive tactic by law enforcement. But, others feel that singling out minorities to be involved in criminal activities is a violation of the law, the Fourth amendment, and their civil rights. According to Voice magazine, about 50 uniformed and undercover officers, Caucasians and African American, participated in an unscientific survey which contended that the felon look or Tupac-thug-for-life image and posture account for the majority of the stops and frisk done by officers.(Noel, 2000) During the survey the officers had to assign a high or low percentage to every piece of clothing a person is wearing. Therefore, showing us a glimpse into an officer s mind. The following is a list that may constitute suspicion for a stop and/or frisk according to the survey: 1. A baseball cap, worn at any angle, accounts for about 10%. 2. A bandana, particularly red or blue, hints a gang involvement and accounts for about 20%. 3. An XXL hooded sweattop, or hoodie , accounts for about 20%. 4. Sagging or baggy trousers, accounts for about 30% of stops. 5. Exposed plaid boxer shorts, accounts for about 10% of stops. 6. Expensive high-top sneakers, unlaced, suggesting that the person may have done prison time, accounts for about 10%. These are just mere suggestions of how...
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