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Buying a personal computer can be as difficult as buying a new car. No matter how much time you spend looking into, how many electronic dealers you visit, and how much haggling you've done on the price, you still may not be really certain that you've gotten a good deal. You have good reasons to feel this uncertainty. Computers change at a faster rate than any other electronic equipment. An old car will most of the time get you where you need to go, but a five year old computer may possibly be incompetent for your every day needs. Also, the average person doesn't have the technically knowledge enough to make an informed decision on the best mini-processor to buy, the right size for a hard drive, or how much memory. Just because buying a computer can be a difficult task doesn't mean you should throw in the towel and put yourself at the mercy of a salesman. If you follow a few basic guidelines, you'll can be confident of making a wise purchase decision. So read on, as we review a few easy principles. Computer's only have one main use; to run programs. Some of the programs call for more computing muscle than others. To figure out how power you'll need you, thus, you must first determine which programs you want to have running. For most computer buyers, this is a no-win situation. They think they can't buy a computer until they know what they want to do with it. But that's almost impossible, to determine right a way you can't really know all of the uses there are for a computer until they use one. Most programs write out their minimum hardware requirements on the box. After looking at a few packages, it will start to be pretty clear to you that any...
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added: 08/20/2011
We pass the address of x to the function scanf. The function scanf now knows where the computer stores x¡¦s value. When the function obtains a value from standard input, it can store the value in that location. Thus scanf can indirectly alter the value of x. Assign to ptr a pointer to a block of memory of dim * ElSize number of bytes or assign NULL if allocation unsuccessful. Initialize locations to 0. Change the size of block pointed to by old_ptr to BlockSize number of bytes. Assign to ptr a pointer to this block or NULL if reallocation unsuccessful. Based on the above assumption, write SQL statements to retrieve the following information: ¡P List all Employee Name, Address and their Salary. ¡P List the Employee Name who belongs to more than one Department. ¡P Evaluate the total amount of Salary of each Department. ¡P The Name of all Manager and their Department Name. ¡P List all full time Employee Name, with their MPF Provider and their Scheme. ¡P Evaluate the average salary of the employees who have joined the same Scheme (not SchemeID so two MPF Providers may offer the same Scheme, for example ¡¥aggressive¡¦). ¡P Find out the most popular MPF Provider for those employees who live in ¡§Shatin¡¨. Write SQL statements for the following queries. ¡P List the titles and descriptions of all videos that belong to ClassID ¡§Overnight¡¨. ¡P List the titles of all the videos that are the cheapest to rent. ¡P List the number of rental orders of each class of videos collectively made by the customers who live in Shatin....
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A co-employee of mine, Richard, is deep into cell phones. Everyday, He spends what seems like hours on his phone; talking, text- messaging, playing games, surfing the web, and blasting the latest radio hit as a polyphonic ring tone. At first, I was amused. "Wow! You mean that I can check my e-mail, and chat with my friends on AIM (AOL Instant Messenger) at the same time, no matter where in the world I may be?" I asked. He briefly replied "Yep!" My second response was "Amazing! I can't believe it!" The incorporation of technology and communication into a small device may seem like a wonderful idea to some, but when given to the wrong people, cell phones can become something I find very annoying. I agree there are numerous advantages to carrying a phone on your persons, such as emergencies, reminders, or if your running late. It always helps to instantly be in touch with someone, especially if your lost at midnight, in the middle of nowhere with a flat tire. Cell phones have become a common item due to the low prices that are now offered to any and everyone. I have a cell phone, and I use it often to call my friends up while I'm out and about, just to see what their up to. The portability and slim design of phones now make them easy to carry; no more carrying around a brick sized phone on your belt. So many people have phones nowadays that there are numerous websites on the internet dedicated to offering the plan that is best for you. Not only that, but there are sites where people talk about nothing, but their cell phone. Take. It is a site is ran buy a man named Howard Chui, who reviews every phone available,...
