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It is a documented estimation that almost one-third of all American homes now have at least one personal computer. Along with that staggering stat, the National Commission on Libraries and Information Science has reported that 95% of the public has access to the Internet. Our society has been able to make these great advances, obviously along with many more important others, due to that fact that every American poses certain unalienable rights. Now in this new Millennium, the very innovation which has grown into the majority of American lives is the focus of a debate which questions our fundamental right to freedom of speech. The Federal Government should not regulate the Internet because that is not the Governments job. Internet Regulation should be left up to Parental guidance and local organizations but most of all, not left to the professional politicians. Raising kids is the job of the parents or guardians who are legally responsible for the children, not the job of the Federal Government. The Cyberspace age has arrived at lightning speed. Children and young people are among the most active citizens of this new era, and are often the first in their family to use the Internet. These days, it is important for parents, schools and communities to take a pro-active approach in making our newest form of communication safe for the children. The best way to assure that your children are using the "net" in a positive way is to stay in touch with what they are doing. One important way to do this is for the parents to spend time with their children while they're online. While children and teenagers need a certain amount of privacy, they also need parental involvement and supervision in their daily lives. The same general parenting skills that apply to the "real world"...
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added: 02/11/2012
File sharing is what it is thought as, but I don't see it that way. I see it as theft, music theft, most commonly know as shafting. Every day people use shafting and think nothing of it. People sit in front of their computers and go to their favorite website and download file after file with out thinking how or where it comes from. They think it is just there for the taking and it is. What they don't realize is that it is messing over the people who worked so hard pouring out their heart and sole into their music for everyone to enjoy. They are the people who are responsible for the music. Not the people who work at Napster, or any of the other shafting music networks, whom are embezzling from the people we all admire for the way they can flow out those heartwarming words. The words that move us to the point that we want to cry, and sometimes do. The words that we listen to when we want to go off into our own little world, and think about an extraordinary moment we once had that makes our sorrows disappear. The words that remind us of a passed loved one who was once forgotten, and never to be again. They are the people who put their heart and sole into their music; They are the people we use so selfishly and don't even realize how much blood sweat and tears they shed just to put out quality words. They are the people we take for granted, and they are the people who some times take us, their fans, for granted as well, they are the artiest themselves. Shafting is a trend that has just begun, but only time will tell how far it will...
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added: 11/03/2011
The evolution of music in the 21st Century has set a precedence for the future music, as we know it. Inspired by a fire and passion that revs up the soul; music is the soundtrack to our lives. When we are happy we listen to music, when we are sad we listen to music. Music satisfies and spawns a plethora of emotions that are held bottled up with in us; some use music as a vehicle to express deep thoughts and emotions, others use it to just let off steam that is built from the stress that life brings about. Over time people began to realize that the music industry could deem to be quite lucrative and has become to be one of the most profitable industries in the entertainment field. However, with the rise in success comes the rise in problems. The 90's brought about an upsurge for the use of the super information highway formally known as the Internet. Through the Internet we have been able to do the unimaginable. However the freedom and total access that the Internet provides has created a problem with the recording industry. In the following paper I will attempt to dissect this issue by stating the facts and then my opinion and hopefully you will have a better understanding of the issue at hand. Buyers, traders, and investors gather around as the opening of the market begins. A new hot commodity has people in a frenzy and sales are through the roof. Not even Allen Greenspan could predict the profitability of this new hot product. Although This may sound like a typical day at Wall Street, it's my pleasure to inform you that it isn't. This scene is taken from the usual day on college campuses worldwide. College students have been reaping from...
