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Freshman year of high school it dawned on me. “What I am going to do with my life? What exactly am I going to do to change the word, make a difference, to revolutionize?” The first answer that came to my mind was music, an overwhelming passion for the arts to be blunt. Music and theater have been a part of my life since, well, as long as I can remember. Through music I discovered a whole new way to view the world. I realized that everything has a song or a dance and very special few people could make others view the world through a song and I want to be one to make others hear that song. Some have asked “Don’t you want to do something meaningful with your life?” Music is an entertainment, a therapy, and educational. To me, what could be more meaningful than spreading the joy of music and the arts to others. Every show I have seen, whether dance, or theater, has inspired me to change. Change a part of my life or change a part of my community. At a young age I the Broadway drama Mornings At Seven, and I was reminded of the importance of family and the idea of loving unconditionally. After walking out of the theater I wondered to myself, “Wow, if this production inspired me, imagine how it could have touched the other 599 people in the audience.” It was at that moment when I realized that this is what I need to do for the rest of my life. Touch lives through art. Ever since that dawning moment I have been hard at work at achieving my goals. From vocal training to drama classes I have worked extremely hard to achieving my goal of becoming a performance artist....
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added: 03/16/2011
Like most typical Asian kids, I was pressured by my parents to learn the piano at a very young age. I practiced diligently and I was decent for my age, but it wasn't something I particularly enjoyed. However, it has provided me with a strong foundation of basic music theory and technique, which I applied to my later violin studies. For a few years in middle school, I excelled at the violin, but when introduced to yet an even "better" instrument, I couldn't resist the temptation to switch once more to learn the viola. It was through this instrument that I really began to discover myself through music—I practiced because I wanted to, not because it was something I was compelled to do by my parents, and consequently, I have won several competitions and scholarships through that instrument. This year I have decided to try something different—rather than performing, I have decided to teach. I currently coach the younger orchestras of Tucson Junior Strings every Saturday, as well as teach basic music theory to aspiring musicians. Teaching is fun! Besides music, I volunteer regularly outside of school. During all of my high school summers, I have volunteered at Tucson Medical Center in departments ranging from Information Systems, Unit 300, and Breast Screening. There, I worked with computers, women, children, and senior citizens regularly. I also volunteer at Epoch Senior Living for senior citizens where I provide them with music as well helping with more basic tasks such as serving food and changing bed sheets and linen. But most importantly, I have also discovered the most important aspect of my service at the assisted living center—of being born with an ear! Many of the tenents are visited by their loved ones only once or twice a year—for the other 364 days, it...
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added: 10/12/2011
STATEMENT OF PURPOSE I've always had a fascination, or rather, a sort of veneration for Scientific Management, and of course, Taylorism. Many didn't approve my idea of wasting time on a degree in Operations Research and Management Science, or so they called it. But for me, the plan was always the same: Follow my heart. Wild as it may seem, losing out on a chance to do an MBA and straightaway getting into the higher salary brackets, pursuing a career in Operations Research, a not so illustrious career choice as thought by many Indians, was what confused many people. Yes I have a dream, that of running an organization of my own, but I have my own ways of going about it. This was all they got from me. I made my choice, to pursue a challenge, a passion. A choice to diverge from the mainstream path into an exclusive specialization in a single intellectual realm, with a serious commitment. Getting an M.B.A. makes perfect sense for a lot of people, most M.B.A.s. are successful. But getting an M.S. in Operations Research makes even more sense in my particular case: it is the perfect academic supplement to my engineering background, one I need to become a leading edge high-tech consultant in the field of Management Science. Detailed technology understanding plus profound business and group skills, is a rare combination that really can get the career rocket roaring and this is the mix of knowledge and skill I intend to gain during my graduate program in Operations Research. This is certainly true for me, and I think that this is one of my most important and convincing reasons for taking up a degree in Management Science. I can make a niche for myself, specialize in something as sound in theory and practice as...
