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Sports programs are a big part of school systems and school environments today. These sports programs are starting at a younger and younger age every year. By the time that students reach the high school varsity and college age, sports have become a tremendous part of the students' life. Some may say that the student-athlete has a load of being a full time student and putting in full time hours to becoming a superior athlete, so the two do not mix well. Some argue that the two are so time consuming that by doing both they take away from each other, while others believe that the two, student and athlete, really assistance one another. So who is right? Do sport programs contribute to the student-athletes education? One common argument against athletics in schools is that, athletics distracts students from academic activities and study time (Coakley 419). This is somewhat easy to agree with, without knowing the facts. Most people would think that anything that is time consuming would take away from a student studies and educational goals. Some other arguments against sports in schools are that athletics perpetuate dependence and conformity, turns most students into spectators, causes too many serious injuries to student-athletes, creates a superficial, transitory spirit subverting the educational goals of the school, and deprives educational programs of resources, facilities, staff, and community support (419). All of these arguments seem to be very legit at first glance. These arguments are all good possibilities of what could possibly happen, but the facts show that that these arguments are all incorrect statements. The arguments for interscholastic sports according to Coakley state that, sports programs involve students in school activities, sports increases interest in academic activities, while they also build the self-esteem, responsibility, achievement orientation, and teamwork skills required for today's occupational success,...
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added: 11/30/2011
In recent years, sport is not only the games that people train them to improve their power and stamina, but also sport has become a big business. Fame and money are the aims of many professional athletes. Therefore, nowadays athletes face enormous pressure to excel in competition. They also know that winning can bring them more than a gold medal. A star athlete can earn a lot of money and fame and athletes only have a short time to do their best work. Although every athletes know clearly that training is the best path to victory, but they also realize that using some drugs and other practices can help their efforts and give them a shortcut, even if they risk their health and their athletic career. In order to solve the complex problem of drugs abuse in sport, some international sporting organizations are trying to find some of the ways to make sporting contest fair and honest. Many people believe that drug in professional athletic is not a serious problem. In fact, some drugs are used for the purpose of pain relief and the athletes who are suffered from some kinds of injuries during their career. However using drug in sport is more widespread and serious than people think. Dr. Charles E. Yesalis, a professor health and human development at Penn St. University said that, ¡°Drug use among athletes has gone dramatically up in recent years. Athletes also are becoming more venturesome about mixing different types of drugs¡± (¡®Drugs and Athletes¡¯ cited at accessed at 3:50pm 10/07/2003). The percentage of drug usage increased highly in the 1967s and on well-publicized incident happened at the Seoul Olympics in 1988 when sprinter Ben Johnson tested positive and he was taken off his gold medal that show us the dangerous of this problem. How...
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added: 01/15/2012
A professional athlete is one of the biggest role models in this day and time. All of his or her accomplishments has given them the lifestyle that they have always wanted. A professional athlete now has the money and fame he or she has always dreamed of having. In the past couple of years, more and more athletes seem to be getting in trouble with the law. Drugs are becoming more easier and cheaper to get than ever before. More athletes are taking supplements to enhance their athletic ability. People always hear rumors about athletes taking drugs to enhance their abilities. All athletes should have to take mandatory drug test every year to keep the playing field safe and fair for all athletes. Whether an athlete likes it or not, he or she is a role model. All age groups, young and old, look at an athletes lifestyle and wish to have that one day. Kids look up to an athlete probably more than any other profession. When kids see their favorite athlete on television, he or she acts like that athlete at home. If that kids favorite athlete is seen on television being arrested because of drugs, then what is that kid going to think when he or she is put in that situation. If a child sees his or her favorite athlete around drugs that kid might think it is cool to do drugs. Jones 2 More athletes these days are taking supplements to enhance their performance on the field. If you compare today's athletes to fifty years ago, the size and strength difference would be easy to see. The strength and size of today's athlete is unbelievable. More and more athletes are using supplements to help them reach that size and strength. Some players have had to pay a price...
