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Remember The Titians was a great film to view for all student-athletes. It shows a great deal of behaviors not only from coaches but the way people are treated throughout life. Many different situations were faced in this film. Such as coaching styles, racism, friendship, and many others. This has been the first time I seen this film. It was one of the most inspirational films ever. It was all the beginning of a new year for one high school called T.C. Williams had many changes done to it. In Virginia high school football is king. It is a way of life, an institution revered and venerated, each game celebrated more lavishly than Christmas, each playoff distinguished more grandly than any national holiday. And with such recognition, comes powerful emotions. In Virginia in 1971 high school football was everything to the people of Alexandria. But when the local school board was forced to integrate an all black school with an all white school, the very foundation of football's great tradition was put to the test. When Herman Boone (DENZEL WASHINGTON), a young black coach new to the community was hired as head coach of the T.C. Williams High Titans over Bill Yoast (WILL PATTON), a white man with several years seniority and a steadfast following, would the honor of the game win out over racism? There are three types of coaching styles. Command (the dictator), submissive (the babysitter), cooperative (the teacher). From the movie I would say that that there is a little bit of everyone of those in this film. Coach Boone was the dictator. He was on the guys all of the time about having heart, leadership, and how to do things to perfection. The only way was the right way he said. Get to know each member of the team. Help...
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added: 01/26/2013
It was a time of conservatism; it was a time of great social change. From the world of fashion to the world of politics, forces clashed to produce the most explosive decade of the century. In music, the three sounds were jazz, jazz, and jazz. The Jazz Age came about with artists like Bessie Smith and Duke Ellington. Youth ruled everything from the young styles of dress to the latest celebrities. If it was young, it was the thing. Along with all of this the first trans-atlantic phone call was made, and the first movie with sound, and even the discovery of penicillin. It seemed like everything was happening in the twenty's. Physical contact has always been part of human entertainment since the time of the Romans and the gladiatorial games. This was also true during the 1920's when physical sports started to gain popularity in America. Gaining the most popularity was the unsuspected sport of Boxing in the decade of the twenty's. Boxing is a dangerous sport in which two fighters use their physical and mental attributes to try to defeat their opponent with their fists in a square roped off ring. From the beginning of boxing, to the highest point of its popularity, to the exciting people that were a part of it, the decade of the twenties helped to make boxing a very respected sport. Boxing was a brutal spectacle in ancient Greece. Two young men would sit on flat stones, face to face, with their fists wrapped in thongs (strips of leather). At a signal, they began to hit each other until one of them fell to the ground unconscious. The other man then continued to beat his opponent until he died(). After boxing almost disappeared, boxing came back in the late 1600's with the help of an English...
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added: 02/02/2012
It is hard to deny that sports and economy are correlated whether is for the mutual benefit or detriment. Almost every country has its most popular and favourite sport. Baseball is for Japan, Cuba, and Korea. Football is for U.S., while Hockey is for Canada. Rugby is for Australia, and New Zealand. However, Soccer is for continent of Europe, Africa, Latin America, and recently, even China. It is undeniable that Soccer is arguably the most widespread sport all over the world, and beside those above-mentioned countries, there are still many more countries that Soccer is their most favourite sport. And, simultaneously, FIFA World CupTM, not inferior to the Olympics, is the biggest sport event in the global village that we are living in. Matter of fact, it is evident that the word 'World Cup' evokes Soccer to most people, while there is a World Cup for swimming, gymnastics, tennis, hockey, rugby, and etcetera. And naturally, FIFA World CupTM is an event that really affects one country's economy, especially the host country that event is held in. 2002 Korea/Japan FIFA World CupTM was the first World Cup that was held in Asia and first co-hosted World Cup ever in history. Of course, soccer fans and economists focused on how these countries will capably carry this enormous event. And consequently, they were quite amazed with the results. World Cup does give economical effects to its host country. Korea, one half of co-host of 2002 World CupTM, was overall benefited from special effects of the World Cup. Firstly, the World Cup effects affected Korean Stock market. This graph shows that how Korea performed well in the pre-World Cup season, comparing to the world's stock market, and co-host of 2002 World Cup, Japan. Korea World Cup Organizing Committee (KOWOC) has forecast that by just hosting the World Cup...
