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"Basics of the Global Positioning System (GPS)" INTRODUCTION I. ATTENTION GETTER: From this spot in the classroom to the Eifel Tower in France is a distance of xx miles. How do I know this? With the assistance of over 20 satellites and my handheld receiver/display I can pinpoint my current position anywhere on earth, as well the direction and distance to any other place on the planet. This combination of satellites and receivers make up what is called the Global Positioning System, or GPS for short. II. REASON TO LISTEN: Hundreds of thousands of people use this GPS system everyday From construction to aviation, the global positioning system provides precise tracking and navigation for an almost endless list of uses. Most likely in the future just about everyone will depend on this system, whether they have a permanent receiver in their car, a portable one like this they carry along, or even a small receiver that could be integrated into a watch. III. CREDENTIALS: As a commercial pilot, I depend on this system everyday for aircraft navigation. I have become very familiar with both the operation and procedures involved in using this system. IV. THESIS: I am now going to share with you some more information about GPS, demonstrate the operation of my receiver, and elaborate on who uses GPS and why. BODY I. MAIN POINT #1: First I want to discuss the history of the Global Positioning System and how it works. (Visual Aids – will show handheld receiver, and draw satellite-earth orientation on board) a. History i. Originally started by the government for military operations in 1973 ii. In 1980 the Department of Defense authorized use for civilians (Ref #1) iii. In 1993 FAA approved GPS for aviation b. Infrastructure i. Composed of 24 satellites (Ref. #2) ii. Land based antennas iii. Individual receivers (permanent and portable) c. How it works i. Satellites orbit the earth...
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added: 02/18/2012
Handphones have become a common tool for communication in this advanced society. they came in all sorts of patterns, designs and models. few people on the streets are seen without a handphone. it shows that handphone is no long 'a tool for the rich'. even young children nowadays carry a handphone. handphone usage has both its advantages and disadvantages. for disadvantages, handphones are said to emit harmful radiation to the brain, which may cause brain tumors or even brain damage. the se of handphones could also weaken a person's memory as the handphone itself has a 'phonebook' where we could record numbers under the names we know. so instead of having to remember the numbers with the use of the brain, the handphone's convenience may not be good at all. as for students, the ownership of the handphone will result in the situations where they bring it to school and chat with their friends with the 'short messaging service' or in short, sms, during lesson time. this will create a problem, as the student will not pay attention in class and forego the knowledge taught by the teacher during the lesson, thus affecting the academic results of the student. as i have already stated the disadvantagesm there are also advantages of handphone usage. handphone companies offer a variety of services which are convenient ways of obtaining information. through handphones, we can get information like where and when i could get to watch a certain movie, results for 'four digits' or 4D or even information like where to find the nearest patrol station for cars....
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added: 01/09/2012
Early in the middle of 60s, parties such as airlines, shipping companies, and retail industries realized that, as fast processing of information is fundamental in order to remain competitive in the business world, large volumes of paper and expensive communication means should be minimized, in order to avoid delays, mistakes, inconsistencies and high costs in business operations, and a new way to achieve this had to be found. However, we have to realize what exactly is Electronic Data Interchange (EDI). Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) is a set of standards used to exchange business information between computers, and carry out business transactions electronically. EDI is the "paperless" approach to various business processes such as inquiries, purchase orders, pricing, order status, scheduling, shipping, receiving, invoice payments, contracts, production data, marketing, sales and others. EDI works on any type of computer hardware, application system, and business process used. The fundamentals of EDI lie on two aspects, namely software and electronic communication. Two of the most important things required to implement an EDI system are EDI software and the means for electronic communications. EDI software should have the following characteristics in order to meet various business needs. ² Easy to upgrade. EDI trading is constantly advancing; therefore it should be easy to upgrade in response to any change and enhancement that are about to occur. ² Multi-network connectivity. It must not restrict connections to major EDI networks. ² Multi-standard capability. Nowadays, trading partners need to exchange electronic documents of different standards. The software must accommodate this need. ² Allows printing. Some companies need a hard copy of incoming messages. This facility should be included in the software. ² Ease of mapping. It should provide user-friendly mapping processes, which are a necessity to large companies with many trading partners. For electronic communications, the company one of the two choices: use either direct transmission...