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added: 01/31/2012
Australia is a country that does not like to come second best in their sport. With our World Champion status in popular sports such as Rugby League, Rugby Union, Netball, Swimming and of coarse swimming we can see why we demand perfection. On the twentieth anniversary of the famous Americas Cup win it is ironic how the ever improving Australians are now involved in strict drug testing to keep these inspirational moments inspirational and not tag us as cheats. To do this the government has brought in the new Drugs Misuse Amendment Act 2000 (Qld) aimed at reducing the so called 'cheats'. As always Australia's success in sport has had a negative by-product with athletes now doing what ever it takes to get the edge over their opponents. So what happens to these athletes? Well the legislation has been burred by the common public but the new and improved Amendment sets clear boundaries and penalties for overstepping these boundaries. In the current community there seems to be a fair degree of frustration of the fact that anabolic steroids are now classed as a dangerous drug under the Drugs Misuse Act, and thus unlawfully possessing or supplying these drugs is a criminal offence. The Drugs Misuse Amendment Act 2000 (Qld) began in Queensland on the 27th of July 2000. The Act comprehensively changes the law controlling the misuse of anabolic and androgenic steroids. Other fairly well known drugs also included in the amendment are the stimulant ephedrine, and the common sleeping pill, flunitrazepam, more known as Rohypnol and its strong effect on rapid drowsiness. In the past the penalties for the unlawful possession, sale and supply of steroids and other performance and image enhancing drugs were contained in the Health (Drugs and Poisons) Regulations. Under those regulations, the maximum penalty was limited to...
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added: 02/02/2012
In the world of sports it is not rare to see athletes give their heart and soul for the love of the game. From sunrise to sundown they practice everyday to perfect their game. Then there are those who take an alternative route. Now athletes are taking performance enhancers such as creatine, androstenedione and worst of all, anabolic steroids. Steroids are chemicals that act like hormones (substances in your body that regulate bodily functions). Anabolic steroids are the ones that are abused to build muscle mass or to make your workout longer. They are chemicals of artificial testosterone, which is a male hormone. With higher testosterone you can have more physique and body hair and a deeper voice. It mainly started in the 1950's when some athletes were juicing up for training purposes but now you will find all sorts of athletes using this drug. From high school to professional sports a lot of athletes are using steroids. Even though it is illegal there are over one million steroid users. Five percent of male and two percent of female high school students are using steroids. So that would be equal to 375 thousand males and 175 thousand females. Why take steroids if you already know that it is not good for you? Most of the steroid users are injecting for better performance and strength for their sports, but, other users are simply juicing to build more muscle mass or to look better, physically. Inside their bodies they are actually ruining themselves. Taking steroids is a big threat to your health. You could have severe acne, genital changes, water retention, and yellowing eyes and skin. Its not only your appearance that could be at risk but you can also get other health problems. There are coronary artery diseases, ligament injuries, high blood pressure, changes in your...
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added: 12/25/2011
Genetic Engineering - Gena Fawley Ethics Doug McKay 1 June, 2000 Genetic Engineer the literary style of T.S. Eliot - The Literary Style of T.S. Eliot A writer's in Greek Mythology - In order to explain certain natural events, such as earthquakes in vitro fertilization - In Vitro Fertilization "The unexamined life is not worth Hobbes - THE STATE OF NATURE. In his brief introduction to the Leviathan, Hobbes Maxwell - INTRODUCTION Robert Maxwell, the infamous tycoon who is remembered as m Capitalism - A characteristic of man that separates him from the majority of the Media: The Power to Make or Break a Nation - "Communication remains Gods great gi Gatsby as the Great American Dream - Gatsby as theGreat American Dream Scott Fitz AIDS Related Stigma Since the appearance of AIDS in t - Aids AIDS Related Stigma Since the appearance of AIDS in the late seventies and More Sponsored Search Results -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Search Results for ethics The Ethics Of Abortion The Ethics Of Abortion The Ethics Of Abortion Sign up now for a free trial. Date Smarter! The Ethics Of Abortion Abortion is a very controversial subject that has been continually argued over for the past few years and probably many years Aristotle And Politics Aristotle And Politics Aristotle And Politics annon Aristotle (b. 384 - d. 322 BC), was a Greek philosopher, logician, and scientist. Along with his teacher Plato, Aristotle is generally regarded as one of the most influential ancient thinkers in a number 1533-1584 1533-1584 1533-1584 The Russian Empire, covering over one-sixth of the world, is governed by the sovereignty of Czar Ivan the Terrible. The feudal system oppresses every man, woman and child as the Czar releases "Tax Collectors" to maintain support for th Over the past fifteen years a powerfully charged drama has Over the past fifteen years a powerfully charged drama has Over the past fifteen years a powerfully charged...