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added: 10/30/2011
No greater contribution can be made to a specific field than research that leads to the development of a new and superior technology. Universities and businesses constantly attempt to remain on the cutting edge of new design, manufacturing, and application systems through research and development. If I were given the opportunity to conduct my own research, I would dedicate my efforts to the design of computer processing chips with the goal of increasing their speed and computational ability. It is now possible to construct memory chips almost atom by atom, allowing for nearly infinite circuitry capacity. My research would attempt to design a chip that could process data faster, and with more accuracy, than is presently possible. This chip could then handle more complex software, process data from CD's, and handle Internet applications at a faster rate, allowing for equalization with the increase in speed of CD ROM drives and modems. The procedure for this research would entail first learning as much as possible about the design of present chips, the specific materials that I might want to include as conductors, and which metals are easiest to manipulate. Next I would lay out the chip and attempt to construct it with existing technology. Finally, I would need to test it in an effort to make modifications and improvements in the original design. The computer age presents wonderful opportunities, and any research that promotes the facile use of PC or network systems will help advance this cause. For this reason, I would dedicate my year of research to improvements in the design of central processing units....
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added: 08/15/2011
After graduation I plan on immediately going to work at AK in Middletown until school starts in the fall. This fall I will be attending Cedarville University where I plan to study Mechanical Engineering. In Cedarville I will be active in intramural sports, weight training, and hopefully varsity soccer. I plan on working hard and wish to obtain an internship for the summer of 2004. After I receive my degree I will look for a job in my field that is close to Middletown, and would one day like to raise a family and coach baseball there. Due to my academic credentials, leadership skills, athletic accomplishments and financial need, I am an excellent candidate for this scholarship. Throughout my entire thirteen year career at Middletown Schools I have strived to be a good student. I have taken the hardest classes, and have finished high school as third in my class. Last summer I attended Cedarville University's Summer Studies program for high school juniors and received college credit. The study and work skills I exhibit in the classroom shall carry me through college my college classes. In addition to academic success I exemplify leadership skills as well. My training in leadership began early with my experience on a very young soccer team. Since then the team has grown and last fall I was chosen as team captain. I have also served as the vice-president of the National Honor Society. Beyond leadership I have had much success in athletics. I have lettered in the sports of football, soccer, and baseball. In soccer I lettered all four years, was team captain my senior year, and received all-area recognition by the Miami Valley Coaches Association. In baseball I was a part of two league champ teams. Finally, I have a great need for this scholarship....
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added: 11/11/2011
The topic that I wanted to do research on was the effect of a coach's leadership style on an athlete's intrinsic motivation. I also wanted to find out how an athlete's scholarship status has an effect on their intrinsic motivation. I think this topic is important for the field of sport and physical activity to investigate because everyone in this field should be familiar with how a coach's leadership style and an athlete's scholarship status effects the outcome of an athlete's intrinsic motivation. Intrinsic motivation refers to motivation to engage in an activity for its own sake. People who are intrinsically motivated work on tasks because they find them enjoyable. In the next couple of paragraphs I will comment on the research that I have found on how intrinsic motivation is effected by a coach's leadership style and an athlete's scholarship status (Kerr, 1997). For the first research article that I found, the study examined whether the intrinsic motivation levels of first-year college athletes changed from pre- to post-season as a function of their scholarship status or their perceptions of their coaches' behavior. 72 division I athletes completed questionnaires assessing their intrinsic motivation at the beginning and end of their first year of participation. They also reported their scholarship status and their perceptions of their coaches' behavior over the season (Amorose and Horn 2001). Research conducted in the sport setting has found that coaches' leadership styles and behaviors influence athletes' psychological responses such as their self-esteem, perceptions of competence, affect, and motivation. Behaviors exhibited by coaches can also influence athletes' level of intrinsic motivation. For instance, studies examining the role of verbal feedback on intrinsic motivation have found that positive feedback is associated with higher levels of intrinsic, whereas negative feedback is associated with lower levels of intrinsic motivation (Amorose and Horn, 2001). According...
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added: 01/31/2012