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Early segregation of basketball was the beginning of a large impact on the game in later years. In sports, discrimination against those of color will always be an everlasting presence. The fight against racism goes back into the years past slavery. During that time, it was mainly white people versus black people. Today, in this multicultural society there are many minority groups feeling the squeeze of being born "non-white." However, there is little that can be done to change this frame of mind that is symbolic of society as a whole. In basketball history, African American med could learn basketball as adolescents and play in leagues through high school and college. It is obvious that there is a massive amount of talent in African Americans who play basketball at levels ranging from junior high schools all the way up to the pros. Because of the amount of athletes who dreamt of fame and at the same time had an enormous love for the game, programs were created to help them. Early segregation of basketball was the beginning of a large impact on the game in later years. Sports have always been an arena for criticism, hatred, and discrimination of certain groups or individuals. Along with the racism in sports come the stereotypes. For example, the notion that black athletes are the most talented at basketball because they can all jump very high. The argument that black people are the best basketball players is very strong for many reasons. Almost eighty percent of the athletes in the NBA are of African American descent. Arguably, the greatest player in the history of the game, Michael Jordan, is a black person. At first, whites dominated basketball because blacks were not allowed to play the game. Out of many varsity level basketball teams, only a...
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added: 12/10/2011
Personal Statement Describe and discuss a significant experience or achievement that has special meaning to you. The 1998 varsity football season was both a significant experience and achievement for me. It was so extraordinary that it defiantly has a special meaning to me. As a team we won North Coast Section (NCS) of California, Division III, and were ranked number one in the state, Division III. This immense reward was not simply given out to every team but instead we had to earn it. After it was all over and completed I could truthfully say that earning it was not easy. One week after we got out for summer last year we started preparing ourselves physically for the upcoming season. As a team through the whole summer we lifted and ran four days a week. It was difficult because all the other high school kids were at the beach, while I was working hard in the gym or on the track. In the championship game I was the one out there while they were the ones in the stands wishing they could be a part of it all. That summer was when I knew varsity football was going to be a commitment. The night before we were going to begin double days, two practices every day for a week, we all slept in the gym as one group united as a team. During that evening we discussed and set goals that we would strive for and that would guide are season on a prosperous path. We came up with three goals: go undefeated, win NCS, and be number one in the state. From that point on I committed myself to the team and that it stood for and represented. I knew this commitment would need my devotion and I felt...
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I use behavior management techniques on a daily basis to appropriately influence and direct my athletes. It is important that they act and behave and train themselves to do so in the most positive, efficient, organized and disciplined manner possible. This in turn, I believe, allows them to have the best opportunity to accomplish their goals and experience success on a regular basis. Attempting to modify their behaviors and ways of thinking through reinforcement of positive expectations, which hopefully leads to a more relaxed, controlled and predictive state of behavior, does this. It is important for a coach to be positive and lead in a positive manner on a regular basis, just as it is important for a leisure services professional to do so in order to maintain positive relationships and actions while leading recreational and leisure services activities. A coach, through the use of specific performance expectations can accomplish significant behavior modifications towards both positive relationships and actions. Promoting and redirecting behavioral patterns and ways of thinking towards positive self-expectancy, positive self-image, positive self-control, positive self-esteem, positive self-direction, and positive self-awareness can achieve optimal positive behavioral modification. A positive coach helps players redefine what it means to be a winner through a mastery of these behavior modifications. He must continually set the example. He sees victory as a by-product of the pursuit of excellence. He focuses on preparation and effort rather than outcome and on learning rather than comparison to others. He tries to produce an overall attitude of personal optimism and enthusiasm. He recognizes that mistakes are an important and inevitable part of learning and fosters an environment in which players don't fear making mistakes. While not ignoring the teaching opportunities that mistakes present, he teaches players that a key to success is how one approaches a task, either positive...