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added: 12/26/2011
Better Bodies Fitness Center Better Bodies: Better Bodies Cardio and Fitness Center is a thriving fitness center with three locations in the Denver Metropolitan area. The company strives to provide health conscious individuals a place where they can physically and mentally train. Most of the members belong to the center to work on and maintain general fitness however; there is a large number of members who compete in the bodybuilding circuits. Better Bodies also provides a company store/ juice bar that offers many products and services. The members can enjoy made to order (and healthy) shakes and fruit concoctions for them immediately after their workout. The club sells a wide variety of other nutritional supplements (fat burning products, protein bars, packaged meals, vitamins, and workout beverages). Better Bodies also sells fitness clothing and accessories. They provide the latest in belts, gloves, shoes, socks, sweatshirts, tee-shirts and many other items. Additionally, they provide a tanning service with 3 different kinds or levels of beds/booths. Employees The owner wants to maintain information on all employees for the Fitness center. This may include schedules, customer base, certifications, and training, and schedules. Members Members are customers who use the facilities. Members can choose to simply train on the floor, cardio studio, or participate in one of many daily classes. Better Bodies offers Aerobic, Abs Training, Cardio Kickboxing, Yoga and Power Yoga, Pilates, Spinning, and several other classes. All classes are free to members. Facilities The facilities include a 50, 000 square foot building. The floor plan is divided into a free weight area, a cardio area, a stretching area, and a separate women's only weight center. Equipment The owner would like to track each piece of equipment on the site. Juice Bar As stated in the introduction, The Fitness center enjoys a successful juice bar. The owner would like to maintain inventory of nutritional supplements. (Future Implementation). Merchandise The owner would...
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added: 12/27/2011
It is a scientific theory about the origin of the universe. The universe was created approximately 10 to 20 billion years ago from a cosmic explosion that throw matter in all directions. A scientist call Lemaitre in 1927 proposed that the universe began with an explosion of a primeval atom. This theory was based on observing the red shift in distant nebulas. Many years later a scientist called Hubble found that distant galaxies in every direction are going away from earth with speeds proportional to their distance. This gave evidence to help justify Lemaitre's theory. This theory explained why distant galaxies are travelling away form earth at great speeds. It also predicts the existence of cosmic background radiation. This is the glow left over from the explosion itself. In 1964 scientist's Penzias and Wilson discovered radiation which confirmed the Big Bang Theory. The Big Bang Theory is accepted but it can never be proved. In 1927 Lemaitre also stated that the universe must have been expanding due to gravitation. He said the universe was the same in all directions and its composition was the same but not static. He was unable to prove this, so many scientist ignored it. Another scientist Friedmann had independently come to the same conclusion a few years earlier. Because Hubble had found evidence of galaxies moving away at speed. It gave Lemaitre evidence for his theory. "If you imagined the galaxies rushing away form us as a movie, just run the movie backwards. After a certain time, all those galaxies will rush together."(, March 2003) Lemaitre then suggested the idea that, there was once a primordial atom and this had contained all the matter in the universe. His other support was the idea of entrophy, which is everything moving towards greater and greater disorder. This theory interested other scientists and they named...
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added: 12/30/2012
Bill Gates once stated, "We are crossing a technology threshold that will forever change the way we learn, work, socialize, and shop. It will affect all of us and businesses of every type in ways far more pervasive than most people recognize" ( 1994) in a speech, in which he described his vision of the future. His statement, given many years ago, is now a reality as seen in the boom of the computer industry. From government organizations to business enterprises to libraries and to suburban homes, computers are seen and used everywhere playing a big role in the lives of many throughout the world. Gates's company, Microsoft, has led this sudden escalation over the past 20 years through its computer software development and technology research. It may seem that Bill Gates is not a punk because of his huge contributions to society. However, it was because of Bill Gates's punk attitude that permitted him to revolutionize computing and to become what he is today, the co-founder of Microsoft. Gates is a punk because he challenged the educational system, monopolized the computer industry, and set new standards for the computer industry. Bill Gates did not conform to the educational system from when he was a child to an adolescent, from skipping class to program computers to dropping out of college to start a business. Furthermore, he established monopoly control over PC operating systems, violating the anti-trust law. Finally, Gates's ambitions for advancing technology and new standards for the computer industry led to the sudden increase of computers allowing for new companies to spring up and jobs to be created. Bill Gates's subtle but obvious opposition against education is proof that he is a punk. Born in 1955, Gates attended public elementary school, and enrolled in the private Lakeside School at age...