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To talk or not to talk? That is the question. The debate on whether or not to ban cell phones while driving has been ping-ponged back and forth for the past decade. The devices once thought of only as props on the set of Star Trek, are now in use by over 95 million people in America alone. Many politicians and public safety officials have accused cell phones of being a leading factor in the increasing number of automobile accidents. But are they? It is very easy to manipulate statistical information to strengthen arguments, but closer investigation can reveal certain weaknesses, such as unrepresentative samples or alternative causes. Every day bad drivers can be seen chatting away with one hand on the wheel and the other clamping the phone to their heads. So, naturally the assumption is made that the driver is distracted because of the use of the telephone. This hasty conclusion has lead to large numbers of propositions for the banning of hand held cell phones while driving. Interestingly enough though, studies have shown that using a hands-free device for the phone is just as distracting as drivers using hand held devices. This is where problems arise, if the cause of distraction isn't the holding of the phone and talking, then obviously the ban would have to include all cellular devices, not just hand held. Which leads to another complication, it is somewhat easy for a policeman to pull over someone actually holding a phone because there are catching the person in the act, but the police department doesn't have enough time or employees to pull over every person they see talking to themselves and suspect are using a hands-free device. A popular assumption is that cell phone use while driving is a major cause of traffic accidents and fatalities....
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Career Risks of Nuclear Industry Workers: When one talks about the subject of nuclear reactors, it is most commonly the case that fear is alongside the talk. People fear the dangers of nuclear catastrophes and the harmful diseases and cancers caused by radiation. But there are people who must go to work everyday, putting their lives at a potential risk for their job. These people are the Nuclear Industry Workers. There are many risks that nuclear industry workers are willing to make to do the job they do, and some are highly dangerous toxins. Radiation, for example, is a danger that workers must deal with, and radiation, when taken in high amounts, is harmful, and Adam's Atomic Engines also writes that, 'the correlation between the dose [of radiation] and the danger at high levels is linear.' This means that the higher the dosage, the more dangerous the radiation can be. Radiation is harmful when taken in large quantities, but it is interesting to note that scientists also say 'evidence indicates that a certain amount of radiation actually has beneficial effects' (Adams Atomic Engines). When dealing with radiation, nuclear industry workers take the risk of having nuclear explosions, which let radiation out into the plant, and can fatally wound a worker. Plutonium is another chemical that is highly dangerous. When dealing with power plants, plutonium is a source that energy is taken from, but the chemical could potentially get leaked out from storage areas, and cause 100s of deaths, and those of the workers would be most likely inevitable in such a case. But these cases do happen, and it is a risk that nuclear industry workers conscientiously take when going to their job. Because of the high-risk jobs that they have, other risks arise. Stress-related illnesses caused by fear of radiation have been noted. Also, workers are...
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added: 01/15/2012
Capital Punishment, also known as the death penalty, is the severest form of penalty for crime. The death penalty is illegal in some states. Whether or not the criminal deserves the death penalty will be decided by a jury. To be considered for the death penalty today, the crime must be no less severe than first degree murder which means murder with premeditation, the suspect must be convicted of murder beyond all reasonable doubts. Some other factors considered by the jury are the age of the victim, the way the crime was committed, the number of victims and the history of the murderer. There have been five methods of execution since recent history: Lethal Injection, Gas Chamber, Electric Chair, Hanging and Firing Squad. Recently, most death penalties have been carried out by lethal injection. The process of execution is as follows. After the execution order is received, the condemned inmate is moved into a special security area of the prison. Based on hourly checks, the staff documents his/her behavior and brings anything unusual to the warden's attention. The inmate receives priority visiting privileges; no visitors are turned away without authorization of the warden. Every effort is made to accommodate visits by the inmate's attorney including weekend or holiday visits if necessary. Two reports are prepared within three weeks of the established execution date. The first is 20 days before execution; the second is seven days before execution. Each report includes: Psychiatric report - Results and interpretation of examinations, interviews and history of the inmate by three psychiatrists which will be used to determine the inmate's sanity; Chaplain report - Comments on the inmate's spiritual and emotional well-being; Summary of behavior - Observations noted by case worker and custody staff; Cover letter from warden - Includes firsthand information from interviews, observations or communication with the inmate and his/her family or friends. Within 30 to seven days before the execution, the inmate's attorney may submit...