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Task 1: The behaviour of the modern professional sports person is coming under increasing scrutiny. They are expected to portray good behaviour at all times, whether on or off the sports field. This is because there is an increasing interest in sport, and sports people, and the media coverage is huge. Along with this coverage, sports people are gaining larger salaries and sponsorship deals than before, so they are now under more pressure to act as role models. Any bad behaviour they commit is picked up on and dissected in the media. Bad behaviour can be breaking rules, cheating, unsporting behaviour, drug taking or even a lack of commitment or passion. All of this will be picked up on. Sports people now know this and these outside influences can affect their performances or alter the way they approach certain situations. The sport that has seen the biggest rise in interest recently is football. Football is the most popular sport in Britain and it takes up the most space, of all sports, in the media. Football also has huge amounts of money involved in it with television and sponsorship deals. For these reasons footballers are almost constantly under the spotlight. This has huge implications for their behaviour. Up until quite recently it would have been seen as ok for footballers to lead a 'normal' lifestyle, they would have been able to have a punch up on the field or go out drinking. But now all of this is frowned upon as they have been thrust into becoming role models. They are supposed to be live the perfect life style...
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All You're Losing is You With a bone crunching right-hand jab to the head, Fredrick fell down to earth with a thud. As Fredrick is left crushed lying on the ground, the might of the football team has him surrendering for mercy. "You're nothing but a pitiful 'four-eyed' freak," said the quarterback as he stood tall and in power. "If you ever go near me or my friends I swear you will regret it" Fredrick has just arrived back to Australia after leaving for Wales on a five-year exchange program. One of Frederick's best friends, Sam, and newly elected captain of the football team is shocked to see what has become of his old friend. "Fredrick," as Sam says before a long pause. "You look… good." "I suppose since you're captain of your precious football team now you would have become too cool for me, or you'll just hate me cause of the rest of the team." "Yeah… well I guess some friendships just aren't meant to be." Fredrick is shattered to hear what Sam has said about him and is hungry to get revenge on his old friend. Fredrick's fury for Sam is soon settled as he meets a girl called Jess who accepts his way of life. A similarity in personalities and hobbies has brought these together and in a short time a strong relationship is formed. Sam is shocked to think he said such hash things to his once best friend. "I am so sorry for saying those things about you before… they were uncalled for and if the football team doesn't like it they can stick it," said Sam while they stood alone in the corridor. "You're not sorry, you're the same as the rest of the football team… you have no feelings," Fredrick yelled in anger. "So this is it, is it… a great friendship down...
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added: 12/29/2011
Bio-mechanical Principles of the Serve Bio-mechanics is the science that looks at the internal and external factors acting on the human body and the effects produced by these factors. Bio-mechanics studies what makes a body move and the results of that movement. The two main principles of the tennis serve are motion and force. Motion is the "continued change of position of an object in space" Force is the "push and pull" or the effect that one object has on another. Some definitions used when discussing motion are: Mass - amount of materials of which an object is made Weight - force of an attraction between an object and the earth. weight = mass x gravity Inertia – object's resistance to change in motion and proportions to the object's mass. Velocity – rate at which an object moves from one place to another Acceleration – rate at which velocity changes with respect to time. Movement of the human body can only take place in the joints. The shoulder and elbow joints act as internal axes to arm movements. Any object that is released into the air becomes a projectile (tennis ball). As a human body, you and the object's you propel can be considered projectiles ie striking a tennis ball. The projectiled tennis ball is governed by the principles of velocity, height and distance. The tennis balls path of flight is influenced by the force applied to it, establishing: it's velocity at release, the angle of release, the height of release, the impact and spin The most important of the forces applied to the projectile is the propelling force, and this determines how far the ball will travel. Opposing this force are the forces of gravity, which acts on vertical motion, and air resistance, which acts on horizontal motion. Gravity's influence depends on the weight of the object. The heavier the object, the greater the acceleration towards...
