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Art Assignment Humans have a need to be heard and understood. We have a desire to express ourselves – our opinions, emotions and thoughts. A man named Karl Martino has written some inspiring words about 'living life as an expression' as a personal mission statement. Martino wrote these worlds to be an inspiration for all people. These missions include: "People feel the need to be understood, just as, or even more than the need to be loved. Listen. People shine when they believe they can make a lasting impact; this may be the core of everything we do. Inspire. A life without passion is a life not lived. Live." - Karl Martino. To enable ourselves to live our lives as an expression and make our own mark on this world we must find an outlet for this expression. One type of outlet is a talent such as music, writing, poetry or art. Art is a powerful medium for the expression of personal identity; it allows the artist to present visual images that are part of who they are. These images allow the artist to be better understood on a personal level be their audience. Fiona Foley and Lin Onus are two artists who use art not only as an outlet to express their own personalities but also as means to educate an audience about issues that they are strongly passionate about. Foley uses her work as a way to inform us about our complex society. Her Aboriginal heritage and urban Australian upbringing allow her to move between cultures and give new meaning to traditional values and contemporary views. – appendix____ Through her work Foley attempts to educate her audience consisting of both Aboriginal and Anglo-European cultures about Aboriginal history and what actually took place in the time of Australian colonization. Survival III (1988) portrays a Badtjala man of Fraser Island who is...
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added: 01/15/2012
Throughout history man has created artistic representations of himself, to capture our identity, present them as to be understood and to further understand ourselves. Still continuing today is the materialisation and representation of our identity. It is justifiably true that images in a self-portrait generally communicate to the viewer information about the identity, character and interests of the artist. By the comparison of a self-portrait by Joy Hester and another by Andy Warhol this statement will be proven true. Events, experiences and teachings have actively shaped both Warhol and Hester. Warhol's approach to this image was screen printing, a commercial technique learnt while attending the Carnigie Institute of Technology. When he graduated, he supported himself financially by taking on advertising and design commissions from fashion magazines and a host of other commercial enterprises; later to become incredibly successful Hester on the other hand didn't receive any critical acclaim. Her emotions ruled over the images she was creating. Hester produced hundreds of drawing and ink works in quick succession. Her work was rapid, as if done in synchronisation with the emotions she was feeling at the time. As a result her image is distorted to accurately record herself and her character. The works by Hester and Warhol both contain elements that comprise an artistic representation of oneself. Elements that are shown in each work include facial expressions used to express there emotions, close ups from the shoulders up to exaggerate importance of facial expression and the lack of backgrounds in both works to emphasise subject matter. No two self-portraits, by two different artists, will be the same. Most self-portraits contain individual aspects significant to there own identity and interests. The difference in Warhol's work is the use of colour compared to Hester's monotone grays, blacks and whites. Warhol has used analogous colours not negative and...
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added: 12/08/2011

Being Yourself and Not "Madison Avenue"

It is amazing to find how strongly advertisers and society in general tout their products. I am using this time to examine the effects of advertising in both commercial and print. How the media affects our self-esteem, the increase of violence against women and children, and whether advertisers add to our own demise, in spiritual growth, financial, and in being safe. Everybody wants what the "Jones's" (your neighbor, a co-worker, etc.) has, they want the flashy look of Madison Avenue where the rich tout their money and the women in their thinness are painted to look healthy. Before this assignment, I would glance through my monthly issue of Cosmopolitan and not notice how the advertisements kill my self-esteem. We have small boobs and need to change them(see ad for Be Your Best), we are obese and need a special pill or potion, to selling us a car to make us look sexy to the opposite sex(Toyota Rav4.) In addition, if that is not enough, they tell us our children are obese and they need a pill or a potion too. (See ad for Pedia Loss.) Avon has a new formula called Cellu-Sculpt. that takes "...an inch off your thighs in four weeks." And Botox Cosmetics sell toxins to make you look young into late life, "We promised to grow old together, not look old together." The ad shows an attractive pair, and he can clearly get his arms around her as he snuggles her close. Ads for products like Metabo-Life, Zantrex-3, Chinese Diet Tea, and Triple Lean-3 claim to help you lose weight and keep your energy. Moreover, there are even formulas to help you perform in the bedroom like Fabulously Female or Masculine Male, found in advertisements though mass medial like Cosmopolitan, as if a...