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added: 02/14/2012
B. This one is a pretty simple concept....mostly. What you want to do is go in there with full hearts, crucifix, max mp, max hp etc. etc. Then what you want to do is start the battle out by either using your holy shield (jupiter + white unicorn) or by using your thunderbird summon (uranus + thunderbird). If you choose the shield, then what you want to do is throw crucixes at him and whip him until your out of hearts, then switch to the summon. If you start out with the summon, you use the summon until you run out of MP, then you turn on your shield and go for the crucifix and whip thing. His first form will do three things. One, little debris will fall from the ceiling, watch out for those.(use you shield to block those, if you using the summon, make sure you do repeated summons, with almost no break in between so that you cannot be hit.) Two, he'll shoot electric orbs at you, they're not hard to dodge at all. And three, he'll shoot spears at you. They too, are also pretty easy to dodge. After you beat his first form, he'll turn into a crawling skeleton monster that does a flailing arm attack, a ground shake attack, and again, the debris from the ceiling. You know how to counter the debris. To dodge the flailing arms, just don't get too close to him. And for the ground shake attack, jump before he hits the ground. Just keep using the tactics that you used for the first form on the second form until it is defeated. C. There are two main parts to this boss. 1: Keep moving, so that the little debris from the ceiling don't hit you. And 2: Have the crucifix, and lots of hearts. When the battle starts, just whip Death, and occasionally throw crucifixes at him. Watch out for the spears...
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added: 12/31/2011
In 1895, Rudolf Diesel invented the diesel engine and used biodiesel made from peanut oil to fuel the engine (Emery 44). Biodeisel is made from domestic, renewable vegetable products like soybean oil and recycled cooking grease (Emery 44). Biodiesel is the best alternative fuel because it helps the environment by reducing CO2 emissions, it's easy to convert to from regular diesel engines, and it's a domestic, renewable energy source. B20 is a biodiesel blend of 20% biodiesel and 80% petroleum diesel (McClearn EBSCO). B20 is the common standard for biodisel use (McClearn EBSCO). Gene Gebolys, the president of World Energy Alternatives said: Biodiesel is not just for agriculture anymore, about once every 10 years, we get a strong reminder of just how dependent we are on foreign oil and why we shouldn't be. We need to find new uses for our agricultural oil excess, and we need to find new sources of domestic clean energy. (Emery 44) Possible uses for biodiesel includes using it in cars and fuel for vehicles used in mines, regular diesel fuels hurt the miners health (McClearn EBSCO). Soybean oil has successfully powered cars, buses, and now boats. Now the researchers of the federal government's Agricultural Research Service have found a way to blend jet fuel with beanbased fuel ("Soybean Oil May Soon Fuel Jet Planes" EBSCO). The oil for making biodiesel is made from: corn, coffee, cashew, linseed, oat, hazelnut, palm, euphorbia, lupine, pumpkin seed, rubber seed, sesame, kenof, sunflower, tung oil tree, rape seed, jatropha, olive tree, macadamia nut, castor bean, brazil nut, jujube, avocado, pecan, coconut, oil palm, and macba palm oil ("Oil Producing Plants" Internet). To make biodiesel: A fat or oil is reacted with an alcohol like methanol, in the presence of a catalyst to produce glycerin and methyl ester (biodiesel). The methanol is charged in excess to...