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added: 07/13/2011
Over past years there has been an on going debate as to whether or not hosting so called "mega sporting events" is beneficial to the hosting nation and cities, either economically or socially. In the early years of mega events the view that hosting one of these events was an economic burden was the view of almost everybody who mattered. However after a profit of $ 200 million profit was generated by the 1984 Los Angeles Olympics, many peoples view' changed. According to Matheson and Baede 2002, "The prevailing perception seems to be that a properly run Olympics generates millions, if not billions of dollars in profit for the host nation". (Matheson and Baede, 2002) In 1984 Los Angeles was the sole bidder for the Olympics, today cities fight for the chance to host these mega events because usually of the promise of a financial windfall. Does this potential economic windfall justify the substantial costs and risks? There are many people and sources who view staging these events as a chance to change the fortunes of the hosting city, but equally there are still many who say these events bring along with them to many problems both economical and social. The aim of this assignment will be to investigate and analyse mega sporting events and evaluate and conclude on whether or not hosting these events actually bring with them social and economical advantages or disadvantages. Examples of mega event such as the European football championships, the football world cup and the Olympic games will be used and examined to see how the host nations and cities have been either positively or negatively effected, both economically and socially, over the years. After this analysis of these events has been completed, an overall perspective on whether or not the positive impacts outweigh the negative...
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added: 07/11/2011
The question for my report is, What impact has Eddie George had on sports. Eddie George played a big role in the world of football. He and Steve McNair led the Tennessee Titans to the Superbowl, but they lost. Eddie George was 8, just another young kid on the neighborhood playground who fantasized about winning the Heisman Trophy, when his mother, Donna, began to get his life in the order she wants him to grow up in. "Eddie would never stop," said Donna's mother, Jean McCarthy, whose yard in suburban Abington Township, served as one of her grandson's playgrounds. "His friends would be saying, come on, Eddie, we gotta rest, we gotta rest, but Eddie would say, no, no, we gotta play, we gotta play. "He was always running," Jean McCarthy said. "No surprise to me he turned out to be a running back."(7) As Eddie was growing up, he put team goals before his. He wanted to play football, he wanted to go to college by playing football, he wanted to win the Heisman Trophy, and he wanted to play in the pros. His mother Donna said, " to fulfill those goals, you have to build up your character." She was the "architect" in the family. Eddie, 22, and his sister Leslie, 25, who works for an insurance company in suburban Philadelphia, grew up in a single parent household, after their mother separated in 1980 from their largely absentee father, also named Eddie. They were later divorced, and Donna said that Eddie's relationship with his father remains distant. (5) However, "the single- parent" is misleading for despite the circumstances, Eddie and his sister were reared in a structured, loving and religious environment, not only by their mother, but by her parents Fred and Jean. Jean usually was there to help during...
