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ABSTRACT The necessity of having a high demand for real-time applications has brought about the demand for good quality multimedia applications such as voice, video and online gaming. All three multimedia applications have similar characteristics in terms of satisfying consumers. This project researches into the foundation principles of WiMAX as it metamorphoses into the latest technology for mobile users willing to use real-time applications on their mobile devices. Also, it will simulate real life scenarios of user in a WiMAX networked environment using the IEEE 802.1j standard. The results of the simulated scenarios are explained as well as the effect of each mode -transparent and the non-transparent modes, the advantages of using each node, the scenarios where each mode are quite useful. Finally, this project being based on OPNET 16modeler in the university had some challenges due to memory capacity of the virtual machines used for the simulation. However, this did not hinder the expected results as it was as expected and also confirmed the industry standards. THESIS AUTHOR CONSENT FORM AUTHOR'S NAME: TITLE OF THESIS: PERFORMANCE EVALUATION OF REAL TIME APPLICATIONS IN WIMAX RELAY NETWORK DEGREE: MSC COMPUTER NETWORKING Please read carefully and sign the following as appropriate. I HAVE READ AND UNDERSTOOD THE UNIVERSITY'S REGULATIONS AND PROCEDURES CONCERNING THE SUBMISSION OF MY THESIS. I UNDERSTAND THAT I HAVE ALREADY SIGNED A DECLARATION AGREEING TO MY DISSERTATIONS BEING KEPT IN THE LEARNING RESOURCES CENTRE (LRC) WHEN I ENROLLED. WE WOULD LIKE NOW, TO EXTEND THIS AGREEMENT BY MAKING THE THESIS AVAILABLE ONLINE. FURTHER TO THIS, I AGREE AS FOLLOWS: - THAT I AM THE AUTHOR OF THE WORK. - THAT I HAVE EXERCISED REASONABLE CARE TO ENSURE THAT THE WORK IS ORIGINAL, AND DOES NOT TO THE BEST OF MY KNOWLEDGE BREAK ANY UK LAW OR INFRINGE ANY THIRD PARTY'S COPYRIGHT OR OTHER INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY RIGHT. - THE LRC AND BREO ADMINISTRATORS DO...
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added: 10/03/2011
"Hello. Speaking. Uh, excuse me but please call me later. Yes. Bye!" I'm sorry for stopping my speech. Since I've got this mobile phone, I have been very busy. Do you own one yourselves? Whether you own it or not, be careful about it, because mobile phones are a new type of "weapon". They are also a new type of "pets"! Have you heard of that? No? OK. Listen to this! The first key word of my speech is, "weapon". You may not have recognized that mobile phones are a kind of weapon, but they attack us anytime and anywhere! They attack us in two ways; physically and mentally. First of all, mobile phones attack us physically by electromagnetic wave. Professor Hiland at Woric University said electromagnetic wave weakens our memory, concentration, and health conditions. Secondly, they attack us mentally by "eating" our time like "pets". Yes, the next key word of my speech is, "pets". Mobile phones are a kind of pet, a very selfish pet. You have to take care of them whenever they cry. You cannot concentrate on your job or study because of them. This problem is more remarkable among young people. The only time they stop pushing the button is when they are taking the subway, where luckily they cannot use their phone. Mobile phones must be the evilest thing we have ever met. But, wait!.Is it really true? Mobile phones must have some merits. If not, we cannot explain why more than 66% of Japanese people own one. Now I'd like to make certain of my stance toward mobile phones. I am a member of those 66%. Yes, I support having one. I even hope all people would get mobile phones. Not "most" but "all" except babies. If all people had mobile phones, it would be very easy to...