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We make it as easy as 1-2-3 1. Payable on Delivery. 2. Monthly Payment. 3. Residual Buyback. CarCanada will show you in a straightforward manner how these three payments affect one another, and explain all the facts and different lease options available. When you lease any vehicle through CarCanada All Makes Leasing, we'll keep you in a balanced position which will allow you the most flexibility during and at the end of your lease. You can rest assured you¹ll have all the facts to make the best decision. Leasing is a great way to drive, but don't get caught on the leasing treadmill. The residual buyback payment is the amount of money you pay if you decide to purchase the vehicle after your lease expires. What most new car dealers neglect to tell us, is that the buyback payment can be thousands of dollars more then the vehicle's actually value at the end of the term. This generally forces the customer to lease another vehicle, which is exactly what the manufacturer wants you to do, and if you try to get out of your lease early the penalty can be substantial. In the end, there's no equity realized and you¹re back on the leasing treadmill. With a CarCanada Lease you're always in control. With the common sense lease plan you¹re always left with 3 great options. You can sell the vehicle, buy your vehicle out, or simply walk away. This creates the best approach and scenario possible because you're never forced into something you don't want to do....
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A Career Interest Shari D. Young GEN 300 Ms. Linda Beach September 24, 2003 Abstract To use technology in the classroom is no longer the issue. The new focus has become finding the most effective way in which to integrate technology into the classroom. Educational technology is not and never will be transformative on its own. It requires the assistance of educators who integrate technology into the curriculum, align it with student learning goals and use it for engaged learning projects. This new focus has prompted many school systems to create positions for teachers who wish to specialize in this area of education. The title for this position is Classroom Technology Integrator. The standard qualifications for this position usually include, but are not limited to the following: • Eligibility for teaching certification with appropriate endorsements • Aptitude and competence necessary for assigned responsibilities • Ability to make independent decisions in accordance with established policies and procedures • Technology certification or equivalent coursework to include: 1. Computer information systems 2. Word processing 3. Spreadsheets 4. Internet 5. E-mail 6. Presentation software 7. Multimedia software 8. Educational computer applications 9. PC troubleshooting • Ability to train instructional staff and students • Ability to plan and develop training related to instructional applications and peripherals for use in curriculum • Professional and personal characteristics necessary for working effectively with parents, school personnel, and members of the community • Ability to communicate effectively both orally and in writing • Ability to read and follow complex directions • Ability to abreast of and analyze advancements and trends in the microcomputer industry and make recommendations for changes and improvements to systems and/or programs There are several tasks that a computer integration teacher should plan on performing on a regular basis. Some examples of these daily tasks are listed below: • Assists with the testing and evaluation of new software and hardware • Assists in the development and implementation of a rotation schedule for school visitation • Maintains...
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The Best Career Options for an MIS Major GENERAL OVERVIEW EDUCATIONAL REQUIREMENTS CAREER OPTIONS Prepared for Mr. Edwin Hord By Norma Cazares December 1, 2003 INTRODUCTION Information technology has become a major factor in almost every aspect of our society today. Most homes and all businesses have a personal computer, which has become a powerful tool for gathering, manipulating, and delivering information. Not only has the computer become a great educational tool, but also access to the World Wide Web has allowed us to shop and communicate with people and companies all around the world. Sophisticated databases allow us to collect, store, and access data, while networks and telecommunications technology allow us to deliver and retrieve information to and from anywhere in the world. Understanding and learning about information technology, its components, language, and potential, has become a requirement for personal and professional growth and success (Center 1). Management Information Systems (MIS) is a rapidly growing field, offering many employment opportunities and a wide variety of career options. Within companies and large organizations, the department responsible for the computer systems is called the MIS Department. It has become necessary to have MIS departments for their technical support and expertise to ensure that computer networking systems run smoothly in day-to-day business. The purpose of this project is to investigate what MIS jobs involve, if whether the course requirements in the business school serve to prepare MIS majors for the kinds of on-the-job writing they will do. And also offer recommendations to fellow students after researching and analyzing these issues. GENERAL OVERVIEW What is Management Information Systems (MIS)? MIS is a general term for the computer systems in a corporation that provide information about the corporation's operations. It is also used to refer to the people who manage these systems. Typically, in a large corporation, "MIS" or the "MIS Department" refers to a central or...
