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Cheer Carwash It worked! We finally scheduled a fundraising carwash! It will be held on July 5th (the day before camp) from 10am till 2pm. We hope everyone will be able to be there! This is a big deal, and we'd love you to invite your parents and siblings to help out with the carwashing. Everyone is going to need to bring stuff to help out: · Soap · Towels (as many as you can bring) · Sponges · Car washing mitts · Buckets · Anything you have at home you use to wash cars Its only four hours, so we hope everyone will be able to make it the whole time. Sam's Club will provide the water, and we just have to set a price, make signs, get people to come, and watch the dough roll in. Everyone can look forward to this as a very uniting and fun experience before camp. There will be more info to come, but we hope to see everyone there! Garage Sale Signup Have a car? We need you to put up signs. Can't stay till 5 to clean up? We'll need you there from the start till at least lunch or later. Not a morning person? Expect to be sticking it out to clean up. Now sign up: (At least 4 shifts please) 7-8(setup) 8-9 9-10 10-11 11-12 12-1 1-2 2-3 3-4 4-5(cleanup) On my trip I will be visiting 4 towns in Scotland. I will be flying into Edinburgh and from there I will be traveling to Glasgow, Aberdeen, and finally Inverness. These four cities are located in Western Europe in the northern portion of the British Isles and have a marine west coast climate. Edinburgh is located at 56*N, 31/2*E, Glasgow is located at 54*n, 41/4* E, Aberdeen is located at 57*N, 20*E, and Inverness is located at 57*N, 4*E. From Racine I traveled 3678...
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added: 01/14/2012
Many sports have revolutionized over past years, but none more so than the sport of cheerleading. Cheerleading is simply not what it used to be. Today's cheerleaders look more like professional gymnasts performing daring and risky routines. Cheerleading demands a healthy athlete, but as the stunts and tumbling being performed require more skill and athleticism, more injuries are occurring. Over 50 percent of serious injuries that occur in female athletes are due to the sport of cheerleading. Some injuries that have been obtained include broken ankles, bad backs, and numerous hematomas. Broken and sprained ankles come hand in hand with most cheerleading squads these days. Often, it depends on the amount of tumbling a team does. Tumbling can be easily described as doing flips. There may be many causes to a broken ankle. One cause is stunting. In a stunt, "flyers" are held about 6 feet above the ground by their teammates. If something were to go wrong in the stunt, and the flyer landed on her foot at an awkward angle, she could seriously damage her ankle. Another cause may be jumping. In cheerleading, jumping does not mean simply jumping straight up and down. Legs are supposed to go in specific positions to demonstrate strength and flexibility. If one were to land awkwardly when doing a jump, their ankle could be sprained or even broken. A third cause of hurt ankles is tumbling. Tumbling is very hard on one's ankles, wrists and back, and the skill required to do tumbling is enormous. One doesn't see a person doing a back flip while completing a 720 degree spin at the same time everyday… usually. However, this is normal for cheerleaders at a high competitive level. The human body is just not made for the abuse that comes with high levels of...
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added: 12/24/2011
Chinese culture has always fascinated me in that its values and traditions are different from that of American culture. A few weeks ago, while eating with my friend, Wenjing, who recently came from Shanghai, I started wondering ¡°what is the biggest difference between the two cultures?¡± and so I asked her. At first she gave me a glare of confusion. Then she sat for a minute or two in silence and finally responded, ¡°Probably family relationships.¡± On this occasion and the other many lunches we would share together, she explained to me the differences that exist between the two cultures in family dynamics, roles and values. Throughout our numerous conversations, Wenjing kept mentioning that in Chinese culture, the family is an economic unit. She said, ¡°We share our money and have one bank account. My parents always say ¡®my money is your money¡¯¡­They trust me and as long as it¡¯s for a good purpose, my parents just give me money. American parents don¡¯t do that; they give their kids fixed allowance or loan their kids money.¡± Indeed, sharing a common household budget is part of Chinese culture. The possessions, income, and expenses of all family members are pooled, and decisions about resource distribution are the legitimate business of all family members. It has been convincingly argued that the common budget is one of the most important defining characteristics of Chinese families. One effect of this custom is to define who is in or out of a family by means other than kinship. Kinship makes one a potential member of a family. But close kinsmen can be in different families if the family has decided to stop sharing a budget. Wenjing later continued, ¡°When we (family members) go out to dinner or anywhere everyone will be arguing and yelling ¡®Let me pay!¡¯¡­It¡¯s...