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added: 11/18/2012
Baseball was still a fledgling business back in 1890, but ramifications from a Federal Anti-Trust Law passed that year would perpetuate itself for the next one hundred years. The Sherman Anti-Trust Act of 1890 prohibited monopolies, and made the people responsible for monopolies guilty of a felony. Because of the broad and general language of the Sherman Act, the Clayton Act was enacted in 1914, it declared that "the labor of a human being is not a commodity or article of commerce" ( Even with the passing of the Clayton Act of 1914, "All businesses engaged in interstate commerce are subject to the anti-trust laws, all businesses except one - Major League Baseball" ( 5). Baseball would be ruled by court cases for years to come as salaries increased, along with the value of each franchise and Major League Baseball as a whole. Baseball's judicial exemption is quite an anomaly. It remains the only interstate commerce exempt from anti-trust laws. This exemption is a direct deduction taken from taxable income for a specific reason as allowed by the IRS. This exemption went into effect in 1922 when the U.S. Supreme Court in the Federal Baseball Club of Baltimore v. National League. The Federal Baseball Club of Baltimore argued that The National League was "conspiring to monopolize the business of baseball by inducing the other Federal League clubs to join the National League with the purpose of destroying the Federal League" ( 5). Oliver Wendell Holmes, an ex baseball player, ruled that "professional baseball is not a subject of interstate commerce and therefore is not subject to the anti trust laws." Major League Baseball's Anti-Trust Exemption coincides with something known as the "reserve clause." The reserve clause was created in 1879 by Arthur Soden, the owner of the National League's Boston franchise....
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added: 02/01/2012
Eliot Asinof, in his book, "Eight Men Out," explores the complexities of the 1919 World Series. The rough and tough world of professional baseball in the early twentieth century was replete with violence, debauchery and gambling. Baseball players of that day were known to be an uneducated lot, stinking of whiskey and not to be trusted. There were some exceptional players that were educated and mannerly, but by in large, the public perception of these men of sport was one of villainy and corruption. Although many ballparks (such as Comisky's own park) claimed to outlaw gambling during the games, betting was as plentiful and easy to find as hotdogs and crackerjack. The Great War had just ended and financial pressures were still being felt. Gambling seemed to be an easy way to make some extra cash. The men who played baseball for the Chicago White Sox were no different. Although worshipped as heroes, players were often paid less then wages for more menial task requiring little or no talent. The average player for the 1919 White Sox made $6000 per year. Charles Comisky, the team's owner took full advantage of the reserve clause in his players' contracts to maximize his own personal income and keep the players that brought in that income in squalor. The question becomes did the nature of these players determine the manipulated outcome of the 1919 World Series, or were there other factors at work? Asinof's book dives into the many contributing factors to the national scandal that still mystifies and intrigues baseball fans today. Were the players solely to blame? Was it the influence of the gamblers that spurred the teammates to throw the series? Was it Charles Comisky's fault? All of these issues are addressed in Asinof's work. Asinof has stated that he "came [to this story]...
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added: 01/17/2012
The game of Futsal. I am going to analyse the movements made by a player in one game of futsal, I will also be finding out which energy systems are used and how much they are needed. I will be collecting this information by watching and recording one player I can then see every move he makes in a game and record accurately. In Futsal the field is very small so you need speed to get to a player or the ball, balance so you don't fall while passing/shooting at high speeds, acceleration to get into space or away from another player, Ball control so you can get around the opposition and intercept stray passes and accuracy to make it easier for your players to receive a pass or to score. Because of this the main energy system used is Anaerobic Endurance. Most of the information came from my experiences playing the game but it was also helped by filling out the two analyses sheets and watching one player over and over. This information has lead me to believe that futsal requires anaerobic endurance. Because you are constantly changing direction and speed, this is proved in my data as the player makes 170 or so 10 metre sprints. During my assignment I found that to play futsal successfully you need a variety of skills although many of them are related to each other they are still equally important. Anaerobic endurance is also important along with a small amount of lactic acid...