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added: 01/15/2012
Approximately 30 million people world-wide use the Internet and online services daily. The Net is growing exponentially in all areas, and a rapidly increasing number of people are finding themselves working and playing on the Internet. The people on the Net are not all rocket scientists and computer programmers; they're graphic designers, teachers, students, artists, musicians, feminists, Rush Limbaugh-fans, and your next door neighbors. What these diverse groups of people have in common is their language. The Net community exists and thrives because of effective written communication, as on the net all you have available to express yourself are typewritten words. If you cannot express yourself well in written language, you either learn more effective ways of communicating, or get lost in the shuffle. "Netspeak" is evolving on a national and international level. The technological vocabulary once used only by computer programmers and elite computer manipulators called "Hackers," has spread to all users of computer networks. The language is currently spoken by people on the Internet, and is rapidly spilling over into advertising and business. The words "online," "network," and "surf the net" are occuring more and more frequently in our newspapers and on television. If you're like most Americans, you're feeling bombarded by Netspeak. Television advertisers, newspapers, and international businesses have jumped on the "Information Superhighway" bandwagon, making the Net more accessible to large numbers of not-entirely-technically-oriented people. As a result, technological vocabulary is entering into non-technological communication. For example, even the archaic UNIX command "grep," (an acronym meaning Get REpeated Pattern) is becoming more widely accepted as a synonym of "search" in everyday communication. The argument rages as to whether Netspeak is merely slang, or a jargon in and of itself. The language is emerging based loosely upon telecommunications vocabulary and computer jargons, with new derivations and compounds of existing...
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added: 09/18/2011
P2P (peer to peer) Sharing –Crime or Artistic Justice The mark of artistic talents has traditionally not been something quantifiably measured in dollars and cents. Shakespeare was all but a pauper, Michelangelo rather middle class while Pablo Picasso died broke. However with the advent of new information technology, the gross commercialization of art has come to be an externality borne by all members of society. One can hardly turn on a computer without being told what products to put on one's hair -thrust down one's throat and shove into other places on the human body. It is clear, that media affects everyone, as opting out is simply not an option for any individual or collective in today's technologically tyrannical world. Ironically, individuals are not necessarily victims of this modern state of affairs as they are also the benefactors at the cost of some large corporate gurus. With Peer to Peer (P2P) file transfers occurring continuously around the world the individual is given a chance to evaluate art for what it truly is, leaving a greater onus on artist to derive monetary remuneration by alternative means. The modern notion of artist revolves around junkie boy bands and artificially grown vocalist. The list of contemporary self-proclaimed divas includes names like Brittany Spears, Backstreet boys, NSYNC and many others. The so-called artists are manufactured and groomed in multimillion-dollar theatres filled with the most seasoned of spin-doctors, poised specifically to create the sound and image of the day to generate immediate profits. Songs are written, composed and choreographed by hundreds of respective experts only to be thrown into one giant smoke screen wielded by some pop idol that becomes a de facto spokesperson for the myriad of industry pundits; all of whom have a significant stake in the given image. Not surprisingly, when it comes to...
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added: 12/12/2011
How do you secure something that is changing faster than you can fix it? The Internet has had security problems since its earliest days as a pure research project. Today, after several years and orders of magnitude of growth, is still has security problems. It is being used for a purpose for which it was never intended: commerce. It is somewhat ironic that the early Internet was design as a prototype for a high-availability command and control network that could resist outages resulting from enemy actions, yet it cannot resist college undergraduates. The problem is that the attackers are on, and make up apart of, the network they are attacking. Designing a system that is capable of resisting attack from within, while still growing and evolving at a breakneck pace, is probably impossible. Deep infrastructure changes are needed, and once you have achieved a certain amount of size, the sheer inertia of the installed base may make it impossible to apply fixes. The challenges for the security industry are growing. With the electronic commerce spreading over the Internet, there are issues such as nonrepudiation to be solved. Financial institutions will have both technical concerns, such as the security of a credit card number or banking information, and legal concerns for holding individuals responsible for their actions such as their purchases or sales over the Internet. Issuance and management of encryption keys for millions of users will pose a new type of challenge. While some technologies have been developed, only an industry-wide effort and cooperation can minimize risks and ensure privacy for users, data confidentiality for the financial institutions, and nonrepudiation for electronic commerce. With the continuing growth in linking individuals and businesses over the Internet, some social issues are starting to surface. The society may take time in adapting to the new concept...