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Before icons, there had to be those who paved the way. They are the ones we should thank for the stars of today and yesteryear. These men faced extreme racism and adversity so that people of today would know such athletes as Michael Jordan, Tiger Woods and Jim brown. Jackie Robinson broke major league baseball's color barrier over 50 years ago, but he wasn't the first black to play in the majors. In 1884, the Toledo Blue Stockings of the American Association had two black players: Moses Fleetwood Walker and his brother Welday. Although Welday appeared in just five games, Moses shared catching duties, playing in 42 games and batting .263. Both players were gone the next year and no black appeared in organized baseball again until 1946, when Robinson first played for the Brooklyn Dodgers' Montreal farm team. A year later, he moved into the majors with the Dodgers. Jack Roosevelt Robinson was the first player to break Major League Baseball's color barrier. Born in Cairo, Georgia, to a family of sharecroppers, he grew up in Pasadena California. His mother, Mallie Robinson, single-handedly raised Jackie and her four other children. They were the only black family on their block, and the prejudice they encountered only strengthened their bonds to each other. In 1945, there were few career opportunities open to a black man, even to those who had attended college. Jackie played one season in the Negro Baseball League, traveling all over the Midwest with the Kansas City Monarchs. In 1947, when Jackie Robinson first donned a Brooklyn Dodger uniform, he pioneered the integration of professional athletics in America. By breaking the color barrier in baseball, the nation's number one sport, he courageously challenged the deeply rooted custom of racial segregation in both the North and the South. At the end of Robinson's...
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added: 11/29/2011
Spawned from road cycling in the mid 80's, mountain biking received looks of fear from most bystanders. Here were people on bicycles that had fat tires, many gears, and were able to go off road. As the years progressed and the presence of technology created bicycles that suited everyone's tastes, riders began to classify the different types of riding: cross-country, freeriding, and downhill. Cross-country and downhill riding is pretty self explanatory to most people, riders or not. Just incase, a simple definition of each should suffice. Few mountain bikers have the time to train the three days a week it takes to be in cross-country shape. Most riders ride on weekends only. Downhill and freeride do not require a high fitness level to enjoy. Because of all the climbing that downhillers do in on a chairlift or in a truck, friends with a disparity of fitness and skill can still ride together. This simply is not possible in a cross-country situation where group rides quickly turn into solo experiences. Madness needs time to take root. Nobody wakes up one morning and decides: "Hey, I'm going to quit bathing, put my belongings into a shopping cart, sleep in alleys and spend the rest of my life yelling psychological advice to passing motorists." We choose the path of our own destruction, one small step at a time, by making a series of bad judgments. Freeriders, downhillers, magazine editors, cinematographers, product designers, and bike company marketing stiffs didn't get together one day and decide to turn mountain bikers into outlaws, either. Somewhere along the road, however, we made a string of decisions that set a course towards self-destruction. Downhill and freeriding are legitimate factions of mountain biking that have a viable place within the sport. Big-travel bikes are not the problem, either. Without heavy, ultra-specialized...
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added: 01/17/2012
Black Like Me Black Like Me states numerous things about the way people used to be and how some still are treated today. This novel is an autobiographical diary of John Howard Griffin, a white journalist from Texas, who undergoes medical treatment to temporarily turn his skin black so he can understand what it is like to be a Negro in a land of racial segregation. Back in the late 1950's most white people would think it absurd to turn black and go into the south where it was known to be treated like a street-rat. America was two separate and unequal societies- one black and one white with no real communication between the two. Black people were cruelly treated as shown through examples of the white racists, all of John Howard Griffin's struggles and through my connections with different experiences in present day. First of all, the Negroes in the South were definitely treated extremely poorly. The various rabid white racists deliberately spew racial poison and almost provoke racial unrest so as to negate and annihilate the very identity of the Negroes. All they wanted was liberty and equality. Though nameless and faceless, their raw racism is indelible. Hey suffered poverty, hunger and homelessness. For example, John Griffin was chased and humiliated by a white boy for just simply walking by him at night and the boy just felt like antagonizing him. Also, white racists of John Griffin's hometown, after hearing of everything he was doing, hung his effigy on the main street, burn a cross at the local Negro School, and threaten to to have to flee to Mexico for his safety and his families. Thus proving how cruel and ignorant some people used to be just for something as simple as race. Most of the white race was...