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added: 12/19/2011
Biometric Systems As defined in Computer Security Basics by O'Reilly & Associates, Inc. Biometrics is the use of a person's unique physiological, behavioral, and morphological characteristics to provide positive personal identification. Biometric systems that are currently available today examine fingerprints, handprints, and retina patterns. Systems that are close to biometrics but are not classified as such are behavioral systems such as voice, signature and keystroke systems. They test patterns of behavior not parts of the body. It seems that in the world of biometrics that the more effective the device, the less willing people will be to accept it. Retina pattern devices are the most reliable but most people hate the idea of a laser shooting into their eye. Yet something such as monitoring keystroke patters people don't mind, but it's not nearly as effective. Biometric verification is forecast to be a multibillion dollar market in this decade. There is no doubt that financial credit and debit cards are going to be the biggest part of the biometric market. There are also many significant niche markets which are growing rapidly. For example, biometric identification cards are being used at a university in Georgia to allow students to get their meals, and in a Maryland day care center to ensure that the right person picks up the right child. In Los Angeles, they are using fingerprints to stop welfare fraud. And they're also being used by frequent business travellers for rapid transit through immigration and customs in Holland, and now at JFK and Newark airports in the United States. It could also be used to simply prevent one employee from punching in for some one else, or to prevent someone from opening up an account at a bank using a false name. Then there is also the security access market, access...
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added: 10/15/2011
. This horrid use of warfare uses disease to cause terrible pain and suffering, and to kill humans, military personnel, plants, and livestock. The techniques to develop biological weapons are unethical and repulsive; therefore the use of biological agents to eliminate a certain group is offensive and should not be permitted. One of the earliest biological attacks took place in 1346 in the Black Sea port of Kaffa. Rats and their fleas carried the disease to the Tatar soldiers. In spitefulness, the Tatars threw gave the Indians small pox infested blankets from a hospital to keep warm during the cold nights. By using these blankets, the biological agent small pox went through the Indian community and killed a lot of Native Americans. Then in 1932 the Japanese began doing experiments on the Chinese outside of Manchuria. Eleven Chinese cities were contaminated with the biological agents of anthrax, cholera, shigellosis, salmonella, and the plague. During these attacks, ten thousand Chinese people died. Even the United States started a biological offensive program in 1932 at Camp Detrick, Maryland. Ten years later the program began. In 1969, the United States had biological agents like anthrax, botulism, tularemia, brucellosis, Venezuelan equine encepghalitis, and Q fever. These were destroyed after President Nixon ended the U.S. offensive biological warfare program later in 1969. Weapons Convention stating that they would never stockpile, produce, develop, acquire, or keep biological agents. Even though many countries signed this convention, the production of biological weapons has continued. A biological agent called yellow rain was released in Asia, which caused thousands of deaths between 1974 and 1981. In 1978, Georgi Markov, from Bulgaria was shot and murdered with an umbrella gun that contained ricin. In 1972, approximately 66 people died of inhalation anthrax when a spray of bacillus anthracis spores was released from...
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Benjamin Banneker Benjamin Banneker was born on November 9, 1731, just outside of Baltimore, Maryland, in Ellicott's Mills. He was the son of a slave, however, Banneker was a freeman. Banneker's grandmother, Molly Walsh, was an English immigrant and an indentured servant who married an African slave named Banna Ka. That name was later changed to Bannaky. Walsh, after serving her seven years as an indentured servant, bought a small farm, where Banna Ka was a slave. Her daughter (born free) also married a slave. At that time, the law dictated that if your mother was a slave, then you were a slave and if she was a freewomen then you were not a slave.Banneker was educated by Quakers and quickly revealed to the world his inventive nature. Benjamin Banneker first achieved national acclaim for his scientific work in the 1791 survey of the Federal Territory (now Washington, D.C.). In 1753, he built the first watch made in America, a wooden pocket watch. Twenty years later, Banneker began making astronomical calculations that enabled him to successfully forecast a 1789 solar eclipse. His estimate made well in advance of the celestial event, contradicted predictions of better-known mathematicians and astronomers. Mr Spencer, Holden's history teacher, has a bad cold, and is sitting in his bedroom in a bathrobe. Wich disgusts Holden. Mr. Spencer gets mad at Holden for getting kicked out of school and what his future now holds. Holden has little need for Spencer's lecture, but he doesn't want to hurt his teacher's feelings. Still, Holden listens as Spencer tries to thrust the gravity of the situation on Holden by calling him "boy" and reading aloud Holden's response to his history exam, a two-paragraph essay on the ancient Egyptians. The response is so bad that Holden even added an apology note at the end...
