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Vincent van Gogh had definitely earned the respect from Paris avant-garde, and even through history, he still remained one of the greatest artists. Van Gogh became an artist at the age of 27. He created hundreds of bold, brilliant paintings. Due to the fast city pace, it had affected his psychological condition. As a result, he preferred to work by himself. When he was 33, he moved to Paris, becoming into a brilliant colorist. Two years later, he moved to Arles, producing bold, bright paintings and drawings at a miraculous rate. He started suffering illness of insanity. He moved to Auvers, near Paris, continuing to paint in his own way. Unfortunately, he killed himself at the age of 37. His work represents the epitome of expressionism: color, line, and brush stroke are used to express his emotional response to the subject rather than to describe it correctly. The Night Cafe painted in 1888, was meant to convey a darker side of the world through the distortion of colors, the content of the painting, and the symbols (For example, the clock) that lied within the painting. The Night Cafe is Oil on Canvas, 28.5" x 36.25". In the painting, there were people resting, beer bottles on the table, empty and chairs, and the clock, which indicated the lateness of time. It had an unusual perspective the floor of the cafe covers a large portion of the canvas. It almost appeared as that the artist was suspended high the room to achieve this vantage point. The gas lighting had been introduced at that time, and it allowed the cafe to stay opened very late, as it indicated on the clock. Because of the lateness of time, the night cafe often attracted homeless and drifters. The lighting in the cafe was very dim, and it...
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added: 04/30/2011
Do We Need to How Know Write to? You are eighteen years old, sitting in front of a blank computer screen. It's already twelve o'clock, you just got back from your friend's house, and a paper is due tomorrow; a paper that you were assigned two weeks ago. The paper is on a book you never read by Patty Davis. It's late and you are tired. With a click of a mouse, a few entered words, and some brief scanning, you have located a paper online with exactly what you are looking for. Before even proofreading it, you print it out, staple it, and head off for bed. Most people may see this student's unethical decision is uncommon among today's children. Unfortunately plagiarism and "shared writing" is a growing problem among America's youth. According to a study done last spring, "One out of every three high school students will get a book summary, research paper, essay or speech offline during the school year" (Education Today). These "easy-out" homework methods are turning today's children into laid-back, lazy students who believe they no longer have to work for their grades. The major problem is that these students don't realize they are hurting themselves in the long run. In today's society, a young adult without competent and applicable writing skills will have a hard time finding a good job that doesn't require the phrase "Would you like fries with that". Winar 2 Since writing skills are so important, East Carolina University requires every student to take the English 1100 and 1200 courses in order to graduate. Everyone has room for growth and these courses are designed to improve any student's writing skills. My 12th grade Advanced Placement English teacher would always say "A student who can't write well is like a blind traffic cop; you can't expect...
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added: 11/09/2011
With any essay that I write, my main objective is to paint a picture with words. There are three basic guidelines that I follow in order to paint this picture. By writing down my ideas, putting my ideas together on a word processor and then going back to revise is how I compose an essay or any other written work. I feel that these guidelines are essential to a well developed essay. When I'm given a writing assignment, one of the first things that I do is focus on the subject or topic of the essay. If it's a subject that I am knowledgeable of, I would add my own input and incorporate it into my writing. And if it's not a subject that I am familiar with, I would do some type of research on the subject. One of the most important processes of my written work is the gathering of detailed ideas. When I am forming ideas about my subject for an essay, the first thing that I usually do is concentrate on what I want to write. What do I want to say to my audience? What is the purpose of my writing? I have learned that by knowing the purpose of your writing keeps you focused on it. Once I have found the answers to these questions, I try to stay focused. I gather details for my subject that will help support and develop it. I try to utilize sensory details, specific examples, facts and statistics, or incidents or anecdotes - if they are needed. The next thing that I do is figure out how do I want to say it. I'll start by writing out a few sentences about my subject and then I determine which one represents my idea most effectively. Once I have found...