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added: 10/24/2011
Fire Breathing Honda 250X The power is typical. An electric-like smooth four-stroke. You won't find any arm-jerking power spikes here. However, the 250X is quite powerful and deceptively fast. The throttle response is great. A simple blip of the throttle and tug on the handlebars and the 250X will wheelie in any gear. Clutch pull effort is minimal and the transmission shifts buttery smooth. Hondas have always rated high in the rider comfort and ergonomics departments in that tradition. We felt very comfortable as soon as we climbed aboard the new X. The relationship between the footpegs, seat and handlebars felt perfect. The thumb throttle is comfortable and didn't cause the dreaded thumb cramp. Clutch pull is effortless and the electric start button and light switch are conveniently located on the handlebar within reach of the rider's left thumb. The carburetor-mounted choke lever is easy to find even with a gloved hand. The new FourTrax is definitely a looker. The lines of the machine are stylish and racy. We didn't notice any problems with the fenders interfering with the riders movements. The plastic gas tank holds plenty of fuel. The engine is powerful and reliable. The entire "package" is well thought out and is going to be hard to beat! Honda definitely did their homework on this one. Specifications Chassis: Lightened Honda 250X (total weight 275lbs.) Motor: Sparks Racing 410X (Redline 10,000RPM) Bore: 86mm Stroke: 12mm Stroker Compression: 14.75 to 1 Porting: Sparks Racing Head: Sparks Racing BIG valve Piston: Sparks Racing 86mm Rod: Sparks Racing H/D Rod Crank: Sparks 12mm Stoker Camshaft: Sparks X13 Ignition/Timing: Sparks Racing CDI Box/Sparks 6 Degree Advanced Plugs: D9EA NGK, .18 For Alcohol Carb: Sparks Racing Modified 36mm Mikuni Pipe: Sparks Racing X-6 Fuel/Oil: Methanol/Motul 3100 Blend Gearing: 15/32 W/22in Rear Tires A-Arms: Lone Star Thin Wall-Chromed Front Shocks: PEP Air Shocks Swingarm: Lone Star Aero-Tube, +10 Rear Axle: Lone Star Alum Drag -4 Rear Shocks: PEP Race Shock Builder: Last...
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added: 04/30/2011
The 4-4-2 formation is the most dominant formation in worldwide soccer as of today. It uses four defense (sweeper, stopper, left and right), four midfield (left and right center, left and right wing), and two forwards (left and right). It is successful. Alot of major league soccer teams use this formation and do well with it. One example of a soccer team that uses this formation is the Colorado Rapids. Soccer is a sport for the elite. It can be very difficult and requires a player to think of strategies and use their mind. Soccer is the sport of the world. It is played in almost every country. The only country that it is not the number one sport in is America. The number one sport in America is sadly baseball. However soccer is very successful in America. In fact, in the 1998 Women's World Cup, the Women's U.S. team won. Many college teams have also been very successful. They recruit players from highschools around the country. Age has become less and less of an issue as time goes on. There are even players who are scouted as sophomores or even freshmen if their skills are adequite enough. However most players are not discovered until the age of 17 or 18. Scouts for a college can be found almost anywhere. However they are usually spotted at events such as State Championships or Regional Tournaments. Many players from college have gone on to be very successfull in teh world of major league soccer. Some players even go on to play on national soccer teams and can be seen playing on television. They are soccer stadiums around the world. Many of which are very nice. That is all i have to say about soccer. This essay better be long enough this time or i say fuck it....
