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Anxiety disorders are the most common mental illness in America. More then nineteen million American adults are affected by these debilitating illnesses each year. Children and adolescents can also develop anxiety disorders. Most people experience feelings of anxiety before and important event, such as a big exam or your own wedding. Anxiety disorders are illnesses that fill people lives with overwhelming anxiety and fear that can grog progressively worse. People with anxiety disorders are tormented by panic attacks, obsessive thoughts, and flashbacks of traumatic events, nightmares, or freighting physical symptoms. Fortunately, through research there are effective treatments that can help. Anxiety disorders come in different forms, one form of anxiety is now as a panic disorder. Panic disorders are repeated episodes of intense fear that strike often without warning. Physical symptoms include chest pain, heart palpitations, shortness of breath, dizziness, abdominal distress, feeling of unreality, and fear of dying. These sensations often mimic symptoms of a heart attack or other life threatening medical conditions. Many people with panic disorders develop intense anxiety between episodes. I t is not unusual for a person with panic disorder to develop phobias about places or situations where panic attacks have occurred. As the frequency of panic attacks increase, the person often begins to avoid situations where they fear another attack may occur or where help would not be immediately available. Panic attacks are caused by stressful life events, biological factors, hereditary and thinking in a way that exaggerates relatively normal bodily reactions. The exact cause or causes of panic disorders are unknown. Studies in animals and humans have focused on pinpointing the specific brain areas and circuits involved in anxiety and fear, which underlie anxiety disorders such as panic disorder. Fear and emotion that evolved to deal with danger, causes and automatic, rapid protective response that...
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Your heart is racing, your muscles are tightening, and the room is closing in around you? You back up slowly, and try to make a hasty retreat. This is what it is like for people who are suffering from social anxiety disorder. Anxiety is defined as a state or cause of uneasiness and apprehension; worry, or intense fear resulting from the anticipation of a threatening event. Anxiety often causes a person to feel agitated and anxious. Many people are faced with social phobias such as nervousness during an interview, giving speeches or seeing their highschool sweetheart for the first time in twenty years. These illustrations seem small to the average individual, but to a social phobic person, these events can seem like life or death. Panic attacks are distinct episodes of acute fear. People who experience these attacks describe them as a suddenly overwhelming feeling of doom, as if they are going to die on the spot. They have problems breathing and they may even hyperventilate. Research by Dr. Zal (2003) reveals that social anxiety disorder is the third most common mental health problem in the United States (Zal, p. 75). According to Dewan (2001), this life long disorder affects more that ten million Americans, men and women equally (Dewan, p. 1795). Dr. Zal also found that this disorder affects children starting between the ages of fourteen and sixteen (Zal, p.75). He also ascertained that only a small proportion (5.4%) of individuals with uncomplicated social anxiety disorder seek psychiatric help (Zal, p. 75). These individuals are two times more likely to have alcohol problems, and if they have an alcohol problem are nine times more likely to exhibit social anxiety disorder symptoms (Zal, p. 76). Dr. Zal's findings also revealed that suicide attempt rate is 1% for primary social anxiety disorder,...
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"All nations should help support the development of a global university designed to engage students in the process of solving the world's most persistent social problems. "In a modern society, there are many complex questions, this passage's suggestion is a good advice, but it is not practical. First, depending the student to solve the world's most persistence social problems is impractical. The student's purpose in a university is to learn some basic knowledge and have some preparation for their future work, and the university's duty is to teach them such knowledge and the basic living ability. we can not say the student do not want to have such research, but they are just lack of such ability. Nevertheless maybe there are some very excellent students or the graduate students can do such research, but it is incommensurate with the spend for building a large global university. Second, the idea that just one large global university can solve all persistent social problem is ridiculous. It is not a easy work to build a university, they need a large square of field, build many teaching buildings and the student's dormitories. And they also need recruit many famous teachers and attract students to study in their school. All these will cost a lot of money, any beneficial research will happen in several years later. It is better to spend this money to establish many social problem research centers in many existed different universities, We can invite many famous scholars from different countries as long as give the best research condition. The result will be better than establish another university, we can save a lot of money too. Third, the government's role is important in solving any persistence social problem. In many countries, we need the government's corporation to treat the social problem. such...