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added: 10/08/2011
Throughout time people have been interested in fear. The average reader thinks of fear they probably think of werewolves and vampires. The average movie viewer will probably think of Freddie Krueger or Jason Voorhees. The reason people want horror and suspense is to be scared or paranoid. Lots of people want to be scared in safe ways. The authors job is to find the persons biggest fear, put it into a dark hole, let it rot, and then put it onto paper just to make you think twice about having a pet, or going to the movies tomorrow, or even open your eyes. It makes life that much more interesting. When we read a suspense thriller, it makes you get on your tip toes' trying to figure out what is going to happen next; it hooks you and reels you in. A good author knows fear and how to use it. Here are a couple of classic examples of common everyday fear or disbelief: • The look on the face of your doctor who is about to tell you the results of your test • The confirmed reality that your spouse is having an affair • The call in the middle of the night from the police regarding a car accident involving your son or daughter • The realization the person peeking through your windows is someone you know or worse, someone you don't • The feeling in your gut when you awake and realize your newborn hasn't stirred all night • Dark places • The low growl your dog makes when you are in the house alone • The need to keep both feet covered while you sleep • Heights • Ground zero • Taking a test • A police car in your rear view mirror • Spiders Making a good horror story requires things to be so like the readers life, just the...
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added: 12/22/2011
Simple. It goes like this. judgement and disapproval from his surrounding community resulting in many incidents of injustice and discrimination towards his character. "So had his way of life….and he never strolled in to the village to drink a pint at the Rainbow." Within the community of Raveloe the majority of the people strolled to the village for a drink, as this quote signifies Silas Marner did not do this, and because of this was viewed as different. In Raveloe, people were suspicious because they didn't know where he came from. He did not socialize and he was a hard worker. We also come across the instance where some children kept coming up to Silas' house and peeping in the window. When Silas Marner looked at them they would run away. "he liked their intrusion so ill that he would fix on them a gaze that was always enough to make them take to their legs in terror". The children did this because Marner was different. Throughout the book Silas had some fits. This was probably the main reason people though he was different. One instance was when Jem Rodney found Silas Marner having one of his fits. "He saw that Marner's eyes were set like a dead mans". In Lantern Yard, they thought his soul had left his body, "But there might be such a thing as a man's soul being loose from his body, and going out and in, like a bird out of its nest and back". Silas worked long and hard sitting at his loom. This may have been the cause of his appearance, his hunched back and pale eyes. "A pallid young man with prominent, short sighted brown eyes". Another example of injustice within "Silas Marner" is the way the community he lives in, judge him. When a cobbler's wife Sally Oates shows the symptoms of heart disease...
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added: 02/13/2012
There are many techniques to writing a good essay. An essay is very important and is usually somewhat short, so it is important to be very clear and prompt. The structure or plan of your essay is very critical. Also the paper should cover everything to make it easier to understand. Another thing to keep in mind when writing an essay is to keep everything clear. The structure of your essay is extremely important. I know if you are anything like me you hate the word structure when it comes to writing a paper. You will find out later that it is extremely important. No matter what, you must always have a thesis, something to base what you are writing about. Your thesis should be proven very early in the paper. Your thesis should also be backed up with several statements and evidence. Then your statements should be followed with other statements. But remember not to make it too lengthy and do not get away from the point (thesis) you are trying to prove. This is the most effective and fastest way to do a plan on a paper. Your paper should also cover everything that is required to make it better. Make one hundred percent sure that your introduction and thesis is covered and make sure your reader knows what the paper is about. You cannot have one without the other. When proving your thesis make sure you have enough general and major evidence to help you. Always remember to have proper diction and don't forget the level of writing you will be using. Once again make sure that your thesis is proven. Be sure to have a good amount of specific evidence. This is very important as well when proving your thesis. Always remember when you're writing not to forget...