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added: 12/08/2011
Gregg Easterbrook writes, "Children who don't yet understand the difference between illusion and reality may be highly affected by video violence" (467). This quotation suggests that children who are not taught the difference between right and wrong, and good or evil will not understand the difference of illusion versus reality. Because of this, parents should educate their children on violence so that they will be able to make that distinction between what is right and what is wrong. Today, in our society there is so much violence, especially concerning video games. Children all over the world engage in playing these violent games, and most of these children have not yet been educated by their parents to understand that what is happening should not be taken literally. Young children especially when playing these games need to be informed about what is happening. At a young age, they don't understand the difference between right and wrong; they tend to believe that violence isn't bad, and that it is okay to take part in what is going on within the game. This is why there are so many school shootings and violent acts going on today in our world. Most of these incidents are inspired by video games and movies. Games and movies really give ideas and act out ways to actually hurt and kill victims. Children of all ages see what is happening, and if no one has ever taken the time to educate them so that they understand why it is wrong, this kind of violence will continue. Every day we hear of violence in our world; through school shootings, wars, serial killings, and many other incidents. It happens in every part of our world, and the more that we know about it, the more we can try to put an end...
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added: 12/24/2011
The predominant trend in engineering and telecommunications for the past ten years has been one of convergence and the attempt to merge the varying protocols and standards found throughout the world. Specifically, in the field of mobile communications there have been many recent experiments in providing digital data and multimedia via a simple handset. One could argue that new devices and technologies will progressively become more convergent. In regard to this, I have decided to focus and to elaborate on mobile phones. Wireless communications first became available to the public in the early eighties. The first handsets were crude affairs with bulky batteries and analogue transmitters. However, as technology progressed through the years both the radio equipment and the handsets became more sophisticated and streamlined. Nevertheless, the big breakthrough for mobile phones came with the introduction of the GSM protocol for mobile communications. GSM (Global System for Mobile communications) was the first concept to be used globally and offered the means for mobile phones to spread through all walks of life, thus we can safely state that GSM is one of the most well designed and functional standards as it is still used to today although it was developed back in the late eighties. In other words, GSM provided a stepping stone to the third generation of mobile communications (3G). The new concept for mobile phones is called UMTS (Universal Mobile Telecommunications System). More explicitly, the aim of UMTS is to provide a convergence protocol for the various standards that exist at the moment. In fact, the lofty goal the engineer's are attempting reach is the use of a single wireless technology that will encompass all mobile and wireless communications, such as mobile phones, cordless phones, wireless terrestrial phone services, broadband networks and many more. Another innovation of UMTS is that it...
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added: 12/23/2011
The first all-electronic compute, based on vacuum tubes, was developed in 1946 by J. Presper Eckert and John W. Mauchly of the University of Pennsylvania. Atahis computer could make calculation a thousand times faster than earlier devices." The Macintosh must be running system software version 7.5 or higher and be equipped with a drive that supports Apple PC Exchange. 1 Save your Windows file to a 3.5-inch floppy disk or a CD-ROM. 2 Insert the floppy disk in the Macintosh floppy disk drive. 3 Copy the files directly to the Macintosh. Note You can easily move files between Windows and the Macintosh if you have access to a Windows NT server that is set up with Services for the Macintosh. For more information, see your NT documentation. Although, the microcomputer is a very recent development, computers have been around for a long time. A major step in computer technology was the development in the early 1800's of Machine that could be programmed. "Joseph Jacquard developed a loon for weaving cloth whose operation was controlled by means of card with holes punched in them. In 1886, Hollerith improved on Jacquard's punched card by developing a card that could be used by electrical rather than mechanical equipment. The Hollerith (or IBM) card is still very mush In use." In 1944 engineers from IBM and Howard Aiken of Harvard University developed a machine called the Mark.1 This 50 foot-long and 8-foot high machine was able to add, subtract, multiply, divide, and refer to data tables using punched cards. Computers Amazing Facts Technology Has ComA Long Way...
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added: 12/26/2011
Who Will Protect Them? The Internet has been shaping American society more than anticipated. From personal communications to public services, from trade to politics, the Internet is almost everywhere in our society. People are increasingly dependent on the Internet for their information and activities. While it brings enormous advantages to the society, the Internet also produces lots of concerns about privacy. Jacob Weisberg raises this ethical issue timely in the article "A Banner Year." Aristotle Publishing is a political firm. It maintains up-to-date voter lists and sells them to campaigns for use in various kinds of voter targeting. Aristotle also developed an Internet application. It cross-referenced its voter information with data collected by portals, Web sites, and Internet service providers. Such sifted information was used by both Bush and McCain's campaigns to target voters of special interests in the 2000 elections. With regard to Aristotle's practices, Weisberg asks an ethical question: "Should a person, by virtue of registering to use a certain Web site, become the involuntary recipient of political propaganda?" Giving personal information is unavoidable in our society. Anytime one applies for credit card, has medical service, or visits certain Web site, information about this person is collected and stored. But, there is no doubt, people have the expectation that their information will remain confidential when they provide it, and they are unhappy to see their information become a commodity for sale. In this paper, I will try to answer the question raised by Weisberg from two ethical theories, namely Kantian and Utilitarian points of view. Before we evaluate Aristotle's practices, let us take a moment to review the essence of Kantian ethical theory and the Act Utilitarian theory. Kant "removed moral truth from the zone of contingency and empirical observation and placed it securely in the area of necessary, absolute, universal truth." Instead...
