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My family comes from all around the world. My great grandpa was from Ireland and my great grandma was from Germany. On my dads side his parent were from England and Scotland. My mother and father met and married here in the U.S. both at the young age of nineteen. They had my first sister Courtney in 1980. My mother then gave birth to my other older sister Kristin in 1981. My older brother, Michael, was born in 1986. Then I was put into this world in 1987. My mother wasn't done yet, she had my little brother Matthew who was born in 1990. Finally and last but not least my little sister Tracie was born in 1991. I was baptized on January 3, 1988 at St. Michaels' Church. On that day I was it was official that Rosemary Wells, my grandmother was sworn into being my God mother. Also, Charles Sauer, my grandmas' best fried was given the opportunity to be my Godfather. As I started to grow up and become more aware of all the people, places, and things around me, I decided to explore the world a little more. From what my parent tell me, I was always a pretty calm and quiet child as I was growing up, but I still managed to get in to a little mischief and get into trouble a few times. Although being young and fully unaware of all the sinful and bad things in the world my mother seemed to always be the more "friendly" parent and completely understand that I did not know any better and that I did not yet know the difference between right and wrong. My father was also a very caring guy for when I can remember and loved me very much; he just had a different...
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added: 10/08/2011
In the standard restaurant, the marginal benefit to the eater would be pleasure of eating, but the marginal cost- spend money is greater than the marginal benefit to the eater. In the buffet-style restaurant, the marginal cost benefit, it just charges a single price, so the eater becomes a glutton. CHAPTER 2 Q2 Answer: Economic growth is result of increases in supplies of resources; improvements in resource quality and technological advance. Use the government subsidy that is full employment and full production. We did not cost taxpayers anything. We full employment-we spend capital resources- government subsidy. The pizza and robots attainable. Q5 Answer: Economics is concerned with the problem of using or managing scarce resources to produce goods and services which fulfill the material wants of society. Both full employment and efficient use of available resources are essential to maximize want satisfaction. Unemployment that means available resources idle that can not be employed. Economics can not the best use of scarce resources. So it is the subject problem of economics. Productive efficiency- producing all output combinations in the least costly way ; allocative efficiency ¨C producing the specific output mix most desired by society. To producing CDs and PCs is achieving productive, but not allocative, efficiency. CHPATER 3 Q6 Answer: Prices of related goods. A complementary good is one used together with another good. Fish and potatoes are complementary good in the question. If the price of one good and the demand for the other good move in opposite directions. The potatoes is shortage, that reduce the fish demand because they are in the caf¨¦ menu always together. Q5 Answer: a. the supply of product B will be increase. b. the demand is decreasing. c. demand is decreasing and the supplies is decreasing. d. the demand will be increase e. the demand of production B will be decrease and the production...
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added: 01/21/2012
Yorktown Heights, N.Y., April 27, 2001 ... IBM scientists developed a breakthrough transistor technology that could preview how computer chips can be made smaller and faster than what is currently possible with silicon. As reported in the April 27 issue of the journal Science, IBM researchers have built the world's first array of transistors out of carbon nanotubes -- tiny cylinders of carbon atoms that measure about 10 atoms across, are 500 times smaller than today's silicon-based transistors and are 1,000 times stronger than steel. The breakthrough bypasses the slow process of manipulating individual nanotubes one-by-one, and is more suitable for a future manufacturing process. This achievement is an important step in finding materials that can be used to build computer chips when silicon-based chips cannot be made any smaller -- a problem chip makers are expected to face in about 10-20 years. "This is a major step forward in our pursuit to build molecular scale electronic devices," said Phaedon Avouris, lead researcher on the project and manager of IBM's Nanoscale Science Research Department. "Our studies prove that carbon nanotubes can compete with silicon in terms of performance, and since they may allow transistors to be made much smaller, they are promising candidates for a future nanoelectronic technology." Using Carbon Nanotubes as Transistors in Chips Depending on their size and shape, the electronic properties of carbon nanotubes can be metallic or semiconducting. The problem scientists had faced in using carbon nanotubes as transistors was that all synthetic methods of production yield a mixture of metallic and semiconducting nanotubes which "stick together" to form ropes or bundles. This compromises their usefulness because only semiconducting nanotubes can be used as transistors; and when they are stuck together, the metallic nanotubes overpower the semiconducting nanotubes. Beyond manipulating them individually, a slow and tedious...