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added: 11/07/2011
Write An Essay: The Writing Process In this paper you will learn how to successfully write an essay by following the writing process. Laurie G. Kirszner and Stephen R. Mandell authors of Patterns for College Writing, introduce step-by-step instructions for successfully petting together an essay together. Prewriting is very important in writing an essay because it will help you brainstorm ideas. You can brainstorm by reading journals and diaries. After this it is best to group your ideas. Grouping your ideas helps you to organize your thoughts so the essay has a chronological sequence by either an outline or clustering. Then you have the outline. The outline is the key point in the body paragraphs of the essay. When the outline is completed it is transferred into paragraphs. You also have to know the different sections of an essay such as, the introduction, the body paragraphs, and the conclusion (paraphrasing). The length, audience, and occasion of the topic in which you are writing should be a part of brainstorming and your prewriting (paraphrasing). The length of the essay should be considered. For example: if your teacher tells you to write a two-page essay, you will want to limit the writing and stress mainly on the key factors of the topic. A purpose is how you are going to word what you want to say in the essay (paraphrasing). Do you want to influence the reader to believe your opinion on a particular subject? Is it directed towards customers and are you trying to get them to buy something? These are examples of questions to ask yourself to determine the purpose of the topic in the essay. Next is your audience. Decide what group you are writing the essay to. If you were to write the essay to an employer, you would want...
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Educating Rita- the summary Act one Scene one The hairdresser Rita wants to become educated. She enrolled into an open university and was accepted. Rita get a tutor- Frank-. This scene describes the first meeting between both. Frank expects an insecure, shy woman. But Rita is self- assured, extroverted and speaks a lot. They talk about irrelevant themes like pictures alcohol and about smoking. Rita tells Frank, that she wants to know everything. Frank hesitates, because he is undoubted about his qualification to teach her. Scene two Rita visits Frank for the second time. While entering his room she is oiling the door handle. She wanders and takes a seat. They start talking about education and they begin to discuss about books. Then they speak about Howards End by E.M. Foster Rita has a different opinion about this book than Frank does. Then Rita starts a conversation on Franks wife. He tells that they broke up and that he is now living with an former student. Then Rita says again that she wants to get teached by Frank and he agrees. They argue about the best teaching method, but finally they agree that if Rita wants an education she needs to discipline herself. Then Rita leaves the room. Scene three Rita complains about a book ( E.M. Forster), she had to read. The essay, she wrote about another book seems to be bad, Frank said. Rita wanted to do well, but she didn't does it in a way Frank expected. So he tells her to be more objective. Later they talked about a book and its title, if it is perverted. Scene four Rita and Frank were talking about Ritas "Peer Gynt" essay. Frank wonders about its shortage. Than they were talking about, what is expected in an examination and how to write an essay. Later they had a talk about...
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i dont really know how to write an essay. I am not sure what you want me to do.Before purchasing the car, there was a small ticking noise which Yoshio determined to be some sort of exhaust leak. This was a good opportunity to try some new products. Yoshio installed a beautiful stainless steel TANABE header and downpipe for the SC directly from Japan (43mm primaries, 44.5 mm secondaries, 60mm collector). After the downpipe and header were installed, Yoshio installed a Blitz oversized pulley and HKS camshafts. He fine tuned the car with a new Techtom ECU upgrade. Needless to say the car is now fast..... The interior leather was really worn down. So Tario decided to reupholster the seats. He decided to colour match with the blue from his Momo steering wheel. The work was done by Innovative Interiors at Markham and Finch. Finshed product looks great!! Yoshio also installed a dual gauge pod housing a Greddy boost meter and Autometer Ultralite AF gauge. The Eudora Welty Newsletter was established by William McDonald in 1977 at the University of Toledo as a necessary and long-overdue tool of scholarship, information, and homage to one of America's most beloved writers, Eudora Welty. Since that time, it has evolved to include bibliographic references to her works, textual analyses, news and queries about Eudora Welty and her works, and checklists of scholarship. After twenty years of leadership by Dr. McDonald, the Newsletter has now moved to its new home at Georgia State University under the direction of its new editor, Pearl A. McHaney, and business manager, Thomas L. McHaney The editors of the Eudora Welty Newsletter are constantly seeking new information about such Welty news items as adaptations of her works, forthcoming conferences of interest to Welty scholars, and awards given to Welty in acknowledgement of...
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