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Blaise Pascal was born June 19, 1623 in Clermont Auvergne, France He was the third of Etienne Pascal's kids and his only son. Pascal's mother died when he was only three years old. In 1632 the Pascal family, Etienne and his four kids, left Clermont and settled in Paris. Pascal's father had decided to educate his son on his own. For some stupid reason Etienne decided that Blaise was not to study mathematics before the age of 15 and all mathematics texts were removed from their house. But Pascal being like "Curious George" he started to work on geometry at the age of 12. He discovered that the sum of the angles of a triangle are two right angles and, when his father found out, he changed his mind and gave Blaise a copy of Euclid. In December 1639 the Pascal family moved to Rouen, where Etienne had been hired as a tax collector for Upper Normandy. A little bit after moving to Rouen, Blaise had his first work, Essay on Conic Sections published in February 1640. In 1645 Pascal finally finished inventing the first digital calculator to help his dad with his work collecting taxes. He worked on it for three years starting in 1642. The calculator's name was Pascaline; it looked like it was made in the 14940's. This makes Pascal the second person to invent a mechanical calculator for Schickard had manufactured one in 1624. He had a few problems because of the French money at that time. There were 20 sols in a livre and 12 deniers in a sol. Pascal had to solve harder technical problems to work with this division of the livre into 240 than he would have had if the division had been 100. But, he figured it out and did it. In the...
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Hinkle Finkle Dinkle Do. There was an old man in a shoe. I am captain ahab. dont eat my cochroach, ahab! It was the best of essays, it was the worst of essays. Fight the system. Eat the system. Smell the system. Dont drugs do. I am sam-i-am. You are am-you-sam. has it been two hundred words yet? not quite. i am a fish. you are a fish. Slartibartfast rules. Dont eat yellow snow. Dont eat brown snow. Dont make snow yellow or brown. Narf! The road the hell is paved with good intentions, a wise Marx once said. Who are you to not be marx? I want to get an essay! ahoy, matey! The quick brown fox is but is not also the word bird not for is an a monkeypox doctor phil megamonkey eat the apple not the pair simpsons seinfeld frasier crap on a stick and call it edna television. I'm a yankee spanky wanky flanky doodle dandy and you are not you dirty dishrag you i hope i'm almost done. hurrah, the end is nigh, and so am i, so i must tell you a fond goodbye. tra la la. dont eat the soup. ding ding ding, who is a fing? i am not, and you are snot. down with the king, and his tiny little thing...wingdings is a neato font. dont cracks smoke. dont crack look. star wars is cool. i am obi-wan kenobi. now the student has become the master. my name is inigo montoya. you kill my father. prepare to die....
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Hinkle Finkle Dinkle Do. There was an old man in a shoe. I am captain ahab. dont eat my cochroach, ahab! It was the best of essays, it was the worst of essays. Fight the system. Eat the system. Smell the system. Dont drugs do. I am sam-i-am. You are am-you-sam. has it been two hundred words yet? not quite. i am a fish. you are a fish. Hinkle Finkle Dinkle Do. There was an old man in a shoe. I am captain ahab. dont eat my cochroach, ahab! It was the best of essays, it was the worst of essays. Fight the system. Eat the system. Smell the system. Dont drugs do. I am sam-i-am. You are am-you-sam. has it been two hundred words yet? not quite. i am a fish. you are a fish. Hinkle Finkle Dinkle Do. There was an old man in a shoe. I am captain ahab. dont eat my cochroach, ahab! It was the best of essays, it was the worst of essays. Fight the system. Eat the system. Smell the system. Dont drugs do. I am sam-i-am. You are am-you-sam. has it been two hundred words yet? not quite. i am a fish. you are a fish. Hinkle Finkle Dinkle Do. There was an old man in a shoe. I am captain ahab. dont eat my cochroach, ahab! It was the best of essays, it was the worst of essays. Fight the system. Eat the system. Smell the system. Dont drugs do. I am sam-i-am. You are am-you-sam. has it been two hundred words yet? not quite. i am a fish. you are a fish. Hinkle Finkle Dinkle Do. There was an old man in a shoe. I am captain ahab. dont eat my cochroach, ahab! It was the best of essays, it...