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added: 12/02/2011
The Arctic National Wildlife Refuge It seems as though I am stuck between a rock and a hard place in this debate of drilling for oil in the National Wildlife Refuge in Alaska. I am strong for saving the environment until we have done everything in out power and we absolutely need to tamper with the environment in some ways. This debate has been going on for over a decade and at this rate I'm not sure it will ever be decided. Drilling for oil on the Coastal Plains of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge is urged by the oil companies and supported by most Alaskan government officials. It seems strange to me that the government officials of Alaska would urge towards drilling in Alaska, until I did some further research. Come to find out in Alaska there are no taxes and the US government is providing every citizen in Alaska money. In a sense it is like blood money (it is somewhere around $2000) It is like a bribe, well who wouldn't want that money. Lets say for instance you weren't sure which side of the debate you would rather be on, then you are offered a great sum of money if you were for the drilling, I'm sure you would be for the drilling. One essence of the conflict is the possibility that the Coastal Plain of the Arctic Refuge contains one of the best remaining prospects for significant oil discovery in the United States. To this argument it never states clearly how much oil is actually in the National Wildlife Refuge in Alaska. In the report it states anywhere from 697 million barrels to 5.15 billion barrels. I might not know much about oil but I do know that it a great difference between the two numbers. I do believe...
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added: 01/23/2012
What is a Cookie? Netscape's Client Side State definition: Cookies are a general mechanism which server side connections (such as CGI scripts) can use to both store and retrieve information on the client side of the connection. The addition of a simple, persistent, client-side state significantly extends the capabilities of Web-based client/server applications."Kington, Andy, Andy's HTTP Cookie Notes, Available from [modified 6 June 1997, cited 14 March, 1999] In English, this means that webservers can create web pages that will customize from user to user. By saving these preferences on your computer, the web page can reload appearing to your chosen options. This is accomplished by retrieving the cookie, through your browser, when you access the web page. Where cookies and privacy clash The problem with privacy begins with the cookie revealing personal information that you do not wish to be available. "Your browser is probably revealing more than you might want: which computer you are coming from, what software and hardware you are using, details of the link you clicked on, and possibly even your email address." Junkbusters, How Web Servers' Cookies Threaten Your Privacy, [Online], Available from, [written 11 December, 1998, cited 14 March, 1999] By receiving this information, the webservers could sell it as part of an advertising database resulting in both electronic and paper junk mail. Legislative action has been enacted to curtail the illegal use of personal information. The WWW offers a wide variety of communication, information and interaction. Cookies provide for necessary customization. But the Internet is not outside the law. Existing regulations, targeted at protecting personal information, limit the use and application of cookies. Current cookie usage violates such norms. Content providers continuing to use cookies that violate these regulations and browser producers unwilling or incapable of bringing their products into accordance...
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added: 10/05/2011
Homo Neanderthalensis lived from about 250,000 to 30,000 years ago, which is the last species to diverge from the human line prior to the emergence of modern humans and the last species of hominid to have gone extinct. Neanderthals lived in a cultural period during the Middle Paleolithic. Neanderthals lived mostly in cold climates, and their body proportions are similar to those of modern cold adapted peoples, which is short and stocky with solid limbs. Shorter than modern humans, males stood 1.6 meters high and 84 kilos and females stood about 1.5 meters at 80 kilos. Western European Neanderthals usually have a more robust form and sometimes referred to as the "classic Neanderthal." Like erectus, Neanderthal had a protruding jaw, weak chin, and receding forehead. The nose and brow also protruded a feature that is not found in erectus and was probably due to adaptation in cold climates. Moreover, they have a slightly larger brain capacity than modern humans (1450cc – 1800cc or maybe even more). Their brain case is longer and lower that that of modern humans, with a marked bulge at the back of the skull. Bones are thick and heavy, showing signs of powerful muscle attachments. In all, the most accurate recent reconstructions reveal a physiognomy that is obviously unlike modern humans. Neanderthal's skeleton often shows scars of harsh abuse from fighting or hunting. One of the best examples is Shanidar 1, a male about 35 to 40 years old with a height of 5 feet 7 inches, who had sustained fractured eye socket, crushed left side of the head, probably blindness, withered right arm, and damaged lower right leg (Jurmain pg. 259). Ralph Solecki and Erik Trinkaus believed that this man was helped by other members: "A one-armed, partially blind, crippled man could have made no pretense of...