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added: 12/31/2012
Longhorn Gym The gym is a place where emotions, memories, and time are dedicated and shared with teammates, parents, coaches, and friends. When entering the gym, a person can feel the excitement remembering past victories, practices, or pep talks. People or students often go to the gym for pep rallies, volleyball games, basketball games, and long hard practices. The gym seems to be a place of congregation for the community and students. As I open the doors entering the gym I hear the balls bouncing as the basketball girls dribble and take part in different drills, coaches yelling words of encouragement, and the screeching of the shoes as the girls shift from one direction to the other. As I walk onto the court looking into the stands, seeing the whole community cheering and supporting our team, I begin to feel the butterflies in my stomach as I approach this battlefield of competition. Feeling the slick floor beneath my shoes, and the basketball gliding beneath my hand as I dribble down the shiny polished court to the opposite end in hopes scoring the winning basket, I feel that I am unstoppable. The smell of sweat is overwhelming after all the girls have been hustling up and down the never-ending court. I taste the sweat on my lips as it trickles from my face and the freezing cold water that I squirt into my mouth, missing because of my shaking arms. After the back and forth battle of the basketball game that is being held in our home gym, I know we have won when I hear the buzzer sound and the fans go wild. The butterflies that use to be in my stomach have all disappeared, and a feeling of joy enters into my body....
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added: 12/30/2011
Religion is an important and recurring theme in James Joyce's A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man. Through his experiences with religion, Stephen Dedalus both matures and progressively becomes more individualistic as he grows. Though reared in a Catholic school, several key events lead Stephen to throw off the yoke of conformity and choose his own life, the life of an artist. Religion is central to the life of Stephen Dedalus the child. He was reared in a strict, if not harmonious, Catholic family. The severity of his parents, trying to raise him to be a good Catholic man, is evidenced by statements such as, "Pull out his eyes/ Apologise/ Apologise/ Pull out his eyes." This strict conformity shapes Stephen's life early in boarding school. Even as he is following the precepts of his Catholic school, however, a disillusionment becomes evident in his thoughts. The priests, originally above criticism or doubt in Stephen's mind, become symbols of intolerance. Chief to these thoughts is Father Dolan, whose statements such as, "Lazy little schemer. I see schemer in your face," exemplify the type of attitude Stephen begins to associate with his Catholic teachers. By the end of Chapter One, Stephen's individualism and lack of tolerance for disrespect become evident when he complains to the rector about the actions of Father Dolan. His confused attitude is clearly displayed by the end of the chapter when he says, "He was happy and free: but he would not be anyway proud with Father Dolan. He would be very kind and obedient: and he wished that he could do something kind for him to show him that he was not proud." Stephen still has respect for his priests, but he has lost his blind sense of acceptance. As Stephen grows, he slowly but inexorably distances himself...
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added: 12/15/2012
For those that take interest in the American street race culture, where your car is made is one of the most debated issues out there. Basically, it breaks down into three categories; Japanese, European, and domestic. Now, before we go any further on this topic it is important to make clear that there is no best choice and those we are talking about are performance vehicles. Regardless, it is always interesting to discuss or often debate this topic. First, let's discuss domestic performance cars, in this case, cars which are made in the good old US of A. Domestic cars, for the most part, are gas guzzling torque monsters of ultimate power, with one major downfall. They can't really turn left or right while moving forwards. Of coarse this is somewhat of a hyperbole because obviously they can turn left and right, but they can't be going too fast otherwise they will spin out of control, wrap around some inanimate object and kill everyone inside. This being their greatest downfall, domestic cars are ideal for drag racing. Commonly they have huge 8 cylinder engines displacing anywhere from four to five liters. This, with the addition of any sort of forced induction, such as superchargers or turbochargers makes them extremely fast. In conclusion, if one is only interested in going in a straight line, and doing it fast, domestic cars are ideal for them. For those who don't find going in a straight line too exciting, there are the Japanese import cars. Japanese imports are usually very light with low displacement 4 cylinder engines. Also, Japanese engineers are very good at making motors with ridiculously efficient power output; this is usually done with various variable valve timing technologies, or turbochargers. Relative to domestic cars, Japanese cars also have very good handling; this is...