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added: 11/29/2011
On July 30, 1996, fifteen women stood on a podium surrounded by hundreds of thousands of people and felt like all their dreams had come true. Those who watched them knew that they had come a long way to get where they were today, not because of the controversial loss a few days before and the strive to get back to the top, but because of the struggle that women have had for centuries to be accepted in the sports world. As those fifteen women stood there and saw the hundreds of reporters and television stations they knew that, even if only a little, they had been accepted into the sports world. Those fifteen women were the members of the 1996 Olympic softball team. They were standing on that podium after beating China in the championship game, to receive their gold medals. Twenty-five years earlier no one would have thought that so many people would be excited about a women's team. In 1971 most schools and community activities had little opportunity for girls and women to play sports. In 1972, Title IX of the Educational Amendments Act of 1972 was made a federal law. Title IX states: No person in the United States shall, on the basis of sex, be excluded from participation in, or denied the benefits of, or be subjected to discrimination under any educational program or activity receiving federal aid. (Title IX, Education Amendments of 1972) Before Title IX, "many schools saw no problem in refusing to admit women or having strict limits" (Women's Sports Foundation). Once Title IX was put into effect, officials could no longer refuse to allow women to participate in sports. Although the law gave women the right to participate in any sport, it didn't stop officials from making it difficult for them. There were few...
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The database I created did fulfill all the requirements set by the analysis. The three aspects were created 1) The first one was to create a database of videos so we know what video's we have and so we can carry out searches such has any overdue video's we may have so we can inform the members who have them. The database I created did this well. I was able to carry out searches including searching for overdue which enabled me to know the overdue customers are so we can send letters to them. I could also search for other criteria's such as any particular actor or genre to help with any customer enquires for example. This would help the business and help achieve anything they may need quicker. 2) The second aspect was to create a database of members so we know which customer as which videos. I created this correctly. The database enabled me to know which customer had which videos so I would now what videos are available or not. This database will also help to run the business effectively. This database was linked to the video database to make this work. 3) The third and last aspect specified was to send letters to customers when new promotional offers come in or when customers need to pay fines for having overdue videos. This was achieved my using the facility of mail merge. This sent letters to all the people with overdue videos without having to keep typing the same letter out. This saved time which could be spent on something else as a result the business will be run more accurately and efficiently. User requirements Being able to add people to the members list quickly. This was achieved by using forms to enter information about member quickly in comparison to entering it...
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added: 11/19/2011
There has been a dynamic and continuing growth of women's sports since the late 1960s. Triathlons, marathons, soccer, aerobics, weightlifting, rugby, skiing, two professional basketball leagues (although one folded in late 1998), athletic clubs, and even cheerleading are among the many sports available to women, none of which existed a century ago and few of which existed a generation earlier. The passing of the Educational Act of 1972, specifically Title IX has paved the way for women in sports. For today's young women role models are available and willing to promote not only their sport but also their gender. In the late 1960s the modern feminist movement, a youth culture, and other sources of social unrest unsettled both the nation as a whole and the sports world in particular. Billie Jean King defied international tennis tradition and authorities at Wimbledon in 1968, when she demanded an end to under-the-table payments; then she defeated another symbol of patriarchy, Bobby Riggs, on the court in 1973. In between King's two strikes for honesty and women, she helped organize the first of several early 1970s professional leagues for women. King symbolized the commencement of contemporary women's revolution in sports. (1) In the early 1980's a talented young, Czech immigrant to the United States took the women's tennis world by storm. Martina Navratilova lost only six matches from 1982 to 1984, and by 1985 had accumulated 8.5 million dollars in winnings, more than any other player in sports history. Navratilova symbolized the advances women had made in the athletic world and in traditionally male activities involving money and power. (2) As Navratilova and other female athletes gained celebrity status, many observers heralded their accomplishments as proof that modern women had finally cast off the physical and psychological shackles of the past. Others looked less favorably on these...
