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When I was a little girl growing up, I always wanted to be independent. I wanted to do things by myself. I never wanted anybody to help me in anything that I would do. This tendency of mine has always been in my head until now. This is the reason why I decided to take up medical assisting and hopefully in the future will make me live independently, earning my own money as I will continue to pursue a nursing course. My real goal in life is to become a nurse and I thought by being a medical assistant first will help me go to college. I can see myself treating patients, taking care of seniors and seeing them get better. I know this is what I really want to be. I just love to be with people this way. Another reason why I want to be a nurse is that nurses will always be in demand as partners of doctors in the hospital. Hospitals will never cease to be there because no matter how people take care of themselves, illnesses will always be there if we are not careful enough. With the kind of job that nurses do, they also get better pay and who wouldn't strive to earn more money. We need more and more money. Needs and wants of people will never stop as long as we are alive. Furthermore, hospital workers have a lot of benefits compared to other professionals. They and their families are fully covered with health insurance and other medical benefits. They also have opportunities for advancement in education if they choose to because some hospitals send their employees to college for free as long as they continue to serve in that hospital for the rest of their lives. Top Ten Reasons to Become a Nurse 1. Pays...
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Hacking is the act of penetrating a closed computer system for the knowledge and information that is contained within. Through the study of technology and computers a hacker can open his mind and expand his knowledge. Hacking is intended to free information and expand minds, not to be destructive nor for material gain. Although there is always some debate because of how the term hacker has been both glorified and undermined by common media, but most will say that those who destroy data, hack for money or with illegal intent should be referred to as crackers, not hackers. Everyone has to start somewhere, and since hacking will continue to grow and transform as technology progresses, there will always be newcomers. Due to the increased media publicity about hackers, the underground, and the Internet, the flood of beginners has increased incredibly. But, there is no simple answer to this question. The best way to start, and continue, building your knowledge base is to read up on material that interests you. Try locating everything you can, on and offline, about hacking, computers, programming, cellular phones, whatever interests you. Then read it, study it, and understand it. Reading is the key to learning your new craft, and there are tons of text files available that will get you started on your attack into the world of hacking and the computer underground. Simply read everything you can get your hands on. Learn about the Internet and the various services available through it (such as WWW, FTP, IRC, Telnet, etc.). You must try to learn on your own. Don't go clicking the first email link you see and then asking every question you can think of. Hacking is about learning and finding out things for yourself, you will not be spoon fed information, you must go out...
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added: 03/16/2011
As I walked down the hall of a huge building holding my fathers hand. I heard screams coming from all directions. "Dr. Lewis to room 114! Dr. Lewis to room 114!" I heard over the loud speaker. My father told me that we were going to see my new sister and that I was going to be a big brother. I was only 7 but I knew that this was going to be an important day that would change my life forever. I got to room 114 eager to see my new sister. As I walked in, I screamed "mom" and started to run to her. Before I could get to her, my dad called me over and told me he wanted to talk to me outside. We left the room and he told me that my mom was very tired and that loud noise would disturb the baby. He explained to me that I was now a big brother with a lot of responsibilities. I would now have to share my room, toys, and parents' attention with her. I was upset and started to cry. My dad calmed me down a little and we went back into the room. As we entered the room, I smiled at my mother, she smiled back at me and signaled for me to come to her. I walked over and I saw the smallest, cutest little thing that I had ever seen. It was my baby sister. I looked at her and she looked at me with her big eyes. My mom asked me if I wanted to hold her. As I held her in my arms, she just looked at me and I looked at her. I knew this was going to be a day like that I would remember forever. I looked...