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added: 01/30/2012
My goal is to provide an evaluation of the second class in the New Horizons Security Certified Program. This evaluation is a personal opinion and does not express the opinion of the State of Michigan or the Information Security Cortsoidum or any persons holding a CISSP. This portion of the New Horizons class was well spread out. The first lesson was Network Defense Fundamentals. Authorization, availability, authentication, confidentiality, and integrity were defined and discussed as the five major key issues in network defense. Layered defenses were examined as the best defensive strategy. When we talk about strategies, it is always good to use a well-known analogy so the students can relate. This portion of the course uses the castle analogy to discuss the various layers of security. Basic definitions included training and awareness, perimeter security, intrusion detection, non-repudiation, and attack responses. The active defense-in depth defense was introduced and discussed in detail. This defense strategy stresses the use of multiple, overlapping protection approaches to ensure that failure or by-pass of any individual protection approach will not leave the system unprotected. The defense technologies involved in a layered defense include routers, firewalls, intrusion detection, and access control methods. The audition process was briefly discussed. This topic could have been more in-depth. The security professional should know how to read logs. They should know that although most people don't log all in coming and outgoing packets, they should. It is much harder to recreate a breach without logs. If the argument for not logging is due to the storage of data, organizations should weigh the risk between spending money to store this logged data or spending money to repair damage of a DDoS or worst yet a blended virus like Code Red. You need to know who is attempting to get into your system. The second lesson,...
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added: 01/31/2012
Design Model for OZZICOM enterprise network security. Since OZZICOM is a big company, that means it has a huge number of operations and accesses by users. These operations and processes needs a secure network. Here are some suggestions that could be included in designing a model for OZZICOM enterprise network security. Network Assessment and Optimisation Leverages deep expertise and a wide range of assessment tools to analyze network operations and provide recommendations for improving performance and mitigating risk. Disaster Recovery and Business Continuance Develops a disaster recovery plan to help prevent costly disruptions to a network and to normalize operations as quickly as possible in the event of a system failure. IP Address and Design Implementation and Management Develops an IP address schema for sustained growth and efficient use of IP addresses. Provides a set of proven policies, procedures, guidelines, and tools for managing public and private address space for midsize and large enterprises. Application Network Review Helps ensure application production readiness, verifies bandwidth requirements, and identifies application bottlenecks. Directory Services Infrastructure Designs and implements a directory services infrastructure that delivers a high level of accuracy and security, and minimizes administrative tasks and costs. DNS Infrastructure Architecture and Design Designs a robust Domain Name System (DNS) architecture to support Internet and intranet name resolution. Capacity Planning and Optimisation Establishes a baseline for an existing enterprise's infrastructure and performs a gap analysis to pinpoint differences between the current infrastructure and identified requirements for projected growth. Traffic Engineering and Quality of Service Analyses and optimises network traffic based on network capacity and priorities for various types of network traffic Security Assessment — Quickly identifies immediate security concerns and network weaknesses, and then uses this information as the foundation for a comprehensive network review. Penetration Testing — Uses a multi-phased process of penetration testing and access attempts to assess the type and extent of security-related vulnerabilities that may exist in your current...
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added: 09/16/2011
Imagine yourself as a network administrator, responsible for a 2000 user network. This network reaches from California to New York, and some branches over seas. In this situation, anything can, and usually does go wrong, but it would be your job as a system administrator to resolve the problem with it arises as quickly as possible. The last thing you would want is for your boss to call you up, asking why you haven't done anything to fix the 2 major systems that have been down for several hours. How do you explain to him that you didn't even know about it? Would you even want to tell him that? So now, picture yourself in the same situation, only this time, you were using a network monitoring program. Sitting in front of a large screen displaying a map of the world, leaning back gently in your chair. A gentle warning tone sounds, and looking at your display, you see that California is now glowing a soft red in color, in place of the green glow just moments before. You select the state of California, and it zooms in for a closer look. You see a network diagram overview of all the computers your company has within California. Two systems are flashing, with an X on top of them indicating that they are experiencing problems. Tagging the two systems, you press enter, and with a flash, the screen displays all the statitics of the two systems, including anything they might have in common causing the problem. Seeing that both systems are linked to the same card of a network switch, you pick up the phone and give that branch office a call, notifying them not only that they have a problem, but how to fix it as well. Early in the...