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added: 01/14/2012
Business report of the Body Shop and other Business Claire P - Innovation and change in management The body shop Australia is an archivist organisation and a retailer committed to customer service. Their vision is to be operating and recognised as the benchmark company of commercial success and integration, stakeholder Fulfilment and social and environmental change. The Body shop has many beliefs and is against animal testing. Some changes that recently occurred within the organisation were the legislation on maternity leave- Paid maternity leave is now available to all staff including casuals, and technological change- new registers were incorporated in stores. There is also more activity in the shop and more concentration on customer service. These changes were brought about because the organisation is always striving for success, and these changes had to be brought upon, in order for the business to stay on top, and function as well as possible. To cope with these changes, the body shop had to focus more on things within their individual stores, for example each store makes their own gifts and manages their own store as if it were their own business. They also employed more staff, and with the new staff, they ensured that they were properly trained and capable of any task that may need doing within the store. The management strategies used to implement these changes, were to have a leader who is a strong communicator, very positive and optimistic, a forward planner and a flexible coordinate, democratic leader who is extremely professional. In my opinion, The Body Shop's style of management is very advantageous because there is a lot of equality between the employees, so nobody feels as if they are just a casual and can't express their opinion. The way the body shop works as such a cooperative team is beneficial and successful because a...
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added: 12/17/2011
Book Report: Cold Mountain Cold Mountain is an epic tale of love and loss during the Civil War. The hero of the novel is Inman, a confederate soldier wounded in the battle of Petersburg. The novel opens with Inman sitting in his hospital bed looking out his window to the street below. He doesn't stay there long however. One day he simply leaves the hospital and does not return. Immediately we are shown a very true and accurate portrayal of a civil war veteran. Inman, like most people in the south, went off to fight the war with the intent that the fighting would be over in a matter of months. He leaves behind only his home on Cold Mountain and a girl, Ada. He probably is not sure of his feelings for Ada, but he becomes disenchanted with the war. Not being a slave owner himself, it becomes difficult for him to find reason to fight and he misses his home and longs for Ada. Ada is the daughter of a well to do minister, who has died and money is running out. Her home in Black Cove is more than she can manage, for she is not accustomed to working a farm. She is a lady of good background, well read but unskilled in everyday work. Help comes to her in Ruby. Ruby is a young girl, probably around twenty years old, who has raised herself in the hill country surrounding cold mountain. She is unsure of her age because her father, Stobrod never told her when she was born and pretty much let her fend for herself as soon as she was capable of doing so. She comes to Black Cove to help Ada and the two women form an arrangement. Ada begins to learn how to run the farm and is...
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added: 12/19/2011
At some colleges, college athletics are a key source of income, and they attract students to their institutions. Universities depend on their athletes to produce and maintain the popularity of their school's name. College athletes are suppose to be the best of the best on that level, so why do college athletes not get paid? The National Collegiate Athletic Association, NCAA, says that it is trying to protect the athletes from "exploitation by professional and commercial enterprises" (Brawn). Many argue that student athletes should not be paid because they are receiving an education through a scholarship. These people feel that the promise of their education being paid for is enough for the college athletes. On the opposite side of the issue, people argue that the college athlete generates enough income for the universities, and they feel that the university owes the athletes more than a scholarship. Student athletes should be given a small stipend for their services to the university. According to the 2002-03Division I Manual, under bylaws: Article 12, "Pay is the receipt of funds, awards or benefits not permitted by the governing legislation of the Association" (Earle 69). This article was on of the rules that were put into the manual to protect the amateurism. College athletes are looked upon as amateur player, and the NCAA wants to protect the athlete from being influenced by money much like the professional players are. Though college players have not reached the professional level, they are required to work at their sports like they are professionals. Larue, a MTSU football player says, " My typical schedule is school, workout or practice, and sleep. I don't have much personal time or much time to study" (Larue). To many college athletes, it is a job, and they are willing to put in all the...