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added: 12/06/2011
UNSOLICITED EMAIL The Titanic was hailed as one of the WONDERS of the WORLD when It departed on it's maiden voyage. The largest and greatest ship in the history of the seas. Not only that but it was thought to be UNSINKABLE! " Don't even think about...this thing can't be sunk!" Now visualize Internet Email as the Titanic. Email is one of the WONDERS of the WORLD of Communications! The voyage is under way, we have left the dock! Passengers of the Titanic have evolved into Surfers of the Internet! Surfers are ecstatic as they discover the empowerment that worldwide communications offers for very little money! Imagine being able to send friends, family, and business associates, important messages whenever you want and receiving them even while you sleep! All basically free! One day a surfer thought "what if I send my very important message to those that I don't even know". After all, "I am sure that they need to this information as it will surely help them!" the surfer rationalized! Continuing the surfers daydream about unsolicited email, "If you don't want it all you gotta do is trash it, or simply hit reply and type "REMOVE" in the subject line. What's the big deal anyway?" WHERE WE ARE HEADED In January 1996 my passion for the Internet was born. The Webworker web site was founded on the premise of helping others become entrepreneurs earning their income from home via the internet. has continued to be developed and is now a TOP 10 WEB BUSINESS Directory. This web site has 100's of web pages with business resources that has something for everyone. The web page design includes unique email addresses for those that wish to communicate with the webmaster. Instead of sending to you would send to, etc. This design worked very well until...
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added: 02/01/2013
The Internet: A Modern Tool and Teacher for Students The Internet over the last decade has become an ever changing, ever expanding, ever necessary part of life. According to Emarketer, 350 million, roughly 7.4 percent of the population in our world, uses the Internet on a daily basis whether it be at home, at work, or at school. Internet access in the past was only available to government agencies and large corporations. Schools today have increasingly seen the benefits of their students having access to an endless avenue of learning. Colleges with Internet access provide an invaluable source of knowledge to students. In providing the Internet as a way of learning, colleges increase their students' productivity. Libraries, while still an abounding source of information, are not as easily accessible or as fast a source of information as the Internet is today. Students can spend endless hours in a library doing research to no avail. If you were trying to write a paper on a current event, such as the recent September 11th tragedy, you would likely have difficulty locating enough information already in print to write on your topic. However, after using an online search engine five minutes, you could find enough information to write for days on any topic you might choose. A student can access dictionaries, encyclopedias, and atlases from her own computer, which can be a definite advantage. For example, instead of looking for a particular country and simply finding out where the country is in an atlas, students can type in the name of that country, and not only will they find out faster where that country is, but they will obtain more information about that country. The Internet provides information readily and easily on topics ranging from Shakespeare to strawberry Pop-Tarts; whether it be12 a.m. or 12...
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added: 10/18/2011
Wireless Internet By 2004, the wireless subscriber base worldwide is expected to reach 1.4 billion users, and approximately 300 million users will be accessing the Internet from some form of wireless appliance. The race is on, and Nortel Networks have first-mover advantage. Nortel Networks already demonstrated wireless applications at speeds more than 25 times faster than today's industry standard. Recently, Herschel Shosteck Associates ranked Nortel Networks first in Wireless Internet infrastructure strategy, and The Yankee Group ranked Nortel Networks first in next-generation Wireless Internet architecture. More than 75 percent of North American and 50 percent of European backbone Internet traffic travels across Nortel optical networking equipment. Now Nortel Networks helping service providers deliver the unconstrained access and high bandwidth multimedia content second Wave of eBusiness customers demand. Nortel Networks 3G (Third Generation) networks provide wireless operators with faster time-to-market and greater profitability. Nortel Networks solutions offer clear migration paths, allowing service providers to leverage their existing network investments while upgrading. And they work collaboratively with Nortel Networks customers, achieving the fastest time-to-market possible. Wireless Internet gives emerging wireless service providers a powerful opportunity to differentiate themselves from their competition based on the ability to rapidly create and deliver profitable next-generation Wireless Internet services while maximizing the efficiency of their networks. Wireless Internet brings value to service providers by: Helping generate profits, quickly. Reducing the time required to design and deploy new Wireless Internet services. It's enabling new revenues quickly and assuring a positive return on their network investment. Wireless Internet also improving performance, at reduced costs by facilitating the fast identification and repair of network faults, the proactive optimization of network performance, and the acceleration of the service-provisioning process. Nortel Networks also Evolving and growing with service providers' needs by supporting multiple wireless network technologies, spanning multiple wireless-network generations, and building cross-domain management capabilities on...