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added: 10/04/2011
" Ladies and gentlemen out of nowhere has came the rookie golfer Charlie Haase into one behind the lead at this years British Open at the Old Course at St. Andrews". "With one hole left to play, he is preparing to tee off after Tiger on the number eighteen tee box". These are the words I hear, right as I am preparing to tee off. The eighteenth is a 354 yd, par four with out of bounds guarding both sides of the fairway. The pressure is incredible as I watch Tiger taking his practice swings. Back and through, back and looks unrealistically smooth as he does it. Then he steps up to the ball, and blasts a 283 yard drive straight down the fairway. The crowd erupts into a spine tingling frenzy as Tiger turned to them and politely tips his hat. Now comes my turn. Talk about a bad person to follow off the tee box, there's no way I can compete with someone of this caliber. "OK, take a breath" I ,say to myself, "just calm down, and play the same game you've been playing the whole tournament". I take a practice swing and step up to the ball. Swing through, and hear the crowd explode. 286 yard drive just in front of Tiger, dead center of the fairway. I stand behind Tiger as he steps up to the ball, he lays 71 yards from the green with a front right pin location. His swing and composure look as if it's just another day on the practice range. The ball rises, and descends just short of the green into a very steep faced bunker. I'm in disbelief, as the murmur flows through the crowd, and suddenly Tiger turns to me and says "Well, there's your opening, you better grab it before its gone". What does a person say to that? All I could do is stare and give...
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added: 02/15/2012
Achilles Tendon Matt Mack Mrs. Wright Research Paper Nov. 7 2003 Health Matt Mack Nov.7 2003 Mrs. Wright per.7 Achilles Tendon The Achilles tendon is a very important tendon to help you with your range of motion of your ankle. There is a plethora of things that may cause your Achilles tendon to tear, pull, or strain. The name for the tendon comes from an old Greek Myth. According the Greeks, Achilles was extremely vulnerable at his hell of the foot. It is said that Achilles past the trait of vulnerable ankles down to all other humans (Achilles Tendon Injuries). The Achilles tendon is the one that runs from your calf muscle at the back of your leg and into an insert in the back at your heel. When the muscle, known as the gastrocnemius muscle, flexes the tendon moves (Your Orthopedic Connection). As the muscle shortens, the tendon moves to point the foot in a downward place. This is the motion that allows a person to stand on one's toe, run and walk normally. Also this allows them to walk up and down stairs. The Achilles tendon is the largest tendon in a person's bodies Achilles tendon injuries). The tendon can hold up too and withstand forces one thousand pound and even more. On the other side it is the most frequently injured or ruptured tendon in the body. All sorts of athletes can suffer from Achilles tendentious. Tendentious means that it was an overuse of the tendon. This is most common in older athletes who play recreationally. It occurs a lot in people that have had a history in tendentious. But a majority of the time it happens on a sudden movement like a rapid push on your toes and eve a stretch of the foot getting pushed upward. A ruptured Achilles tendon can have a plethora of symptoms....
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added: 10/25/2011
Homework Assignment-Core 2 Better Health for Individuals 1. Outline the factors which impact on individual behaviour. The factors that impact on individual behaviour are exercise, diet, stress management, health assessments, relationships, drug use, physical fitness, weight control, disease susceptibility, environmental sensitivity and sexuality. 2. Which aspects of health can individuals exert some control over? Describe how this can be done. Individuals can exert some control over their dietary intake, by making choices about the amount and type of food they eat. They also can have control over what type of exercise and physical activity they do each day. · Predisposing factors- Those that you bring to the situation, for example your current level of fitness and the value you place on fitness. · Enabling factors- Those that make it easier or harder to follow behaviour patterns or to change, for example the availability of fitness facilities. · Reinforcing factors- Those people who support you in making or sticking to a decision to change, for example peer and family. 3. Is there something that you do which you know you should change to improve your health? How did you learn that behaviour? List the major difficulties you face in changing your behaviour. As an elite athlete at state level my health is well balanced. I eat the correct foods and do the required amount of exercise, therefore at the moment there is nothing that needs to be changed. Although last year our coach wanted to us to be more aware of what we ate, to make sure all players were eating healthy. How this was done is shown in question 4. A difficulty I faced was that at the time I was boarding with four other people and we had to compromise on what food we bought and ate for dinner. 4. Develop a step-by-step plan you could undertake to change that...