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added: 11/13/2011
College Athletes work a lot harder than the athletes in the NBA league. College players dedicate hours of time practicing in hopes of making it to the NBA League. When college players stay in college 75 percent are likely to graduate. (Mackowski,Kenny.2001). Since the athletes are not getting paid they will either make that jump to the pros. College athletes should get paid for playing sports. T.J Ford is a 5-10 point guard sophmore who plays for the Texas (Longhorns) University. Carmelo Anthony is a 6-8 small forward freshman who plays for the Syracuase (Orangemen) University. Both of these players spend hours on the court practicing. Therefore, both of these players exemplifies why the NCAA should pay college athletes. These are college athletes that should keep playing fun basketball and keep getting their education. If they were paid a stipend, it is possible that they would stay in college to recieve their college diploma. Another athelete, Lebron James will not touch a college floor. He is headed to the pros (from high school) for the big money . If any of these athletes get seriously hurt they do not have no education to back them up (Weaver, Ken.2003). The Universities are getting a lot of money exposing the players in all types of venues. The Final Four is a major venue that brings in a lot of money. This year the Final Four made an estimate of 6.5 million dollars (Siminich, Milan. 2001). Since the players play in the games and are getting there face sold to other people they should get paid. Without the players there would be no games to play. Studies show that 84 percent of teenagers who watch college sport have a poster of some sort of an athlete in their room or work facility (Should College Athletes get paid , Online. 2001). Therefore, the players should get a percentage from the sell of posters and other memorabilias.. There...
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added: 02/11/2012
Introduction The objective of this report is to find out what would be the long-term effect on Pacific Fair's profitability if tenancies were given out to businesses with existing competitors in Pacific Fair. Evaluation was based on Michael Porter's model of generic strategies to determine whether two competing businesses, Rebel Sports and Zelus, are able to co-exist by exploiting their own competitive advantage.4 Detailed analysis will be based upon whether Rebel Sports and Zelus engage a cost leadership or product differentiation strategy. Later on, the scope of these strategies will be examined and a conclusion will be deduced as to whether the level of competition between these two stores brings about any benefit to the center. Product Differentiation Ø Nike is world renowned for being a supplier of quality sporting equipment and clothing products. With such slogans as, "If you have a body, you are an athlete. And as long as there are athletes, there will be Nike" , Nike has targeted athletes specifically. This allows them to define themselves as a product differentiator in the sporting goods industry. Ø Zelus relies on the loyalty of Nike customers, and the belief that their customers see their products as superior to any competitors' in the industry. It is because of this loyalty that Zelus can charge slightly higher prices in its stores than general sporting goods stores, such as Rebel Sports. As stated in the text, customers are willing to pay more to obtain the extra value they perceive. Ø Focus strategy is a strategy with which an organization concentrates on a specific regional market, product line, or group of buyers. 3 Nike implements a focus strategy for groups of buyers as well as in regional markets. The focus on serious athletes is obvious from the company's advertisements and quality standards. There are also regionally focused products such...