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added: 12/31/2011
Motherboards The motherboard is heart of the computer, with all of it's connections leading out from itself and into every device in the machine. A variety of books that where looked at for reference have all agreed on one fact about the motherboard, and that is the fact that it is the main printed circuit board inside the machine in question, when you open a PC that much is obvious as the Motherboard will more than likely cover the whole of one side of the PC. According to Shelley O'Hara (Author of The Complete Idiots Guide to Buying and Upgrading PC's) the motherboard is 'a big, flat circuit board that covers the entire floor of the PC casing.' The Motherboard is a very important part of the system since everything has to be connected to it, everything therefore has to be compatible with it. Also the speed of the connections that run from each component to the motherboard can have a positive or negative effect on the system in question. Ian Sinclair (Author of Build and Upgrade Your Own PC) says ' The motherboard design fixes the maximum speed of CPU that you can use.' I will explain what this means in the section dedicated to the CPU. CPU At times the CPU is referred to as the 'brain' of the computer and this is not without justification. CPU stands for Central Processing Unit and it is argued amongst many people weather or not this is the most important part of the computer, therefore the one you should dedicate the lions share of your budget to. Regardless of whether or not it is the most important part of the PC it is still one of the most significant pieces of hardware inside the case. According to Joe Kraynak (Author of Using and Upgrading PC's)...
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added: 12/10/2011
The World Wide Web 2 ABSTRACT The World Wide Web has been an innovating concept from which many entities have prospered a great deal. Having a well-constructed strategic plan has been the key element for managers in the different areas of this vast world, which in turn help them deal with the ever-changing world of computers, and it's amazing pace. There are many individuals who have decided to take on the challenge of the Internet without having the aforementioned strategic plan, in the long run; this has being the essence for their failure. Many dot-com companies have come and gone from the very beginnings of the implementation of this Internet concept however the Internet itself remains the same. The World Wide Web 3 Introduction The Internet consists of thousands of connected networks around the world. A network is a collection of computers that are connected to share information. In the late 1960's the U.S. Defense Department began the Internet as a military research project. The government created a network that covered a large geographic area and that could withstand a nuclear attack. If part of the network failed, information could find a new route around the disable computers. This network quickly grew to include scientists and researchers across the country and eventually included schools, businesses, organizations and individuals around the world. The World Wide Web is part of the Internet and consists of a huge collection of documents stored on computers around the world. A Web page is a document on the Web, this document can include text, images sound and videos. A Web server is a computer that stores Web pages and makes the pages available on the Web for other people to view. A Web site is a collection of Web pages maintained by a college, university, government agency, company, organization or individual. The World Wide Web 4 This research is intended to prove that the reason why dot-com companies fail is due to managerial shortcomings. From...
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added: 01/16/2012
James Joyce's novel A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man gives an account of Stephen Dedalus's struggle to understand and then reject from family, church, and nation in order to become an artist, thus allowing him to embrace his interests. In the beginning Stephen is portrayed as an object in a story, a character (baby tuckoo) in his father's narration. Stephen is the very young child whose story is being created by others. Stephen's life is shaped by his parents and a character rooted in a story he didn't create. When in Clongowes Wood College Stephen is victimized by being knocked down by schoolmates and beaten on the palms by a prefect. Stephen is speechless at Christmas dinner which in turn portrays and reemphasizes his lack of independence and self-confidence. By the end of chapter one, however, Stephen becomes independent by protesting his palm-whipping by the prefect. At the end of Chapter Two, the increasing isolation Stephen feels as the result of his family's sudden poverty, which lays the foundation for his future involvement with a prostitute and in turn breaks his ties with the Catholic Church. Stephen's movement toward isolation is exemplified when Stephen declines an offer to join the Jesuits; and additionally coming to terms that his family must move because they cannot pay the rent. Stephen later wanders alone on the beach meditating on the meaning of his life. Chapter five commences Stephen's ties to family, church, and nation. Stephen leaves the house and leaves behind the economic and spiritual poverty that induced his isolation. When in Catholic university, he scorns a dean for his lack of knowledge, attends a boring physics class, and chooses not to partake in a political gathering for its worship of hero and nation. Finally Stephen converses with Cranly that he will leave...