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added: 03/16/2011
Inthe present age the various societies of world despite the manifold advancement in science and technology are being persistently plagued by the serious social problems. The idea of setting up a global university can be a very helpful in solving the serious social problems like Illiteracy ,Poverty and aparthied,sexual abuse,drug addiction.Cooperation amongst various countries is defenitely required to solve these problems.Recent mutual agreement amongst the countries of the world against the terrorism has defenitely improved the condition and reduced the incidence of terrorist attacks.Such mutual cooperation can also be brought about in solving the issues like child labour. But the major drawback in such a setup can be the it can be a good stage for solving the problem common to the countries but certain problems are there which other societies are not even aware of like dowry system in southwestern asia to which most of the western countries are ignorant .Then why would they like to bear the expenditure for solving these problems which are exclusive to particular nations.So estabilishing such a university calls for rasing above the personal greeds of nations and looking at the problems as challenges against humanity. The nature of problems for each nation depends on the cultural history of the society and thus needs to be dealt in the similar context.This university can be an ideal place for cross cultural communication and thus creating awareness and respect for other cultures and hence looking at the positive aspects of other cultures and utilizing their methodology for tackling the problems.With the fast modernisation of the societies and the western culture rapidly replacing the traditional cultural values of developing countries like India.The socialists can be aware of the reprecurssions of the exceesive modernisation in advance and can get ready to deal with the future situation and avaoiding to be taken...
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All nations should help support the development of a global university designed to engage students in the process of solving the world's most persistent social problems The term 'global' signifies something substantial for the entire world. The need of a global body is uttermost important to solve social problems. The social problems need not be global for their general world significance, but for the threat they pose. The point of view of the speaker can be agreed with since the persistent social problems have to be solved. We have many social problems such as poverty, population growth, racial discrimination, child labour, prostitution, AIDS, illiteracy etc. These problems have to be controlled. One way of solving these problems as the speaker says is by the development of a global university which can mould the student's mind to help for a general cause. For the global university to prosper, not only the developed nations but also the underdeveloped and developing nations should participate. Proper selection of the students is the most important criteria, since these students symbolize their respective nations. There should be no prejudices among the mind of students. Students should come to this global university with an open heart and desire to learn. Unless the desire is not present, this cannot help the cause. The students from developing nations shouldn't dominate or bully their counterparts from developing nations. There shouldn't be a sense of superiority among the students. There should a proper dialogue among the students so that they come to know the various existing problems. These dialogues may help the students unite towards solving persistent social problems. Population control is one of the most important social problems. Population growth undoubtedly has a definite on social relations and society's historical development. Unfortunately, this issue has been examined insufficiently. When scrutinizing population growth today or...
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added: 10/16/2011
Political, Economic & Social effects of Accounting Standard Setters 'The view that accounting standard setters consider the economic, political and social consequences of accounting standards is consistent with the view that accounting reports, if compiled in accordance with accounting standards and other generally accepted principles, will be neutral and objective' SYNOPSIS Objectivity and neutrality are the ultimate goals of general purpose financial reporting. However there are many factors involved that make this goal almost impossible to attain. Economic, political and social issues are huge influences on the Accounting Standard setting process, and these influences spill over into everyday accounting, with personal gain often ahead of reliability and objectivity. Users of financial reports have demands that need to be satisfied, and regulatory boards involved in Standard setting have done their best to ensure that information is clear and reliable. Considering these factors, Accounting does not exist in a vacuum, Accountants are human beings, not robots and the profession has strict guidelines and heavy penalties for unprofessional or fraudulent activity. It is thus clear that every attempt is made to acknowledge the operating societal factors, gauge the impact they have on different industries at different times and move from that point. The result than, has to be, the best attempt at a neutral and objective report by the professional accountant. Economic, political and social issues are powerful driving forces within any society. These issues therefore need to be focused on when major decisions in industries, are being made. One industry that heavily relies on, and incorporates economic, political and social issues in its' decision-making, is that of Accounting. The Accounting profession is made up of many standards and regulatory boards that govern the way in which entities maintain their general-purpose financial reports. Accounting standards set minimum benchmarks of the quality required in financial reporting. They specify that...
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During the 1800's, the United States underwent a transformation and change unlike any the country had ever seen in our history either before or since. It is my intention to describe some of the key issues that made this transformation possible and also to address some of the problems that surfaced from this expansion. I will be utilizing the document-based questions as a basis of my explaining this growth and change in America. I believe that John Louis O'Sullivan's editorial from the New York Morning News in 1845 describes it all in that he declares without any reservation that our destiny is to express our freedom and liberty by possessing the land that God had given to us. In effect, it was our duty and our right to go West and carry that torch of freedom with across the whole continent, no matter what the difficulties we would encounter along the way. In reality, Americans endured hardships and enormous problems every step of the way. For example, as we drove westward, we began to infringe upon the Native American. It was of course the Indians who found no other alternative but to defend their land and their way of life. Thousands of men, women and children died during our quest to take it all from the Indians. They believed the 'Great Spirit' gave the land to them. They simply fought and died for what they believed was already theirs! Equally important to understand was the fact that these brave Americans were embarking on a new adventure, a new way of life. Many were enticed by the promise of land. The land represented something that was their own to develop, to grow vegetables, to stock the land with cows, etc. By taking the chance of going west, many believed they would make a better...