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added: 02/20/2012
Blackmagic: The America¡¦s cup ¡§Obstacles are those frightful things you see when you take your eyes off the goal¡¨-Hannah More History- America¡¦s cup was a more traditional contest of Yatch racing in which representative¡¦s from different countries came together to participate in this competition. This was a one month long event consisting of three different stages. First was the Citizen¡¦s cup in which defender team came together building their boats and competing to get into the final cup. Second was the Louis Vuitton Cup in which the challenging teams came together to compete amongst them & the emerging champion went into final cup known as America¡¦s cup. Rules of the Game- This race became interesting because it had some set of rules to be followed before being qualified to race. Which were as follows- „« The length, breath & height of the boat had to be summed up & calculated to be not more then 12 meters.* „« Boat had to be built in their country of representation. „« Everyone involved in this race i.e. participants, designers, manufacturers had to be the resident of their representative country for 2 years. The first rule made it clear that restrictions on making the boat were clear still they had to find a way out to make the best out of it. The second rule made it clear that utilizing resources from any other country was difficult as the boat had to be built in their own country. The third rule was to see to it that the race is fair & no designer could go and look at other countries technology or designs. Factors affecting the race- Some factors made the race much more unpredictive & more challenging. These factors were: 1. Every year the race was held at different locations thus it was important to know the wind conditions of the race location. 2....
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Each year athlete's abilities to perform and exceed beyond previous year's seems to increase. Better training methods, better conditioning techniques, and better overall health of the athlete can contribute to this increased ability. However, "some athletes always seem to take it a step further. They engage in a process called blood doping." (Beckham, 2002, www). Blood doping, also called induced erythrocythemia, is an intravenous infusion of blood that produces an increase in the blood's oxygen carrying capacity. The blood doping procedure does increase an athlete's ability, but can potentially do more harm than good in the end. The ethics and safety issues concerning blood doping are very controversial throughout the scientific and athletic communities. The procedure to blood dope generally begins several weeks before an athlete's key competition. During this time 1 to 4 units of the athlete's blood is withdrawn. "The blood is then centrifuged and the plasma components are immediately reinfused while the remaining red blood cells are placed in cold storage (Beckham, 2002, www). The units of blood are now considered to be packed RBC's and are either refrigerated at 4 degrees C or frozen at –80 degrees C. Today's scientists recommend the freezing process because the freezing completely halts the aging process of the cells. Freezing can allow the blood to be stored for us to 10 years with only 10% to 15% red blood cell loss. When the athlete is ready to use the blood it is infused back into the body. This reinfusion process is generally done 1 to 7 days before the competition. When the process is done correctly it can increase the hemoglobin level and red blood cell count by up to 20%. Table 23-4 (Robertson, 1982, 490) The chart above shows the hemoglobin concentration remains maximally elevated for at least two weeks after infusion and...