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added: 01/01/2012
As part of this unit I am going to demonstrate an understanding of networking issues and how communications technologies work, and are used. In order to show this I am going to write an essay. I will write this essay using my existing knowledge, research, notes that I have taken during theory lessons and the meeting with the network manager. Issues that I will include within my essay are (I will also explain all my use for these technologies) · Hardware components required such as cables, connecters, network cards, hubs and switches, I will also look at other 'wireless' methods of connecting a network together. · Workstations (intelligent and dumb), file servers and print servers. · Network topologies, including sketches of typical network layouts. · The positive and negative effects of installing and using a network. · Network security, such as passwords, virus checkers and firewalls. · The reasonabilitie's of a network manager. · Network services, for example e-mail What is a network? There are 2 main types of networks, A Wide Area Network (WAN) and A Local Area Network (LAN). A Wide Area Network (WAN) is a network, which connects computers from a large area, such as a city or an area where people live. A WAN can send information's through satellites, phones lines etc. A Local Area Network (LAN) is a network, which connects computers from a small area, such as a building or a classroom. WAN LAN There are many advantages in networks such as you can work away from your office and connect up at home. This will allow you to send and receive files. Also if your computer is connected to a network then you can share equipments like a printer and a modem. Sharing information is anther possibility; with a network you can quickly share sounds, images, files and other sorts of data and programs. A network manager...
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added: 06/30/2011
Alcohol and athletes don't mix just like alcohol and driving doesn't mix. Alcohol is a very poisonous liquid that contains many organic chemicals. Some of these lethal chemicals that people drink include ethanol, methanol, isopropanol, and others. Alcohol is a clear, explosive liquid that burns easily just like the many kitchen cleaners we have in our cupboards. Alcohol is a very bad liquid to drink especially when you play sport. It effects many parts of your body and has a huge amount of side effects that effect you as an individual and as a sports person. When the person drinks alcohol its passed from the stomach into the small intestine, where it is rapidly absorbed into the blood. Then the heart pumps the blood and distributes it throughout the body. Because it is scattered so quickly and thoroughly the alcohol can affect the central nervous system causing the person to become less stable and very drowsy. Athletes these days say alcohol consumption before a race can calm the nerves making them feel less worried and fearless. The other reasons why athletes drink alcohol is to reduce inhibitions, increase mental alertness, reduce pain if any before race and reduce muscle tremor. Even though athletes can find some positives with alcohol there also is negatives. Alcohol has been proven that it can decrease accuracy, balance, and reaction time, slow visual tracking and information processing, decrease strength, power and muscle endurance and also dehydrate the body. These side effects wouldn't help an athlete at all and it would in fact slow the athlete down especially if playing a game sport such as football. The positives of alcohol aren't really that positive if you think about it. Even though alcohol does dull the sensation of pain that isn't a good thing. If the person cant feel the pain then...
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added: 01/31/2012
College athletes and their drinking habits is a big deal to a lot of different people. These athletes are looked up to by so many, that most people think them drinking during their sports season is wrong. People have many questions about this issue. Are athletes coaches aware of their players drinking and how often they're doing it? Do athletes drink more often than non-athletes? Did these athletes drink in high school or did they just start in college to fit in? Has the rate of athletes drinking gone up or down recently? People wonder all of these things. College athletes drinking during their respective sports seasons is wrong. They are supposed to be healthy people that a lot of younger kids look up to. In order to be a college athlete you are supposed to be working hard to improve yourself. You're not supposed to be out partying with the people that come to your games to watch you perform. In a lot of cases, colleges are paying for these athletes tuition too. Do athletes drink more than non-athletes? That question is asked by many people around college campuses. Of course a lot of people would assume that the answer to that would have to be no. Athletes are always at practice or studying, right? Well, that's not always the case. The Research Quarterly for Exercise and Sport did a study in 2001. They surveyed three different groups of students, college athletes, students that were athletes in high school but not in college, and non-athletes. These students were surveyed on their drinking habits like how often they drank, how much they drank, and the number of times they binge drink. The results that came back were amazing. The group of non-athletic students drank significantly less than the two athletic groups...