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added: 06/19/2011
In the novel 'Came back to show you I could fly' both the main characters prove that facing challenges have/has many benefits for the individual/s. By facing challenges self esteem and confidence is boosted, and an end result of overall happiness and well being is achieved. However, it takes a lot to overcome fears and anxiety to achieve confidence and often heartache and pain comes before overall happiness. Facing a challenge often results in a definite increase in self-esteem and a boost of confidence. In the book 'Came back to show you I could fly' the eleven-year-old boy Seymour shows this continually. He makes friends with the wild Angie. Angie is a challenge to deal with. She insists they go out or do wild things often against the reserved Seymours better judgement. He has already been forbidden from going out and yet he goes, constantly worrying and fretting about rules and regulations. This however changes throughout the book, a different Seymour emerges a more fearless unafraid to stand up for himself Seymour. By facing the challenge of Angie and leaving the house Seymour gains confidence in himself. Not only that but through the book as his friendship with Angie grows so does his self-esteem. Before, he could never make friends, now he has this wonderful person who wants to be his friend and listen to what he has to say. Therefore by taking up the challenge of working for a friendship with Angie he is given a friend who tells him he is interesting and who likes to be around him. His self esteem soars. On the other hand, to actually disobey the rule of not leaving the house took a lot. Seymour's anxiety and panic kicked in. His decision to leave the house was automatically regretted. Not only that he also had...
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added: 09/30/2011
The actions of Lorraine make her a fascinating Character in Andrea Ashworths's memoir 'Once in a House on Fire'. Lorraine renounces her maternal role, is reliant on her abusive partners, and is naïve and trusting. Although attractive and infinitely loved by her three daughters, she suffers from low self esteem and bouts of depression. These factors combine to make Lorraine an interesting personality. The Untimely death of Andrea's father, Anthony Clarke, left Lorraine a widow with two children at 25. She hastily enters a relationship with an abusive man, Peter Hawkins and it is only after repeated outbreaks of violence, in which Lorraine's face had been left, "smacked scarlet" or "punched purple" that Lorraine finally attempts to distance her family from the violence. Lorraine's willingness to put her family in danger is evidence of her reliance on men. Following the departure of Peter Hawkins, Lorraine meets her third partner Terry. "Out of the frying pan and into the flaming fire"; as Lorraine finds herself in yet another abusive relationship. The fact that she willingly leads her family into a second cycle of violence is further verification of her fear of dieing alone. As Lorraine's depression deepens, she sinks further into isolation and leaves Andrea, the eldest, to maintain the household. Subsequent to the departure of Peter Hawkins, Lorraine finds herself unable to rise in the morning, allowing Andrea to take over the ironing. Andrea completes this early in the morning, so that she would not make Lorraine out to be a negligent mother. When Lorraine begins her new relationship with Terry, she frequently leaves the children unattended while she indulges herself, dating most nights. Her refusal to leave them Terry's phone number distresses the girls, as she irresponsibly justifies this, replying "nip round to auntie Tamara's if anything's the matter". Lorraine's fear of...
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added: 01/23/2012
Chief Bromden only begins to move towards sanity when he regains self-esteem and the ability to act upon his decisions. Discuss. When talking about a person who is 'sane' it means they are normal. To be 'normal' is to be accepted by 'society'. Chief Bromden calls society the 'combine'. He has been institutionalised because he has been filled with self doubt his whole life and considers himself 'weak'. To have self-esteem is to feel good about oneself. This attribute plays a huge role in Chief Bromden's life. Having a 'good' self-esteem can help a person to succeed in life, on the other hand to have a 'lack' in self-esteem can drive a person to insanity or even death. If this low level of self-esteem is recognised it may be a target that leads to abuse from others. Chief Bromden like everyone else relies on his self-esteem to maintain his sanity. And like others he has experienced a lack of self-esteem at a very young age where it is considered most important. His memories of "Columbia" showed that the people sent by the government ignored him, as they thought he was deaf and dumb. And when he did speak they didn't seem to notice. Another memory which caused his lack of self-esteem was his mother. She was not Indian, but a white woman who had dominated the Chief and his father. She was "Bigger than Papa and me together." We know the Chief is a huge man, and he describes his father as "big" as himself. This woman could not be bigger, it is physically impossible. This shows the mental hold his mother had on him and how she lowered the level of his self-esteem. In Nurse Ratched's ward, of all the "acute" patients only Scanlon was committed. The rest of the acute patients...
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added: 11/16/2011
Reaction paper #2 I think that my first and most important goal is to graduate from University .I would like to play basketball for at least 10 years after graduating .I would like to play in Europe and this is one of my dreams .It would be nice to start my own business after graduating and also play basketball .I want to do everything that would make my parent proud that I am their son .I don't want to loose all my friends I had before coming here so I can say that my friends are something that I dream about .I have decided that after graduating from University I will have my family-lovely wife and two children .These are my dreams . I think that I will be able to achieve it only if I graduate from University and I couldn't find better way to do it so I am now here in America .I am here because I love basketball and I want to get good education .I think that in these 4 years I will have a lot of success strategies .I will do everything to be a good student and athlete . I want to remember from this course all the things that would help me in the future.For example time managing ,self esteem .I have understood that very important thing is self esteem .I can say that after LU my self esteem is higher then it was before.I have found out that I have to manage my everyday life to be successful in future....