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Lying helpless on the ground is a humbling experience. It was hot that day, a dry heat. Texas summers are brutal, not knowing the exact moment when your body shuts down from dehydration. It was one of the worst summers, with temperatures in the lower hundreds. The grass was dead and the ground was hard and rocky, perfect to dive on. Playing soccer in Texas is odd; the weather is too cold or too hot. The only colors that stood out on the field were the dark blues and blacks of jerseys in a sea of brown. Being a goalkeeper, I have most of the responsibility to keep the team organized, if I fail at that job, it costs a goal. I started to cry from the pain, and blacked out. Breaking my neck definitely changed my perception of life. We were already losing, and I was close to dehydration myself. My coaches, Kerri and Jerry, were yelling at my defenders to pick it up. I repeated it at the top of my lungs when I had to make sprawling save for the upper corner of the goal. As I threw the ball back into play, I yelled at Sean, my not-so-bright sweeper, with fiery words that would make a sailor blush. I bent down putting my hands on my knees in a futile effort to regain my sense of time and space. I was dehydrated. I looked around, desperately trying to find a yellow shirt. Everything was blurry, but I could make it out. "Hey, Mr. Official! How much time is left?" I yelled. He threw two hands up with five fingers on one, and two on the other. I could do this; there is only seven minutes to go in the half. I sucked it up, and started to...
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Pierce Adams adams 1 S.M. Balding English 111 September 10, 2003 The Year's Analysis On August 11, 2002, as friends and I gather the night before our first day of senior year. With all of our friends sitting around and reminiscing about the first three years of high school we start making all the right predictions about how exciting and fun the coming up year is going to be, and how fast its going to fly by. With all the underclassmen looking up towards us as if we were God, there has been no other greater feeling throughout our years at Apex High School. In the year to come we looked forward to the being of the "Top Dogs" on campus, having very slack classes, and most importantly, we looked forward to the week we were going to spend together for spring break. The graduating class of 2003 just completed the best year of their lives. The only word that can describe Apex high in two thousand two and two thousand three is seniors. This is the best year that anyone can go through throughout their years in grammar school. Personally that was the best time of my life. As of August 12, 2002 the graduating class of two thousand three were the "Top Dogs" around Apex High. On the first day of school, with eight-teen and nine-teen year olds running up and down the halls yelling and screaming SENIORS after a long night of partying, I walked up and down the halls, through classrooms, through the parking lot, and all I could hear was "Man, he's big," "I can't wait to be like him," and "please don't hurt me!" These were the cries of the underclassmen as they focused on how much fun it was for students to be seniors. If a senior ever needed...
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added: 11/15/2011
There was a group of friends that was very united. They were always together. They had a great friendship, and were recognized for it. This group of friends consists of: · Belinda: a responsible girl that cares for others. · Hildy: a nice girl who is very friendly. · Frank: the oldest of the 3 and also the most irresponsible; usually gets in trouble. The story is about this group that, as I said, was very unite, until April Fools, the day that changed their lives. All began where there was going to be a party out of town, and Frank who was the only one with an I.D. was the one to drive. The problem was that in the party he exceeded in beers, and because his state of unconsciousness he didn't know what he did. Belinda was starting her day at school as normal. She arrived to school without knowing that she will suddenly be very scared. She got to Hildy and they started chatting. Then, Frank came with a good new: " There's gonna be a party this Saturday at my friends house, you are invited." That was his words. This party was of some college buddies of Frank´s older brother. That Saturday will always be present in Belinda´s mind. That Saturday no one wondered of what was going to happen. Everyone thought it will be a great party and that everything will go wonderful. This party was out of town and on...on April Fool's Day. Yes, it was going to be on April 1st. That week no one talked of anything that was not about the party. Around the school the only thing that was heard was: "This party will be great." Of course, that there was going to be beers, as in any college party. Belinda at first...
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Beloved Grandmother Community service is something that you can do in many ways, shapes and forms. You don't have to be someone special to help; you just have to be there on your own free will to be a good helper. No one can force you to do community service. No matter what you do there is nothing like the feeling of giving back to your community. The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines community service as services volunteered by individuals or an organization to benefit a community or its institutions or similar work performed by law offenders to serve a sentence in lieu of or in addition to jail time. I started to do community service when I was in seventh grade. My school was big on helping the community. Some of the school organizations would go out and do community service projects as part of their school activity. We raked leaves for the elderly citizens in our community on a Saturday morning. One of the clubs backed apple pies and delivered them to all of the homebound citizens as a good will offering. I participate in a thirty-hour famine to raise money to send to a country ravished by famine of the group's choice. We collected nonperishable food items for the local food shelf and raised money to be sent to the country of our choice. I would work on anything that was needed to be done. I work on anything from habitat for humanity houses to church daycares. To me being active in my community is a part of who I am and where I come from. "Ouch!" I cried after I ran into the corner of the coffee table. I knew that my brothers, cousins and I shouldn't be running in the house but isn't that the only fun way to play tag?...