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added: 11/14/2011
Network Report (Ethernet and LANs) Due date: 12th September Ethernet is a physical and data link layer technology for LAN networking. When it first began to be widely deployed in the 1980s, Ethernet supported a maximum theoretical data rate of 10 megabits per second (Mbps). More recently, Fast Ethernet standards have extended traditional Ethernet technology to 100 Mbps peak, and Gigabit Ethernet technology extends performance up to 1000 Mbps. Gigabit Ethernet, a transmission technology based on the Ethernet frame format and protocol used in local area networks (LANs), provides a data rate of 1 billion bits per second (one gigabit). Gigabit Ethernet is defined in the IEEE 802.3 standard and is currently being used as the backbone in many enterprise networks. Higher-level network protocols like Internet Protocol use Ethernet as their transmission medium. Data travels over Ethernet in the form of frames. The run length of Ethernet cables is limited (to roughly 100 meters), but various special-purpose devices exist that make Ethernet a cost-effective option for networking an entire large school or office building. In the mid-1990s, Fast Ethernet technology matured and met its design goals of a) increasing the performance of traditional Ethernet while b) avoiding the need to completely re-cable existing Ethernet networks. Fast Ethernet comes in two major varieties: 100Base-T (using unshielded twisted pair cable) 100Base-FX (using fiber optic cable) By far the most popular of these is 100Base-T, a standard that includes 100Base-TX (Category 5 UTP), 100Base-T2 (Category 3 or better UTP), and 100Base-T4 (100Base-T2 cabling modified to include two additional wire pairs). Whereas Fast Ethernet improved traditional Ethernet from 10 Megabit to 100 Megabit speed, Gigabit Ethernet boasts the same order-of-magnitude improvement over Fast Ethernet by offering speeds of 1000 Megabits (1 Gigabit). Gigabit Ethernet was first made to travel over optical and copper cabling, but the 1000Base-T standard successfully supports it as...
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added: 11/19/2011
An overview into the world of network security Prashant K Singh and Rohit Kamboj Department of computer engineering, Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Technological university Lonere-402 103, Raigad, Maharashtra. Abstract In this paper we have tried to demonstrate the sensitivity of transferring data in a network. In doing so we have emphasized on the type of problems one could face while transferring the data in a network. Further we have tried to stress on the different types of security measures available to make the data transfer a secure phenomena on a network. In the present paper we have also listed some of the most common methodologies available for secure routing of information on a network. Introduction: The term computer network means a large number of inter-connected autonomous computers. Two computers are inter-connected if they are able to exchange information with each other. With the advancement of technology computer network has become a widespread source of delivering data to individuals at home and at workplace. With the enormous use of computer network it is required to make the communication between the destination host and the source host a secure method. The topic of network security is a vast topic that covers a multitude of sins. Network security in its simplest form means that nosy people cannot read the message, or worse cannot modify the message meant for other recipient. It is concerned with people trying to access the remote services that they are not authorized to use. Network security also deals with problems of legitimate messages being captured and replayed, and people trying to deny that they sent the message. Most of the network security problems are caused by malicious people trying to gain some benefit or harm someone. A few most common perpetrators of network security are as follows: · Students: Trying to have fun by snooping on people's email. ·...
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Methods of sharing transmission media CSMA/CD is short for Carrier Sense Multiple Access / Collision Detection, a set of rules determining how network devices respond when two devices attempt to use a data channel simultaneously (called a collision). Standard Ethernet networks use CSMA/CD. This standard enables devices to detect a collision. After detecting a collision, a device waits a random delay time and then attempts to re-transmit the message. If the device detects a collision again, it waits twice as long to try to re-transmit the message. This is known as exponential back off. CSMA/CA is short for Carrier Sense Multiple Access/Collision Avoidance, a network contention protocol that listens to a network in order to avoid collisions, unlike CSMA/CD that deals with network transmissions once collisions have been detected. CSMA/CA contributes to network traffic because, before any real data is transmitted, it has to broadcast a signal onto the network in order to listen for collision scenarios and to tell other devices not to broadcast. Token Passing Scheme This technology is used for token ring systems. Its incorporation along with complimentary fault-tolerance capabilities yield a LAN with a fair amount of sophistication, manageability and reliability. In this channel access method, a small signal called a token regularly visits each device. The token gives permission for the device to transmit if it needs to. If a transfer of data is needed, the device receives a set amount of time to broadcast its data. When it is done, the machine then retransmits the token to another machine giving that recipient permission to transmit, and so the system continues. This mechanism ensures opportunity for all devices to gain access to the LAN. Because of its predictable behavior, token scheme LANs offer the advantage of priorities, where a certain group of devices may have enhanced access to the LAN...