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added: 12/11/2011
INTRODUCTION: The tuck shop: The college tuck shop is situated at the school's hostel campus. I t is a small shop which opens about five times a week for an average of two hours per each opening day. It serves an average of thirty students per day. The shop was started in 1995 and it has since, been expanding at quite an fast rate. Though the management processes of the shop are not complex, running the shop has some difficulties especially with the services offered. The shop is supposedly a non-profit making venture but however efforts must be made not to make losses. Over the past years running the shop has become increasing cumbersome, services being too slow and tiresome, loss of variable data and even loss of items. The management team has therefore seen the need to improve their running system. They have decided to change their manual system and use a more efficient method. Many solutions have been suggested as will be looked at later, but the introduction of a computerised system was favoured most. This project is aimed at developing that reliable efficient computer system that will be, an everlasting solutions to the numerous problems being faced by the shop now. The problems with the current system will be looked at in the next phase of the project. STATEMENT AND ANALYSIS OF THE PROBLEM: When developing a good computer project, it is crucial to always first identify the problem you are trying to solve. Otherwise the project has no aim. To develop a good system for the shop, there is need to know what the managers of the shop want to improve and to know what kind of problems they are facing with their current management system. The following information about, how the shop is run was provided by the shop manager,...
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added: 01/20/2012
Stress is a factor in everyday life. It affects everyone at some point, usually more than once, in his or her life. However some people react well to stress, others handle it decently, and then there are some that just can't handle stress at all. My topic of discussion in particular is coping with stress as an athlete, how sports can cause a lot of stress, and how non-athletes use exercise to relive stress. Sports can cause stress from the youngest athlete, an eleven year old who is just trying to impress his family, to a high school athlete, a teenager who is trying to do well in front of scouts so that he can play at a high level of competition in college, to college athletes, who have to do well in the sport the were recruited to play for and doing well in school at the same time, to the pro athletes, who battle stress on and off the athletic field. "As an athlete you need an extra gear. You need to be able to take everything – family, friends, hangers-on – and remove them from the equation." – Dennis Rodman (p. 219, Keown) I used to play college soccer, however due to a knee injury I do not play anymore. However I remember that when I would play it was a great release for me from my daily stressors. Even during high school, knowing that after school I would either be playing soccer, wrestling or running track was a great way for me to release stress. Even when I wasn't playing a sport I was in the gym lifting weights. However know these days I don't have enough time to go to the gym everyday, but when I do play intramural sports I do feel less stressed for the rest...
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added: 10/06/2011
Sport England has only been around for the past three years. Before Sport England was founded it was known as The Sports Council. This was an independent body under the department of the National Heritage. The sports council was founded in 1972. In its first year of operation, the sports council set out to identify itself by launching a Sport for All campaign to create wider public awareness of the value of sport and physical recreation and to call for action to improve its facilities and to increase participation. The following list is the campaigns that the sports council released to get more people involved in Sport: • 1972-77 - Sport for all • 1977 - Sport for – Come alive • 1980-81 – Sport for all – Disabled people • 1983-84 – 50+ and all to play for • 1985-86 - Ever thought of sport? For young people • 1987-88 – What's your sport? • 1988 - What's your sport? For women • 1989 – Milk in Action for women. The Sports Council was funded through an annual grant that was donated to them by the central government. The first year that the grant was given they only received a very small sum of £3.6m. If this were the size of the grant which was given in the sports world today sport would almost be non-existent. On the last year that the Sports Council were in charge of sport the received a massive £47.4m. This money helped to set up sports club and also to help improve facilities of clubs that already existed. How does sport England work? Members of the council of Sport England are appointed by the Secretary of State for Culture, Media and sport. Their responsibilities include: 1. Approving all policy matters and operational and corporate plans for Sport England. 2. Bringing an independent judgement to bear on issues of...