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I will cover several main ideas in this report. First, I will cover an overview of the technologies that will make driving more comfortable, such as In-car Internet and Coast-to-Coast Radio. I will then cover different ways to make driving easier, such as intelligent cruise control, and voice control. Finally, I will cover technology that will make driving safer. This will include push-button help, seeing through fog and NightVision, and smart seats. I will now give an overview of the new technologies that are aimed at comfort. You will soon be able to send and receive e-mail, get news, traffic reports, sports scores, and stock quotes all without taking your eyes off of the road. This will all be done on the Internet through voice commands and a voice synthesizer. In order to activate these functions, all the driver has to do is say, "Start my E-mail" into a microphone on the steering wheel and the onboard computer will go to a specified web site where it will download the requested information and convert the text to spoken words for hand and eye free operation. The price will be about $2000 and a monthly fee for connecting to the Internet. This technology will be offered on the 2001 Cadillac Seville or DeVille and the 2001 BMW 750iL and Z8 models. Another form of comfort technology is Coast-to-Coast radio. This technology is used so that you will never need to face static or have trouble finding good stations in areas away from home. By the end of the year, two companies, XM Radio and Sirius Satellite, are expected to have satellites In place that will be able to broadcast synchronized radio signals all over the country. In addition to the high fidelity, static free sound, you will be able to listen to one...
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Cartography is described by Webster's as the art of making maps, but how is it done? A cartographer doesn't just sit down and draw a map free hand. He has to have techniques and equipment to do the job right and accurately. Maps can be made in three different ways: cylindrical projection, conic projection, and azimuthal projection. These different ways vary the quality and the accuracy of the map. No matter how a map is made it is going to have geographic grids, which help us find and describe locations. These grids are affected in different ways by each of the projection methods. Cylindrical projections are the projections of the globe onto a cylinder. The easiest way to understand cylindrical projection is to imagine a paper cylinder wrapped around an illuminated globe. The lines from the globe are then projected onto the cylinder in shadows and can be traced. When that is finished the cylinder is slit and unrolled. The problem with cylindrical projection is that there are very few lines that are free of distortion. The lines that are closest to the part of the cylinder that touched the globe are going to be more accurate, while the ones farther out are less accurate. This makes countries like Greenland look humongous on a map, while making America look smaller then actual size. Conic projections are the projections of a globe onto a cone. The best way to visualize conic projections is to imagine a paper cone with its open end resting over part of an illuminated globe. The lines are put onto the cone the same way they were put onto the cylinder in cylindrical projection. Then the cone is slit and unrolled. If the cone was directly over the north (or south) pole, the meridians are projected as...
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Question #1: What is the strategic direction of What is's mission statement? Amazon's mission statement is as follows: "Our vision is to be earth's most customer centric company; to build a place where people can come to find and discover anything they might want to buy online." (,>.) Question #2:'s Core Competencies are: a.) Amazon possesses a wealth of experienced programmers and developers who are helping to lead the company to financial profit. b.) With a leader such as Jeff Bezos at the helm, the company has been able to survive through hard times and today this day become a huge success. Great leaders inspire people to greatness. c.) Email support by Amazon is a huge success that has rolled over to repeat business and overall a positive feel from the internet giant. Question #3: relies heavily on the wide spread use of the internet and internet connections is every home. With the popularity of faster internet connections business are finding more people are looking online as opposed to merely going to a local retail store. For a backbone operation Amazon has utilized a very robust and stable Sun platform running a UNIX/LINUX operating system. Amazon has migrated all of their web servers over to the newer LINUX OS, while leaving its Data Center on the older UNIX platform. With this they configuration they will provide an uptime acceptable to both management within Amazon and its end users. (, Cases, November16, 1996. .) (Computer World, August 4th, 2002. ) Question #4: Amazon's webpage makes one feel as though they have just walked into the largest retail store in the world. They do this by providing exciting links to "hot items" and sales directly from their home page. I feel this is a very positive and direct reflection of their mission statement, to provide and environment...