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Bo Jackson Bo Jackson was born in a small town just outside Birmingham, Alabama called Bessemer. His father left his family and moved to the other side of the city when Vincent "Bo" Jackson was just a baby. He never did much to help Bo's mom of the rest of their very large family. He would come around very little and did hardly anything to support Bo's mom. Bo Jackson was one of ten children. His family lived in a two room house and they only had two beds for all ten of the children. Some of the children would sleep on the floor, which was dirt, and the others would sleep two to a bed. Their mother slept in the kitchen in her bed. Bo Jackson would always sleep next to the furnace because their house did not have any heat besides the furnace. Bo would actually wake up with scars and burns because he had touched the scalding iron of the furnace during the night while he was sleeping. Their house did not even have running water, so they obviously had an out house. When they got a new out house one time everyone in the neighborhood came to see it because it had a tin roof and a fresh concrete slab floor. The area that the Jacksons grew up in was an extremely poor neighborhood and hardly anyone had enough money to leave. Most houses, like Bo's, was very small and did not even have running water or any kind of heater or air conditioner. As a child and a teen-ager, Bo Jackson was a very strong, tough guy. He often used his size and strength for the wrong reasons and would bully other kids to get what he wanted. He would steal bicycles and other things just because...
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Through the years Britain has developed their own unique sports that they are associated with. The use of recreational time has led to the development of sports that are distinct and influential in Great Britain. Polo is a mounted sport that has made its mark in England. The object of the game is like our soccer in which "each team attempts to score goals by striking a ball with its sticks between the opponents' goalposts" (ROTG 274). Obviously the team that scores more goals is the winner. Polo and driving have many things in common, they both are fast paced and they both have right of ways for safety. If two separate players were going for the ball at different angles, it could result in a collision. That is why the rules state that whichever direction the ball is traveling, it is the angle one must come toward. No other rider may intersect in a dangerous manner. Safety is the most important factor in polo. That is in fact what "most of the rules of polo are" (Sport Polo 1). A player's gear is part of that important safety. If they are to fall, their helmet, which they must wear, will absorb the hit. While riders are required to wear one thing for safety, horses are not allowed to wear another for safety. Horses are not allowed to have nails in their shoes. Players make many other safety precautions. For example, because polo is played on the largest field of any organized sport which is three hundred by one hundred and sixty yards, "players must change mounts after each chukker" (Sport Polo 1). Chukkers are seven-minute periods. With eight chukkers per game and the extreme demands players put on their horses, it could be dangerous for just one horse. That is...
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The city of Denver, Colorado has recently put onto the election ballot, the vote for a new sports stadium to be located within the city of Denver. This Stadium will replace the existing Mile High Stadium, built in 1947, which provides facility for sports entertainment such as football and baseball, as well as social events such as concerts and automobile competitions. An evaluation of opinions for the new stadium is mixed. Funding for the new stadium will come from sales tax revenue within the Denver metropolitan area. Those who believe that they are already taxed sufficiently, oppose the new stadium, arguing that improvements to the existing stadium would be sufficient. Those who show great interest in the social events that occur within the existing stadium support the new tax. The purpose of this marketing plan is to bring forth the advantages of building a new stadium for the people of the Denver, Colorado area. The interest of sports on the internet has become increasingly abundant over the past few years. Anyone with access to the internet can check out scores and statistics of their favorite teams and players. People can find out everything that happened the night before with the click of a button, right from their office or laptop as if they were watching Sports Center or the morning news. Today, just about every professional and collegiate team has their own web site. If a friend or relative plays a sport at a distant college, chances are you can get up to date statistics on him/her by using the Internet. This new found technology has made the sports world more interesting and more enjoyable for sports fanatics. Both the sports enthusiast and non enthusiast share a common interest in the evolution of sports online. In 1992, the average American...
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Executive summary the gift in case that one becomes related with a company, the Cannondale Corporation, leader in the market of the bicycles of great performance. Betting in the innovation and the quality, the Cannondale has been enters the most sanctioned companies of the sector, having already profits some prémios for the performance and high quality of its products. Its related bicycles and products, are available for the whole world, but they are manufactured manually in the United States of America, fact this used to advantage to be the image of mark of the company (?Handmade in the USA). This report intends to be an analysis and complete evaluation to the current state of the Cannondale, such as also to the market in which the company if it inserts and its direct competitors. In the external evaluation, the main influential factors in the industry and the market of the bicycles of high gamma had been characterized. Through the model of Porter it was possible to verify the strong existing competition in the market. The Driving Forces and the strategical movements of the rivals had been also described. Through the internal evaluation, it was possible to know the situation of the company, its strategical position and more the value financial that possesss in relation its competitors. In order to synthecize all the relative information to this company, is presented a picture SWOT. To finish they had been presented and chosen some possible strategies in order to use to advantage potentials market chances. These proposals represent our vision on the current situation of the company and the form as this must act in the market to keep its level of success. 2 Presentation of the Company? Cannondale Sedeada Corporation in the United States and created in 1971 for Joe Montgomery (current CEO),...