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added: 12/18/2011
What is it going to take to get the NCAA to switch its regulations on aluminum bats? Yes, every sport has risk involved, but why add to the chances by allowing the bat manufacturers to continue to find loopholes around the bat standards? Why would it be such a problem to switch to wooden bats? Could not a compromise be found to make it safer for the pitchers and infielders? These questions and many others like them have been brought up the NCAA Baseball Rules Committee, the majority of whom want to know how to make collegiate baseball safer for pitchers and infielders. It has been proven over the past few years that aluminum bats are becoming a risk to players and pitchers in the field. Many studies nave been conducted proving that aluminum bats can achieve a much faster bat speed at impact than its wooden counterpart. Studies have shown that baseballs hit by aluminum bats travel 20 percent faster than those hit by a wooden bat (Vaughn). It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out the faster the bat speed during a swing, the greater hit-ball velocity it can achieve. It is this velocity off the bat that becomes a danger to pitchers and infielders. To remedy this problem, the NCAA Baseball Rules Committee set forth new standards to prohibit the development and use of an aluminum bat that exceeds a batted ball speed of over 97 miles per hour. Barrel circumference cannot exceed 5 3/8 inches and a length/weight difference of 3 was also applied (Vaughn). This standard stated that a bat's length cannot exceed its weight by a difference of 3. But because bats are made of new high-tech alloys, the companies producing these bats can find ways around these restrictions set forth by the committee....
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added: 10/03/2011
American Beauty is the reflection of the people's secret storms to the outside. It mentioned on the collapsing of the 'American Dream'. It shows how the individuals of the same family can be indifferent from each other, how people can hide his or her character and his or her preferences from outside. Film explains that people can easily tell lies for proving his/her character to the outside. But the most important thing which the film focused on is the happy death and the efforts of the people for that. 'American Dream' is the life philosophy of the standard American family. It tells that if you have a wife, a job and a house that means you are happy. Lester is the main character of the film. He has a wife, a job and a house. So according to 'American Dream' he must be happy; but in the reality he is unhappy. He hasn't got any common features and pleasures with her wife. They didn't make sex for about 20 years. He is in the '20 year-coma'. He has a job which is a writer of a magazine but the problem is he doesn't like his job and he wants to quit this job. In his house there is no peace; her wife and her daughter don't like him. Although all of his efforts he couldn't have communication with her daughter. According to all of these situations 'American Dream' is collapsed by 'American Beauty'. Ricky is another important character in the film. He can easily lose his temper; because of this he spends 6 months in the hospital. His father is working in the army and a high- disciplinary man. His mother is very quiet person. Indifference is the main problem of this family. Every individual are indifferent from each other in this family. They have no sharing with each other. Although Ricky is a vegetarian person her mother offers...
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added: 01/09/2012
Due to the number of fundraising sources previously mentioned in this project it will only be possible to discuss a few potential fundraising sources. In order to obtain any substantial backing from companies and charitable organisations, I feel that it would be within the best interests of the scheme to have the backing of Hampshire County Cricket Club. I have my own personal interests in the club and have been in contact with Jon Ayling a former county player and recently qualified ECB coach, who has expressed an interest in the scheme as well as pledging some of his time on a voluntary basis to coach the children taking part in the scheme. Also, to give the children someone to try and aspire to I have contacted Shane Warne who has again expressed an interest in the scheme and is more than happy to come down to the sessions as long as they do not interfere with his other commitments. Shane returns from Australia in a few weeks. It is vitally important to form an allegiance with the Local Government. This alliance will aid the scheme in a number of ways. Firstly, the Government will provide staff for the coaching of the children. These members of staff my even work on a voluntary basis or the council pays their wages. It will be necessary to show potential fundraising sources willing in terms of raising money from within the scheme itself. The proposed fundraiser is a kwik cricket tournament. This tournament will be run in the summer of 2003. Teams will consist of 6 members made up of the children and relatives; each team will be charged an entrance fee of £5. The competition will start on a round robin phase then progress onto a knockout stage. There will be other fundraisers throughout the...