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added: 01/13/2012
And therefore, your men of imagination are generally given to sensual pleasure, because the objects of sense yield them a more delicate touch, and a livelier sensation, than they do others. But if they happen to live so long (which is hardly possible), in the decline of life they pay dearly for the youthful days of their vanity. Those rigid, stiff and unyielding fibres, have less warm sensations, because it requires a greater resistance. Those excel most in the labours of the understanding, or the intellectual faculties, retain their impressions longest, and pursue the farthest; and are most susceptible of the slow and lasting passions, which secretly consume them as chronic diseases do. And lastly, those whose organs of sensation are (if I may speak so) unelastic, or entirely callous, resty for want of exercise, or any way obstructed, or naturally ill-formed, as they have scarce any passions at all, or any lively sensations, and are incapable of lasting impressions; so they enjoy the firmest heath, and are subject to the fewest diseases: such are ideots, peasants, and mechanics, and those we call indolent people. Cheyne's description of natural variation in feeling is interesting for several reasons. The limited catalogue of sensation he provides only allows for three physical types of feeling: the sensitive, the cool, and the dead. The first two types point towards different types of intellectual: the poet and the philosopher. In this case, sensibility becomes tied to one's capacity for thought; the ability to feel indicates the sort of work one might produce. The picture of the super-sensitive artist reminds one of, among others, Richardson the hypochondriac, and Sterne the consumptive. One also thinks of Belton's death in Clarissa; the libertine on his death bed, paying dearly in physical and spiritual torment "for the youthful days of...
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added: 11/02/2011
Kalypso: i want to be fit by the spring so i can run around in half shirts and daisy dukes. Big Joe: in spring i want to run around in wife-beaters or mesh shirts K: we'll come to work, wearing semi-matching outfits. you in a wife beater, me in daisy dukes. B: that would be classic! i'm going to grow shlong hair at the same time K: okay, and i'm going to buy some jellies (rubber shoes)--pink. B: those rule! you can dress up as a suburban mall chick who only dates big black guys and wears a pacifier and carries a teddy bear around. you'll have to dye your hair blonde, though... K: nah, i'll just curl it and spray the fuck out of it. it'll be so tall and so stiff, you'll be able to climb up to the balcony on it. B: i'm gonna get a tattoo on my chest of a battleship K: i'm gonna buy a purse and some lipstick. also, let's not forget the lee-press-on nails, painted pink, of course. i'm gonna giggle all the time in a high-pitched, light-headed, sort of way. B: i'm gonna roll a pack of non-filtered cigs in my t-shirt, and wear leather/mesh gloves with the fingers cut off. my hat is going to say: wine her, dine her, 69 her K: oh baby, i'm going to be all over you if you roll a pack of handrolledcigs in your shirt. i'm going to wear jellies with heels, and a really tight and very short jean skirt with a jean vest, and a pin of metallica over my heart. B: holy shit! that sounds like one of the most rockingest outfits ever! i'm gonna also get a jean jacket. but it's gonna be a vest and have sheep wool inside! then i'm going to cut up one of my old...
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on January 20, 2003, the best snowboarder in the world lost his life in an avalanche in the Selkirk Mountains of British Columbia. It is a testament to Craig Kelly's reputation, character and athletic abilities that none will argue the fact that he was the best. He was the first true profes-sional snowboarding athlete and a four-time freestyle world champion with a laundry list of accomplish-ments who found himself drawn to the wild snow of the backcountry.Craig once told me that powder kept him on track in life. He loved the travel aspect of snowboard-ing and was an addict for new experiences and new people. He found so much joy in the worldly pur-suit of fresh snow that is difficult to fully grasp this tragedy. Craig always knew what could happen in the backcountry. He preached the gospel of avalanchesafety wherever he went. In Iran, he helped lead an impromptu avalanche safety course for Persian snowboarders. When we left the mountains, he gave them all of his (and all of our) avalanche safetyequipment, reasoning we are rich Americans. We can buy new transceivers at home. Craig never lost sight of how fortunate he was. His family. His friends. His lifestyle. He shared his view-points with an open mind and was far more than an ambassador to snowboarding. Craig Kelly wasan ambassador to humanity. An's somewhat comforting to know that Craig experienced more faceshots in his 36years than the rest of us will in three lifetimes. Indeed, the highlight of my career asa snowboarding journalist was being able to watch him ride powder truly a mindboggling display of power and grace. I guess its a silver lining that hes seen more & and experienced more than the 104-year-old.  But then,have had such an eagerness for exploration and love for life....