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added: 10/06/2011
LANs: Introduction & Ethernet 1. Discuss factors that limit speed of operation and range in cables. 2. Discuss the techniques used to enable Ethernet to operate at speeds of 100 Mbps, or more. 3. Consider the transfer of a million bytes of data from one station to another, distance D apart, by means of encapsulation. What is the total elapsed time and effective throughput for the following cases: a. A circuit-switched, star topology local network. Call set-up time is negligible and the data rate is 64 kbps. b. An Ethernet network transmitting data at a rate of 10 Mbps. The propagation speed is 200m/ms. c. An Ethernet network transmitting data at a rate of 100 Mbps. The propagation speed is 200m/ms. Where D is: D (m) ANSWERS a. b. c. 200 200 500 4. The maximum throughput S for a CSMA/CD LAN is given by: Where S is normalised and k is the ratio of the medium propagation time to the time taken for one station to transmit all of the bits of one frame onto the bus. An Ethernet network has a maximum end-to-end length of 200 m and operates at a transmission speed of 100 Mbps. Assuming a frame length of 1526 bytes, determine the value of k and hence maximum throughput S. Assume velocity of propagation of signals is 200,000 km/s. 5. Draw a flowchart to illustrate the CSMA/CD protocol used by Ethernet. 6. Explain why an Ethernet network may be idle, even though some stations have frames to transmit. 7. Discuss why Ethernet MAC protocol is not inherently suitable for video communication. Under what circumstances might video operation be supported ? 8. With reference to the CSMA/CD medium access technique, explain the main cause of collisions and clearly indicate what is meant by the terms vulnerable time and collision window. 9. Calculate the slot time in a UTP based network. Assume that segment length is 100m...
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added: 12/08/2011
Neural Networks mimic the pattern of human learning to solve many difficult tasks of data management and pattern recognition. By configuring virtual neural networks that function like the human brain, computers can perform tasks at greater speeds and with increased flexibility of application. These networks are capable of offering invaluable insights into the vast information stockpiles that are common today. The human brain is constructed of a vast network of interconnected entities. These entities function together to enable us learn and to perform a diverse array of tasks. The neuron is responsible for this learning process and it is made up of three main parts the dendrites, the soma, and the axon. The dendrites form the input network that consists of branches, which connect to tens of thousands of other neurons. This interconnectedness is what determines our adaptability and creativity. The next element of the neuron is the Soma. This is the processing element that determines at which threshold the neuron will respond. A constant flow of chemical signals causes stimulation of an output once the integrated signal reaches a certain threshold value. When a signal is finally generated, it is conducted down the Axon, and then continues to another dendrite or to the muscle cells. ("Nervous System", Encyclopedia Britannica) During the learning process, adjustments to the response threshold values are made. These adjustments cause the Soma to become more excitable. This will allow the neuron to generate an output signal at lower integrated values of chemical stimulation. As we become more familiar with certain tasks, a lower level of excitation is exhibited. This lower level of excitation allows tasks to become "second nature". Therefore tasks require less effort to perform. (Neurotransmission, Department of Psychology) Our knowledge of how we learn is somewhat limited, but similar principles are found in biological neural networks....