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added: 08/26/2011
Have you ever been caught in a situation when you enjoyed a persons company but had a trouble with he's opinion? A time where you liked talking to him, joking with him, but on the other hand, he sees life as different from you as white and black contrast. When you find yourself there, the first question that pops right into your head would be "can I separate the two and see the full half, or maybe it will bather me in a way I think twice before talking to him again…" When the different opinion is about favorite food or sport, life is easy! You can easily avoid troubles by not talking about the subject or laughing about it. But, what would you do when the difference is about having a right to have a country, or seeing the army as a group of violence or as a group of people who's only mission is to protect their country… at this point comes the next question, if that person, with different world prospective, is mature enough to talk about it and listen to the other side of the story, your side? Or whether he comes with a close mind or maybe brain wash from home, and if you will try to talk, you end up in the hospital… We can't say the solution is trying to understand because we don't have to accept the other side's thoughts. What we do need to do is listen. Listen to the other side in order to know what he thinks and only than we can truly know if we agree or not. It is not always easy to have a calm conversation; it depends on both sides to be mature enough to listen. We have to remember that as cliché as it sounds, we are...
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added: 01/19/2012
RELIANCE India's No. 1 Business Group Founded as a textile mill in 1966 by Dhirubhai H. Ambani, the Chairman of the Reliance group, Reliance continued to be a textile company until early 1980s. However, seizing the opportunities emanating from the growing Indian economy as well as the opening up of the regulation-driven sectors of the economy such as petrochemicals, plastics etc., Reliance pursued the policy of backward integration from textiles as well as diversification from the early 1980s onwards to set up world-scale facilities for manufacturing polyester and textile intermediates, plastics and polymer intermediates, detergent intermediates etc. Diversified business interests Reliance group's business activities encompass all major growth sectors of the Indian economy: - Oil & gas exploration - Refining & marketing - Petrochemicals including intermediates - Textiles - Power - Telecom - Information & Communication - Insurance - Financial services and so on Market leader in India Reliance holds leading major market shares for all its major products in India Polyesters (Filament Yarn, Staple Fibre and Resin) 51 % Fibre Intermediates (Purified Terephthalic Acid, Mono Ethylene Glycol, P-Xylene) 78 % Polymers (Polyethylene, Polyproplene, PVC) 48 % India's largest exporter During the year, Reliance's exports, including deemed exports, increased to Rs 11,510 crore (US$ 2,424 million), from Rs 11,200 crore in the previous year, recording an annual growth of 3 per cent. Reliance continued to maintain its leadership position as the largest exporter in the country. Reliance exports its products to over 100 countries, including the most quality conscious customers in the US and Europe. This demonstrates Reliance's global competitiveness, the world-class quality of its products, and superior logistics capabilities. The strong growth in exports has been achieved while retaining the thrust on the domestic markets, with exports still representing only 18 per cent of Reliance's gross turnover. Reliance has set up new export offices in China, UAE, Vietnam, Turkey and Indonesia. Contribution to Indian Economy Reliance enjoys a pre-eminent position in India's economy with group...