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added: 10/18/2012
It was a normal, average, beautiful day on the 11th of September of 2001. As James walked to school, he was thinking about what his day was going to be like. Then he figured that it was just going to be an average day because there wasn¡¯t going to be any special events that day. James hated school. He was one of the unpopular kids and the teachers didn¡¯t even like him because he wasn¡¯t bright or anything likes that. James was in his second period class when there was an extremely loud blast followed by the principal telling the whole school over the P.A that they must evacuate the building immediately. Everyone in the class was confused and surprised and when they got outside, they had found out what happened. About 2km away, the twin towers had what seemed to be airplanes crashed in them. The buildings were both on fire and they looked like they were going to collapse and second. The funny thing was that no one moved. They just stood there looking at the buildings in awe. Before they realized it, one of the towers came tumbling down onto the city. Then everyone started running. These students were extremely lucky that they were 2kms away. Most of the people who were closer to the tower had been swept away. This was a very sad day for many people. Jessica Joy is truly an interesting character in the story ¡®Losing Forever¡¯ by Gayle Friesen. She is a teen whose parents have recently had a divorce. Her mother found another man, Cal and is planning to have a second wedding. To make things worse for Jes, Cal¡¯s daughter has to come live with Jes and even share her bedroom. Amidst all the events that are taking place in here life, Jes...
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The pursuit of knowledge has always been human nature. In our history we have always tried to make newer and better things, there are always more improved cars being made, computers are getting smaller and smaller and of course faster. Same thing is happening to cell phones they are getting incredibly small. The question is: when is this going to stop, where is the limit? Scientist are by now able to clone sheep so humans can't be far away. Like I said before when is this pursuit of knowledge going to stop, what time is it going to be enough? There is a lot of controversy surrounding this topic, is it really wrong to clone a human being? "Clones will be grown to produce spare parts for other people, or to be used for medical research. Thus, clones -- who will be, of course, human beings -- will be treated as disposable property, with fewer rights than any slave, bred and killed for the benefit of others."(Jay Johnson) The professor of the University of Florida puts it in perfect words, human clones are going to be treated just like animals and even worst. Clones are going to be bread for only one purpose: to give their owner anything he wants, if clones are going to be made there are going to be owners of actual humans. And when one person owns another person he can take from him what ever he likes, an arm, a leg, or a heart. All this is pretty unimaginable, but it is the future of cloning. Evan two hundred years ago people were thinking how dangerous knowledge can be. Mary Shelly who wrote Frankenstein didn't get her idea from a dream or a wild imagination but she got it from Dr. Darwin the famous scientist. "During one...
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added: 10/16/2011
I still remember that sad summer day when my storybook life came crashing down. I was washing the mound of dishes that stacked up daily in our kitchen. I didn't mind the dishes because half the time was spent splashing in the water making giant soapy bubbles that were fun to pop. My clothes usually got drenched, but that was okay. My mom drove in the driveway unusually early that day. I noticed she looked sad and didn't ask me any questions like how my day was and the usual. What she did say was that we needed to have a family meeting. We always dreaded the long boring meetings talking about chores and manners and such, but I was dreading this one much more. I was scared. It sounded very serious. Plus, I noticed how mom and dad had been verbally fighting so much lately. Our life wasn't perfect, but my parents usually got along. We met in our cluttered living room to talk. The extremely painful, scary, and final words of divorce came from my mother's trembling mouth and I could see by the look of shock in each of our eyes that it wasn't going to be easy for any of us. We were numb. Our house was always a disaster. It had four bedrooms and two huge bathrooms. It was a never-ending chore. No matter how much we cleaned, it didn't seem to matter. We had blue carpet with little white speckled spots called paper that we were too lazy to pick up. We would put our school bags in the corner of the room near the doorway where they would often end up dumped all over the place. There were also old crinkled up homework papers with winter coats and shoes, at least three pairs of shoes for...
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