Payment Verification

Have your identity document and credit card close to you

Any official document that can confirm your identity is valid for us. It can be your driver's license, passport, student or library card, etc.

Cover the details that won't be necessary for verification

The cardholder's name and the last four digits is what we are looking for on the picture of your bank card. Please cover everything else. As for the ID document, we will only need your name and the country to be visible.

Take a picture of your documents

You can make a digital copy of the two documents using your camera, scanner or the mobile device

Email, upload or fax the pictures

You can choose any way that is convenient for you – email, fax or a direct upload to your account

upload your documents FAX: 1-800-776-46-43

You have successfully completed verification!

Did you know?

Online payment verification is used by many companies worldwide:

Payment and account verification – what exactly are they?

Why is account verification needed?

What are the necessary documents?

Which details on my credit card do I need to cover?

What information must not remain hidden on my ID?

How will you proceed with the information from the documents?

In which case will verification be successful?

How exactly is the information checked?

Can I make payments on your website with another person's credit card if I have his/her permission?

I'm not particularly fond of the idea of sharing my personal data on the Internet

Sending my personal information to is safe, isn't it?

Do I really need to verify my data?

OK, everything's clear. I'd like to verify my payment now. How do I do that?