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Introduction The following case study examines how increasingly; Information and Communication Technology are used within large public utilities. I will focus on observing a telecommunications company, particularly BT. In recent years the use of IT has become increasingly widespread. The usage of IT includes producing customer's bills, provision of the service information, and the actual provision of the service in addition to many other areas. The development of the Internet has seen further uses to which ICT can be placed, and a widening of the access of the public to these services. At the same time there has been a rise in the amount of companies which provide telecommunications services with both benefits and potential dangers for the public. BT provides services, which aid people to interchange information. For BT's personal customers, the most popular service is the everyday telephone, but business customers, in addition, transmit data in alternative manors, using computer modems, fax machines, video cameras etc. Information and Communication Technology provides a way of managing data electronically. Business customers, and Bt's own staff members, increasingly use ICT together with BT's communications services to exchange data between computers. Information needed by the company A telecommunications company has to compile and store excessive amounts of information. To begin with, customer details must be stored to permit the engendering of bills. These details would include the customer's name, address, telephone number and method of payment. The method of payment may include direct debit as a member of a billing scheme, or hold a company in which the bills would be debited. Recorded information will also include the telephone usage by the customer, so a bill can be prepared. In BT a computerized Customer Service System (CSS) is used. This stores the information of about 25 million BT telephone lines. This huge system is distributed over five sites,...
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The Columbia shuttle crashed on February 1, 2003. Tragically, seven astronauts were killed including the first Israeli astronaut. What caused this catastrophe? Several theories are known; however, none have been proven with un-circumstantial evidence. Two of the most popular theories are the foam theory and the paint thinner theory. The Columbia disaster, a tragedy that took seven lives, has several theories for the cause. The first theory is the foam theory. When the space shuttle took off, a two foot, two pound piece of foam broke off the rocket and struck the wing. Traveling at 438 miles per hour, the foam exerted much force on the wing. This great amount of force could have caused great structural damages on the wing. Through most of the mission, the wing gave normal readings and worked up to NASA's expectations; however, as the shuttle was making its re-entry, the first signs of wing damage were experienced. Temperatures rose greatly in the left wing and left tire. This was due to the great amount of friction that is present when a shuttle passes into the earth's atmosphere. However, temperatures on the right side of the shuttle weren't as high as on the left. This may have been caused by the wing being struck by the piece of foam during the shuttle's take-off. The wing was vulnerable from the heat because of the damage it took early in its mission. The wing began to malfunction and the shuttle spun out of control. The high speed that the shuttle was traveling at caused it took break apart. Flaming pieces entered the earth's atmosphere and landed in parts of Texas and Louisiana. Scientists are now performing experiments that deal with foam hitting shuttle wings to determine if the crash could have been caused by a piece of foam hitting the...
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Have you ever been away from home, knowing, the outrageously gorgeous girl, you met last week , promised you, she would be calling you back today at six, on the dot!, you don't have a mobile cell phone, so she would be calling you at your house. Well it's about five fifteen, you're still away at the mall with your family, just finishing up, with some great bargains, on some new clothes and video games. Yeah that's cool, but all of this can wait. I need to be home. I really don't want to miss her phone call. Voyaging through the five hundred store outlet mall seems like an eternity nightmare, that you're trapped in. You would rather be at home, sitting by the phone nervously anticipating its ring. All in all, she called, you weren't there, so she figured you really wasn't serious about the whole thing, and disposed of your number. Sometimes in life, there are no second chances. If a similar situation ever occurred to you, then guess what?, you need a cell phone. There are many advantages to owning a cell phone. The main reason is so you don't miss calls, and not everyone chooses to leave messages on important calls. Especially the girl you met last week that you blew it with, or the job agency calling you back for the interview they setup for you, or even an emergency situation at home or at work where they need to get in contact with you. When you purchase a cell phone, it comes equipped with a few accessories to make your life a little easier. The car charger is greatly needed when you are on the road for long periods, you don't have to return home to charge the battery, just do the charging right in your...