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added: 10/24/2011
Accounting rules have become highly complex, even confusing. Like alcohol prohibition laws, they are easily evaded. Some companies evade them to improve accuracy, while others do it to artificially inflate their earnings. Slightly altering the nature of a transaction can generate a unique set of circumstances not covered by the overly specific accounting rules. By micromanaging accounting standards, the government has merely encouraged firms to expend resources restructuring their transactions to achieve accounting results that conform technically to the rules. Granting the SEC more power, larger budgets, and staff will not solve anything, because accounting rules cannot possibly keep up with rapidly changing events in business. Even if the government doesn't know how to regulate accounting, many observers think that mandating more disclosure will help investors discover fraud on their own. Unfortunately, investors do not know how to evaluate the "transparent" data. Only a tiny proportion of ordinary investors actually reads a company's financial statements before buying the stock. A smaller number understand what they are looking at. The average investor is not inclined to engage in detailed analysis, nor is he capable of it. Those who are trained in financial statement analysis already do it, and more rules will not help them. In accounting systems, certain controls are needed to ensure that employees are doing their jobs properly and ensure that the system runs properly. These checks are in the best interest of the organization. These controls come in the form of internal and external controls for the system. The internal controls are the checks that are placed in the system by the company's own management and directors. Today more and more companies are moving from the manual accounting systems to computerized accounting information systems. The advantages of a computerized system are increases in the speed and accuracy of processing accounting...
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added: 09/05/2012
RECOMMENDED ACTIONS/PROPOSALS Customer unable to receive ADSL service in area. The problem that many customers are unable to receive ADSL service is a huge problem, which can result in the loss of millions of dollars and even lawsuits by customers not being able to receive service. As of today, Bellsouth can only provide service to about 59% of customers that request ADSL service; this is by far a very low percentage for a product offering. Due to such low percentile, we suggest that Bellsouth should place more resources into engineering. The first step should be to collect information to determine which are the areas with more ADSL service desire. This information can be collected by customer placed orders either by operator or orders placed via the www.fastaccess Internet site. All service orders should be divided into wire centers, then two distinctions should be made; orders processed and orders that were placed but cannot receive the service because is not available in area. The second step would be to study the service orders and determine which are the areas in Miami that require critical engineering work. With the help of the Pareto chart, we can determine which are the most critical areas that the company needs to focus. Orders that cannot be released for service should receive first priority for implementation of ADSL equipment. These two pieces of data should help Bellsouth target the areas with no service and the areas that have a tremendous growth. Engineering should study area properly to determine which is the best equipment solution for area. Over-sizing and under-sizing capacity of equipment is always a concern due to the factor of money. Another area of concern in Bellsouth ADSL is the lack of communication between constructions and engineering. Both departments will have to work more as a team instead of...
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added: 02/20/2012
The automobile was invented back in 1885. Now in the 21st century, cars are becoming faster, stronger, more heavy-duty and further technologically advanced every year. Current models are safer than any other in history, with the introduction of many safety components as well as the improvements of numerous pre-existing technologies. In the past decade or two, worldwide it has become more of a fuel-economic society with the prices of oil at an all-time high. As soon as automobiles were invented man has strived to go faster and faster, with specializations of body parts to enhance the machines possibilities. None of these advancements could have reached their maximum ability without the road expansions which have made travelling easier and faster. The modern world could not operate without roads. It is a way of life with almost every family in the western world owning an automobile. In Australia alone, billions of dollars are spent on road maintenance and enhancements each year, such as new bridges and highway development. Highways are the public's main source of transportation to reach other towns and cities with the increased speed limits to make travelling quicker. In contrast town roads are designed for short travel with many streets and sharp turns to negotiate at slower speeds and for the pedestrians to cross at convenient places like traffic lights. Research studies in the United Kingdom, Australia, and the United States have shown that human issues contribute to 95 % of accidents, road factors only to about one fifth of that percentage and vehicle factors to fewer than 5%. With road improvements speed has been allowed to rise, except for special reasons like school and residential areas where the limit has been lowered. Current speed limits are necessary. The speeds on normal roads range from 40km/h to 110km/h which is due...