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added: 10/21/2011
TO HACK OR NOT TO HACK The definition of a hacker, according to the Hacker's Dictionary is, "a person who enjoys exploring the details of programmable systems and how to stretch their capabilities." Most hackers think of hacking as a game in which their mind is up against that of the system designers. The Internet allows the hackers to take files, programs, passwords, and other information from users that are using it. They use this as a tool to make it easier to beat a system. Most hackers start hacking as a way to create mischief and to have fun, but with time it may become an addiction and may cause serious run ins with the law. There are many methods of hacking; one of the more familiar methods is the method in which they try to crack a password with a valid user name that they have acquired. Once they have a user name they can attempt to crack the password. It may seem that it would take a long time to crack the code but with today's technology it is possible to acquire software that could test 500 000 passwords a minute. Within no time the hacker would be able to gain access into the system, and once they are in, they could change passwords and also change the configuration of the system potentially causing a lot of damage to the system if they see fit. Another method of hacking is the method in which the hacker, "listens in" on the computers communication. This is possible with the easy download of software that logs every keystroke of the keyboard. They can then look over everything that was typed into the computer and find out what user names and passwords are used by the computer user. They can then gain access and...
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added: 11/18/2011
Module 1: Pointers and Memory Management NOTES ON C++ PROGRAMMING Module 1: Pointers and Memory Management TABLE OF CONTENTS TABLE OF CONTENTS 1 OVERVIEW 4 BASIC MEMORY MANAGEMENT 5 GROUP ASSIGNMENT 6 INITIALIZATION 8 CONSTANTS 9 INCREMENT AND DECREMENT OPERATORS 10 ELSE-IF 13 SWITCH 14 LOOPS 15 EXAMPLES OF LOOPS 16 BREAK, CONTINUE 18 RETURN 19 FUNCTION DEFINITION: 21 VOID FUNCTIONS 22 FUNCTIONS RETURNING A VALUE 23 OVERVIEW Algorithms: A step-by-step sequence of instructions that describes how to perform a computation. Answers the question "What method will you use to solve this computational problem?" Flowcharts: Provides a pictorial representation of the algorithm using the symbols. Structure Charts: Provides a pictorial representation of the modules contained in the program. Programming Style: Standard form: Function names starts in column 1 and is placed with the required parentheses on a line by itself. The opening brace of the function body follows on the next line and is placed under the first letter of the function name. The closing brace is placed by itself in column 1 as the last line of the function. The final form of your programs should be consistent and should always serve as an aid to the reading and understanding of your programs. Comments: Explanatory remarks made within a program. Help clarify what the complete program is about, what a specific group of statements is meant to accomplish, or what one line is intended to do. Top-Down Program Development: 1. Determine the desired output items that the program must produce. 2. Determine the input items 3. Design the program as follows: a. Select an algorithm for transforming the input items into the desired outputs. b. Check the chosen algorithm, by hand, using specific input values. 4. Code the algorithm into C. 5. Test the program using selected test data. BASIC MEMORY MANAGEMENT Space set aside for the variable: Characters 1 byte (8 bits) Pointers 4 bytes Integers 2 bytes (16 bits) or 4 bytes (32 bits) Short int or short 2 bytes Unsigned int or unsigned 2 bytes Long Integers 4 bytes Floats 4 bytes(single precision, about 7 decimal places) Doubles 8...
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added: 06/28/2011
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