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Cell Phone Tracking Raises Privacy Issues In the article "Cell Phone Tracking Raises Privacy Issues", it talks about how people are looking into making cell phone companies that provide services able to know where their customers are at all the time. In my opinion there are three ways to look at this situation: the company's view, the customer's view and an outsiders view. I'm going to try to see it form all sides. The company's view that is the hardest to see. Tracking the customer you would be able to know the calls are made from and be able to tell if their phone is roaming in their home area, and if it is then they can correct it without having the customer getting upset because they were charged wrongly. Other than that, I really can't see any reason to be tracking the customer's location. Next, the customer's view, my view, I believe that I find it quite annoying to know that people are tracking my every move. Onstar already uses that tracking to help people with roadside assistance. That is an example of tracking for good reasons. What if the companies take advantage of it and use the information for other uses? I don't like that either. I find it ok if I was being tracked if I made a call that I needed help, and it was an emergency. Track the call not my every move!!! Otherwise, leave me alone, and met me live my life!! Finally the outsider's view, it benefits the customer by being available for emergencies and helping them get help if they need it. Also, it would help to keep track of where calls are made form to keep bills fair without the customers getting upset and having to make changes on their bills. In conclusion, I personally don't...
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The major players There are several different players in this industry. Some are just focusing on manufacturing handsets while others also develop other parts of the mobile phone system. The four major players in the handset manufacturing industry are Siemens, Nokia, Sony/Ericsson and Samsung. Siemens In 1979 Siemens entered the mobile phone market. They got the mission to develop a mobile phone for the NMT network to companies in Scandinavia. The software was developed in Sweden, the hardware in Norway and the design in Denmark. The project was successful and in 1981 Siemens had developed the first mobile phone on this market. In the 1980s Siemens started to cooperate with Spectronic AB, and together they developed portable NMT phones. In 1997 they introduced their first GSM mobile phone with colour display. Nokia Nokia's mobile phone production started in the 60s with the radiotelephones made in the electronics department, and continued later with the joint venture company Mobira. In 1991, Nokia acquired Technophone, then Europe's second largest mobile phone manufacturer. This gave Nokia's conquest of America a further boost, because Technophone was already well established in the American market. By the end of the millennium, Nokia had become the world leader in mobile phones. Sony/Ericsson Sony Ericsson Mobile Communications was founded in 2001 by Ericsson and Sony Corporation, who owns one half each of the company. Sony Ericsson is responsible for product research, design and development as well as marketing, sales, distribution and customer service. Their first products were launched during the second decade in 2002. Samsung Samsung was founded in 1938. In 1996, Samsung Electronics' Telecommunication Network Division became the first in the world to utilize commercialized CDMA (Code Division Multiple Access) services. By year 2002, Samsung Electronics had 23% market share in CDMA Mobile Phones and 10% in mobile phones, ranking third in the world's wireless communications market share. The...