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Different shapes resist forces in different ways, so as every material withstands forces differently. To design a good and safe bridge, an engineer must know the forces in every member of the bridge. In turn, he must choose the appropriate material for that member, or for all members. He must know the characteristic of every material under various forces which may occur on the bridge. For example, should he choose concrete or stone for the pier and abutment? Is it steel instead of concrete which is the best material for a particular bridge? In the ancient times, stone, wood, earth, and brick were used. In the mid 19'th century iron, both cast iron and wrought iron were used. The advent of steel replace those material. Nowadays, steel and concrete (reinforced concrete and prestressed concrete)are the most popular material. Why choose one over another? Basically, there are four reasons behind that: Characteristics Cost Technological Level Availability (1) Characteristics Every material reacts differently to different forces. For example, concrete is strong to withstand compression, but it breaks easily when tension force is applied. Another example is brick. It is a good material to support compression force. You can pile couple feet of bricks without affecting the lowest layer bricks. However, when you try to break it even with your bare hand, it will snap into two. Hence, it is said that brick has weakness in shear. What about the cast iron? This material is strong. You can apply tension and compression as well. So why engineers do not use it anymore? It is brittle! Until a certain load, for instance you load it with a car, this case iron looks great. However, when you put some other load, the iron breaks without any warning. It does not show noticeable cracks before starting to rupture....
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Sophie HUANG, Jimmy CHEN Abstract With 6 billion people in the world and only about 800 million telephone lines, access to modern communications service is still a dream for most people. We call this gap as "digital divide?which's between those who have access to the related information technologies in developed countries and those who have not in underdeveloped countries. The digital divide is now an accepted key factor that affects economic, society and knowledge development in both developed and underdeveloped countries. In this paper, we attempt to identify the opportunities to use low-cost wireless solution for telecommunication in underdeveloped countries. 1. Bridging the gap. 1.1 What's the digital divide? There're various definitions of the digital divide with different emphasis. We give the term of digital divide a conclusion from many referenced sources: Digital divide describes that the world can be divided into people who do and people who don't have access to - and the capability to use - modern information technology, such as computer facilities, literacy and use skills, computer literacy skills, or appropriate information content. Internet facilities, telecommunications facilities, information While there is no doubt that information technology has been a benefit to many and helped the business world to prosper, it has also widened the gap between the developed and underdeveloped countries, creating a two-tier world of have and have-nots. Even within developed, there is a gap between cities and rural areas. If we fail to solve the digital divide problem, millions could be left out in the cold. 1.2 Why decreasing the digital divide through wireless? In developed countries the mobile data access is driven by a fundamental need for basic communications services. But they existed a server problem in the rural areas where telecom network are even more scare, and now faced with great challenges to fulfilling universal access objectives and provide advanced communications...
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added: 12/23/2011
Bristol Mills specializes in the use of steel products, my cheif finacial offercer has inquird about web browsers for this corporation, including Mozilla, Opera, Internet Explorer, and Netscape Navigator. I have been asked to research these diferent web browsers, and recomend one for this company. The purpose is due to the increase of computer and World Wide Web usage. Netscape Navigator is known for its speed and quality. It installs fast and features toolbars and tabbed browsing which makes it convient for the user. There are many different versions of Netscape which support different plut-ins. Internet Explorer which is one of the browsers we currently use at Bristol Mills is private it controls personal information web sites collect about the user by blocking cookies that the users can not see being recorded and by offering a securit level that you as the user can set yourself. Internet Explorer has browser capabilities that are resourceful and easily accessible such as the media bar, the image toolbar, and the auto image-resizing tab. All four of the browsers I have researched also have these features, which coulb be a weakness in recomending Interent Explorer. If you run into a problem with Internet Explorer you can extract information regarding the problem and upload it to Microsoft and it will be analyzed and identified for you, the only problem with that is that it is time consuming an does not guarantee that the problem will be fixed. Opera is now know to be that fastest web browser available, it is secure from pop ups and you can also select your level of security. Although Opera is small, some java script does not appear on Opera because the site the user looks up may be written for a specific web browser such as Internet Explorer or...