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technology is great the futur technology the future is nonotechnology 50,000+ Essays & Papers 50,000+ Essays & Papers / What is CheatHouse, and how do I join? / - Wednesday, 10 December 2003: 8:44 pm News Browse Essays Advertising Help! Articles SEARCH Search for Essays: Essays in all languages Only English essays STATS Essays: 22952 Essays pending: 616 Today's essays: 117 Comments: 8053 Ratings: 78948 Members: 90113 Members Online: 13 Visitors Online: 124 CHAT [wishiwassmarter] its probably a mistake [hoba] you do, but it goes through later, just like your points for comments [zachjones4] ahhh ok, so when the essay is aproved? [zachjones4] hey can someone rate my essay? you can access it by clicking my name. Its title is "this essay is about plutonium. . . . . . . . " (chat history) Welcome to! THOUSANDS OF FREE ESSAYS IN OVER 130 CATEGORIES. LEADING THE INDUSTRY SINCE 1995 CheatHouse is the perfect site for research, late assignments and general reference. Have a look at a complete list of all the essays we have, or try out our search engine. There are over 10,000 free essays waiting for you if you contribute to the database. To use any of our services, you need to register which is free and only takes 42 seconds. If this is your first visit, then check out our essays right now. If you want a general overview of CheatHouse and how it works, see "What is CheatHouse?" If you want full, totally unlimited access NOW, then: CLICK HERE TO GET THE SYSTEM PASSWORD Subject name: Description: Total: Area & Country Studies Travel Descriptions, ... Specific countries and regions. 468 Arts Film & TV Studies, Music History & Studies, Drama, ... Various paintings and works of art, artist, periods and styles, movies, TV shows and film analysis. 1744 Business Management, Case Studies, Marketing, ... Business in general, accounting, marketing and cases. 1314 History North American History, European History, World History, ... World and regional history 2849 Humanities Health & Medicine, Philosophy, Religion & Faith, ... History, literature, book, authors, philosophy and classical studies. 2711 Law & Government Law, Civil Rights, Government, ... Human rights,...
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Assignment One: Normalising data Normalisation is a bottom-up approach to database design that begins by examining the relationships between the attributes that in turn make up the database. For this example of normalising data we are going to use data from AllRight Accounting which is a firm that stores data about their customers various policies with other companies. The forms that we are extracting the data from are standard forms used by AlRight Accounting to receive the necessary information on their customers. Here the user fills in a form with details such as Personnel Details, Policy Details, and Company Details. Aaron's Accounting Client Number: CN 34 Policy Number: PN 12 Full Name: Karen Hatfield Policy Description: Covers holder for full Dental treatment Monthly Debt: £50 Company Number: CN 100 Policy Start: 1- Sep - 99 Company Name: Dave's Dental Policy Expire: 1- Sep - 00 Source of data: Standard AllRight Accounting customer information form Before we move to First Normal Form (1NF) we show how the data looks from the outset. This is called Unnormalised form (UNF). Unnormalised Form (UNF) A table containing one or more repeating groups customerPolicy (cliebtNo, cName, policyNo, pDesc, pStart, pExpire, mDebt, companyNo, cName) Table Format: ClientRental clientNo cName policyNo pDesc pStart pExpire mDebt companyNo cName CN34 Karen Hatfield PN12PN15 Covers holder for full dental treatmentCovers holder for full home insurance 1 Sep 991 Aug 99 1 Sep 001 Aug 00 £50£60 CN100CN110 Dave's DentalHomes Cover CN44 Simon Hauss PN12PN20PN15 Covers holder for full dental treatmentCovers holder for full car insuranceCovers holder for full home insurance 12Oct 012 Dec 0112Jan 01 12Oct 022 Dec 0212Jan 02 £50£75£60 CN100CN115CN110 Dave's DentalCareful CarsHomes Cover First Normal Form (1NF) A relation in which the intersection of each row and column contains one and only one value. The first step of normalising the data here is to remove any repeating groups, by looking at the table in the Unnormalised...
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added: 04/05/2012
No Net In Room Information. We all need it to carry on with life. Imagine living without having any idea as to what is going on in the rest of the world. Would you be able to write a report if you could not conduct research as you normally do? What would you do if you were no longer able to communicate with your close friends and family? This is what it has been like for many residents of Bowman House for the last couple of days. Somehow, our internet connection has ceased to function properly. This one event has affected me in more ways than I ever thought it possibly could. Everything from what the subject of my papers will be, to how much I communicate with my friends and family has been affected by this change. The information made available by the internet proves to be extremely helpful when writing any report. Unfortunately, this information is unavailable to me at this time. Research is not always an easy task, and for me right now, it seems to be impossible. Needless to say, the topic I wanted to write about two days ago is no longer an option. This does create some stress. All of the prewriting I did in class is now useless, as the topic I was brainstorming for I am no longer able to research easily. Communication is a very significant part of my life. It is important to me to know how my friends and family are doing. With the internet, we are all able to communicate quickly and cheaply. Right now, I have absolutely no idea how any of them are doing. Several of my friends have been having bad weeks, so I have no clue if it is getting any better for them. This puts me on...