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The essay discusses Nano technology and questions if AI will be able to express true emotions. 11 2 1662 super Robots Will Never Experience Emotion 10 2 405 super Mind and Machine, an essay on A.I 8 0 2415 super Artificial Intellegence, Identification And Description of the issue 7 0 682 super Can Computers Think? The case for and against artificial intelligence 7 0 1013 regular Natural Language Processing 7 0 1931 regular Artificial Intelligence. This paper describes what the government hopes to accomplish with AI. It includes some of the inventions and what we hope to accomplish with this technology. 5 0 514 super How Can Artificial Intelligence Help Us? 4 0 3186 super Artificial intelligence versus human intelligence. 3 0 434 super Javascript. 3 1 532 regular "What is a Human Anyway?" 2 1 937 super Artificial Inteligence in the world today. 2 1 2950 super Can Computers Understand? Includes John Searle's arguments 1 0 389 super The impact of AI on Warfare 1 0 759 super A Philosophical Essay Arguing Against the Theories Presented in "The Turing Test" of Artificial Intelligence. 0 0 1072 super Can Technologies determine modern social customs and ethics? 0 0 395 super Consciousness, Free Will, and Purpose in Human Life 0 0 901 super The Age of Spiritual Machines, by Ray Kurzweil. This report gives a basic summary of a very technical book on A.I. 0 0 660 super Title: Human-Level Artificial Intelligence in Computer Games. This essay describes the breakthroughs that may occur in the field of Artificial Intelligence through the study of computer video games. The essay discusses Nano technology and questions if AI will be able to express true emotions. 11 2 1662 super Robots Will Never Experience Emotion 10 2 405 super Mind and Machine, an essay on A.I 8 0 2415 super Artificial Intellegence, Identification And Description of the issue 7 0 682 super Can Computers Think? The case for...
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It's 6:30 the change of classes, and no matter which hallway you take they are filled with students making their way to their next destination. For some it's the last class of the evening and they're rushing off to meet friends or families. The students that are left behind are going to their next class, going to their first class of the evening or have school business at one of the student services office. The hallway past the receptionist desk leads to the admissions office where you might see new students enrolling, or students at the financial aid office waiting to discuss their financial aid with one of the interviewers. Next door to the financial aid office is the student development office where the students there are selecting, dropping and/or adding classes. Across the hall is the business office and the students there are finalizing classes for the coming semester. As you make your way through this crowded corridor you can't help but notice the many conversations that are taking place at one time. There may be conversations between 2 persons or conversations between a group of people but the conversations I notice most in these congested hallways are the conversations of students on their cell phones. As I desperately make my way down the crowded halls of Davenport University trying not to be late for class, I can't help but wonder as I pass these students so deeply engaged in their phone conversations, how did society survive before the invention of the cellular phone. Cell phones or wireless communication is not an invention that was discovered within the last few years, in fact, wireless communication or mobile phones have been around since the 1800s with the invention of the telephone (The Cell Approach 1). Before cell phones, people who needed mobile communications installed...
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Censorship has recently been brought to the American public television in two different ways. One being $1 billion in airtime purchased by the Office for National Drug Control and the other method being through a small chip inside all new television sets. In 1997, congress approved a $1billion plan by the Office for National Drug Control to buy Network advertising time at a reduced rate. (Forbes 1) This is a five-year plan that legally requires any network that participates a dollar-for-dollar match for each spot purchased by the government by carrying public service ads by nonprofit groups working with the National Drug Control Policy (NDCP). (Kurtz, Waxman 1) This policy was made attractive to networks by offering credits to those networks that aired television shows that involved so-called "negative-influence" on drugs. The credits enabled the networks to resell the slots that have already been paid for by the government to advertisers. Some of the shows that earned these credits are "ER", "Chicago Hope", "Beverly Hills 90210", "Touched by an Angel", "The Cosby Show", "Home Improvement", "7th Heaven", "The Drew Carey Show", and "Sabrina the Teenage Witch". This attempt at censorship by the government is simply ridiculous. Not only are they bribing the networks to air government controlled T.V. shows but they are also selling back slots that are already paid for by American tax dollars to the networks whose purpose was to inform the public of drugs! "Sneaking" the governments' messages into popular T.V. shows isn't going to solve the Americas' drug problem or make a show better. I would much rather see networks airing anti-drug ads on their own. I would also rather see a writer's true story rather than a government interfered version. The following quote by a spokesperson for the drug control office, Robert Weiner, shows a pathetic...
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