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added: 11/30/2011
In today's push-button world, the expression "the world is getting smaller everyday" could not be truer. Technology has shrunk distances and differences, and even brought down many a cultural barrier. Lift your handset and dial, and you are connected to the other side of the world. Change the channel on your TV, and alien nations and notions come to life in your living room. Log on, and a whole new world of weird and wonderful communications is only a mouse click away. It is not only our high-tech appliances that are becoming more compact and pocket-sized. It is the very planet on which we live. Information technology is not simply alluring, but all-essential in a world which expects you to be up-to-date and well-informed to be credible. But amidst the dazzle of such easily accessible knowledge comes the question of personal identity and culture, which are at serious risk of being dispersed as more people receive greater exposure to conflicting values. Two sides of the same coin. So while exposure to events and lifestyles of people in the western part of the hemisphere could be informative and intellectually stimulating, yet the gaps could be quite alarming to those in the less developed countries. Watching people die in Africa of famines and wars on one channel on your dish, and witnessing, on the next channel, animal rights campaigns, luxurious cars' ads and fashion shows could be quite provocative. Using the 'Internet' as a truly extended web of information wealth on one hand, and on the other to break security codes of financial transactions indicates that there will always be two edges to the same weapon. Thus, there is no easy straightforward answer to the dilemma indicated above. Local traditions and values will always remain a function of the social and moral values engraved...
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added: 01/09/2012
Critical thinking in today's business environment is not just a tool to get ahead it is a necessary skill to survive. The article reviewed talks about using this ability by conducting effective research via the Internet. The purpose of this paper is to summarize the article and discuss how the authors dealt with the following elements: perception, assumption, emotion, language, argument, fallacy, logic, and issue/problem resolution. Only those components with clear examples will be cited. Summary The article is named, "The Age of Clutter: Conducting Effective Research Using the Internet", and is written by Charles J. Fornaciari and Maria F. Loffredo-Roca. This piece is about how using the internet as a research tool presents new challenges such as coping with information overload and obtaining then evaluating quality sources. The article briefly describes the problems related to conducting research on the Internet. It then proposes a solution to help individuals conduct effective and efficient internet-based business research. The reading also touches on how and why today's business student, professionals and faculty have such troubles. Analysis The perception of the authors about how today's students utilize critical thinking is a negative one. Fornaciari and Loffredo-Roca make the point that too often the assumption is made that information and knowledge are one in the same. The writers state that this is an easy mistake to make considering the extraordinary amount of information readily available. The fallacy presented within the "Age of Clutter" article is the widely held belief that research is done more effectively and efficiently because of the Internet. Quite to the contrary according to the writers it is because of the overload of accessible information that ends up muddling the fact gathering process. Critical thinking skills would not be required if not for the overabundance of insignificant details that buries pertinent research facts. The argument made...
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added: 01/30/2012
This is a German Text about the devellopment of Airbus! 2. Einleitung Wie kommt man als 17-Jähriger Schüler auf die Idee, seine Facharbeit über Airbus zu schreiben? Nun, dazu gibt es natürlich eine Vorgeschichte. Ich fliege seit circa 5 Jahren virtuell an meinem Computer im Flugsimulator. Anfangs war es nur reines Vergnügen, doch später fing ich an, mich mit Dingen wie der Funknavigation oder den ILS, also den Instrumenten-geleiteten Anflügen vertraut zu machen. Seitdem hat mich die Fliegerei gepackt, ich habe sogar schon einmal eine kleine Cessna selbst gesteuert, im Beisein eines Piloten natürlich. Heutzutage gehört der virtuelle Flug in einem A320 einfach zu meinen liebsten, ich bin erstaunt über die Technik, die Airbus in dem Flugzeug eingebaut hat, es fasziniert mich einfach, was so technisch alles möglich ist, wobei man natürlich den Flugsimulator nicht mit einem echten Flugzeug vergleichen kann, doch es gibt durchaus einige Parallelen. Ich habe mich also für Airbus entschieden, wollte etwas zum Geschichtlichen Hintergrund schreiben, aber auch die technische Seite nicht außer Acht lassen. Deshalb finden Sie im zweiten Teil der Facharbeit viele Fachausdrücke, die ich aber in den Fußnoten erklärt habe. Der letzte Teil beschäftigt sich mit der Zukunft von Airbus, die natürlich dem A380 gehört, Wird Airbus mit diesem zukünftigen Super-Jumbo erstmalig ihren größten Konkurrenten, den amerikanischen Luftfahrzeughersteller Boeing übertreffen? 3. Der Machtkampf zweier Giganten – Die Geschichte von Airbus 3.1 Einleitung Das Jahr 2001. In Hamburg weiht Noël Forgeard, der Geschäftsführer von Airbus, im Bei-sein seiner deutschen Mitarbeitern, der Presse und Politikern den ersten A318 ein, einen „echten" Europäer. Einst ein Traum vieler Ingenieure, heute Wirklichkeit: Die Flügel der A318 kommen aus England, das Höhenleitwerk wird von Spanien nach Hamburg transpor-tiert, Frankreich ist zuständig für das Cockpit und Deutschland fertigt den so genannten „Hinteren" Rumpf und das Seitenleitwerk – Vier Länder, ein Flugzeug. Das System Airbus ist einzigartig auf der Welt. Doch wie...