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added: 12/06/2011
Women In Sports Journalism The profession of sports journalism has existed since the early nineteenth century, when newspapers and the media began covering horse racing and boxing events. However, when one reads a history of sports journalism prior to the 1970s, it quickly becomes apparent that all of the famous writers and commentators were men. There was a general feeling in the early years of journalism that women were unsuited for some assignments, and sports was one of the topics that women were felt to be unqualified to report on. Although it's much better now, women still struggle in order to be accepted in the professions of sports journalism and often have to show a higher level of training or are expected to accept unfair treatment in order to get the same job and respect that male reporters receive. In the 1970s, there was a women's movement showing that women could indeed work in many of the areas that had been formerly dominated by men. However, a controversy arose in the profession of women in sports journalism. This controversy centered on the importance of reporters being able to interview athletes immediately after a game (in order to meet the demands of sports fans). The best place for these interviews is in the locker room, where there is the possibility that some of the athletes may be partially or completely undressed. Obviously, it seems inappropriate that a woman might be found in this type of environment. Yet, in order to compete with male reporters, women reporters must be able to do locker room interviews as well. In the mid-1970s, various sports leagues began to recognize this need. Thus, in 1976, the National Hockey League began allowing women reporters into its locker rooms. A further step occurred in 1978, when Melissa Ludtke, a reporter...
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added: 01/06/2012
" It is so boring here at Varnado High School." This is what I hear everyday when I am on this campus. Well what can we do to change this? You know what? I have an idea, GET INVOLVED. I truly believe that every student here should be required to be in at least one extra-curricular activity. This could really make our school look bigger and better by it's representation. It could even make your college application look good. Us as students could explore what we can do outside the classroom. We have a count of about 150 to 175 students here at Varnado high. Do you know that if each on of these students participated in at least one or two of the extra-curricular activities this will make our school not only look better, but bigger. When these different extra-curricular activity groups go off for games, contest, and etc, students will say, "That is a really big school, and they look good too." Students around the world fill out college applications everyday. Not only can those students tell you that colleges look at your ACT score, but they look at what you participated in at your school also. This makes your college application look real good. If the college knows what you did for your high school, that pretty much give them an idea of what you will offer their college. Students spend an hour and thirty minutes in each classroom everyday. Participating in extra-curricular activities gives students a chance to get away from the books and the lectures and gives them a chance to explore what they can do outside the classroom. If students would participate in at least one or two extra-curricular activities, they would see what it is like to BE INVOLED. I was in your shoes once upon a...
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added: 01/21/2012
The scientific name for the Fairy Penguin is Eudyptula Minor. Eudyptula means "good little diver." Some other names for the Fairy Penguin are; "Northern Blue Penguin," "Southern Blue Penguin," and "Little Blue Penguin." The name "Blue" refers to the bluish color in the wings. The Fairy Penguin is the smallest kind of penguin in the world. It can reach up to 15-16 inches long (or 41 cm.). That is almost as long as two new pencils! They can weigh 2.2 pounds or one kilogram. Fairy Penguins eat fish, squid, and krill. They go fishing during the day, swimming far out into the ocean for food. Fairy Penguins can be found along the southern coast of Australia and New Zealand. Like some other penguins, they dig burrows as there nests. There burrows are at least two meters apart and usually of 60-80 cm tunnel with a "nest bowl" at the end. Other nests may vary from a few scrapes beneath a clump of tussock, to elaborate connecting tunnels of a home among costal rocks. Each evening, at dusk, they scamper to their burrows, on shore. Unlike other penguins, they can breed throughout the year. Subspecies of the Fairy Penguin are found in New Zealand. Vary little is known about their population, however estimates are 110,000 to 190,000 breeding couples. Increasing human pressure will cause them to become extinct. Most Fairy Penguins live only for six years. But in one case, an age of twenty-one years was recorded. Seasonal changes in their natural food supply cause many young penguins to be washed onto Australia's shores, dead in weak conditions. Thoughtless activities create more problems for penguins. Some are drowned when amateur fisherman unknowingly set gill nets near a penguin colony. Oil spills are disastrous to penguins and other birds. Not only is oil toxic, when...
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added: 02/14/2012
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