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added: 01/02/2012
Anabolic-Androgenic steroids (AAS) are used by many individuals for improved athleticism, strength, or just to look better. Many researchers believe there have been no studies that concretely show that AAS make individuals more prone to commit violent acts, however, a strong argument can be made to show otherwise. According to Forbes, the masculinizing properties of the male reproductive system have been reported since the 18th century. Androsterone was the first synthesized AAS in 1934 (Lamb 250). As more individuals started taking steroids, it became known that steroids made animals as well as humans more aggressive, but it could not be proven that AAS make users more prone to commit a violent act. Body builders started using testosterone in the late 1940's and 1950's. The first reports of steroids being used in weightlifting occurred in 1954 and the continued experimentation by Dr. John Zielger and USA weightlifters are credited with the first use of anabolic steroids by athletes (Lamb 251). The natural form of steroids is the hormone testosterone that is produced in males by the testes and adrenal glands and by the adrenal glands in females. The body uses testosterone to combat inflammation and stimulate development of bones and muscles. It contributes to the growth of skin and hair and can influence emotions. AAS are a synthetic version of the hormone testosterone. Given the right training stimulus and diet, AAS enable the user to process protein into muscle fibers at astonishing rates creating increased muscle size and strength with a reduction in body fat. Since AAS were first introduced, there has been much controversy with researchers if ASS makes individuals more prone to commit violent acts. There are many factors as to why there hasn't been a proven link to ASS and violence. Doctor Jack Darkes is one who believes that it...
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added: 11/30/2011
Athletes are amazing human beings. They have incredible strength and durability. They spend hours of time training and preparing all for the sport they love; or is it for the money? Nowadays, in professional sports all the big time athletes have an agent. An agent deals with negotiating contracts, which ultimately determines how much money the player makes. There are three types of paid athletes: the ones who get paid way too much, the ones who get paid way too little for the job they do, and the ones that have to earn every dollar they make. There is a question that has plagued old men sitting around the barbershop for years: Do pro athletes get paid too much? Owners of teams all around the U.S. spend big money for a certain player that can jump higher or hit the ball harder or complete more passes. Some teams spend most of their salary cap, a set amount of money they can pay all of their players put together, on one player, leaving the rest of the team to be paid little to nothing compared to other players. Now, the players that are paid a lot of money do make outstanding plays on more than one occasion, but are a few good plays worth millions of dollars? Another reason an owner would pay "the big bucks" to a player is for publicity. If a team has one player that a lot of fans will pay to come see, total revenue goes up and the owner can then bring in more high caliber players, thus making his team better. But this overpaid player sometimes means all the other players get paid way too little. The underpaid players, such as baseball's bullpen or football's and basketball's second-string players, are just as capable of playing at...
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added: 10/17/2011
English Coursework Atticus In my opinion Atticus is a great father as he always tells the children the truth, also the children respect their father as it says, "our father is satisfactory". The children relate to their father very well they feel they can talk and respond to their father without feeling uncomfortable like some children would with their parents but as they can relate to their father tells us that he is a good father. His statement "Sister I do the best I can with them", I agree with this statement because I think he does do the best with his children because he never tells them lies and he always tells them the real story and that there might be trouble just like when he told Scout that there would be trouble because that he was defending a black man! Also he trusts his children and he can rely on his children which gives Jem and Scout a responsibility which makes them behave and try and help their father. The way he deals with the court case is brilliant because he tells his children that there is going to be trouble and he warned them they would be called names and that people would call him dirty and offence names and not to get upset and not to fight, he said that he trusted them which again give them responsibility which makes me believe that, that is what made them behave. He also tells his children why there will be trouble between them and the town in general, the children cannot understand. Atticus again tells them what they cannot understand, "why do people not like to defend people of different races?" asks Jem, so Atticus tells them, he says that the people of Maycomb don't like people that are black because...
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added: 10/19/2011
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