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added: 12/27/2011
At the beginning of 1976 there were 21,000 operational nuclear weapons in the world. Divided among six countries, nearly 95 percent of the world¡¯s nuclear weapons are in the possession of the United States and Russia. Nuclear weapons are really powerful and dangerous but a lot of countries want to possess their force. It is however debatable if having nuclear weapons is advantageous or not. Having nuclear weapons on one hand protects a country but on the other hand these weapons involve a lot of worries and expense. There are a number of disadvantages to having nuclear weapons. The basic material that makes nuclear energy possible is the fission of uranium. If people live near a nuclear weapons facility or nuclear power plant, they can suffer sick from a variety of medical conditions. Radiation from uranium poses man health risks like cancer. In the worst cases, people can even die. Furthermore, deformed babies can be born if the baby¡¯s mother lives by a nuclear facility. Professor Gary Mccuen said that the possibility of a baby being born deformed child is much higher in cities with a nuclear facility than cities with no nuclear facility. In addition, making nuclear weapons costs a lot. The materials are not cheap and the salaries for scientists are expensive. If the nuclear weapon explodes by accident it can bring terrible consequences. Even a small amount of nuclear material can cause huge damage. Scientists and researcher have known for a long time about the serious problems that nuclear power represents. Tricia Andfyszewski discussed some of these concerns in the following passage. ¡°What is the worst that could happen in a modern commercial nuclear power accident? --The worst that could happen probably would have been a release of fission products from the steam. You would have the fission products from the fuel....
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added: 02/09/2012
NY LIFE Concept Development Assignment Team 15 Summary 1. Does NYL want to enter into the DC market? Definitely yes! DCs are the fastest growing type of pension fund; NYL can't afford to miss this opportunity! 2. What type of service(s) should NYL provide? When entering an existing market, one has to be able to compete with the existing competition; in this case the major competitors are offering total service packages. Also, according to several surveys, an important concern, for both sponsors and participants, in selecting pension plan providers is good record keeping/administrative services. These factors necessitate NYL offer a full service DC plan. Here are some specific suggestions for services NYL should offer: · In-house record keeping with possible strategic alliances with major payroll processing service provider(s) to obtain payroll/contribution information automatically with no extra effort by the employer. · Monthly, quarterly, semi-annually or annually statements (participants option). · Basic information on the first page, detailed information on subsequent pages. · Toll free phone access for daily balance and other updates (and access to they same information over the internet in the future) · Automatic reallocation for those without the inclination to personally manage fund allocation. More details are found in Attachment Two of this report. 3. Major advantages from this recommended concept. · Continued relationship building with existing customers · Reputation building to attract future customers · Complete control over the program allowing increased flexibility to meet both existing and future customer needs (both companies and individuals). These advantages will allow NYL to be a complete financial need provider for customers: insurance, assortment of retirement funds, and financial planning advice. 4. Other possibilities Contracting the record keeping services to another company requires NYL to rely on someone else being responsive to customer needs (problems will reflect poorly on NYL). Although many reputable record keeping companies exist that would probably be responsive enough, they would also charge more for that...
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Class: A class is a general specification of a set of objects that defines their common structure (data), behaviour (methods) and relationships. For example Object: An object is an abstraction or simulation of physical things such as people and machines or intangible things such as events or processes that captures their characteristics and behaviour. An object has state, behaviour and identity e.g. Persistence: Persistence allows the state of the object to be saved to non-volatile storage such as a file or database and later restored even though the original creator of the object no longer exists. An example would be Encapsulation: This is a modelling and implementation technique, known as information hiding, which separates the external aspects of an object from the internal implementation details of the object e.g. Inheritance: Inheritance is a relationship between classes where one class is a parent of another. It implements "is a" relationships between objects. Inheritance takes advantage of the commonality amongst objects to reduce complexity. One class inherits part or all of the public description of another base class and instances inherit all the properties and methods of the classes which they contain e.g. Polymorphism: A concept in type theory according to which a name (such as a variable declaration) may denote objects of many different classes that are related by some common super-class. Thus any object denoted by this name is able to respond to some common set of operations in different ways. For example Object Oriented Life Cycle: The OO Life Cycle of a software development project can have several incremental steps. Each of these increments consists of Iteration Cycles whereby specific phases of development are carried out. Each cycle consists of an Analysis, Design, Implementation and Testing phase where certain deliverables are produced. The iterations are repetitive by nature as the project evolves over time. Analysis: The analyst looks at the existing real world scenario...
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