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Describe the role of carbohydrates in an athlete's diet: Carbohydrates are the main fuel an athlete uses during exercise. Carbohydrates can be found in the body in two different forms, complex sugars and simple sugars. Simple sugars are either one, two, or at most three units of sugar linked together in single molecules. They are identified easily by their sweet taste. However, complex sugars are high in fibre and cellulose. They are found in vegetable foods and help to lower the chances for hypertension, cancer, arthritis and diabetes. According to Dr. Robert J. Reber at carbohydrate is a crucial fuel for exercise. The body makes its own carbohydrate store, known as glycogen, which is stored away in the liver and muscles. Glycogen is the body's fuel of choice for any exercise more intense than a gentle jog. This is because it can be broken down to provide energy more quickly than fat (the body's other major energy store). However, the snag with glycogen is that only limited amounts of it can be stored. This means that regular training, as well as competition where activity is at least an hour long, carries the risk of glycogen depletion. Low glycogen stores will mean a more sluggish performance and an increased risk of injury. Explain the concept of carbohydrate loading and how it is done: When you run for 90 minutes or longer your muscle glycogen stores become progressively lower. When they drop to critically low levels (the point of "glycogen depletion") you are exhausted and must drastically reduce your pace. Marathon runners frequently refer to muscle glycogen depletion as "hitting the wall." The wall usually occurs at around the 20-mile mark and running becomes virtually impossible. An obvious way to improve your endurance is to increase your muscle glycogen stores. The higher your pre-exercise muscle glycogen...
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"Catch a wave, paddle out, catch a wave, paddle out," that's a not so famous quote by my not so famous big brother. Unfortunately, the process of surfing is far from this easy. There are so many concepts and elements involved in the simple act of surfing. It requires a lot of planning, concentration, and endurance. All of these elements, combined with the perfect wave, present ideal conditions for surfing. So how many of you guys surf? How many have tried surfing? Thought about surfing?? Well, you are about to learn how in roughly 5-7 minutes! And if you have no desire to learn, just bear with me through this speech and I'll give you candy at the end! My justification is saltwater taffy - you know, surfing, the ocean, saltwater, saltwater taffy? Works for me! Anyway … First let me say that surfing is growing tremendously these days. It's growing so much, that the 2003 edition of Surfer Magazine reported there is now an Association of Surfing Lawyers which now has over 200 members! Which is pretty crazy since no one really pictures the guys in the suits and ties out in the water! Okay, now that you have some kind of idea how much surfing is growing, let me tell you how you can be one of those people out in the water catching waves right along with one of those lawyers that may have gotten you out of trouble for some kind of crazy thing you did during your reign at Florida State! Before you even think about heading out to the water, you need to purchase a board! It is very crucial that you find a board that is suitable for you. Obviously someone who is 6'4 couldn't use a board only 5'11. Long boards (boards roughly eight feet and...