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: Credibility is the key. When you are choosing a topic for a speech it is clear that you have to choose one that your audience can relate to easily. But that is only the half of it because even if you choose something every single individual in your audience would want to hear about if they don't consider your information to be factual and your sources as well as your self credible, then all that you will do is waste there time. Credibility is the key to a properly delivered speech. A 12 year old boy couldn't possibly enter a room filled with seasoned marines on their way to war and be expected to deliver a touching speech to inspire the men to be brave and confident, they most likely would want to hear that from a general or commander in chief who has been in there position before, someone who knows what they are feeling. In the same way it not be a very good idea for a plumber to give a informative speech on air safety to audience consisting Aero Space professionals. Your image can directly affect how well you adapt to your audience, the strongest tool you will have with which you can protect your credibility is your method of delivery. When giving a speech to an audience you expect might judge your credibility first, it is wise not introduce the facts first, but instead establish grounds for the concreteness for your arguments. After you have given them every reason to find you interesting you can start pouring out the facts; When I was at Munro College I ws asked to deliver a speech to set of six formers about architecture and engineering, I was only in second form at the time and before I was half way...
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added: 09/13/2011
The trees lined the crowded path with hundreds of people carrying clipboards and shouting various numbers and words of encouragement. Then one by one at first you see sweat soaked teenagers at the point of exhaustion run by as the people cheer. Their hair is matted to their face by their perspiration, you can barely smell the scent of salt from them. Their faces are contorted in agonizing pain as they stumble by you. As each one passes you hear the screaming from spectators and coaches getting louder. This is a cross country race, the athletes here hold nothing back. They push themselves over a three mile course pushing through the crowds of other runners striving to be the best of the field. The sky is gray and overcast, there will be no sunshine today. But the runners don't mind, they enjoy this kind of weather. The grass where they are running is neatly mowed with a white dotted line to show them where they need to go. The terrain changes from grass to gravel to small chips of wood that scatter the path. There are trees that line both sides of the path, large and green. They block any sunlight that could possibly get through on such a dark day. You start to see colors: green, purple, blue, and yellow to name a few. These are the colors of the runners soaked jerseys. They trot by you at what seems to be a slow jog, but when you try to keep up you realize that it is not. Occasionally you will hear a runner yell, "Catch" as he throws a watch to a spectator who clumsily catch's it. On each of the runners their muscles bulge out like a large package wrapped in too tight of a package. In a steady...
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added: 02/03/2012
There are many sports played around the world today. Cross-country running and baseball are two that a lot of people participate in. Many do not even consider running to be a sport. Although it differs greatly from other team sports that are popular, it is a very unique sport. Baseball is a team sport and consists of a number of people playing different positions. Someone could be a great baseball player, but be a terrible pitcher. It is not necessary to have all the skills of all the players to be a good player. In Cross-country however, it is necessary to have the skill of running for everyone. To be good at the sport you have to have endurance, speed, and desire to win. Although everyone might be capable of running that does not necessarily mean that they have the ability to run. Running in a cross country race calls for an awareness of the rules, attention to the course you are running on and knowledge of the technique of running. Although the ability required differ between these two sports, a more important difference is the idea of team vs. individual. On a team sport such as Baseball, the team practices together and learns how to work together as a team. It becomes important to know your teammates strengths and weaknesses and work with them. During a game, if the entire team loses, the focus goes more on how well the team played, and not necessarily on the individual. A problem with this is that one person could have an excellent game, but because someone else did not, the entire game was lost. In Cross-Country the sport is more about individual ability. During a race, how well you do is placed entirely on your own shoulders. It at times is stressful because...