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added: 12/14/2011
With the world of broadcast television relying so heavily on new technology to remain competitive, broadcast engineers find themselves continuously facing unfamiliar problems. These problems are most evident in the acquisition of newer equipment or new equipment to them. The resulting search for knowledge about this equipment can easily cause an engineer to accept the reasoning of another without further inquiries and/or testing. Thus, the anchor trap has been set. Hammond, Keeney, and Raiffa (1998), describe the anchor trap as, "when considering a decision, the mind gives disproportionate weight to the first information it receives. Initial impressions, estimates, or data anchor subsequent thought and judgments." Although this concept of influenced decision making can be applied to almost every thing we do, I have realized that it can be found in my profession in abundance. This week for me has consisted of repairing my one kilowatt analog transmitter. Up to this point, this transmitter has been plagued with multiple problems that have required more knowledge for its repair than I possess. A total of three field engineers have been flown in to assist in the repair of this transmitter. It has been said the third time is the charm, and in the case of this transmitter, it is true. The first engineer that was flown in had more than 15 years of transmitter repair experience. He was originally from France and works as a freelance transmitter installer/repairer. He was also known to be experienced with the company that manufactured the transmitter. I expected to gain a deep insight of this transmitter from this engineer. In the field of engineering, the way a circuit works is universal. My understanding of what the problem with the one kilowatt transmitter was partially correct. Unfortunately, I was unable to grasp the views of this engineer due to his heavy...
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added: 10/22/2011
What is business model? Business background: is a leading Internet retailer and auctioneer specializing in technology products for the office and home. offers a wide range of items from computer hardware and software to consumer electronics. Hours of operation: 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. is now recognized as one of the leading companies in on-line sales of software and hardware products. The company is fast becoming a major value-oriented on-line retail enterprise. Do firms compete on value proposition or value cluster? Any company that is engaging in Electronic Commerce in not technology but service orientation. Egghead customers are allowed to remotely manage and expand their site licenses as they grow with minimal effort. Customers can purchase site license for soft products from leading vendors including Microsoft Corporation and Symantec Corporation. Egghead offers over 70,000 items for sale or auction daily including computer products, electronic and office product. offers a set of tools to "make your shopping experience as convenient and informative as possible as possible The 'Reference Desk' is an information resource offering 'buyer's guides', recommendations, tips and tricks, product tours, best selling products etc After you place your order a variety of on-line service tools and email, allow you to be kept informed of the progress of your order throughout the fulfillment process. Orders can be tracked anytime with the automated 'Order Status' feature or by contacting the online 'Customer Service Center' 24 hours a day. As any self-respecting web-site should do, Egghead clearly states its Privacy Policy, Secure Transaction policy and it different Payment and Shipping Options. What are the approaches to developing an online offering, whether the business is providing a product, service or information? By offering retail sales, auctions and deep-discount products under a single umbrella, enjoys a key advantage in the competitive Web marketing place. Shoppers can take advantage of the broad assured selection of...
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BSA/400 DIANE M. ROBLES TABLE OF CONTENTS Project Scope 2 Work Team 4 Project Schedule 6 Determining Requirements: Methodologies Used 7 Current State of Existing Systems 9 Existing Problems 13 Current System Costs 14 Performance Matrix 19 Works Cited 20 Appendix A 21 PROJECT SCOPE - CDL Entertainment, Inc. is a worldwide company with offices in the United States, Europe, Japan, and South America. The company engages in the development of audio and video special effects for the entertainment and advertising industry. Although the company is a rather large company consisting of approximately 1,000 employees, the offices are not networked causing a need to improve communication with one another. In today's technology world, this has become a major downfall for CDL to sustain a competitive edge in a very ruthless industry. The management at CDL needed to determine if networking all of their offices was a viable solution to the problem or if there were other alternatives to the problem. The problem CDL Entertainment faced was the company was incurring excess costs associated with the current computer systems located at each location and the current business processes used at each office. As the project team reviewed the current situation, it was determined each office had a loss of nearly 20% of its projected annual revenue due to poor turnaround time and missed client deadlines (this is discussed in more detail in the Current System Costs section beginning on page 14). As an example of this, one of CDL's customers, JPR Incorporated, decided to discontinue doing business with the company after more than a ten-year relationship. The reason for this was due to another missed deadline on January 13, 2002. This was the eighth deadline missed, after missing seven previous deadlines. The consequences of CDL Entertainment missing this deadline caused JPR Incorporated to lose a major contract with Time Warner. The problem occurred when CDL...
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