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added: 01/12/2012 good site Welcome to E-Recruitment International International Recruitment is now online…. E-recruitment specialises in the areas of: • Business Management and Consultants including Frontline Management • Accounting - Financial and Taxation • ICT - Internet, E-Business, E-Security, Developers, Programmers and Cadetships. • We will also provide Sales, Marketing, and Office Support people when required. E-Recruitment International is a part of the AtoZed group of companies. We are setting up this recruitment arm of our business in response to demand from our clients; and to assist prospective clients with their recruitment needs. It is the perfect complement to our accounting, business consultancy, and taxation businesses; our Australian School of Business Technology (ASBT); and our migration consultancy - Dey & Associates. ASBT is registered and VETAB and CRICOS accredited for qualifications for over 30 disciplines. Through it, our graduates will be qualified and work ready in the areas of accounting and business management. We are looking to grow more into the IT sector. This college also focuses on the teaching of English, so any of our foreign born students and graduates will have the essential communication skills for the Australian workplace. Dey and Associates is a qualified migration consultancy, which assists employers and candidates with sponsorship; and those looking to migrate under the skilled migration policy. E-recruitment has a very strong candidate base, and a strong network of clients. Our policy is to source people through our website and from our own clients - and their diverse contacts--both here and overseas. If we are unable to locate a suitable candidate for you in this way, then we will advertise. Our pricing policy is more realistic than most of our competitors. We believe that we can provide an effective recruitment service at a lower cost than what you are usually charged. "Matching Dreams and Needs". In business we all have dreams. Usually also a vision....
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Charles Barkley is one of the most controversial professional athletes in any sport. Interestingly, the book doesn't deal so much with basketball, but it explores a wide range of interests. Every chapter presents a different theme and is organized as if you are reading twenty-five separate essays. Barkley speaks his mind on each topic such as politics, the economics of the world, controversy, life can't be serious all of the time and even more serious topics such as September 11. One of the most intriguing issues he discusses is race and he explains that, "poor white people and poor black people just don't know how much they have in common." With that he describes how his own race doesn't want to see other black people become successful in their realm and to create a new life. He also discusses how graduation rates have been declining greatly over the past decade due to the fact that America's colleges tend to fail in preparing student athletes for the working world. In other such chapters he complains about double standards. One of the more current issues he writes about is the punishment for priests who confess to having had sex with minors. The way he sees it, is that the Catholic Church shouldn't spend time gathering bishops in Rome or flying cardinals in from all over the world, because if you're having sex with little kids they need to be taken out of the churches and off the streets. He feels that too many people have been hiding behind political correctness. From a jarring topic like this, he will transition to others such as parents and teachers should be held most accountable as remodels. As you read the book you realize rather, if it has a theme, it is that he wants people to...
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Dedication. It is the key to any success. Before you can succeed, you must be dedicated to achieve your goals and fulfill your dreams. Regardless of what you strive to do taking certain steps will help you excel. Some people dream of becoming a firefighter while others dream of becoming a professional athlete. Most football, baseball, soccer, and basketball players have the opportunity to fulfill their dream of becoming a professional athlete. However, professional cheerleaders are called just that, professional cheerleaders. Never professional athletes. Today I would like to show you the athleticism of cheerleading by focusing on time commitment and preparation. A great cheerleader does not exist without practice time. Cheerleading requires talent, technique, and practice. Of course talent is attained at birth, but practice and technique both take time. There are different parts to cheerleading just like other sports. You must practice jumps, dances, cheers, motions, and stunts, which require the most time. Cheerleaders are usually thought to stand out at ballgames and just yell really loud and look cute. Amy Brewer described cheerleaders in the Halls High School annual. She said when thinking of the word cheerleader numerous different ideas come into mind. Some visualize giggles and little ponytails while others imagine strength and ability. Being a cheerleader consists of not only the time and commitment but also the desire to become always better. Competitions are becoming more popular and competitive squads have practice usually every night for at least two hours. Stunts require muscle and technique. Cheerleaders who stunt not only spend time perfecting the stunt but also working out to gain muscle. Unlike most athletes, cheerleaders are stereotyped as cute airheads. According to Joy Postell, the University of Tennessee cheerleading coach, cheerleaders should have lipstick on even when they are running at 6:00 in the morning....
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