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added: 02/18/2012
the lalalal was very cool. i have lots of them. they give me good times. i like the to use them. i can get them anywhere. i am writing this so that i can get an essay for my english class in time for tommorow or wait not tommorow. i mennt i need to get an essay for the cuban missile crisis by monday or i am toast. it needs to be bsd style and five to seven pages long, i am not very happy about it. But at least the eighth graders that would be me at my school get to leave school a day early. this is getting really really boring. please someone help me i am ready to dye here i need an essay fast not some fake essay that some random person wrote down to get an essay fast like i am doing right now, man i hate this. ok, im almost there so i need to hurry uo because i dont have all day because i am gonna go innertubing at eleven out on lake sammamish so why dont u jus come meet me out there, lol. I hate this very much because my name is not on this and if it was I would not be very happy either. My teacher is not a cool person because I said so and I think I just might be at two hundred and fifty words yet… nope!. I cant believe that I still have like fifty words to go, this is getting to be a really big waste of time. So I have an e-maxx which is tight because it goes like 40 miles per hour or more when maxxed out, I am cool....
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Cubs 2003 We've heard it all before, "Wait 'til next year." This is the classic quote of a Chicago Cubs fan that is heard year after year for no good reason. Well, this year is finally the year; they won the division and are now going strong in the playoffs. Given are some examples on why they've finally succeeded and why they will continue achieving for a long time. The main reason for all the Cubs' success this year has been their pitching. They had the fifth best ERA (Earned Run Average) at 3.83 and the most strikeout's (with 1,404) by any team ever for a season. The number one starter for the Cubs at the beginning of the season was Kerry Wood. However, after the all-star break the top pitcher was Mark Prior. He was also the most consistent pitcher for the whole year. He finished the season with an 18-6 record and a 2.43 ERA. The intangible that Prior brings when he pitches is the fans' extremely confident feeling that he has no chance of losing. The most impressive feature about Prior is the fact that this year was his first full season. The second half of the dynamic duo is Kerry Wood. He is better known than Prior because he has been the lone consistent starter the Cubs have had the last six years. He also is recognized for his ability to strike out batters. This year he actually led the major leagues in strikeouts. Kerry Wood had a pretty productive season with a 14-11 record and a 3.20 ERA. The problem Kerry faces a lot of the time when he pitches is the inability to get run support from the Cubs. His record should be something like 17-8 had he been able to get the offensive support in some...
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added: 02/09/2012
As college athletics grows and continues to bring large financial gain to universities and corporate sponsors, the debate over paying college athletes persists. Some people think that a fully paid scholarship for these students is fairly enough for talented individuals while others claim that 'big bucks' might tempt them to leave the college early for participating in the pros. Despite the variety of opinions the reasonable decision should be implemented in near future in order to help college athletes to make the decisions concerning their future in a free way, not being limited by different restrictions. According to the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) rules, any player under scholarship is forbidden from having a full-time or part-time job (David Nelson). Thus, college athletes do not have an opportunity to earn extra money as the majority of students do. Scholarship is their only way of having money, but it hardly covers education fees, not saying about personal needs. College athletes the same as other students need to buy food, cloths, spend money to rent an apartment or to entertain with friends. Though they do not have a chance to earn such money since they spend most of their time in the gym or in sporting area while exercising, training or playing games among the universities, thus, bringing large amount of money to the universities. In such a way, universities should also take care about those who bring additional funds to them. Many people claim that big money will prevent college athletes from studies because they will feel superiority over others in money, power, reputation, etc. Also they will need to think about additional things that will prevent them from athletic and academic schedules. There is also an opinion that usually college athletes leave the college earlier in order to participate in the professional...