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added: 06/23/2011
Airport security is still an on going debate. In recent years, airports have had to step up their security due to the rising amount of violence. There are many different steps that airports have to take in order to make the airport a safe place. These actions could not take place without the help of the airport?s security staff. Therefore, airports security should be improved. Few people really know what airport security consists of. The staff makes the airport what it is today. They have to put up with the day-to-day aspects of airport life. They have to perform their jobs with nothing but a positive attitude, and main purpose is to serve and protect the travelers. They are also in charge of keeping the airport safe and running smoothly. While performing their jobs security looks for certain things that are not suppose to be there and any objects that look suspicious. Today airports have more advance devices that can detect objects with more precision. Detection devices are used to warn the guards of any metal or suspicious looking devices. These machines are very expensive and need to be updated regularly. There are also a lot of funds put into the payroll of the guards. The guards work hard to keep the traveler?s journeys safe. They are very hard workers that do not get paid that well. (In recent years the airports have invested in camera and other technologies to help search for contraband.) Recently there have been test to see how easy it is to get passed security. Recent tests have shown that airports are not safe. It is not that hard to get passed security if someone gets the ?lazy? guard. Weapons are one of the major objects guards look for in the search. Guns and other weapons are what they...
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added: 02/09/2012
Instructional report by Yogesh Sawant (ID: 104605545) in partial fulfillment of course requirements of ESE 558 Submitted to Professor Murali Subbarao Aliasing Aliasing is a potential problem whenever an analog signal is point sampled to convert it into a digital signal Aliasing is what happens when analog data is represented on a digital system. It happens whenever an analog signal is not sampled at a high enough frequency. A curved line drawn on a grid, where the curved line represents the analog data and the grid represents the digital system, is a good example of analog data on a digital system (see figure 1.1) Figure 1.1 Figure 1.2 Digital version of the line Line on grid representing analog data on digital system When the analog data is converted to digital some problems arise. The digital system in this example is the grid. To convert the analog line to a digital line each point in the grid may either represent a point in the line, by being filled in, or represent an area where the line does not exist, by remaining white. There can't be a square that is only partly filled. Each square must be either filled in or not. In other words, to draw the line in digital format we need to completely fill in any square that a portion of the line passes through. That's all part of it being digital. Okay no problem, right? The line goes through the different squares so we'll fill in each square that the line goes through. Figure 1.2 shows what the line looks like when we do this. Not very smooth, is it? We no longer have curves; all we have is a choppy line made up of squares and rectangles. Now let us describe the same thing discussed above in slightly technical terms. A signal x(t), periodically sampling at time...
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what do you think is better alien or predetor. I think predetor because alien is less realistic and I would rather watch smething abouta predetore instead of an alien. But anyways this needs to be two hundred in fifty word to be a member so im just counting down the time and Number of words to be typed. La La La tis the season to be jolly, thats my favorite song in that movie but in Alien their not very good songs played. Theres stuff like ring around the rose that kind of lame music. Anyways this is pretty cool because I get to talk about movies and it's eay to do so. and so then he says I will kill right now this day as soon as possible Ha Ha Ha funny man isnt he dude any ways hurry up and get to two hundted and fifty words per second that is how fast I type I wonder how many words i have like the time today is five point one eight wich actually is five. Ha HA ha eighteen but that takes up more words and writting space I just noticed im not using any periods anywhere in my paper but it does not matter because this is not a a a a a a aaa a s s s s s ss s s s f f f f f f f f o o o o o o r r r r rm m m m m m a a a a l l l l l p p p p pa a a a app p p p p p pe e e e r r r r i wonder if you can figure out what that says try...
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