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added: 12/11/2011
Lisa looks at herself in the mirror. She turns around and takes a good look at herself. She is thinking: " How can everyone else be so skinny while I am so fat? ". In fact Lisa is a high school student. Lately her situation has been worsening. Not only does she feel guilty when she eats, but she also purges it up when she is finished. This can be the beginning of an eating disorder called Bulimia nervosa. Eating disorders are amongst the most common psychiatric syndromes, and leads to most treatment seeking, inpatient hospitalisation, suicide attempts and mortality (Stice 2002). This essay will point out the most significant risk factors for Bulimia nervosa and Anorexia nervosa and the most common methods for treatment and prevention of these factors. The diagnoses for the diseases Anorexia nervosa (AN) and Bulimia nervosa (BN) are different. However, they are very similar and share many common risk factors with a few variations. Furthermore, the patients are moving frequently between the disorders (Fariburn and Harrison 2003). As a result of this, and for the simplicity and the required length for this essay. I will address them both as only eating disorders and allocate the risk factors to both AN and BN. In addition, this essay will be organised by presenting the most common risk factors followed by how they can be prevented and treated. Fariburn and Harrison (2003) along with most researchers advocate that being a female is the most important risk factor concerning eating disorder. Among those who have eating disorder are 90% females. The next significant factor is the age adolescence and early adulthood (Fariburn and Harrison 2003). These are both very significant factors and have also led to the fact that the majority of the research reports only target the female population in...
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added: 12/26/2011
EFFECTIVELY REDUCING STRESS TIME MANAGEMENT In order to reduce stress using the method of time management we must first have an understanding of the phrase time management. According to Mind Tools an article published on the Internet, "Time Management" is a set of related practical skills that help you to use your time in the most effective and productive way possible (1995). Time management helps you to reduce work stress by being more in control of your time and by being more productive. This ensures that you have time to relax outside work. According to Carnegie Mellon an article published on the Internet, there are two main types of time wasters self –generated and environmental. Self-generated are those that come about as a result of your thoughts, feelings and actions, such as being disorganized, being unable to say "no" to tempting distractions, succumbing to the urge to procrastinate or feeling burned-out or apathetic. An then there are those who are environmental time wasters they are imposed upon you by the environment, such as unexpected visitors, phone calls, "no-show" appointments and unproductive meetings (Mellon, 2003). There are many different ways to manage time, planning is the first. When planning think of your planning as two types: long- and short-term. Long-term planning takes into account goals spanning from one to five years in the future, Short term plans are much more immediate and cover events that will take place in the months, weeks or days ahead. This type of planning can be accomplished by maintaining a "to do" list. Itemizing all the tasks needed to attain the goals of your short-term plans, and a master list specifying what needs to be done for your long-term ones. Second, you should prioritize by determining which tasks on your lists are most pressing and most important. The third method...
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added: 11/13/2011
Although the overall rate of teen pregnancy has been declining, the rates have remained high for teens that are most vulnerable. The great majority of Americans believe that teen pregnancies are a serious national problem, indeed a problem that is the major component of what is thought to be national moral decline. However, what causes these teens to become pregnant at such a young age? A large body of research has identified a number of factores that underlie teen sexual and contraceptive behavior, pregnancy, and childbearing. There exists a three part framework of the factors underlying teen pregnancy. There are biological antecedents, including gender, age, testosterone level, and timing of puberty. These factors are causally related to adolescent sexual and contraceptive behavior and pregnancy. A second group of antecedents can be viewed as "manifestations of social disorganization or advantage" (Kirby, 1997). These include factors in the community and the family such as violent crime, poverty, unemployment, family marital disruption, parents' lack of education, poor child rearing practice, lack of parental support, and inappropriate sexual pressure or abuse. The second group also includes factors in the individual teen such as lack of religious affiliation, drug and alcohol use, engaging in risk behaviors and deviance, delinquency, poor educational performance, and low expectations for the future. A third group of antecedents are attitudes and beliefs about sexual behavior and pregnancy. These include beliefs, personal values, and perceived norms. Among the many factors which may lead to teen pregnancy, the four that are most predictive of early pregnancy are poverty, early behavioral problems, family problems, and a low self esteem. There are several theories about the reasons why so many young women in poverty become pregnant and carry to full term. Faced with an unintended pregnancy, many teens living in poverty are likely to...
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added: 11/02/2011
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