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added: 12/10/2011
This early history of deer, summarized from Benson and Dodds "Deer of Nova Scotia", offers a pattern typical of successful introductions. They reported that during the mid 1890's white-tailed deer were released in the Digby and Halifax areas. Probably around the same time deer migrated into Cumberland County from New Brunswick and may have traveled as far as Colchester County by the time of the releases.From these small beginnings the herd spread and was reported in all mainland counties by 1904. First reports of deer in the United States occurred around 1911. Deer densities on the mainland were sufficient in 1916 to warrant a hunting season. In the United States hunting was legalized in Richmond county in 1922 and throughout the entire U.S. in 1928. The accompanying table shows, for each year from 1916, the area open to hunting, the number of days of legal hunting, the bag limit, licenses issued and calculated kill. According to Deer Hunter magazine's "Gun Safety" October 2002, gun safety is very important when hunting. You should always treat you gun as if it is loaded. Always point the barrel of the gun in the air or toward the ground. Never take your gun off of safety until you are ready to shoot. Always wear orange, in order for other hunters to notice you and don't mistake you for a deer. Always make sure you know what is behind your target. You don't want a loose bullet hitting something or someone. At the end of the day always make sure you unload your gun before putting it away. Finding the perfect spot for deer is another important part of hunting. According to Deer Master magazine's article "Signposts" October 2002 in order to find the perfect spot for hunting; you have to look at the environment around. You have to locate the scrapes, rubs and feeding spots of the deer. Once you have located your spot, you have to get...
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added: 02/07/2012
Throughout history, there has always been a link made between physical activity/exercise, and health. This link can be traced back to at least the Ayur-Veda in the 9th century BC, where "exercise and massage are recommended for the treatment of rheumatism" (Ryan, A., cited in American Academy of Physical Education, pg 4). Today, however, even though the link is still being documented, the way in which our society lives – with the increased technology, where "the physical demands of everyday activities like cleaning the house, washing the dishes, mowing the lawn and travelling to work" (Heyward, pg 1), that would have taken about an hour at one time, "can now be accomplished in just a few seconds by pushing a button, or setting a dial" (Heyward, pg 1). Instead of the time saved by these improvements being used in a positive way to pursue recreational activities, people are using this time to become increasingly sedentary. Add to this the fact that even though it has been much documented "that appropriate exercise programs may be expected to yield improvements not only in physical fitness, but also in blood lipid levels, blood pressure, body composition, bone density, insulin sensitivity, and glucose tolerance." (Dishman, pg 31), there is still 20-50% of people who withdraw from an exercise program within the first six months (Dishman, 1988; Robison and Rogers, 1994; cited in Bull, pg 3). The client, himself, shows these sorts of qualities in his approach to smoking cessation. The fact that he has tried to stop, but has not yet been successful, shows that he may have adherence issues. However, he does seem intent on making some major lifestyle changes due to the fact that now he has reached middle-age, he is beginning to experience back and knee pains – a sure fire sign of the beginnings...
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added: 12/07/2011
Metamorphosis" By: Franz Kafka What is reality? Every person has his or her own "reality" or truth of their existence. For some it may be nothing they expected while others can just be successful in anything. The true reality is that regardless of what direction is taken in life a person brings the same inner self, motivational levels and attitudes. As followers of literature we often escape our own "reality" and experience life through the imagination of the author's we read. By doing so, many people find themselves gaining information about themselves. In Franz Kafka's "Metamorphosis," Gregor Samsa's reality changes indifferently in spite of his drastic physical changes. Before the Metamorphosis, Gregors life consisted of working and caring for his family. He led a life of a traveling salesman, working long hours, which didn't permit to him living his own "life". He reflects his own life as "the plague of traveling: the anxieties of changing trains, the irregular, inferior meals, the ever changing faces, never to be seen again, people with whom one has no chance to be friendly" (Kafka 13). Working to pay off his family's debt, Gregor never left anytime for himself. Kafka himself counterparts this sentiment in a quote taken from his diaries; "no matter how hard you work that work still doesn't entitle you to loving concern for people. Instead you're alone, a total stranger, a mere object of curiosity" (Pawel 167). So in-depth with his work, Gregor becomes unknown to himself and to life. In Gregor's life he had no room for anyone other than his family which in the end left him without love or caring or any other kind of companionship. He worked so industriously for his family that this became his only goal in life. They became so dependent on Gregor to...
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added: 02/14/2012
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