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added: 10/17/2011
The nature of social work is for people who love helping people. I say love because you have to have the heart for social work and the people you are trying to help. Social worker join this field to enlighten their clients lives. Social workers, depending on what part of the field one enters they can help people with mental illness, families with problems, school children, people with addictions and criminal problems, people who have problems in finding and keeping jobs, and they help senior citizens and families who are looking into nursing homes and caregivers. There are many different working condition social workers. They work a standard 40 hour week, some work weekend and go to community event to meet with clients. Social work can be emotionally draining do to understaffing and heavy caseload and pressure from their agencies. In the year 2000 social workers held 468,000 jobs. The majority of the jobs are located in state, county, or municipal government. Child, family, and school social workers held about 281,000 jobs. Medical and public health social workers held 104,000 of the jobs. Mental health and substance abuse social workers held 83,000 of the jobs. Employment is expected to grow faster then the average job. There are two degrees available to become a social worker. There are the bachelor and masters degrees. A bachelor degree is the minimum requirement to enter the field. Some agencies ask that you have a degree in psychology or sociology. The masters degree is needed to work in the mental and health areas. Social workers also have to be licensed to enter field that related to the health field. The social work field is expected to grow until the year 2010. The number of jobs in hospital will become larger because of older people leave families to stay in...
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I shall discuss gender as an inequality. I am mindful that there are no hierarchies of anti-oppressive practice and that the issues of 'race', class, sexuality, disability and age bear equal importance, but as I have discussed in previous essays, whilst each oppressed group is distinct, the issues can be transposed from one area to another. Gender, in this case, simply provides a tool for analysis. I drew upon anti-oppressive practice, with particular relevance to gender and 'race', in order to inform a discussion that is relevant for youth and community workers in practice today. In examining these crucial issues Introduction: This essay attempts to define the concept of anti oppressive practice. I have tried to illustrate through both personal dealings, as a supervisor of a multi care agency, and, factual information how the asylum seekers within the St Helens community have suffered oppression at the hands of both the other existing communities they are expected to co exist with, as well as, the service providers. I then go on to demonstrate what I was able to do and actually achieved when providing a service and assistance to this particular minority group. During my time working within the St Helens borough I was stationed at Warrington Road. An area that was predominantly a council housing estate, high-rise flats and maisonettes also featured in this district. Its population was approximately 40,000 people, from varying social and religious backgrounds. Unemployment was high. I had worked in the area for over six years and in more recent years I noticed an increase in the number of asylum seekers being placed in the community. Particularly being concentrated around the Clock Face area of St Helens. The initial problem this sector of the community faced was access to the state welfare provisions. Complex and strict qualifying regulations had identified that asylum seekers live...
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Individual, Locality and Structural 1. Apply each of the three categories to the attached case scenario. 2. Each of the three categories of explanations suggests policies that are based on the nature of each explanation. Identify what policies might be suggested by each of the three explanations in relation to the case scenario. 3. Identify the strengths and weaknesses of each of these explanations in relation to the case scenario. A responsibility of social work is to provide for people in society who are in positions of weakness, stress or vulnerability. Social work is a service that operates in response to human need. To perpetuate change on a large scale a social workers capacity for accurate communication and empathy have to be allied to a broader appreciation of the way that environments impact on different individuals and groups (Blackburn 1992). Social workers can make an important contribution to developing and understanding the balances that exist between stressful and supportive elements at individual, local and structural levels. Social work can play an important role in developing policies to combat social problems. After giving a brief explanation of the three terms local, 'individual, locality and structural' I will examine a number of areas within the case scenario; these are the problems of unemployment, delinquency, and the general lack of a positive environment. I will present the policies, generally linked to the field of social work, suggested by each of the terms in relation to these problems. To gain a better perspective of the important issues I will attempt to identify the strengths and weaknesses of these explanations in relation to the case scenario. Social work at a individual level in broad terms is concerned with response to a social problems on a one to one basis, that is one worker working with an individual or family, this is...
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added: 11/11/2011
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